People Say Answers All Levels [400+ in One page]

People Say Game Answers All Levels

People Say Answers and cheats to all levels are provided on this page, this game is developed by ELIA GAMES and it is available on the Google PlayStore & Apple AppStore

People Say the game concept is simple: a sentence with blanks and you have to find the 5 most given answers by other players to fill those blanks. Develop your imagination, your vocabulary, and your spelling. Hundreds of levels to improve your memory and your focus. Relax and play a few levels every day to keep your brain sharp. People Say is the latest game by the creators of Top 7 and Jungle Quiz. Here you will find all the answers to People Say on this page. Bookmark this page so that you can get help from this single page.

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People Say Answers All Levels:

Level order may be changed for different versions. So, Use the search box on the table to quickly find the correct answer. If the Level question is “A salad tastes better with__” Then you can Type ‘Salad Or ‘Tasteor any word from the question to know all answers. Try it!
1-I can’t eat a burger without ___CHEESE, KETCHUP, LETTUCE, BUN, TOMATO
2-My kids want a pet ___DOG, CAT, FISH, BIRD, HAMSTER
3-I’ll never forget my first ___KISS, LOVE, DATE, CAR, JOB
4-I hated ___ class when I was in schoolMATH, SCIENCE, ENGLISH, HISTORY, GYM
5-I always have ___ in my purseMONEY, KEYS, PHONE, GUM, PEN
6-I love seeing ___ at ChristmasFAMILY, SANTA, SNOW, LIGHTS, GIFTS
7-I stay up late at night ___ when I should just go to sleepREADING, TV, EATING, HOMEWORK, PHONE
8-I bought a new suit for ___WEDDING, PARTY, FUNERAL, JOB, DATE
9-I love to ___ on a rainy daySLEEP, EAT, READ, WATCH TV, PLAY
10-I always pack ___ when I go to the beachTOWEL, SUNSCREEN, FOOD, WATER, UMBRELLA
11-Women like to get ___ for Valentine’s DayFLOWERS, CHOCOLATE, CARDS, JEWELRY, DINNER
12-I open and close my ___ multiple times a dayDOOR, EYES, MOUTH, FRIDGE, WINDOW
13-I am always running out of ___TIME, MONEY, GAS, ENERGY, PATIENCE
14-I can’t have ___ without milkCOFFEE, CEREAL, COOKIE, CAKE, TEA
16-My Instagram feed is full of pictures of ___FOOD, FRIENDS, FAMILY, ANIMALS, ME
17-My mom always gave me ___ when I was sickMEDICINE, SOUP, WATER, LOVE, TEA
18-I always put ___ on top of my ice creamCHOCOLATE, SPRINKLES, CHERRY, NUTS, WHIPPED CREAM
19-I usually eat ___ in one biteCANDY, CHIPS, GRAPES, FRIES, COOKIES
20-I always loved buying (a) new ___ for schoolSHOES, CLOTHES, PENCILS, BOOKS, BACKPACK
22-No pirate costume is complete without a ___HAT, EYE PATCH, HOOK, SWORD, PARROT
23-I always order ___ when I go to a Mexican restaurantTACOS, BURRITO, NACHOS, QUESADILLA, ENCHILADAS
24-I always have ___ in the freezerICE, MEAT, ICE CREAM, FRUIT, VEGETABLES
25-If I want to treat myself, I ___EAT, SLEEP, SHOP, DRINK, TRAVEL
26-When I think of a witch, I think of ___BROOM, HAT, SPELLS, HALLOWEEN, WART
27-My favorite part of a wedding is the ___FOOD, CAKE, DANCING, DRINKS, KISS
28-I love to get ___ at the movie theaterPOPCORN, DRINKS, CANDY, CHIPS, KISSED
29-The best part of being a celebrity would be the ___MONEY, FAME, FANS, TRAVEL, CARS
30-I like to sing when I ___SHOWER, DRIVE, CLEAN, WALK, DANCE
31-When I was a kid, I wanted to be a ___DOCTOR, TEACHER, FIREFIGHTER, NURSE, POLICEMAN
32-I can’t believe my teenager wanted to bring her ___ on a camping tripPHONE, FRIEND, BOYFRIEND, COMPUTER, PET
33-___ are my favorite flowersROSES, TULIPS, SUNFLOWERS, DAISIES, LILIES
34-Seeing ___ is at the top of my New York City sightseeing listSTATUE OF LIBERTY, TIMES SQUARE, CENTRAL PARK, EMPIRE STATE BUILDING, BROADWAY SHOW
35-The kids drew all over ___ instead of the paperWALL, FLOOR, TABLE, CHAIR, THEMSELVES
36-When at a hotel, I always ask housekeeping for more ___TOWELS, SOAP, PILLOWS, BLANKETS, TOILET PAPER
37-My siblings and I always fight about ___FOOD, CLOTHES, TV, TOYS, CHORES
38-It’s hard to dance to ___ musicROCK, SLOW, RAP, COUNTRY, JAZZ
39-As a kid, I loved to play ___ at recessTAG, BASKETBALL, HIDE AND SEEK, HOPSCOTCH, SOCCER
40-You can’t have ___ without cheesePIZZA, BREAD, CRACKERS, SANDWICH, BURGER
41-Knowing there are ___ in the water scares meSHARKS, WHALES, JELLYFISH, OCTOPUSES, SNAKES
42-A salad tastes better with ___DRESSING, CHEESE, TOMATOES, CROUTONS, CHICKEN
43-My mom kept the ___ from the day I was bornBLANKET, CLOTHES, BRACELET, PICTURE, CORD
44-My favorite ice cream flavor is ___CHOCOLATE, VANILLA, STRAWBERRY, MINT, COOKIES AND CREAM
45-I’ve always wanted to go to ___ to try the foodITALY, MEXICO, FRANCE, CHINA, JAPAN
46-You can’t have a birthday party without ___CAKE, BALLOONS, FOOD, GIFTS, FRIENDS
