Word Craze Answers [Level 326-350 All Answers]

Word Craze Level (326-350) Part 14

Word Craze Level 326-350 Answers and cheats to all levels are provided on this page, this game is a popular game developed by Betta Games and it is available on Google play store.

Word Craze, experience all the customs from different countries, come and check out the interesting things she encounters on this journey! Find answers by looking at pictures, challenge your mind in a whole new way. Here you will find all the answers of Word Craze on this one page, I have started to provided answers on one page so that you can save your time clicking the links of separate level each time.

Word Craze game Cheats Answers:

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Level 326: Communication method that uses dots and dashes; SOSMORSECODE
Level 326: What is this information storage solution?DATACENTER
Level 326: Physicians get their doctorates from this kind of institutionMEDSCHOOL
Level 326: A person who takes part in a game showCONTESTANT
Level 326: Keyboard key used to delete errorsBACKSPACE
Level 326: Expression; things or people that cause a burden without offeringDEADWEIGHTS
Level 326: French pre-meal phraseBONAPPETIT
Level 326: The winning move in a game of chessCHECKMATE
Level 326: Expression; a race that is too close to call, especially a horseNECKANDNECK
Level 327: “________ Island”, a classic tale about pirates and buried goldTREASURE
Level 327: Official language of Mexico and ArgentinaSPANISH
Level 327: What kind of nut is this?CASHEW
Level 327: An animal that subsists on both meat and plantsOMNIVORE
Level 327: Baked and salted bread in the shape of a knotPRETZEL
Level 327: Someone in their first year as a professional athlete; a newcomerROOKIE
Level 327: The opposite of failureSUCCESS
Level 328: Religious term for the post-death place or state of beingAFTERLIFE
Level 328: Theme park that has been called the “Happiest Place on Earth”DISNEYLAND
Level 328: Legendary basketball star who had a heated rivalry with Magic JohnsonLARRYBIRD
Level 328: What is this astrological sign?CAPRICORN
Level 328: To leave out; to remove from considerationEXCLUDE
Level 328: There are four of these every yearSEASONS
Level 328: A professional who repairs and makes items with ironBLACKSMITH
Level 328: Classic card game that came with many versions of WindowsSOLITAIRE
Level 328: Of slightly less importance than primarySECONDARY
Level 328: What is this part of formal attire?DRESSSHOES
Level 329: The latest time or date by which something should be completedDEADLINE
Level 329: A person who lends money at very high interest rates, exploitingLOANSHARK
Level 329: Who are these ancient Norse people?VIKINGS
Level 329: Photos of the faces of criminals, taken upon arrestMUGSHOTS
Level 329: Professional space explorerASTRONAUT
Level 329: One way to quit cursing is to put money into one of these every timeSWEARJAR
Level 330: An economic system in which industry is under private ownership ratherCAPITALISM
Level 330: Board game where one builds a device to capture a rodentMOUSETRAP
Level 330: What is this sleepover activity?PILLOWFIGHT
Level 330: Someone who cannot read is thisILLITERATE
Level 330: 1939 movie depicting Dorothy’s journey home to KansasWIZARDOFOZ
Level 330: Periods when all lights are off due to power outagesBLACKOUTS
Level 330: Personification of nature and our planetMOTHEREARTH
Level 330: The sunken or beached remains of a destroyed maritime vesselSHIPWRECK
Level 330: To amplify beyond the truth; to overstateEXAGGERATE
Level 331: The compound found in coffee and tea that keeps you awakeCAFFEINE
Level 331: Having good mannersPOLITE
Level 331: Black _______, led by vocalist Ozzy Osbourne, is credited with creatingSABBATH
Level 331: Do this to render something harmlessDEFANG
