Word Craze Answers [Level 375-400 All Answers]

Word Craze Level (375-400) Part 16

Word Craze Level 375-400 Answers and cheats to all levels are provided on this page, this game is a popular game developed by Betta Games and it is available on Google play store.

Word Craze, experience all the customs from different countries, come and check out the interesting things she encounters on this journey! Find answers by looking at pictures, challenge your mind in a whole new way. Here you will find all the answers of Word Craze on this one page, I have started to provided answers on one page so that you can save your time clicking the links of separate level each time.

Word Craze game Cheats Answers:

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Level 376: A bound notepad containing blank pages, typically used by artistsSKETCHBOOK
Level 376: Fruit that resembles a green, unripe tomato; also called the “MexicanTOMATILLO
Level 376: A British brand of four-wheel-drive carsLANDROVER
Level 376: Small cars intended to be crashed into one another for amusementBUMPERCARS
Level 376: What is this tool?BLOWTORCH
Level 376: 60s guitar legend with hits like “Purple Haze” and “Foxy Lady”JIMIHENDRIX
Level 376: Pet detective portrayed by Jim CarreyACEVENTURA
Level 376: Popular Netflix show highlighting the radioactive disaster in PripyatCHERNOBYL
Level 376: What is this method of determining age?CARBONDATE
Level 376: A piece of jewelry can also be called an “ornament” or an “_________”ADORNMENT
Level 376: Describes a quick and dirty, often temporary, solutionMAKESHIFT
Level 377: In sports, a pass leading directly to a goalASSIST
Level 377: What is this grouping called?FLOCK
Level 377: A villain’s evil _______ are their nefarious plansSCHEMES
Level 377: Roger _______, Swiss tennis player considered to be an all-time greatFEDERER
Level 377: A medium-sized boat for racing or recreationYACHT
Level 377: To study _______ is to study in a foreign countryABROAD
Level 378: Structure that uses flowing H20 to power its machineryWATERMILL
Level 378: Einstein once said “_________ is not the learning of facts, but theEDUCATION
Level 378: What is this way of going unnoticed?CAMOUFLAGE
Level 378: City known as “the capital of Brazilian soccer”SAOPAULO
Level 378: Last song on Garth Brook’s debut album, considered by many to beTHEDANCE
Level 378: English letters have two forms: _________ and lowercaseUPPERCASE
Level 378: What is this type of ring called?ENGAGEMENT
Level 378: Don’t shoot the _________ for being the bearer of bad newsMESSENGER
Level 378: An interior _________ designs the layout and aesthetics of interiorDECORATOR
Level 379: Unexpected and unusual, but in an endearing wayQUIRKY
Level 379: Obstacle that track runners must leap over as part of some racesHURDLE
Level 379: What are his little helpers called?ELVES
Level 379: George _______ fought Muhammad Ali in the legendary “Rumble in theFOREMAN
Level 379: African-American holiday that means “first-fruits”; celebrated fromKWANZAA
Level 379: A holy spot of worship, often marked with a dedicated buildingSHRINE
Level 379: Material made by weaving together fibers, used to make clothesFABRIC
Level 380: What type of event is this?BABYSHOWER
Level 380: Beach-dwelling invertebrate with one claw that is larger than theFIDDLERCRAB
Level 380: Popular US fast food joint named the same as a vintage toyJACKINTHEBOX
Level 380: Web-like woven charm, supposedly for trapping nightmaresDREAMCATCHER
Level 380: This kind of product is processed and wrapped before reaching consumersPREPACKAGED
Level 380: Elderly people may wear these to replace their lost chompersFALSETEETH
Level 380: Expression; a “___________ sword” is something that both helps andDOUBLEEDGED
Level 380: Discussion intended to reach a mutually beneficial agreementNEGOTIATION
Level 380: What is this flying insect?DRAGONFLY
Level 380: Fear of heightsACROPHOBIA
Level 380: Chewing gum from the 50s that came with a comic strip featuring theBAZOOKAJOE
Level 380: Regular guy, everyman, nobody specialAVERAGEJOE
Level 381: Young male who looks after a baseball team’s equipmentBATBOY
Level 381: Lower part of the ear; piercings are typically placed hereEARLOBE
Level 381: The Dragon Boat Festival is a _______ tradition where locals eatCHINESE
Level 381: What fabric was used to make these?DENIM
Level 381: John ______, British actor that rose to fame through his role asBOYEGA
Level 381: MIA stands for _______ In ActionMISSING
Level 382: Able to soak up lots of liquid, like a cloth or a spongeABSORBENT
