Between the lines Your Puzzles 1 Answers [Complete]

Dingbats – Between the lines Your Puzzles 1 Answers

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Between The Lines Your Puzzles 1 Answers:

  1. A Round Of Drinks
  2. Sail The Seven Seas
  3. Birds Of A Feather Flock Together
  4. The Captain Goes down With the ship
  5. Devil In Disguise
  6. Be On The Tip Of Your Tongue
  7. Great Minds think Alike
  8. Easier Said Than Done
  9. Mood Swing
  10. Mixed Fortunes
  11. There’s No I In Team
  12. Coldplay
  13. Hole In The Wall
  14. A Good Man Is Hard To Find
  15. A Foot In The Door
  16. A Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing
  17. You Are Out Of Control
  18. In Like A Lion Out Like A Lamb
  19. Tina Turner
  20. An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away
  21. Busy As A Bee
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