Tricky Test 2 Answers & Hints [All 111 Levels]

Tricky Test 2 Answers [In Single Page]

Tricky test 2 Level all levels (1-111) solved here, With detailed hints and walkthrough steps. Scroll Down the find out all the levels.

Tricky Test 2 Level 1-111 Solutions

Tap the green button 3 times.

3 Holes are there, One on to and two for legs.

Cloud is the furthest away from the word ‘us‘ in the question text. The distance between ‘us‘ and cloud is the greatest.

Rotate your phone upside down (180 degrees) so that tears will roll back into his eyes.

B is the answer because, Be̶a̶r̶=B, Bear-Ear =B

Press and hold on the pig’s nose for a few seconds to block its breath.

Carrot=vegetable, so you don’t have to click this. The correct order is- Cherry then Pineapple.

Tap only left facing mouse four times, for the 5th mouse, tap the mouse in the question text image. (Click the link for detailed image hint)

Add all the equations, You will get two of each animal weight 28 kg so each of animal will weight (7+11+10)/2= 14, the answer is 14.

Scratch/Rub your finger against the ticket’s scratchpad several times to reveal your prize.

If you overtake 3rs person, you will take his position so you will be 3rd. Tap ‘3rd‘ in the question text.

Put them apart using your two fingers at the same time. (Like zooming)

Rotate your device upside down like you are doing with Ketchup bottle and shake the phone (that’s what you do with your Ketchup bottle)

The correct order is 23212, 3104, <Your Time>, -219, -1222.

Your time (In minutes) is in the right upper corner of your screen: See image below:

Drag the word ‘Everything‘ from the question text into the box. Now everything is in the box.

Now tilt your phone downwards (screen facing Earth) to get ‘everything’ out from the box.

We have to light 2 candles to celebrate our 2nd birthday. First, light up the middle candle.

then tilt the phone 90 degrees so that flame touches another candle so that the next candle is light up.

Nothing tricky, you have to memorize order as the question will disappear after some taps.

Can we save both? Use your two fingers and drag Upwards at the same time to save mother and fiance.

Remove right most bulb from the screen by dragging it out of the screen.

Turn on Only first and second switch from the left side (On On Off Off)

If 1 =5, then obviously 5=1.

Shake your phone for a few seconds until all apples on the tree dropped, then count them. The total number of apples is 7.

Correct tap order: XXXL, XXL, XL, gift box, L.

Giftbox is in the bottom right corner of the screen. See image hint below:

There are a total of 6 holes, You can see black background from the hole that means there are 2 holes (front and backside) + 4 holes are obvious.

Lure and trap the mosquito in the zapper, Tap your finger in the top left area of the screen when he comes to bite your finger he will be trapped into the zapper.

Tap the green button 3 times, then tap the yellow button 4 times, after the 4th tap it will turn White, wait for a few seconds to change back to yellow before continuing.

Move all the owls, some of the owls are hiding behind each other. there are a total of 9 owls.

Can you see the clue button in the left corner? That button is very pointy, drag the balloons to the clue button to pop all the balloons the balloon that doesn’t pop is the strongest one.

The clue button is blue-gray in color is in the left bottom corner.

Micro means extremely small or small-scale, So pinch with your two fingers to zoom out your phone to convert it into a MicroPhone.

Two non-touching squares are One is Outer One with 3×3 size Another is in the exact middle of the square and has 1×1 size.

Remove remaining matches to solve this question. (click the link for detailed image hint)

909 is the biggest, Convert 5 into 9 by converting 8 into 9 by removing one matchstick. (Click on the link to get detailed image hint)

You have to tap the word “Elephant” in the question text. (click the link for detailed image hint)

Use BODMAS rule to solve this: 7 + (7/7) + (7×7) – 7 = 50.

Drag exclamation mark (!) from the question text and put it at the end of ‘do not touch here’ to make the sentence ‘Do not touch here!

This side is facing down: Put your phone on the table, screen facing down.

Pull apart the doll using your two fingers to find another doll inside the doll.

Zero is the smallest, press 0 and press enter.

Count yourself without looking at the counter because counter counts wrong reading.

It counts 13 12 11 10 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0, see it misses 9, so go till -1 and wait for few seconds.

The hole in the back can be bigger, Least possible number is 6. See image below to get the hint:

You have tap the orange not half orange! so drag the orange to find another half of the orange hidden beneath it.

Now click both parts once using your two fingers at the same time.

Tilt or flip your phone towards your right to reveal its switch. Click on it to turn it off.

Swing your device towards your forehead like you are actually hitting the fly with your phone.

The ring is in Box B.

The true statement is: C. The ring is not in Box A

Tilt your device downwards like you are holding a flashlight, Screen faces the sky. Then you will know which flashlight beam is more in length. The answer is A.

How do you close the Window on a laptop? Tap on the “x” to close the application window. X is in the right upper corner of the window.

Drag ‘smile‘ word from the question text on the camera lens. then zoom in using your two fingers to make ‘smile’ wide.

Drag and move the word ‘elephant‘ from the question text into the freeze.

Slide open the curtains using your two fingers, to let the sunshine come in.

CHICAGO= CHIcken + CAt + GOat

Ture statement: Three statements here are false. So the only 3rd is true.

Shake your phone to pass this level.

To open doors using gravity, tilt your device such that the screen faces down. Then tap on the key.

Push the buttons (Not button) so you have to press more than 1 button 10 times.