47-When I’m 80, I’ll ___ in my free timeSLEEP, READ, TRAVEL, EAT, EXERCISE
48-I always forget my ___ when I travelWALLET, BAG, PHONE, KEYS, TOOTHBRUSH
49-I wish I had Barbie’s ___HAIR, BODY, HOUSE, CLOTHES, CAR
50-Every time I go to the grocery store I buy ___MILK, BREAD, MEAT, FRUIT, EGGS
51-Besides meat, I put ___ on a sandwichCHEESE, LETTUCE, EGG, TOMATO, MAYONNAISE
52-My favorite summer Olympics sport to watch is ___SWIMMING, BASKETBALL, SOCCER, VOLLEYBALL, TENNIS
53-I always ___ before going to bedPRAY, EAT, SHOWER, BRUSH MY TEETH, PEE
54-My favorite thing about my partner is his/her ___SMILE, EYES, PERSONALITY, BODY, LOVE
55-I’d love to take my honeymoon in ___HAWAII, PARIS, MEXICO, ITALY, BAHAMAS
56-I’d hire a ___ if I won the lotteryMAID, CHEF, DRIVER, BUTLER, NANNY
57-The ___ is/are my favorite part of a circusCLOWNS, ELEPHANTS, LIONS, ACROBATS, FOOD
58-My 5-year-old daughter wants to be a ___ for HalloweenPRINCESS, WITCH, CAT, GHOST, FAIRY
59-Before seeing his girlfriend a man should ___SHOWER, SHAVE, BRUSH TEETH, BUY FLOWERS, SMELL GOOD
60-My perfect date would take place at ___BEACH, RESTAURANT, MOVIES, PARK, HOME
61-I want to join a ___ clubMATH, DANCE, SCIENCE, SPORTS, BOOK
62-I think the ___ accent is the sexiestFRENCH, ITALIAN, SPANISH, BRITISH, AUSTRALIAN
63-I can’t eat ___ without ketchupHOTDOG, FRIES, EGGS, BURGER, FRIED CHICKEN
64-The most expensive thing in my house is the ___TV, REFRIGERATOR, BED, SOFA, STOVE
65-I couldn’t live without ___ in my kitchenKNIVES, FOOD, STOVE, WATER, OVEN
66-I get ___ for Father’s Day every yearMONEY, FLOWERS, CARD, FOOD, HUG
67-I would never put ___ on a pizzaPINEAPPLE, KETCHUP, HOT SAUCE, OLIVES, ANCHOVIES
68-My son always wants ___ before going to sleepPLAY, MILK, EAT, KISS, READ
69-I always get ___ in a Mexican restaurantTACOS, BURRITO, MARGARITA, QUESADILLA, GUACAMOLE
70-My elementary school playground had ___SWING, SLIDE, MONKEY BARS, SEESAW, SANDBOX
71-___ always make me cryONIONS, MOVIES, WEDDINGS, DEATH, PAIN
72-I can’t believe my parents grew up without ___INTERNET, CELL PHONES, COMPUTER, SOCIAL MEDIA, GPS
73-My dad taught me how to ___DRIVE, RIDE A BIKE, FISH, COOK, SWIM
74-I get road rage when people ___DRIVE SLOW, SPEED, CUT ME OFF, HONK, TAILGATE
75-I like to drink ___ with my breakfastCOFFEE, MILK, JUICE, WATER, TEA
76-Kids can play ___ for hoursVIDEO GAMES, CARS, TAG, BALL, HIDE AND SEEK
77-I can’t start my day without ___COFFEE, BREAKFAST, SHOWER, WATER, PHONE
78-I would scream if I saw a ___SPIDER, SNAKE, GHOST, RAT, SHARK
79-My favorite type of cake is ___CHOCOLATE, VANILLA, CHEESE, STRAWBERRY, RED VELVET
80-I can’t stand the smell of ___POOP, FISH, ONIONS, GAS, TRASH
81-I always put off cleaning the ___KITCHEN, CAR, BATHROOM, BEDROOM, DISHES
82-Teenagers worry too much about ___SCHOOL, FRIENDS, LOOKS, CLOTHES, MONEY
83-My favorite winter Olympics sport to watch is ___HOCKEY, SKATING, SKIING, CURLING, SNOWBOARDING
85-I prefer to buy ___ in person rather than onlineCLOTHES, FOOD, SHOES, CAR, HOUSE
86-I keep ___ in my trunk just in caseTIRE, BLANKET, JACK, WATER, FLASHLIGHT
87-I’m always picking up ___ off my kids’ bedroom floorTOYS, CLOTHES, FOOD, SHOES, TRASH
88-___ help(s) me fall asleepMUSIC, TV, SHOWER, READING, TEA
89-My favorite cartoon cat is ___TOM, GARFIELD, SYLVESTER, FELIX, HELLO KITTY
90-The best thing about summer is ___BEACH, SUN, VACATION, ICE CREAM, SWIMMING
91-I always squeeze ___ before buying it/themORANGES, LEMONS, BREAD, AVOCADO, PILLOWS
92-___ is my favorite Christmas movieHOME ALONE, ELF, GRINCH, SANTA CLAUSE, CHRISTMAS STORY
93-It’s worth it to pay a professional to fix your ___CAR, TOILET, HOUSE, COMPUTER, ROOF
94-If I forget my ___ at home, I have to go backKEYS, WALLET, PHONE, BAG, FOOD
95-I love the smell of ___ cookingCHICKEN, CAKE, BREAD, BACON, GARLIC
96-I knew he was flirting with me because he ___SMILED, WINKED, LAUGHED, TOUCHED, KISSED
98-A bath is nice and relaxing with ___BUBBLES, WINE, CANDLE, MUSIC, BOOK
99-___ is/are so much better with chocolate on topICE CREAM, CAKE, STRAWBERRIES, COOKIES, BANANAS
100-I had a nightmare that i was being chased by a ___DOG, GHOST, MONSTER, BEAR, LION
101-I brought back a ___ as a souvenir from my vacationSHIRT, KEYCHAIN, HAT, CUP, BAG
102-There’s always a long line at the ___STORE, BANK, BATHROOM, DMV, AMUSEMENT PARK
103-I have been saving for months to buy a ___CAR, HOUSE, PHONE, BOAT, VACATION
104-I was not happy when my son brought home a ___DOG, GIRL, CAT, SNAKE, CAR
105-The chef used ___ to garnish the platePARSLEY, SAUCE, LETTUCE, BASIL, FLOWER
106-I made a mistake and ate ___ on a first dateGARLIC, ONION, PIZZA, FISH, SALAD
107-Every house has ___ in its game collectionMONOPOLY, UNO, CHESS, THE GAME OF LIFE, SCRABBLE
