Brain Out Escape Room Answers [All 18 Levels]

Brain Out Escape Room Challenge Answers

Brain Out Escape Room answers are Solved on this page, With detailed image and text hints. Just scroll below to find it.

All Levels (Click level to find image hints)Answers and Hints
Which key can open the door Merge all the keys to make a hybrid key use that key to unlock the door.
Scare away guards! Use you two finger to Zoom the mouse to make it big.
The guard is watching there’s no way to escape Rotate the minute hand of the clock to fast forward time, guard will get exaust and go away.
Defeat the guard! Slide on the pocket of the boy, and pick the money from boy’s pocket and give it to guard.
The door is locked how to get out? Zoom out on the man 2 times to make him smaller then move him out of the bars.
OMG the door is locked again! The password was written on previous level’s wall. answer is 900207
PK with the guard defeat him! Erase his HP using your finger.
Open the prison gate Shake your device. guards will come and open the gate.
Find key Tap on the word 'Key' in the question text.
Oh locked again Turn your device's volume down to zero, and then start clicking the escape.
The key is gone. Try swiping on the guard to turn him back and you will find a key there.
The guard is there again let him leave Slide on the case door to open it and give all the food to the guard.
Hide your mobile phone don’t let the guards find it Use alarm clock’s upper part as a headset on guard’s ears, so that he can't hear the volume of the phone.
You must defeat the guard! use guard's sword to defeat the guard. drag his sword and move it.
Open the door and you could escape Try to move the bars, to escape.
Gosh the key is lost again! Tap on every dustbin 3 times to break them and one of them has the key.
Why the guard is still there Drag and remove the guard out of the screen by your finger.
The guard is gone escape now! Tap on the crack 3 times, to reveal the mouse then cat will go away leaving the key behind.

Brain out Review:  This game is available for android and apple (iOS) devices and now it translates to the world’s most popular languages. You may have to sometimes think like a kid and sometimes think like a scientist this will increase your IQ and make you think out of the box.

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