Word Craze Answers [Level 301-325 All Answers]

Word Craze Level (301-325) Part 13

Word Craze Level 301-325 Answers and cheats to all levels are provided on this page, this game is a popular game developed by Betta Games and it is available on Google play store.

Word Craze, experience all the customs from different countries, come and check out the interesting things she encounters on this journey! Find answers by looking at pictures, challenge your mind in a whole new way. Here you will find all the answers of Word Craze on this one page, I have started to provided answers on one page so that you can save your time clicking the links of separate level each time.

Word Craze game Cheats Answers:

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Level 301: Handheld protection from the rainUMBRELLA
Level 301: Most celebrated physicist in history; E equals MC squaredEINSTEIN
Level 301: Numbers below zeroNEGATIVE
Level 301: Hexagonal honeymaker homeBEEHIVE
Level 301: A scheduled stop between flights, where you transfer to another planeLAYOVER
Level 302: Vegetable that resembles a stout cucumber; also called a “summerZUCCHINI
Level 302: What does this represent?CHECKBOOK
Level 302: Harry Potter’s red-haired friendRONWEASLEY
Level 302: Spatially, there are three of theseDIMENSIONS
Level 302: What is this playground equipment?JUNGLEGYM
Level 302: Fictional doctor who can speak to animalsDOLITTLE
Level 302: Blended beverage made from ice cream and a certain diary productMILKSHAKE
Level 302: The aviation branch of a nation’s militaryAIRFORCE
Level 302: Winter team sport where racers slide down courses for the best timesBOBSLEIGH
Level 303: Something that can be told to get a laughJOKE
Level 303: Beverage made from squeezing fruitsJUICE
Level 303: What’s this beautiful headwearTURBAN
Level 303: At least partly autonomous machine that performs complex tasksROBOT
Level 303: Jupiter has 79 of these, including Ganymede and EuropaMOONS
Level 303: The leader of this group of superheroes is Charles XavierXMEN
Level 303: Heavy object that keeps a ship in placeANCHOR
Level 304: Grumpy avian stars of a popular mobile gameANGRYBIRDS
Level 304: Job, profession, work; how one earns a livingOCCUPATION
Level 304: An inflatable safety vest that keeps one afloatLIFEJACKET
Level 304: Occurring immediately in sequence; facing outwards in opposite directionsBACKTOBACK
Level 304: X marks the spotTREASUREMAP
Level 304: What insect will come out of this?BUTTERFLY
Level 304: Injury caused by a blow to the headCONCUSSION
Level 304: Event where the latest in clothing styles are presentedFASHIONSHOW
Level 304: Famous sailor-uniform-wearing Disney bird with a unique voiceDONALDDUCK
Level 304: The process through which liquid turns to gasEVAPORATION
Level 304: Popular UK dish involving fries and the fillet of an aquatic animalFISHANDCHIPS
Level 304: A person with a Body Mass Index of 25% to 30% can be described asOVERWEIGHT
Level 305: Watercraft that lets users zip around the waterJETSKI
Level 305: What instrument is this?BAGPIPE
Level 305: This stone can be sharpened or used to make a spark for a fireFLINT
Level 305: A color that has the same name as a fruitORANGE
Level 305: Founder of America’s second largest motor company, _____ FordHENRY
Level 305: _____ Spears, American singer with major hits like “…Baby One MoreBRITNEY
Level 306: In baseball, a runner must touch ____ ____ to score a runHOMEPLATE
Level 306: Black-clad Sith lord with intimidating breathingDARTHVADER
Level 306: Michael Jordan is an all-time great of this sportBASKETBALL
Level 306: What is this dining area?FOODCOURT
Level 306: A seer might use one of these to see your futureCRYSTALBALL
Level 306: A way to decide the winner when the scores are the sameTIEBREAKER
Level 306: What pieces of armor are these?GAUNTLETS
Level 306: On a battlefield, this role was important for both morale and identifyingFLAGBEARER
Level 306: Available in paper or plasticGROCERYBAGS
Level 307: Professional networking siteLINKEDIN
Level 307: _______ the Dots is a game where players draw a picture by drawingCONNECT
Level 307: Robber; thief; outlawBANDIT
Level 307: Seventh planet from the SunURANUS
Level 307: What is this body of water found between Western Europe and EasternBLACKSEA
Level 307: Thin pastry dessert from Austria with a sweet fillingSTRUDEL
Level 307: A surface that doesn’t have any bumps or dingsSMOOTH
Level 308: Battlefield where queens, knights, and pawns alike do battleCHESSBOARD
Level 308: Many homes have two trash cans, one for trash, the other for ________RECYCLING
Level 308: What is this type of men’s underwear?BOXERSHORTS
Level 308: Emergency box that contains medical suppliesFIRSTAIDKIT
Level 308: Phrase; water cooler conversationSMALLTALK
Level 308: The initial lump sum of money made when something is bought on creditDOWNPAYMENT
Level 308: Term for an animal that feeds on carcassesSCAVENGER
Level 308: Hundred-year anniversaryCENTENNIAL
Level 308: A painful type of dive that causes a big splashBELLYFLOP
Level 308: Hypothetical technology for traveling to the past or futureTIMEMACHINE
Level 308: To “go behind _____ _____” is to infiltrate opposition-controlledENEMYLINES
Level 309: “Black _____” is a 2011 British TV series that explores the effectsMIRROR
Level 309: The wild card in a deck of playing cardsJOKER
Level 309: What sound does this animal make?QUACK
Level 309: Painter’s support, usually woodenEASEL