108-France makes me think of ___PARIS, LOVE, EIFFEL TOWER, FOOD, WINE
109-I’m not a good cook, so people ask me to bring ___ to potlucksDRINKS, PLATES, CHIPS, NAPKINS, DESSERT
110-I got my wisdom teeth out and could only eat ___ for daysSOUP, ICE CREAM, OATMEAL, PUDDING, YOGURT
111-My husband just bought a new ___ for his man caveTV, COUCH, FRIDGE, POOL TABLE, BAR
112-My friend is going through a midlife crisis and got (a) new ___CAR, HOUSE, JOB, FRIEND, CLOTHES
113-I always say I am going to ___ before summerLOSE WEIGHT, TAN, DIET, WORKOUT, CLEAN
114-If I saw a ___ in someone’s house, I’d think they’re richPOOL, SAFE, STATUE, MAID, GYM
116-I didn’t go to work today because I’m ___SICK, TIRED, LAZY, BUSY, ON VACATION
117-I would walk out on a first date if he/she was ___UGLY, RUDE, DIRTY, MEAN, LATE
118-My big splurge at a nice restaurant is ___DESSERT, STEAK, WINE, LOBSTER, APPETIZER
119-The best game in a casino is ___POKER, BLACKJACK, SLOTS, ROULETTE, CRAPS
120-My husband is a terrible cook, but he can make ___EGGS, TOAST, SANDWICH, SOUP, PASTA
121-I keep having to replace the ___ on my carTIRES, OIL, BATTERY, LIGHTS, BRAKES
122-We use the same ___ every year for ChristmasTREE, DECORATIONS, LIGHTS, STOCKINGS, RECIPES
123-I don’t have a car, so I get to work on ___BIKE, BUS, TRAIN, SCOOTER, FOOT
124-I want to learn Spanish for my vacation to ___MEXICO, SPAIN, CUBA, PUERTO RICO, PERU
125-Even though I’m as adult, I love kids’ ___TOYS, FOOD, CLOTHES, GAMES, SHOWS
126-My grandmother is taking ___ classes at the senior centerDANCE, COOKING, YOGA, ART, KNITTING
127-My family rented ___ on vacation and it was a blast! :CAR, HOUSE, BOAT, JETSKI, RV
128-You need to be strong to have a job as a ___DOCTOR, POLICEMAN, CONSTRUCTION WORKER, FIREFIGHTER, FARMER
129-Hot dogs are delicious with ___KETCHUP, CHEESE, MUSTARD, MAYONNAISE, RELISH
130-I’m jealous of dogs because they can/get to ___BARK, EAT, PLAY, SLEEP, LOVE
131-It takes a lot of balance to go on a ___BIKE, ROPE, BEAM, SKATEBOARD, SCOOTER
132-I keep the ___ app on my phone’s home screenFACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, PHONE, MESSAGE, CAMERA
133-The scariest Disney villain is ___URSULA, SCAR, MALEFICENT, CRUELLA, JAFAR
134-I left my kid alone for a minute and found ___ everywhereTOYS, FOOD, POOP, WATER, CLOTHES
135-If I saw someone driving a ___, I’d assume they were richPORSCHE, MERCEDES, BOAT, PLANE, BMW
136-I can’t wait to ___ when I turn 18PARTY, WORK, MOVE OUT, TRAVEL, VOTE
137-The best part of school is ___LUNCH, FRIENDS, RECESS, GYM, TEACHERS
138-The waitress gave me a weird look when I ordered my tacos with no ___MEAT, CHEESE, LETTUCE, SAUCE, SHELL
139-Country music makes me think of ___LOVE, TRUCKS, HORSES, COWBOYS, BEER
140-Elementary school teachers must be very ___NICE, SMART, PATIENT, CARING, STRICT
141-I met my best friends at ___SCHOOL, PARK, WORK, CHURCH, PARTY
142-I can’t believe people used to have cars without ___WINDOWS, SEATBELTS, DOORS, RADIO, AIR CONDITIONING
143-I don’t like to say “butt,” I prefer the word ___BUM, BEHIND, BOTTOM, BOOTY, TUSH
144-You should ask for ___ on a baby shower registryDIAPERS, CRIB, BOTTLES, STROLLER, CAR SEAT
145-I saved ___ to include in my scrapbookPICTURES, MONEY, STICKERS, LETTERS, FLOWERS
146-I think movie theaters could be better if they had ___BLANKETS, PILLOWS, BEDS, RECLINERS, ALCOHOL
147-I expect to see ___ at a romantic dinnerFLOWERS, FOOD, CANDLE, WINE, MUSIC
148-When I think of Australia, I think of ___KANGAROOS, BEACH, SYDNEY, DESERT, KOALAS
149-My favorite chocolates are the ones with ___ in the middleCARAMEL, NUTS, CREAM, STRAWBERRY, CHERRY
150-The school’s lost and found box is full of ___BOOKS, HATS, CLOTHES, SHOES, PENCILS
151-California has a lot of ___PEOPLE, BEACHES, SUN, TREES, CARS
152-You always have to wait at the ___STORE, DOCTOR, RESTAURANT, BUS STOP, AIRPORT
153-You should wear a helmet to ___BIKE, SKATEBOARD, MOTORCYCLE, HOCKEY, FOOTBALL
154-It’s so annoying when people ___ at the moviesTALK, EAT, SLEEP, LAUGH, YELL
155-I’d like to ___ but I’m afraid of heightsFLY, CLIMB, SKYDIVE, HIKE, BUNGEE JUMP
156-Donating ___ to charity makes me feel greatMONEY, FOOD, CLOTHES, TIME, TOYS
157-I like to add ___ to my oatmealMILK, SUGAR, FRUIT, HONEY, CINNAMON
158-It’s important to put your ___ on your Tinder profileNAME, AGE, PICTURE, GENDER, HOBBIES
159-I’m always finding ___ in my kid’s pocketsTOYS, CANDY, MONEY, DIRT, PAPER
160-I always have ___ in my medicine cabinetMEDICINE, ALCOHOL, BAND AID, COTTON, VITAMINS
161-I borrowed ___ from my neighborMONEY, CAR, BROOM, SUGAR, TOOLS
162-I like to put ___ on my party cheese boardCHEESE, CRACKERS, FRUIT, MEAT, BREAD
