Tricky Test 2 Level 65: Uh-oh! My clock is broken. Can you give me a hand?

Tricky Test 2 Level 65 Answer Solution

Tricky Test 2 Level 65 Solution hint is provided in this page, scroll below to find the image hint corresponding to tricky test 2 level 65.

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Uh-oh! My clock is broken. Can you give me a hand?

Tricky test 2 Level 65

The clock has a missing Minute hand so to give it a hand, Drag the exclamation mark (!) from the question text and put it on the clock. ‘!’ will become a new hand of the clock.

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My review: You Have to think outside the box, Each and every puzzle is designed to make you feel stupid on many occasions. The questions are clever, tricky and fun to answer. The game does have clues and hints.  Some of the puzzles required logic, some skill, and other imagination. Overall great game if you can bear the failure at each level.

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