Word Craze Answers [Level 351-375 All Answers]

Word Craze Level (351-375) Part 15

Word Craze Level 351-375 Answers and cheats to all levels are provided on this page, this game is a popular game developed by Betta Games and it is available on Google play store.

Word Craze, experience all the customs from different countries, come and check out the interesting things she encounters on this journey! Find answers by looking at pictures, challenge your mind in a whole new way. Here you will find all the answers of Word Craze on this one page, I have started to provided answers on one page so that you can save your time clicking the links of separate level each time.

Word Craze game Cheats Answers:

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Level 351: Deadly disease spread by mosquitoes in hot areas of the worldMALARIA
Level 351: “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” is part of The ChroniclesNARNIA
Level 351: What ancient empire used this style of helmet?ROMAN
Level 351: Buy these to own a piece of a company; also called “stocks”SHARES
Level 351: Professional football team from OaklandRAIDERS
Level 351: ______ of consciousness, a writing method that captures thoughtsSTREAM
Level 351: Athlete that tumbles, rolls, somersaults, and moreGYMNAST
Level 352: Getting one of these will advance your careerPROMOTION
Level 352: Norse warriors feared for their unstoppable rageBERSERKERS
Level 352: What is this touching feeling?HEARTWARMING
Level 352: The family name of Luke, Anakin, and Leia in the Star Wars seriesSKYWALKER
Level 352: Word meaning to get the intended meaningUNDERSTAND
Level 352: 1982 sci-fi film where Harrison Ford hunts replicantsBLADERUNNER
Level 352: “The _____ _____ Project”, 1999 “found-footage” horror filmBLAIRWITCH
Level 352: What is this office supply?PAPERWEIGHT
Level 352: Before joining the Miami Heat, LeBron James played for the _______CLEVELAND
Level 352: US animation studio that made “Shrek” and “How to Train Your Dragon”DREAMWORKS
Level 352: The art of handwriting decorative textCALLIGRAPHY
Level 352: This “knife” contains just about every tool imaginableSWISSARMY
Level 353: Afternoon performance of a play; don’t confuse with the sea cowMATINEE
Level 353: __ ___, no foulNOHARM
Level 353: To fixate on events of the pastDWELL
Level 353: Peanut butter cups in an orange packageREESES
Level 353: Comes in packages of 10 while the buns come in packages of 8HOTDOGS
Level 353: A wheeled stretcher used to transport patientsGURNEY
Level 354: A temporary obstacle set up to control the flow of trafficROADBLOCK
Level 354: Together with protons, they make up the nuclei of atomsNEUTRONS
Level 354: What is this type of informal market?GARAGESALE
Level 354: Amusement where teams try to score hits using light emitting gunsLASERTAG
Level 354: Don’t leave these untied or you might tripSHOELACES
Level 354: A round home for aquatic petsFISHBOWL
Level 354: What is this necessary part of a vehicle?WINDSHIELD
Level 354: An emblematic natural or man-made feature that is culturally or locallyLANDMARK
Level 354: High-up backyard clubhouse for kidsTREEHOUSE
Level 355: Expression of regret for causing someone else harm or discomfortAPOLOGY
Level 355: ______ the Frog, famously green MuppetKERMIT
Level 355: What is this type of boat?CANOE
Level 355: Deadly viral disease spread by the bites of infected animalsRABIES
Level 355: Popular brand of permanent markers made by Newell BrandsSHARPIE
Level 355: A collection of things wrapped up togetherBUNDLE
Level 355: Kneading muscles to relieve tensionMASSAGE
Level 356: Chewy sweet that you can inflateBUBBLEGUM
Level 356: Of or relating to the sky, space, or the heavensCELESTIAL
Level 356: Expression; student who tries to make their fellows laughCLASSCLOWN
Level 356: Inking permanent pictures or words on the skinTATTOOING
Level 356: Classic 1,000+ page novel by Leo TolstoyWARANDPEACE
Level 356: School event, usually with at least a few baking soda volcanosSCIENCEFAIR
Level 356: What is this audio device?EARPHONES
Level 356: All-present, all-seeing dictator of “1984”; he’s watching youBIGBROTHER
Level 356: Friday the _____, horror classicTHIRTEENTH
Level 356: Expression; to study hardHITTHEBOOKS
Level 356: Something used to motivate or encourage a specific actionINCENTIVE
Level 356: Inspirational phrase given by a cat posterHANGINTHERE
Level 356: Turn these on when driving at nightHEADLIGHTS
Level 357: In the US, someone in their last year of high school; an elderlySENIOR
Level 357: Healthy green fruit with a giant seed; used to make guacamoleAVOCADO
Level 357: What constellation is this?VIRGO
Level 357: Air taken into your lungs and then exhaledBREATH
Level 357: Baseball team that has won the most World Series ChampionshipsYANKEES
Level 357: Series of eight notes in musicOCTAVE