163-___ tastes better from the bakery than the supermarketBREAD, CAKE, COOKIES, PIE, DONUTS
164-My mom doesn’t know what the acronym ___ stands forLOL, LMAO, BRB, TTYL, WTF
165-When I’m trying not to curse, I say ___SHOOT, DARN, FUDGE, DANG, CRAP
166-All we had was a deck of cards, so we played ___ for hoursPOKER, GO FISH, SPADES, SOLITARE, WAR
167-I had a cold, so I ate some ___ for the vitamin CORANGE, APPLE, LEMON, GRAPEFRUIT, PINEAPPLE
168-My mom taught me how to ___COOK, CLEAN, READ, WRITE, DANCE
169-I always have ___ in my spice cabinetPEPPER, SALT, GARLIC, CINNAMON, PAPRIKA
170-I screamed when I saw a ___ in my houseMOUSE, SPIDER, SNAKE, GHOST, STRANGER
171-If I were a superhero, I’d want my super power to be ___INVISIBILITY, FLYING, STRENGTH, SPEED, XRAY VISION
172-I served ___ at my Super Bowl partyCHIPS, BEER, PIZZA, WINGS, POPCORN
173-You would probably find ___ in a hiker’s backpackWATER, FOOD, ROPE, KNIFE, MAP
174-I know I’m getting sick when I have a ___COUGH, FEVER, HEADACHE, RUNNY NOSE, SORE THROAT
175-A cowboy costume isn’t complete without ___HAT, BOOTS, GUN, BELT, ROPE
176-My favorite fast food chain is ___MCDONALDS, BURGER KING, WENDYS, TACO BELL, KFC
177-___ is my kid’s favorite activity at summer campSWIMMING, CAMPING, HIKING, BONFIRE, PLAYING
178-Kids are always asking for ___TOYS, FOOD, MONEY, WATER, CANDY
179-The picture shows that I was ___ on the roller coasterSCREAMING, SCARED, CRYING, HAPPY, LAUGHING
180-I don’t need utensils to eat ___PIZZA, FRIES, CHIPS, HOTDOG, BURGER
181-When I think of Hawaii, I think of ___BEACH, SUN, PALM TREES, VOLCANO, COCONUT
182-I expect to see ___ on a breakfast buffetEGGS, BACON, SAUSAGE, PANCAKES, TOAST
183-People usually give ___ as a wedding presentMONEY, GIFT CARDS, DISHES, TOWELS, TOASTER
184-I always loved buying (a) new ___ for schoolSHOES, BAG, BOOK, PEN, CLOTHES
185-There’s usually a jar of ___ in my houseJELLY, PEANUT BUTTER, PICKLES, MAYONNAISE, HONEY
186-You would probably find ___ in a magician’s bagRABBIT, WAND, CARDS, HAT, BIRD
187-I put ___ in my tropical fruit smoothieBANANA, MANGO, PINEAPPLE, ICE, MILK
188-I’ve always wanted to take a ___ dance classHIP HOP, SALSA, BALLET, TAP, TANGO
189-I think of ___ when I think of aliensGREEN, SPACE, UFOS, PLANETS, BIG EYES
190-A bakery always has ___ in the kitchenOVEN, FLOUR, BAKER, SUGAR, MIXER
191-Egypt makes me think of ___PYRAMIDS, SAND, CAMELS, MUMMIES, PHARAOHS
192-I taught my dog how to ___SIT, BARK, JUMP, ROLL OVER, FETCH
193-You’d need green clothes and paint to dress up as ___TREE, GRINCH, SHREK, FROG, HULK
194-I close my eyes when I ___SLEEP, SNEEZE, PRAY, CRY, YAWN
195-The DJ always plays the ___ at partiesCHA CHA SLIDE, ELECTRIC SLIDE, MACARANA, YMCA, CHICKEN DANCE
196-I cleaned under my bed and found ___SHOES, CLOTHES, DUST, MONEY, TRASH
197-Babies don’t do much all day except ___SLEEP, EAT, CRY, POOP, PLAY
198-I always wear ___ when it’s coldCOAT, HAT, GLOVES, SCARF, SWEATER
199-If I won the lottery I would buy ___HOUSE, CAR, BOAT, CLOTHES, VACATION
200-When I am under water I like watching ___FISH, SHARKS, PEOPLE, DOLPHINS, WHALES
201-There’s always ___ in a horror movieKILLER, GHOST, MONSTER, KNIFE, BLOOD
202-I recorded my baby’s first ___ in the baby bookWORD, STEPS, TOOTH, HAIRCUT, SMILE
203-It’s not good when you hear ___ outside of your tentBEAR, RAIN, SCREAMS, SNAKE, WOLF
204-I just finished booking my ___ for my vacationHOTEL, FLIGHT, CAR, CRUISE, HOUSE
205-I almost ran over a ___ while drivingDOG, CAT, DEER, PERSON, SQUIRREL
206-When I drink too much alcohol I ___SLEEP, PUKE, DANCE, FALL, CRY
208-I never make ___ at home, but I order it at a restaurantPIZZA, STEAK, PASTA, CHICKEN, FISH
209-I kept the ___ from my weddingDRESS, RING, FLOWERS, PICTURES, CAKE
210-I gave my nephew a gift, but he played with the ___ insteadBOX, CARD, PAPER, BOW, BAG
211-I am surprised by how much I spend every month on ___FOOD, GAS, CLOTHES, RENT, SHOES
213-I often lose my ___KEYS, MIND, PHONE, WALLET, SHOES
214-I ___ when I am aloneSLEEP, EAT, CRY, READ, SING
215-While on a date, I mostly care about ___FOOD, LOOKS, MONEY, LOVE, PERSONALITY
216-I like to ___ when it snowsSLEEP, SKI, SLED, SNOWBOARD, MAKE SNOWMEN
217-___ is famous for its beachesFLORIDA, CALIFORNIA, HAWAII, MEXICO, BAHAMAS
218-I get woken up by ___ every morningALARM, KIDS, BIRDS, SUN, DOG
220-It would be so rewarding to be a ___ and save livesDOCTOR, NURSE, FIREFIGHTER, LIFEGUARD, POLICEMAN
221-I spent all day ___ before the party at my houseCLEANING, COOKING, SLEEPING, DECORATING, SHOPPING
222-I was so excited we saw a/an ___ on our safariLION, ELEPHANT, GIRAFFE, TIGER, ZEBRA
223-My kids are better at ___ than I amMATH, SPORTS, VIDEO GAMES, TECHNOLOGY, DANCING