Level 331: Protective fortress overlooking a cityCITADEL
Level 331: 1999 cartoon created by Matt Groening that depicts life in the yearFUTURAMA
Level 331: Country where Arnold Schwarzenegger was bornAUSTRIA
Level 332: TV series about a cancer-stricken chemistry teacher’s transformationBREAKINGBAD
Level 332: Like a telescope, but for both eyesBINOCULARS
Level 332: A large spherical chunk of iron fired from artilleryCANNONBALL
Level 332: A person walking on the street; has the right of way at marked crosswalksPEDESTRIAN
Level 332: What is this piece of office equipment?HOLEPUNCH
Level 332: _._. _______ is the British author of the Harry Potter seriesJKROWLING
Level 332: The sequence of steps or moves used in a dance or other performanceCHOREOGRAPHY
Level 332: An emergency vehicle that rushes patients to the hospitalAMBULANCE
Level 332: When proposing, you might get down into this positionONONEKNEE
Level 332: When you find an engrossing book, you might read it _____ __ _____COVERTOCOVER
Level 332: Common newspaper word puzzleCROSSWORDS
Level 332: Often paired with “ladies” when introducing a performanceGENTLEMEN
Level 333: Robot with a human form; literally means “man-like”ANDROID
Level 333: Name of the second Matrix filmRELOADED
Level 333: What is this fruit?LYCHEE
Level 333: Pale, immortal bloodsucker; sometimes sparklyVAMPIRE
Level 333: Final chance to buy drinks at a barLASTCALL
Level 333: A natural disaster consisting of a large funnel of rapidly rotatingTORNADO
Level 334: Pabst ____ ______, a popular American lagerBLUERIBBON
Level 334: Using celestial bodies, like stars, to divine how the future willASTROLOGY
Level 334: What is this social activity?SWINGDANCE
Level 334: Porsche, Ferrari, and Lamborghini are known for making this typeSPORTSCAR
Level 334: Master of ceremonies for a circus who introduces the acts with flairRINGMASTER
Level 334: The _________ Four includes superheroes The Thing and Invisible WomanFANTASTIC
Level 334: Air pollutants emitted from industrial buildings or vehiclesEMISSIONS
Level 334: What word this represent?KNUCKLEHEAD
Level 334: A book that you just can’t put downPAGETURNER
Level 335: Lacking consideration for othersSELFISH
Level 335: A common aquatic pet that supposedly has a short memoryGOLDFISH
Level 335: Word; “done on their ______”, meaning done in place of someone elseBEHALF
Level 335: Occurring within a country’s borders; not foreign or internationalDOMESTIC
Level 335: The time when the sun is in the direct center of the equator; occursEQUINOX
Level 335: Do this to your phone when it’s out of batteryCHARGE
Level 335: The ________ wheel is used to control a vehicleSTEERING
Level 336: Constellation that looks like a small potLITTLEDIPPER
Level 336: Will Smith as “Agent J” joined this secretive organization alongsideMENINBLACK
Level 336: One of the “fathers of western philosophy”, along with his teacherARISTOTLE
Level 336: What are these kids searching for?EASTEREGGS
Level 336: What is this 80s English rock band with the hit song “Creep”?RADIOHEAD
Level 336: The capital of TennesseeNASHVILLE
Level 336: Band started by Nirvana’s drummer in 1994; sang “Everlong”FOOFIGHTERS
Level 336: A particularly venomous spider noted for the hourglass pattern onBLACKWIDOW
Level 336: What is this Halloween tradition?TRICKORTREAT
Level 336: A person who adores browsing for things to buySHOPAHOLIC
Level 336: People who try to bring about cultural, economic, or environmentalACTIVISTS
Level 336: Magnetic art toy with two knobs, mostly for drawing stairsETCHASKETCH
Level 337: Wide-brimmed headgear that provides portable shadeSUNHAT
Level 337: Indonesian island famous for its coffee; a computer programming languageJAVA
Level 337: What is he taking?OATH
Level 337: The successor format to DVDsBLURAY
Level 337: When you gaze long into the _____, it gazes back into youABYSS