Level 382: German brand of luxury goods like pens and watches based in HamburgMONTBLANC
Level 382: What insect is this?GRASSHOPPER
Level 382: Something put on a pet to keep away tiny pestsFLEACOLLAR
Level 382: Medical compound that reduces or eliminates the sensation of painANESTHETIC
Level 382: The part of the swimming pool that goes down the furthestTHEDEEPEND
Level 382: Expression; to betray someoneDOUBLECROSS
Level 382: Extremely tired; fatiguedEXHAUSTED
Level 382: Approximations or rough numerical judgementsESTIMATES
Level 383: The largest island in Italy; where Mount Etna is locatedSICILY
Level 383: Language commonly spoken in the Middle East and Northern AfricaARABIC
Level 383: Smaller, typically tree-dwelling primates with tailsMONKEYS
Level 383: What is the name of this exercise?SQUAT
Level 383: Short songs or tunes used in commercialsJINGLES
Level 383: Patrick ______, US actor and star of “Dirty Dancing” and “Ghost”SWAYZE
Level 383: In the Bible, Moses split this body of waterREDSEA
Level 384: Microsoft Office application used to make presentationsPOWERPOINT
Level 384: A punctuation mark used when indicating possession in EnglishAPOSTROPHE
Level 384: What expression does this represent?DIMEADOZEN
Level 384: Popular televised singing competition in the USAMERICANIDOL
Level 384: A weapon in the boardgame “Clue” that might light the way to theCANDLESTICK
Level 384: What is this extreme sport?BASEJUMPING
Level 384: Customs or beliefs passed on from one generation to anotherTRADITIONS
Level 384: 1993 film by Steven Spielberg that brought dinosaurs to lifeJURASSICPARK
Level 384: The eponymous character of this tale grows up to be a beautiful swanUGLYDUCKLING
Level 385: Saint ________ was the inspiration for Santa ClausNICHOLAS
Level 385: Saltwater-dwelling serpentSEASNAKE
Level 385: What is this person painting on?CANVAS
Level 385: 2016 US film starring Amy Adams in a race to understand an alienARRIVAL
Level 385: Staple herb in Italian cuisineOREGANO
Level 385: A complete written thought including a subject and a verbSENTENCE
Level 386: The ability to perform a task successfullyCOMPETENCE
Level 386: The power to affect the behavior of a thing or a personINFLUENCE
Level 386: This rich person is a _________MILLIONAIRE
Level 386: Type of swing dance, popularized by African-Americans in the earlyJITTERBUG
Level 386: Pot used to brew leaves to make its namesake beverageTEAKETTLE
Level 386: What is this activity?HANGGLIDING
Level 386: Something that failed spectacularly or caused great damage couldDISASTROUS
Level 386: Type of animals who are active during the nightNOCTURNAL
Level 386: Diagram showing the connections between a group of blood relativesFAMILYTREE
Level 387: Star Wars equivalent of a gun; hokey religions and ancient weaponsBLASTER
Level 387: A disease that only occurs in a specific region is _____ to thatENDEMIC
Level 387: What is this object?BARREL
Level 387: Metal frame used to park a two-wheeled vehicle and lock it in placeBIKERACK
Level 387: A zebra has black and white _______STRIPES
Level 387: Long snouted mammal that consumes colonies of insectsANTEATER
Level 387: Sylvester ________, star of “Rambo” and “Rocky”STALLONE
Level 388: What is this action?FLUSH
Level 388: A meal that’s part lunch and part breakfastBRUNCH
Level 388: The _____ War took place in the 1950s between the North and SouthKOREAN
Level 388: Money or property given to another by will; inheritanceLEGACY
Level 388: The sequence of events in a storyPLOT
Level 388: A small, portable personal computerLAPTOP
Level 388: Chemical used to remove stains from clothesBLEACH
Level 388: To be present at an eventATTEND
Level 388: A group of ships or other vesselsFLEET
Level 388: What is this kind of bird?LARK
Level 388: In the US, this graduation cap part is moved from the right to theTASSEL
Level 388: Word; to fix something in place by partially burying itEMBED
Level 389: Unintended silence during a broadcastDEADAIR
Level 389: If you’re working for _______, you are being paid very littlePEANUTS
Level 389: What North American country does this flag belong to?MEXICO
Level 389: Pointed structure often found at the top of a church towerSTEEPLE
Level 389: “Astronomer” and “moon starer” are ________ because they use theANAGRAMS
Level 389: ________ your tongue out at someone can convey playfulness or disapprovalSTICKING
Level 390: Condiment made with egg and oilMAYONNAISE
Level 390: Death-defying leap with a cord around your legsBUNGEEJUMP
Level 390: What phrase does this represent?FRIENDCIRCLE
Level 390: Economic term for a scenario where one’s gain is equal to another’sZEROSUMGAME