224-I usually only eat ___ once a year at ThanksgivingTURKEY, STUFFING, HAM, YAMS, CRANBERRY SAUCE
225-I wanted to be a doctor, but I am afraid of ___BLOOD, NEEDLES, DEATH, HOSPITALS, GERMS
226-I took home ___ from my friend’s weddingFLOWERS, CAKE, FOOD, PICTURES, DATE
227-To be a ___, you have to be very preciseDOCTOR, TEACHER, LAWYER, ARTIST, ACCOUNTANT
228-I went to college on a/an ___ scholarshipACADEMIC, FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL, BASEBALL, MUSIC
229-I filled my bag with ___ that people were giving away at the conferencePENS, CANDY, CARDS, PAMPHLETS, SAMPLES
230-You need ___ to dress up like a vampireCAPE, BLOOD, FANGS, MAKEUP, BLACK CLOTHES
231-I forgot to bring my ___, so I failed my math examPENCIL, CALCULATOR, BOOK, ERASER, PAPER
232-My baby loves the ___ pureeAPPLE, BANANA, PEAR, CARROT, PEACH
233-I ran out of ___ so I couldn’t bake a cakeEGGS, FLOUR, MILK, SUGAR, BUTTER
234-I don’t wash my ___ every time I wear itSHIRT, PANTS, BRA, HAT, COAT
235-My hair always looks better right after the hairdresser ___ itCUTS, STYLES, WASHES, DYES, DRIES
236-I had to stop to ___ on the road tripEAT, PEE, SLEEP, GET GAS, STRETCH
237-I have an appointment to get ___ done at the spa before my weddingNAILS, HAIR, MASSAGE, MAKEUP, FACIAL
238-My son wants to go to the North Pole to see ___SANTA, SNOW, REINDEER, ELVES, TOYS
239-___ always makes me laughJOKES, KIDS, FRIENDS, CLOWNS, DOGS
240-I wouldn’t want to go to ___ without a dateMOVIES, DINNER, WEDDING, PROM, CONCERT
241-I add milk to my ___ in the morningCEREAL, COFFEE, OATMEAL, TEA, EGGS
242-His ___ made him look like a rebelHAIR, CLOTHES, CAR, TATTOO, MOTORCYCLE
243-I always shake ___ before using itKETCHUP, JUICE, MILK, MUSTARD, HAIRSPRAY
244-She’s good at word games because she’s a ___TEACHER, GENIUS, STUDENT, READER, LIBRARIAN
245-I can’t stand when people are ___RUDE, MEAN, LOUD, ANNOYING, MAD
246-My hands were all sticky from eating ___CANDY, ICE CREAM, HONEY, SYRUP, POPSICLE
247-I think it’s sweet that my boyfriend calls me ___BABY, HONEY, SWEETIE, LOVE, DARLING
248-___ always tastes better when it’s homemadeCAKE, COOKIES, BREAD, PIZZA, SOUP
249-I won ___ on The Price is RightCAR, TRIP, BOAT, MONEY, TV
250-I can’t imagine a band without ___DRUMS, SINGER, GUITAR, BASS, PIANO
251-I love to get ___ for takeoutCHINESE, PIZZA, BURGERS, MEXICAN, ITALIAN
252-I needed a sword to go as ___ for HalloweenPIRATE, KNIGHT, NINJA, ZORRO, VIKING
253-I can’t start my day without ___COFFEE, BREAKFAST, SHOWER, TEA, BRUSHING MY TEETH
254-I love not having to ___ on vacationWORK, COOK, CLEAN, DRIVE, STRESS
255-My boyfriend got ___ for our romantic eveningFLOWERS, DINNER, CANDLES, WINE, CHOCOLATE
256-I like to eat ___ hot or coldPIZZA, CHICKEN, PASTA, SANDWICHES, CEREAL
257-I wasn’t allowed to ___ because my parents were so strictDATE, PARTY, DRIVE, SLEEPOVER, PLAY
258-I need both hands to ___DRIVE, EAT, COOK, PLAY, CLAP
259-I bought a pair of ___ at the mallSHOES, PANTS, SOCKS, EARRINGS, SUNGLASSES
260-I love to play ___ at the arcadePACMAN, PINBALL, SKEE BALL, BASKETBALL, AIR HOCKEY
261-I always procrastinate and put ___ off until the next dayLAUNDRY, HOMEWORK, CLEANING, DISHES, SHOPPING
262-You need a steady hand to be a/an ___SURGEON, ARTIST, DENTIST, WRITER, SEAMSTRESS
263-I always have ___ in my glove boxNAPKINS, GLOVES, MONEY, PEN, REGISTRATION
264-I eat my pancakes with ___ on topSYRUP, BUTTER, FRUIT, CHOCOLATE, WHIPPED CREAM
265-I got ___ out of the first aid kitBANDAID, GAUZE, TAPE, OINTMENT, ALCOHOL
266-I don’t like to have a sleepovers because I ___ in my sleepTALK, SNORE, FART, PEE, DROOL
267-I wanted something light, so I ordered a ___ saladCHICKEN, CAESAR, CHEF, COBB, FRUIT
268-I could tell he was nervous because he was ___SWEATING, SHAKING, STUTTERING, PACING, QUIET
269-I found ___ when I lifted up a rockWORM, DIRT, ANTS, SNAKE, GRASS
270-I need a new ___ because I dropped it in the toiletPHONE, TOOTHBRUSH, WALLET, WATCH, KEY
271-I like to get a ___ muffin at the coffee shopBLUEBERRY, CHOCOLATE, BANANA, BRAN, STRAWBERRY
272-My 6-year-old son is having a ___ themed birthday partySPIDERMAN, BATMAN, CARS, DINOSAUR, SUPERMAN
273-I couldn’t ___ because I forgot my IDDRIVE, DRINK, FLY, VOTE, SMOKE
274-The baby was crying because she was ___HUNGRY, TIRED, WET, SICK, SAD
275-___ is/are my favorite part of taking a cruiseFOOD, DRINKS, RELAXING, SWIMMING, ENTERTAINMENT
276-I learned how to ___ in Boy ScoutsCAMP, COOK, TIE KNOTS, HUNT, START A FIRE
277-When I see ___ I know it’s FallPUMPKINS, LEAVES, RAIN, SWEATERS, HALLOWEEN
278-I always have ___ to keep the kids busyTOYS, GAMES, BOOKS, SNACKS, TV
279-I always ___ before I go to bedSHOWER, BRUSH MY TEETH, PRAY, PEE, READ