Level 337: Supposedly negative calorie veggieCELERY
Level 338: What is this star system where two stars orbit a common barycenter?BINARYSTAR
Level 338: Original name of desktops produced by AppleMACINTOSH
Level 338: Expression; very noticeableEYECATCHING
Level 338: Rules 1 & 2: you do not talk about thisFIGHTCLUB
Level 338: Italian for “very loudly”, written on sheet music as “ff”FORTISSIMO
Level 338: Large spiders kept by some as pets for some reasonTARANTULA
Level 338: In US politics, a policy or measure with support from both majorBIPARTISAN
Level 338: What is this buried container?TIMECAPSULE
Level 338: Someone participating in a contestCOMPETITOR
Level 339: Let go; unleash; free from confinementRELEASE
Level 339: Undo button, but for pencil writingERASER
Level 339: Spooky orange gourdPUMPKIN
Level 339: This comes before the fall, it is saidPRIDE
Level 339: ______ Prime, the leader of the Autobots in “Transformers”OPTIMUS
Level 339: Breath-freshening candies, “The Freshmaker”MENTOS
Level 339: He shot first, no matter what George Lucas saysHANSOLO
Level 340: A liquid food that you can spell words inALPHABETSOUP
Level 340: What is this alien activity?ABDUCTION
Level 340: Australian animals with a pouch and a long tailKANGAROOS
Level 340: The nightmarish Freddy Krueger took his victims from this roadELMSTREET
Level 340: The order in which a series of events happenedCHRONOLOGY
Level 340: What is this hazard?QUICKSAND
Level 340: The final part of a joke, where the twist is revealedPUNCHLINE
Level 340: A contingency in case things go awryBACKUPPLAN
Level 340: A common bedtime phraseSWEETDREAMS
Level 340: ________ times call for _________ measuresDESPERATE
Level 340: Machine used to rinse and clean used dinnerwareDISHWASHER
Level 340: Publications that feature panels and word balloonsCOMICBOOK
Level 341: ______ Bieber, the Canadian singer of “Sorry” and “Baby”JUSTIN
Level 341: An archive for one’s thoughts and memoriesJOURNAL
Level 341: A common condiment for french friesKETCHUP
Level 341: Wheeled device to help elders find their footingWALKER
Level 341: What is this free-standing machine?KIOSK
Level 341: Work experience in one to two pagesRESUME
Level 342: Ang Lee’s Oscar-winning film, “________Tiger, Hidden Dragon”CROUCHING
Level 342: Something pledged as the guarantee by a borrowerCOLLATERAL
Level 342: What is this variety of apple?GRANNYSMITH
Level 342: Drink mix mascot with a habit of destroying wallsKOOLAIDMAN
Level 342: Famous gladiator played by Kirt Douglas in the 1960 movie with theSPARTACUS
Level 342: This Canadian-American personality has hosted Jeopardy since 1984ALEXTREBEK
Level 342: Word; “in __________ with the law”, meaning “following the law”ACCORDANCE
Level 342: Process through which a business purchases goods and services fromPROCUREMENT
Level 342: “The _____ ____u201C, 2009 sports movie starring Sandra Bullock, whichBLINDSIDE
Level 343: The capital of this US state is DenverCOLORADO
Level 343: Famously gigantic breed of dog; Scooby Doo is oneGREATDANE
Level 343: Phrase; competitive struggleRATRACE
Level 343: Black handheld rectangular document holder for businessmen on theBRIEFCASE
Level 343: _____ Pfeiffer, US actress who portrayed Catwoman in “Batman Returns”MICHELLE
Level 343: The world’s largest island, located East of the Canadian archipelagoGREENLAND
Level 343: Busiest and most lively district of a cityDOWNTOWN
Level 344: The person facing charges in courtDEFENDANT
Level 344: An area for children to entertain themselves; might have swings,PLAYGROUND
Level 344: The highest unit of an apartmentPENTHOUSE
Level 344: What ceremony is this?GRADUATION
Level 344: First month of AutumnSEPTEMBER
Level 344: This group of travelers gets to board the plane before anyone elseFIRSTCLASS
Level 344: What is this camping accessory?SLEEPINGBAG