Level 390: If a boat starts sinking, people might say this!ABANDONSHIP
Level 390: Expression; doing something hastilyAMILEAMINUTE
Level 390: US writer of “Fahrenheit 451” and “The Martian Chronicles”RAYBRADBURY
Level 390: Scientist who studies the stars; don’t confuse one with an astrologistASTRONOMER
Level 390: A dinner and a movie between two couplesDOUBLEDATE
Level 391: Spacefaring TV series featuring Spock and Captain KirkSTARTREK
Level 391: “Space ________”, one of the oldest video games,INVADERS
Level 391: To _____ __ on someone is to sneak toward themCREEPUP
Level 391: What does this item do to words?DEFINE
Level 391: King ________ is the primary antagonist in HamletCLAUDIUS
Level 391: Goods or cargo transported by seaSHIPMENT
Level 391: Someone that is friendly and easy to talk to might be described thisAFFABLE
Level 392: A ____-_______ friend will only stick by you when things are goingFAIRWEATHER
Level 392: A type of romantic dinnerCANDLELIGHT
Level 392: Traditionally, the highest value card in a deck of playing cardsACEOFSPADES
Level 392: Expression; having a lot of money or resourcesDEEPPOCKETS
Level 392: Animated movie that introduced the world to the tiny, yellow, unintelligibleDESPICABLEME
Level 392: When a military force accidentally attacks an allied forceFRIENDLYFIRE
Level 392: Expression; practical, realisticDOWNTOEARTH
Level 392: Shamu was one of theseKILLERWHALE
Level 392: Disposable tableware often seen at picnics and barbequesPAPERPLATE
Level 392: “_ ____ __ ____”, meaning something that is very easyAPIECEOFCAKE
Level 392: Creator of the James Bond franchiseIANFLEMING
Level 392: Suspenseful ending to a portion of a storyCLIFFHANGER
Level 393: This often forms on leaves and grass in freezing temperaturesHOARFROST
Level 393: You might say this when leaving someone’s companyFAREWELL
Level 393: Type of dance that was popularized in the film “Footloose”LINEDANCE
Level 393: US civil rights activist who refused to give up her seat on the busROSAPARKS
Level 393: A deck used for fortune tellingTAROTCARDS
Level 393: Used to clean spills; comes on a rollPAPERTOWEL
Level 394: _________ biscuits are supposed aid your stomach in its workDIGESTIVE
Level 394: Small pieces of paper to help memorizationFLASHCARDS
Level 394: 1969 Beatles album with an iconic, often imitated cover involvingABBEYROAD
Level 394: A member of a militia formed during the American Revolution, saidMINUTEMAN
Level 394: What is this type of car?FOURBYFOUR
Level 394: A person who is very enthusiastic about taking photos; not actuallySHUTTERBUG
Level 394: Magic words, similar to “hocus pocus” or “alakazam!”ABRACADABRA
Level 394: What is missing from the second picture?WATERMELON
Level 394: _________ exercises can help you calm yourself downBREATHING
Level 395: Punctuation used in place of a period to indicate that two sentencesSEMICOLON
Level 395: “The ____ _____u201C is the “Jurassic Park” sequel that brings T-rexLOSTWORLD
Level 395: No two of these icy crystals are exactly the sameSNOWFLAKES
Level 395: What is this aquatic vessel?STEAMBOAT
Level 395: Popular sandwich originating from PhiladelphiaCHEESESTEAK
Level 395: Testing mannequin used to measure human injury in simulated accidentsCRASHDUMMY
Level 395: A Big Mac’s top bun is dotted with theseSESAMESEEDS
Level 396: Underwater craft that navigates using sonarSUBMARINE
Level 396: Without preparation or rehearsalIMPROMPTU
Level 396: Comes before “junior high”, my dear WatsonELEMENTARY
Level 396: Don’t look it in the mouth!GIFTHORSE
Level 396: Giant pandas were this until 2016ENDANGERED
Level 396: A person who conveys beliefs and opinions that he or she doesn’tHYPOCRITE
Level 396: What makeup effect is this?EYESHADOW
Level 396: A CEO is the Chief _________ OfficerEXECUTIVE
Level 396: Going down this street might be nostalgicMEMORYLANE
Level 396: What type of passage is this?DRAWBRIDGE
Level 396: Clothing that is very, very snug is described this waySKINTIGHT
Level 396: Buying and selling commodities in different markets to take advantageARBITRAGE
Level 396: Printed way to read about worldly happeningsNEWSPAPER
Level 397: The state of having a childPREGNANCY
Level 397: You should do this if you are too ill to go to workCALLINSICK
Level 397: The Greeks’ “gift” to the city of TroyTROJANHORSE
Level 397: A movie or television series which takes its source material fromADAPTATION
Level 397: A place to purchase an automobileDEALERSHIP
Level 397: Scientific name for the outermost layer of skinEPIDERMIS
Level 398: After-dinner candy to freshen upBREATHMINT