280-My doctor pulled a ___ out of his pocketPEN, STETHOSCOPE, THERMOMETER, PAPER, PHONE
281-My daughter won a ___ at the fairPRIZE, TOY, FISH, RIBBON, STUFFED ANIMAL
282-I ___ to feel better if I’m in a bad moodSLEEP, EAT, READ, CRY, LISTEN TO MUSIC
283-I used to love getting ___ in my lunchboxCANDY, JUICE, CHIPS, NOTES, COOKIES
284-My first wish from a genie would be for ___MONEY, LOVE, CAR, HOUSE, HEALTH
285-I would love the ___ if I lived in a big cityFOOD, PEOPLE, LIGHTS, SHOPPING, VIEW
286-I am good at ___ because I have good aimBASKETBALL, SHOOTING, DARTS, BASEBALL, ARCHERY
287-I always ___ on flightsSLEEP, EAT, READ, DRINK, WATCH TV
288-I played the ___ in the fairytale playPRINCESS, FAIRY, WITCH, TREE, FROG
289-I use ___ when I take a bathSOAP, SHAMPOO, TOWEL, BUBBLES, WASHCLOTH
290-My husband wants to get a ___ puppyHUSKY, PITBULL, LABRADOR, GERMAN SHEPHERD, PUG
291-I hide ___ from my kidsCANDY, MONEY, TOYS, PHONE, PRESENTS
292-My dog chases ___ all the timeCATS, BALL, TAIL, BIRDS, PEOPLE
293-I love to ___ on a sunny daySWIM, WALK, TAN, PLAY, READ
294-I love when they put ___ on a meat lovers pizzaPEPPERONI, SAUSAGE, BACON, HAM, CHICKEN
295-I always have ___ in my bathroomTOILET PAPER, SOAP, TOWELS, TOOTHPASTE, SHAMPOO
296-My mom always told me to finish my ___ to grow big and strongVEGETABLES, FRUIT, MEAT, MILK, DINNER
297-I need silence to ___READ, SLEEP, THINK, FOCUS, WORK
298-We played ___ at the pool partyMARCO POLO, VOLLEYBALL, TAG, BASKETBALL, CHICKEN
299-I love the ___ truck at the food truck meetupsTACO, ICE CREAM, HOTDOG, BURGER, BBQ
300-I felt like a real adult when I got my first ___CAR, JOB, HOUSE, PAYCHECK, BILL
301-My running club nickname is ___ because I’m the slowestTURTLE, SNAIL, SLOTH, SLOW POKE, SLUG
302-I saw a ___ at the petting zooGOAT, PIG, HORSE, COW, SHEEP
303-There are ___ on my wallsPICTURES, POSTERS, LIGHTS, MIRRORS, CLOCKS
304-I got a new recipe from ___ to try tonightMOM, GRANDMA, TV, FACEBOOK, FRIEND
306-I like ___ more than chocolateVANILLA, STRAWBERRY, CHIPS, SEX, NOTHING
307-I ___ while watching TVEAT, SLEEP, READ, TALK, PLAY ON MY PHONE
308-We skip the house on Halloween that hands out ___APPLES, TOOTHBRUSHES, RAISINS, NOTHING, PENCILS
309-I bet millionaires ___ all daySLEEP, WORK, EAT, SHOP, PLAY
310-I ___ the baby to get her to stop cryingFEED, ROCK, CHANGE, SING TO, BURP
311-I was late, so I just ate ___ for breakfast on my commuteBANANA, BAGEL, APPLE, DONUT, GRANOLA BAR
312-I always keep my ___ in a casePHONE, GLASSES, MONEY, LAPTOP, INSTRUMENT
313-I have to wear ___ for my jobSUIT, UNIFORM, TIE, SHOES, HAT
314-The hotel had a good ___ so I booked itPOOL, REVIEW, BREAKFAST, PRICE, VIEW
315-My dog always barks at ___CATS, PEOPLE, MAILMAN, SQUIRRELS, OTHER DOGS
316-Chubby ___ on a baby are so cuteCHEEKS, LEGS, ARMS, FEET, HANDS
318-My brother doesn’t have any ___ in his bachelor padFOOD, FURNITURE, GIRLS, DISHES, PICTURES
320-I can make ___ without a recipeCAKE, COOKIES, EGGS, SPAGHETTI, PIZZA
321-I have to buy a present for a/an ___ party this weekendBIRTHDAY, WEDDING, GRADUATION, ANNIVERSARY, BABY SHOWER
322-I think I got the job because of my ___LOOKS, PERSONALITY, EXPERIENCE, RESUME, SKILLS
323-I love getting ___ in the mailCARDS, LETTERS, PACKAGES, MONEY, GIFTS
324-I use makeup to cover my ___ACNE, SCARS, FRECKLES, WRINKLES, DARK CIRCLES
325-You shouldn’t be fashionably late to a ___WEDDING, FUNERAL, DATE, JOB INTERVIEW, CLASS
326-After dinner, I like to ___WATCH TV, SLEEP, READ, EAT DESSERT, SHOWER
327-___ were/was the first thing I unpacked in my new houseCLOTHES, DISHES, BED, FOOD, TV
328-My mom was a florist, so she named me ___ROSE, DAISY, LILY, VIOLET, IRIS
329-I missed my ___ when I was campingBED, PHONE, TV, SHOWER, BATHROOM
330-I changed into a ___ print shirt because my plain one was boringSTRIPED, CHEETAH, ZEBRA, PLAID, FLOWER
331-I always bring too many/much ___ when I travelCLOTHES, SHOES, MONEY, FOOD, LUGGAGE
332-There’s always ___ in western moviesCOWBOYS, HORSES, GUNS, SALOONS, HATS
333-Action stars look cool jumping off of ___ in moviesBUILDINGS, CARS, CLIFFS, BRIDGES, PLANES
334-I like to put ___ in my pasta saladCHEESE, TOMATOES, OLIVES, ONION, DRESSING
335-I go back to my hometown every year for ___CHRISTMAS, THANKSGIVING, VACATION, FAMILY REUNION, BIRTHDAY
336-I check my ___ at least once a dayEMAIL, PHONE, BANK ACCOUNT, FACEBOOK, WATCH
337-I always ___ after a workoutSHOWER, EAT, SLEEP, DRINK WATER, STRETCH
338-I wouldn’t buy ___ from a gas stationFOOD, CLOTHES, MILK, COFFEE, SHOES
339-I never went to ___ before I had kidsPARK, DAYCARE, CHUCK E CHEESE, DISNEY, ZOO
340-I get my neighbor to take care of my ___ while I’m on vacationHOUSE, DOG, PLANTS, MAIL, LAWN