Level 358: Most populous city in Turkey; once known as ConstantinopleISTANBUL
Level 358: “Malcom in ___ _____” started in 2000 and starred Frankie MunizTHEMIDDLE
Level 358: Expression; one who tends to overreact emotionallyDRAMAQUEEN
Level 358: Cosmetic product used to remove dead skinEXFOLIANT
Level 358: This soccer tournament is the most popular international sportingWORLDCUP
Level 358: US Heavyweight boxing champion famous for his fast knockoutsMIKETYSON
Level 358: A parent’s sons and daughtersCHILDREN
Level 358: What is this composition term?FIRSTDRAFT
Level 358: This country and India used to be the same country before 1947PAKISTAN
Level 359: A mythical underwater cityATLANTIS
Level 359: What body part does this represent?EYELID
Level 359: A formal occasion celebrating a special event such as a weddingCEREMONY
Level 359: Boeing’s European rival in the commercial airliner marketAIRBUS
Level 359: “Give me ______, or give me death!” – Patrick HenryLIBERTY
Level 359: The coldest of all oceansARCTIC
Level 359: The top surface of a roomCEILING
Level 360: Medical professional who gives emergency care and preps for transportPARAMEDIC
Level 360: A _______ ____ to swallow is a hard truth to acceptBITTERPILL
Level 360: What is this elegant suit addition?POCKETSQUARE
Level 360: Bartending term meaning “served with ice”ONTHEROCKS
Level 360: Continuously moving stairways often found in mallsESCALATORS
Level 360: Being confined to one’s home; comes with an ankle accessoryHOUSEARREST
Level 360: What is this establishment that is open late?NIGHTCLUB
Level 360: Life period when one has completed their working lifeRETIREMENT
Level 360: Laboratory equipment used to view very small objects and organismsMICROSCOPE
Level 360: Someone whose job is to help another with their tasksASSISTANT
Level 360: What red fruit is this?STRAWBERRY
Level 360: If you are the ____ __ ______, then you should turn out the lightsLASTTOLEAVE
Level 360: Tool used to move injured peopleSTRETCHER
Level 361: A sharp responseRETORT
Level 361: Ranged warheads capable of traveling great distances to their targetMISSILES
Level 361: Holmes’s trusted friend and partnerWATSON
Level 361: What is excessively proud animal?PEACOCK
Level 361: In class, raise your hand to answer thisQUESTION
Level 361: To take someone away and hold them for ransomKIDNAP
Level 362: Used with a username to log inPASSWORD
Level 362: Reptile that is similar to a crocodile, but with a wider snoutALLIGATOR
Level 362: What musical unit does this represent?EIGHTHNOTE
Level 362: Use these blocks to cool down your drinkICECUBES
Level 362: Black tie, white tie, business casual, for exampleDRESSCODE
Level 362: Expression; “not in my __________”, meaning “not my area of expertise”WHEELHOUSE
Level 362: Unit of an army typically divided into several companiesREGIMENT
Level 362: Restraints placed on criminal’s wristsHANDCUFFS
Level 362: The inner part of a building or roomINTERIOR
Level 363: Styling method that hides baldness under carefully arranged hairCOMBOVER
Level 363: A price put on someone’s head; dead or aliveBOUNTY
Level 363: The second most popular sport in the worldCRICKET
Level 363: Half organic, half machineCYBORG
Level 363: To pick and collect cropsHARVEST
Level 363: Lisa ______, US actress who portrayed Phoebe on “Friends”KUDROW
Level 363: A formal agreement, usually writtenCONTRACT
Level 364: Garlic and coffee are common causes of this faux pasBADBREATH
Level 364: To jump on this is to join something only after it has become popularBANDWAGON
Level 364: A place to fuel up your vehicleGASSTATION
Level 364: Julius Caesar was famously warned to beware this dayIDESOFMARCH
Level 364: What is this famous 80s romance movie?DIRTYDANCING
Level 364: Usually the smallest size of clothing availableEXTRASMALL
Level 364: A cord that connects mother to babyUMBILICAL
Level 364: To “start ____ _______” is to start again from the beginningFROMSCRATCH
Level 364: To be gradually broken down by natural processesDECOMPOSE
Level 364: This theory describes the beginning of ___ _______THEUNIVERSE
Level 364: You might do this in your head when you’re trying to sleepCOUNTSHEEP
Level 365: People may dress up in these on HalloweenCOSTUMES
Level 365: Professionals who take audience members to their seatsUSHERS
Level 365: Something not done on purpose; when two vehicles collideACCIDENT
Level 365: The kiwi bird is native to New _______ZEALAND
Level 365: What is this gap in a fortification?BREACH
Level 365: Southern US state known as “The Heart of Dixie”ALABAMA
Level 366: A period of tension between the US and the Soviet UnionCOLDWAR
Level 366: In the US, dial ‘0’ to speak with this professionalOPERATOR
Level 366: What sport involves hitting this?BADMINTON
Level 366: Meaning “word for word”VERBATIM
Level 366: The line where the earth’s surface and the sky meetHORIZON