Level 344: 1960s rock legends with many hits, including “Hey Jude” and “YellowTHEBEATLES
Level 344: A soft children’s toy resembling an ursineTEDDYBEAR
Level 344: Film effect where time seemingly moves at a reduced rate for dramaticSLOWMOTION
Level 344: What round of the tournament is this?SEMIFINAL
Level 344: 1976 Martin Scorsese film starring Robert De Niro as a New York lonerTAXIDRIVER
Level 344: “The _______” was a US reality show about Black Sabbath’s frontmanOSBOURNES
Level 345: A digital version of a text which is read aloud for the listenerAUDIOBOOK
Level 345: A library book past its return date is thisOVERDUE
Level 345: Professional who is in charge of a movieDIRECTOR
Level 345: What bird does this represent?BLUEJAY
Level 345: Some prefer quality over _______QUANTITY
Level 345: Lizard that can change its color to match its surroundingsCHAMELEON
Level 346: Aim or purpose of an actionINTENTION
Level 346: Future forecast based on astrological signHOROSCOPE
Level 346: What is this silent method of communication?HANDSIGNALS
Level 346: Expression; a little known competitor who unexpectedly does wellDARKHORSE
Level 346: A short rest to light a cigaretteSMOKEBREAK
Level 346: What is this award?NOBELPRIZE
Level 346: Conan the __________, fictional hero portrayed by Arnold SchwarzeneggerBARBARIAN
Level 346: Expression; to suddenly explode in anger, as in an engineBLOWAGASKET
Level 346: Professionals that play musicMUSICIANS
Level 347: Jason ______, a fictional CIA assassin played by Matt DamonBOURNE
Level 347: The “______ of Secrets” is the second Harry Potter bookCHAMBER
Level 347: What is this tool used by a judge?GAVEL
Level 347: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, _______, GolfFOXTROT
Level 347: The NFL team for Philadelphia; iconic birds for the USEAGLES
Level 347: In medicine, the _______ effect can cause “fake” treatments to havePLACEBO
Level 347: The stage of prenatal development before the fetusEMBRYO
Level 348: What is the American Football position?QUARTERBACK
Level 348: A day for hoaxes and other practical jokesAPRILFOOLS
Level 348: 2015 Pixar film about emotionsINSIDEOUT
Level 348: Turn the screwdriver in this direction to tightenCLOCKWISE
Level 348: Expression; something that makes one realize they need to take actionWAKEUPCALL
Level 348: Fans of this English soccer club are called KopitesLIVERPOOL
Level 348: Sudden burst of energy after being exhaustedSECONDWIND
Level 348: What is this golfing term?HOLEINONE
Level 348: Plots have a ________, a middle, and an endBEGINNING
Level 348: Dairy, meat, fruits, vegetables, and grainsFOODGROUPS
Level 348: Desert reptile with a noisy tailRATTLESNAKE
Level 348: What is this poetic term for being in love?MOONSTRUCK
Level 349: Move upward; riseASCEND
Level 349: The Three _______ was a US slapstick comedy group consisting of Larry,STOOGES
Level 349: Cylindrical support structure; pillarCOLUMN
Level 349: “Your _______” is a form of address for royalty of the highest rankMAJESTY
Level 349: What is this slow animal?SLOTH
Level 349: Cook hired to provide food at an eventCATERER
Level 350: Catchphrase of the Three _________MUSKETEERS
Level 350: Women’s footwear propped up with a spike on the heelHIGHHEELS
Level 350: Branch of mathematics concerned with shapes and their propertiesGEOMETRY
Level 350: Expression; a way to start a conversationICEBREAKER
Level 350: Many public schools divide the academic year into fall and spring______SEMESTERS
Level 350: A green vegetable that resembles a small treeBROCCOLI
Level 350: Programming language used on the web; coffee might help you answerJAVASCRIPT
Level 350: Red oxygen carrier in your veins and arteriesBLOODCELL
Level 350: The doctor tests your _______ by tapping your knee with a hammerREFLEXES

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