Level 398: What is this animal?GROUNDHOG
Level 398: According to the Bible, they were the twelve followers of JesusDISCIPLES
Level 398: While driving, push this with your foot to slow downBRAKEPEDAL
Level 398: Coils of this sharp material can be placed atop a fence to discourageBARBEDWIRE
Level 398: A roadside shed for collecting payment for use of a highwayTOLLBOOTH
Level 398: “The ___ ____”; Christopher Nolan’s Batman sequelDARKKNIGHT
Level 398: Tick-borne illness with an unmistakable “bulls-eye” rashLYMEDISEASE
Level 398: To “sail the ______ ___” is to sail all around the worldSEVENSEAS
Level 399: Household items like a bed, tables, chairs, and sofasFURNITURE
Level 399: Sending you to his or her office in school means you are in troublePRINCIPAL
Level 399: Three words you can use to find yourself on a shopping mall mapYOUAREHERE
Level 399: English rock star who sang “Space Oddity” and starred in “Labyrinth”DAVIDBOWIE
Level 399: 2007 Pixar movie about a rat who aspires to be a chefRATATOUILLE
Level 399: Title given to the wife of the president of the United StatesFIRSTLADY
Level 399: The study of insectsENTOMOLOGY
Level 399: What is this type of contest?SPELLINGBEE
Level 400: What is this vehicle called?HOVERCRAFT
Level 400: What is this observation instrument?PERISCOPE
Level 400: Breaking from convention; not conforming to a normUNORTHODOX
Level 400: Christopher Columbus __________ AmericaDISCOVERED
Level 400: Punctuation mark; a combination of the question mark and the exclamationINTERROBANG
Level 400: Tentacled ocean critter with a mushroom cap; maybe they go well withJELLYFISH
Level 400: A “100% money-back ______” means if you’re not satisfied with a product,GUARANTEE
Level 400: Integers which are not divisible by twoODDNUMBERS
Level 400: Extend one of these as an offer of peaceOLIVEBRANCH
Level 400: Citizens of the easternmost country in Africa are called _________SOMALIANS
Level 400: What is this fantastical story?FAIRYTALE
Level 400: Italian pasta dish with a white creamy egg sauce and baconCARBONARA
Level 400: A famous Yellowstone geyser named for its predictabilityOLDFAITHFUL
Level 401: An extinct large “tiger” known for its two huge fangsSABERTOOTH
Level 401: Type of dietary fiber found in vegetables; component of plant cellCELLULOSE
Level 401: Expression; exactly what was neededHITSTHESPOT
Level 401: Vinegar is a natural _________, able to get rid of weedsHERBICIDE
Level 401: Handheld pest control deviceFLYSWATTER
Level 401: The ability to manage and inspire a group or organizationLEADERSHIP
Level 402: Drinks like Coke and Sprite are fizzy because they are thisCARBONATED
Level 402: A progress indicator for a studentREPORTCARD
Level 402: What type of athletes wear these shoes?ICESKATERS
Level 402: Socializing to make professional connectionsNETWORKING
Level 402: According to Smokey the Bear, only you can stop theseFORESTFIRES
Level 402: To retrace one’s steps; an effective method for finding lost itemsBACKTRACK
Level 402: Which famous athlete does this represent?TIGERWOODS
Level 402: Someone whose net worth has 3 commasBILLIONAIRE
Level 402: The full name for the disease known as “the flu”INFLUENZA
Level 403: A young girl who had a fabled encounter with three bearsGOLDILOCKS
Level 403: Quasimodo is the eponymous _________ of Notre DameHUNCHBACK
Level 403: Title of Zack Snyder’s 2013 Superman filmMANOFSTEEL
Level 403: Who is this English physicist and mathematician?ISAACNEWTON
Level 403: Equal, Sweet N’Low, and Splenda are types of _________ sweetenersARTIFICIAL
Level 403: A holiday honoring female parentsMOTHERSDAY
Level 403: Seafaring mode of transport used to move goods for internationalCARGOSHIP
Level 404: Aerobic exercise that has your hands touching over your headJUMPINGJACKS
Level 404: A legendary guitarist ironically nicknamed “Slowhand”ERICCLAPTON
Level 404: This black rock held the key to deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphsROSETTASTONE
Level 404: What is this item that protects the wall?DOORSTOPPER
Level 404: Scientist that studies the origin and evolution of the universeCOSMOLOGIST
Level 404: Expensive part of a printer that seems to run out too quicklyINKCARTRIDGE
Level 404: Someone that cannot be harmed or defeated can be described as thisINVINCIBLE
Level 404: Monopoly and Scrabble are examples of theseBOARDGAMES
Level 404: You’ll need one to get a seat in a crowded restaurantRESERVATION
Level 404: What is this Steven Spielberg film series?INDIANAJONES
Level 404: Fruits and _______ keep us healthy and strongVEGETABLES

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