Level 366: What monster is he about to turn into?WEREWOLF
Level 366: Knightly code of honorCHIVALRY
Level 366: Barbadian singer who sang hits like “Umbrella” and “Diamonds”RIHANNA
Level 366: “Jurassic Park” was directed by Steven _________SPIELBERG
Level 367: Institution for higher learning; sometimes used interchangeably withCOLLEGE
Level 367: Sing around it, cook marshmallows over itCAMPFIRE
Level 367: An avid reader; also, term for an insect that eats through tomesBOOKWORM
Level 367: Wayne _______ is nicknamed “The Great One” in the NHLGRETZKY
Level 367: Beauty treatment for one’s nailsMANICURE
Level 367: What is this metal?COPPER
Level 368: A working class person who performs manual laborBLUECOLLAR
Level 368: Bugs Bunny’s catchphraseWHATSUPDOC
Level 368: Jamaican religious movement founded in the 1930sRASTAFARI
Level 368: On a balance sheet, assets = _________ + equityLIABILITIES
Level 368: Batman actor who starred in “Good Will Hunting” and “Gone Girl”BENAFFLECK
Level 368: Students often ____ _____ in class so they can review them laterTAKENOTES
Level 368: __________ information can only be accessed with a security clearanceCLASSIFIED
Level 368: What is this antique style of tape?EIGHTTRACK
Level 368: This legendary boxer said “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”MUHAMMADALI
Level 369: What a surgeon calls a cutINCISION
Level 369: “_______ for a Dream”, 2000 psychological drama that explores theREQUIEM
Level 369: What is this type of discussion?DEBATE
Level 369: Manufacturing and production facilityFACTORY
Level 369: Put your letter inside to mail itENVELOPE
Level 369: Think _____ the box to come up with a creative solutionOUTSIDE
Level 370: To explain in detailELABORATE
Level 370: Expression; request for supportCALLTOARMS
Level 370: People who leave the armed forces without permissionDESERTERS
Level 370: A word for one’s brothers and sistersSIBLINGS
Level 370: Branch of medicine concerned with oral healthDENTISTRY
Level 370: What Clint Eastwood movie is this?DIRTYHARRY
Level 370: The impact of one hitting the Earth is thought to have killed theASTEROID
Level 370: Jewish girl who famously wrote a diary documenting her life duringANNEFRANK
Level 370: A person who has just started their journey to learn a skillBEGINNER
Level 371: People who work for a companyEMPLOYEES
Level 371: What language is spoken in this country?RUSSIAN
Level 371: Resolve a dispute with an estranged friendRECONCILE
Level 371: Groucho Marx has an iconic one of theseMUSTACHE
Level 371: Payments to patent and copyright holders for use of their worksROYALTIES
Level 371: Women’s underwear and nightclothesLINGERIE
Level 371: Application used to access the internet; e.g. Chrome and FirefoxBROWSER
Level 372: A professional who finds and impounds stray caninesDOGCATCHER
Level 372: A __________ check is used to verify a person is who they claimBACKGROUND
Level 372: A shop specializing in literatureBOOKSTORE
Level 372: February 14th is _________’s DayVALENTINE
Level 372: What is this method of transmission?RADIOWAVE
Level 372: ____-__-____ information is restricted to only those the informationNEEDTOKNOW
Level 372: The fictional address of Sherlock’s homeBAKERSTREET
Level 372: You need a permit to park in these spots; found closest to entrancesHANDICAPPED
Level 372: What is this ice-cream-eating hazard?BRAINFREEZE
Level 373: Medical term for the wombUTERUS
Level 373: What word does this represent?ENLIST
Level 373: Children are taught to say “______” and “thank you” to be politePLEASE
Level 373: One Direction, NSYNC, Boyz II Men, Backstreet Boys, for exampleBOYBAND
Level 373: A type of “course” where objects are put in your wayOBSTACLE
Level 374: Talk show featuring Jamie Foxx sitting down with celebritiesOFFSCRIPT
Level 374: Macaulay Culkin played John Candy’s son in this late 80s filmUNCLEBUCK
Level 374: Who is this English poet?SHAKESPEARE
Level 374: Half of a globeHEMISPHERE
Level 374: A deep love and respect for somethingADORATION
Level 374: _________ McPhee first appeared on “American Idol” and had a starringKATHARINE
Level 374: Phrase; a streak of light seen in the night skyFALLINGSTAR
Level 374: Intellectual property consisting of a company’s brand imagery; typicallyTRADEMARK
Level 374: Mexican dish; heated tortilla filled with cheese and other ingredientsQUESADILLA
Level 375: Jeff _____, founder of Amazon and one of the richest people in theBEZOS
Level 375: Star______ is a hobby where one looks at and learns about objectsGAZING
Level 375: What is missing in the second image?BELLS
Level 375: Remote data storage service offered by AppleICLOUD
Level 375: A mule is a hybrid of this animal and a horseDONKEY
Level 375: Small object used to hold one’s tresses in placeHAIRPIN
Level 375: ______ salmon is a popular bagel toppingSMOKED

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