First, tap the yellow button 10 times, then Tap the word ‘Buttons’ in the question text 10 times.

Grandmother(1)+her two daughters (2)+ their two daughters (4)= 7 (This is the least seats needed)

Swift left to right on the bulb 4-5 times to unscrew it.

To hide the card flip your phone such that the screen faces down.

Rub on the burning end of the cigarette with your finger in order to put it out.

Tilt the phone upside down to open the car trunk, then keeping the phone in the same position drag and move the elephant into the trunk to squeeze the elephant.

Pencil costs =$1.05, & the eraser costs= $0.05

Rotate the phone in the Given direction.

Use two fingers to tear in half the “24.50” tag to remove the 50.  Then enter $24 in the machine.

You have to find another easy way to do this, Drag “121 times” from the question text onto the button and then push it once.

Swipe the words “this card” in the question text to the left to reveal the card underneath.

Easiest one! Just tap in the given order. no tricks here.

Biggest possible number= ∞ , So to enter this number just enter 8 in the calculator and rotate your device 90 degrees to make it look like infinity.

The clock has a missing Minute hand so to give it a hand, Drag the exclamation mark (!) from the question text and put it on the clock. ‘!’ will become a new hand of the clock.

Tap and hold on each bulb for few seconds, One bulb will pop out a text ‘it’s hot’ click on that bulb to pass this level.

To hide the elephant, tilt your phone downwards (screen facing Earth).

A match is lit by striking it against the side of the matchbox.

Lift the match Strike/Rub the matchstick on the lives (on top of the screen) that looks like the side of the matchstick and use that to light the candle. (Click on the level link Above to get the exact image hints)

Remove top middle matchstick down to make 3 cubes. (Click the level link for detailed image hints)

W=5+3+5=13,  W is the sum of 3 adjacent squares on the left side.

Drag and move the word ‘me’ from the question text into the square box.

Hide the ‘ace‘ word from the question text and ace on the card using two of your fingers at the same time to solve this level.

Use your two fingers to split the star into two triangles and then click on both using your two fingers at a same time.

There is no down button! So rotate your device upside down so that the arrow points downward then tap the arrow to go to the first floor.

Elephants (Plural) => swipe off the elephant and ‘elephant’ word from the question text out of the screen.

Use two fingers to smash both eggs together. One of the eggs will break.

See your keyboard and try to read ‘qazsedc’, You will see it makes ‘H’ Shape. So the killer is Hana.

Tilt your device/Phone to the right so that owl on the right will reveal then click that owl to pass this level.

51181 is the maximum number we can make, Use upper 2 sticks from 0 to make another 1, zero will convert into 11 and there is another 1 as a unit digit, (Click the level link to get Detailed image hint)

Tap and hold on jack’s eyes so that he will not see anything then use another finger to steal the candy.

You have to shake the phone to shake smaller pumpkin, But larger pumpkin will also shake, So hold larger pumpkin using one finger and then shake your device to shake smaller pumpkin.

Flip your phone so that the screen faces earth. then click on the eyeball to put it back into the eye.

Hold on to the screen and draw circles around the grey box for 5 seconds, you have to be fast enough to avoid all the ghosts from touching you.

Pull the plug downward direction to see another power socket plug it into that to turn on the light bulb.

Total 10 half hearts are there= 5 full hearts + Count how many hearts are remaining in your game energy that shows in the upper screen.

Flip your phone such that the screen faces earth now shake the phone, all the fake bats will fall down.

Click on the Menu button, there is ‘HOME’ option on that menu. click on home to solve this level.


Drag and move that button to the right side you will find another smaller button underneath it. tap both buttons 10 times each.

Top minus left Multiplied by right, y=(6-5)×3=3.

Move the umbrella under the poop, it will look like Ice-Cream. then click on the ice-cream.

Move one toast on another to make A big toast. Click on it.

Tap and hold the finger on it, Then watch the color from the side without lifting finger then tap the color by another finger.


Again slide open the curtains using your two fingers and wait for some time. Rose will wake up when sun shines on her.

Cover the test-tube with your finger, then shake the phone.

Rotate your device upside down, it will now read 11=9+2. then click submit.

Arrange alphabetically: Blue, Green, Purple, Red, then Yellow.

Type the following in the input box: ‘the title of this stage

then press submit.


Drag left dice, You will find A dice with 1 behind it. Now shake the device until you get 6,6 on the remaining two dices.

Long click on the donut, Then select copy, then long-press in empty donut space in right side, then select paste.

Read instructions, Some times it says ‘Don’t‘ that means you have to slide in the opposite direction.

Pinch to zoom pout with your two fingers to find out a big man with a hat.

Shake your phone until you get 6,6 on both dices. then long click one of the dice then select copy, then long click in an empty area then select paste.

First Click the alt to add salt to the soup, then lift the spoon over and get some soup and give it to the chef, then click on ‘Eat’

Tilt your device to left: a beautiful girl will appear in the right that will distract the person you are fighting, then punch with left or right hand to beat him.

Put the first ball in the pool, You will get a Huge red X on the screen, Drag it aside and put another ball in the pool.

My review: You Have to think outside the box, Each and every puzzle is designed to make you feel stupid on many occasions. The questions are clever, tricky and fun to answer. The game does have clues and hints.  Some of the puzzles required logic, some skill, and other imagination. Overall great game if you can bear the failure at each level.

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