341-I like to eat my ___ with melted butterTOAST, POPCORN, PANCAKES, LOBSTER, CORN
342-It’s so hard to draw the ___ when drawing a personEYES, NOSE, HANDS, EARS, MOUTH
343-CSI agents look for ___ at a crime sceneBLOOD, FINGERPRINTS, EVIDENCE, WEAPONS, HAIR
344-I’m always telling my kids to clean their ___ROOM, TEETH, BATHROOM, FACE, PLATE
345-I cancelled the picnic because there was ___ forecast on the weatherRAIN, SNOW, WIND, TORNADO, HAIL
346-___ was on the radio so I changed the channelNEWS, RAP, COUNTRY, COMMERCIAL, STATIC
347-I love putting ___ in my yogurtFRUIT, GRANOLA, NUTS, HONEY, CHOCOLATE
348-The cat ___ so I don’t think he likes meHISSED, SCRATCHED, BIT ME, RAN AWAY, HID
349-I wish I had ___ at home like you have at a hotelROOM SERVICE, POOL, MAID, FOOD, TOWELS
350-I had to skip my ___ because I was running late this morningBREAKFAST, COFFEE, SHOWER, WORKOUT, MAKEUP
351-I was trying to concentrate on ___ but my kids kept interruptingTV, MOVIE, BOOK, GAME, WORK
353-I always check that my ___ is in my backpack before leaving for schoolBOOKS, HOMEWORK, PHONE, PENCIL, LUNCH
355-The magician pulled a ___ out of a hatRABBIT, FLOWER, BIRD, SCARF, CARD
356-I sponsored a/an ___ because they’re on the endangered species listELEPHANT, TIGER, PANDA, POLAR BEAR, RHINO
357-I would survive on ___ if stranded on a desert islandWATER, FISH, COCONUTS, BUGS, BANANAS
358-I am going to ___ for my New Year’s resolutionLOSE WEIGHT, DIET, EXERCISE, STOP SMOKING, SAVE MONEY
359-My ___ is something I keep secretWEIGHT, AGE, MONEY, PASSWORD, LOVE LIFE
360-When I was little, I thought ___ was realSANTA, TOOTH FAIRY, EASTER BUNNY, MONSTERS, GHOSTS
361-My husband always forgets where he puts his ___KEYS, WALLET, PHONE, GLASSES, SHOES
362-The police found ___ in the bank robber’s bagMONEY, GUN, MASK, JEWELRY, GLOVES
363-I always buy ___ at the end of summer because it’s/they’re on saleSWIMSUITS, SANDALS, SHORTS, TOWELS, SUNSCREEN
364-I wish I was a teenager again so I could ___ all daySLEEP, EAT, PLAY, WATCH TV, PARTY
365-You need ___ for a Fourth of July partyFIREWORKS, FOOD, DRINKS, FRIENDS, FLAGS
366-I always have ___ in my makeup bagLIPSTICK, MASCARA, BLUSH, EYELINER, EYESHADOW
367-I started ___ during the speech because I hate public speakingSWEATING, STUTTERING, SHAKING, CRYING, PANICKING
368-I remember having to do ___ for the school fitness testPUSH UPS, SIT UPS, RUNNING, JUMPING JACKS, PULL UPS
369-My kids love to ___ at sleepoversEAT, SLEEP, PLAY, TALK, WATCH MOVIES
370-I pick lottery numbers by using ___BIRTHDAYS, AGES, ANNIVERSARIES, LUCKY, RANDOM
371-I wish I had bought ___ stocks ten years agoAPPLE, GOOGLE, AMAZON, TESLA, FACEBOOK
372-I like to put ___ in my teaSUGAR, MILK, HONEY, LEMON, ICE
373-I always picture a ___ when I think of a castlePRINCESS, KING, DRAGON, MOAT, KNIGHT
374-My ___ wasn’t working, so I was late to workCAR, PHONE, ALARM, SHOWER, WATER
375-I think ___ is the secret to a happy marriageLOVE, COMMUNICATION, TRUST, SEX, HONESTY
376-My date took me on a romantic ___ rideCAR, BOAT, BIKE, HORSE, PLANE
377-I got my husband a personalized ___ for his birthdayCARD, SHIRT, WALLET, WATCH, RING
378-If I won a year supply of candy, I’d want it to be ___SNICKERS, SKITTLES, REESES, TWIX, HERSHEYS
379-We saw a lot of ___ on our Alaskan cruiseWATER, ICE, SNOW, WHALES, BEARS
380-I bring my lucky ___ to every gameSOCKS, HAT, SHIRT, RABBITS FOOT, CHARM
381-Bees make me think of ___HONEY, FLOWERS, STING, HIVES, POLLEN
382-___ is the best invention everPHONE, CAR, TV, COMPUTER, ELECTRICITY
383-I love ___ with whipped cream on topICE CREAM, PIE, CAKE, STRAWBERRIES, HOT CHOCOLATE
384-You need to be an early riser to work as a ___DOCTOR, TEACHER, FARMER, BAKER, POLICEMAN
385-I used ___ for my big work presentationPOWERPOINT, PICTURES, GRAPHS, PROJECTOR, VIDEO
386-If my 10 year old was president, she’d do away with ___SCHOOL, HOMEWORK, CHORES, BEDTIME, VEGETABLES
387-The pageant contestant did ___ for the talent portionSINGING, DANCING, MAGIC, JUGGLING, GYMNASTICS
388-I had to ___ because I ate too muchPOOP, SLEEP, THROW UP, BURP, UNBUTTON MY PANTS
389-I ___ in order to be more eco-friendlyRECYCLE, WALK, BIKE, COMPOST, CARPOOL
390-I didn’t accept my ___ friend request on social mediaMOM, DAD, BOSS, SISTER, EX
391-I’m not eating ___ because I’m on a dietCANDY, CAKE, ICE CREAM, CHOCOLATE, CARBS
392-I’d miss all ___ if didn’t put them on my calendarBIRTHDAYS, APPOINTMENTS, HOLIDAYS, EVENTS, ANNIVERSARIES
393-I put my keys in ___ when I am at the beachBAG, POCKET, CAR, TOWEL, SHOES
394-My hair looked terrible because I ran out of ___SHAMPOO, HAIRSPRAY, CONDITIONER, GEL, MOUSSE
395-My husband could sleep anywhere, even ___OUTSIDE, FLOOR, CAR, COUCH, STANDING UP
396-Golf makes me think of ___CLUBS, BALLS, TIGER WOODS, GRASS, GOLF CARTS
397-I always ___ when I know a camera is on meSMILE, HIDE, POSE, LAUGH, LOOK AWAY
398-You would need to be ___ to climb Mount EverestSTRONG, FIT, CRAZY, BRAVE, ATHLETIC
399-I do way more than 10,000 steps a day because I work as a ___NURSE, DOCTOR, TEACHER, DOG WALKER, WAITRESS
400-If I came face to face with a bear, I’d ___RUN, SCREAM, CRY, PLAY DEAD, FAINT
401-There’s always fliers for ___ on the college bulletin boardJOBS, CLUBS, ROOMMATES, PARTIES, TUTORS
403-I got my mother-in-law ___ for Christmas because I didn’t know what to getGIFT CARD, MONEY, FLOWERS, CARD, SOCKS
404-There’s usually ___ next to the cash register at a restaurantMINTS, TOOTHPICKS, CANDY, MENUS, TIP JAR
405-I forgot to put ___ in the diaper bag and it was a disaster! :DIAPERS, WIPES, BOTTLE, CLOTHES, FORMULA
406-I love crispy ___ for breakfastBACON, TOAST, HASHBROWNS, WAFFLES, SAUSAGE
407-I rarely buy new ___, I reuse ones I haveCLOTHES, SHOES, TOWELS, DISHES, BAGS
408-I always pack ___ for a lunch at the beachWATER, CHIPS, SANDWICH, FRUIT, TOWEL
409-We’re redoing the ___ before moving into our new houseKITCHEN, BATHROOM, BEDROOM, FLOORS, LIVING ROOM
410-I work as a ___ at the restaurantCOOK, WAITRESS, HOSTESS, MANAGER, BUS BOY
411-I always try ___ before buying it/themCLOTHES, SHOES, CARS, FOOD, PERFUME
412-I can’t wait to buy ___ cookies from the Girl ScoutsTHIN MINTS, SAMOAS, PEANUT BUTTER PATTIES, SHORTBREAD, LEMONADES
413-It’s rude to answer your phone at ___DINNER, CHURCH, WORK, SCHOOL, FUNERAL
414-Everyone keeps ___ in their junk drawerPENS, BATTERIES, TAPE, PAPER, SCISSORS
415-Tabloids always show pictures of celebrities ___ on the coverKISSING, SMILING, POSING, WALKING, EATING
416-We saw ___ washed up on the beachSHELLS, FISH, TRASH, SEAWEED, WHALE
417-I was born on Christmas, so my parents named me ___NOEL, JESUS, HOLLY, MARY, JOY
418-I ordered fish and they served it with the ___ still on! :HEAD, TAIL, EYES, SKIN, SCALES
419-The kids are so happy they get ___ when we’re on vacationICE CREAM, TOYS, CANDY, MONEY, SWIM
421-I see more tattoos of ___ than anything elseFLOWERS, HEARTS, NAMES, SKULLS, BUTTERFLIES
422-Elephants make me think of ___AFRICA, DUMBO, CIRCUS, PEANUTS, TRUNKS
423-I got stopped by TSA because I had ___ in my carryonFOOD, LIQUID, KNIFE, MEDICINE, SCISSORS
424-There are great deals on ___ at thrift storesCLOTHES, SHOES, FURNITURE, TOYS, BOOKS
426-My daughter said she wanted to get a ___ piercing, and I said “No way!” :NOSE, BELLY BUTTON, TONGUE, LIP, NIPPLE
427-I say “___” instead of “money.” :CASH, MOOLAH, DOUGH, BUCKS, DOLLARS
428-I wouldn’t go into a cave because I’m afraid I’d see ___BATS, SPIDERS, BEARS, SNAKES, BUGS
429-My son had to add padded muscle to his ___ Halloween costumeHULK, SUPERMAN, BATMAN, SPIDERMAN, WRESTLER
430-I keep ___ on my nightstandWATER, PHONE, LAMP, BOOK, GLASSES
431-You always have to make appointments with a ___ in advanceDOCTOR, DENTIST, HAIRDRESSER, MECHANIC, LAWYER
432-My boyfriend and I share ___FOOD, BED, CLOTHES, CAR, MONEY
433-I can’t believe he showed up to the ___ in jeansWEDDING, FUNERAL, PARTY, PROM, INTERVIEW
434-I bought ___ to decorate for the partyBALLOONS, STREAMERS, CONFETTI, BANNERS, LIGHTS
435-The dog chewed my ___! :SHOES, HOMEWORK, SOCKS, COUCH, PILLOW
436-I was pleasantly surprised when I came home and the babysitter had ___CLEANED, COOKED, KIDS TO BED, WASHED DISHES, DONE LAUNDRY
437-We used ___ to start the bonfireWOOD, MATCHES, GAS, PAPER, STICKS
438-We have ___ to stop burglarsALARMS, DOGS, CAMERAS, LOCKS, POLICE
439-If I had to eat one food for the rest of my life if would be ___PIZZA, PASTA, STEAK, CHICKEN, BURGERS
440-I bought lots of ___ for my kids to craft withPAPER, GLUE, CRAYONS, PAINT, MARKERS
441-Our honeymoon was a disaster because we ___GOT SICK, FOUGHT, GOT LOST, MISSED OUR FLIGHT, LOST OUR LUGGAGE
442-I’m getting my nails done for ___ tomorrowWEDDING, PROM, PARTY, DATE, VACATION
443-I put off ___, but always feel better afterCLEANING, HOMEWORK, EXERCISE, SHOWERING, LAUNDRY
444-My date was allergic to ___ so it was a disasterNUTS, ME, FLOWERS, DOGS, CATS
445-It’s normal for a house guest to use a host’s ___ in the bathroomTOWEL, SOAP, TOILET, SINK, SHOWER
446-Farmers get up every day to ___FEED ANIMALS, MILK COWS, HARVEST, PLANT, PLOW
447-I’m most ticklish on my ___FEET, NECK, ARMPITS, STOMACH, SIDES
448-There’s always ___ on the kid’s menuFRIES, MAC AND CHEESE, CHICKEN NUGGETS, HOT DOG, BURGER
449-I was falling asleep, so I ___ to stay awakeDRANK COFFEE, WATCHED TV, READ, EXERCISED, ATE

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