Level 309: A road for airplanes taking off and landingRUNWAY
Level 309: Wizards’ prison guarded by dementors, in the Harry Potter seriesAZKABAN
Level 310: Dry or frayed tips of hairsSPLITENDS
Level 310: Expression; “take a ___ ___”, meaning to defer accepting an offerRAINCHECK
Level 310: Average length of a sitcomHALFANHOUR
Level 310: It is his or her destiny to be greatCHOSENONE
Level 310: What game are they playing?HIDEANDSEEK
Level 310: They appear on your skin in response to excitement or very cold weatherGOOSEBUMPS
Level 310: Another name for MarsREDPLANET
Level 310: “21 ____ ______”, a popular 1980s cop show that got a film remakeJUMPSTREET
Level 310: Imaginary island where Peter Pan livesNEVERLAND
Level 311: A public sale where goods are sold to the highest bidderAUCTION
Level 311: Ball game where the referee often yells “love”TENNIS
Level 311: What is this type of balloon?HOTAIR
Level 311: Someone who holds a patentINVENTOR
Level 311: The shape of a baseball fieldDIAMOND
Level 311: Physical attack using your craniumHEADBUTT
Level 311: Games of ______ usually involve a lot of luck and little, if any,CHANCE
Level 312: 1981 American heavy metal band with hits like “Fade to Black” andMETALLICA
Level 312: A ____ ___ ____ is running out of a restaurant without paying theDINEANDDASH
Level 312: Tower containing a beacon light to guide ships at seaLIGHTHOUSE
Level 312: The capital of SwedenSTOCKHOLM
Level 312: This yellow Transformer got his own movie in 2018BUMBLEBEE
Level 312: A golden ticket gets you a tour of this man’s chocolate factoryWILLYWONKA
Level 312: Alternative medicine procedure where one is poked with needlesACUPUNCTURE
Level 312: What is this Italian food?STROMBOLI
Level 312: Weapon used by Jedi in Star WarsLIGHTSABER
Level 312: What is this money gifting sprite?TOOTHFAIRY
Level 312: Franklin D. _________, POTUS during WW2ROOSEVELT
Level 313: Revenue minus expensesPROFIT
Level 313: To bring bad luckJINX
Level 313: A king who was cursed to have his touch turn things into goldMIDAS
Level 313: First double-digit prime numberELEVEN
Level 313: What is this part of a tree?STUMP
Level 313: Temperature-raising symptom of the fluFEVER
Level 314: Children always lose these, but they quickly grow backBABYTEETH
Level 314: One who travels by soliciting rides from others going in the sameHITCHHIKER
Level 314: Common shape made by lying in fresh snow and moving ones arms andSNOWANGEL
Level 314: Expression; throwing out ideasBRAINSTORM
Level 314: A weather ritual that seeks to bring about precipitationRAINDANCE
Level 314: The most expensive property in MonopolyBOARDWALK
Level 314: What is this American retailer?FOOTLOCKER
Level 314: The backside of a basketball basketBACKBOARD
Level 314: Describes someone who gives more than they are asked; unselfishGENEROUS
Level 315: Climate that is hot and wet; muggyHUMID
Level 315: What’s this type of ancient drawing?CAVEART
Level 315: ______ Scissorhands, machine-turned-man played by Johnny DeppEDWARD
Level 315: A _____ card is a payment method that pays from the user’s checkingDEBIT
Level 315: “To be or not to be, that is the question”HAMLET
Level 315: An installment of a TV seriesEPISODE
Level 315: Silver woodwind instrument that is held horizontallyFLUTE
Level 316: Professional that helps open doors without keysLOCKSMITH
Level 316: A social gathering for people who share a workplaceOFFICEPARTY
Level 316: Proofreading tool that ensures that your words are correctSPELLCHECK
Level 316: Expression; without warningOUTOFTHEBLUE
Level 316: What technology does this represent?BLUETOOTH
Level 316: Department responsible for managing and measuring a company’s financialACCOUNTING
Level 316: The start of many jokes; who’s there?KNOCKKNOCK
Level 316: Furry-faced female carnival performerBEARDEDLADY
Level 316: A small flat device that provides extra data storageMEMORYCARD
Level 316: Being able to do this means you are ___________AMBIDEXTROUS
Level 316: “The ______ _____”, 1998 sci-fi comedy starring Jim Carrey as a manTRUMANSHOW
Level 316: Do this with your mouse to select a fileLEFTCLICK
Level 317: What is this wall-less structure?GAZEBO
Level 317: A place of knowledge, but please be quiet!LIBRARY
Level 317: Meal plans focused on losing weightDIETS
Level 317: Something used to lure in or distract from a different threatDECOY
Level 317: A basic ice cream flavor alongside chocolateVANILLA
Level 317: “I beg to _____” is a polite way of expressing disagreementDIFFER
Level 318: Ancient Roman Colosseum fighterGLADIATOR
Level 318: Best of the best; of the highest standard internationallyWORLDCLASS
Level 318: A Christmas tradition is for lovers to kiss under this plantMISTLETOE
Level 318: What is this Bruce Willis movie?ARMAGEDDON
Level 318: An educational schooltime excursion; may require a permission slipFIELDTRIP
Level 318: The ship captained by Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the CaribbeanBLACKPEARL
Level 318: One of the richest men alive; philanthropist and co-founder of MicrosoftBILLGATES
Level 318: What is this term of endearment?SWEETHEARTS
Level 318: Party for the whole neighborhood, typically held on a closed-offBLOCKPARTY
Level 319: Cosmetics applied to the face such as lipstick and eyeshadowMAKEUP
Level 319: Toyota’s most famous hybrid vehiclePRIUS
Level 319: The best policyHONESTY
Level 319: Italian grilled sandwich, often made in a pressPANINI
Level 319: Natalie _______ won an Oscar for “Black Swan” in 2011PORTMAN
Level 319: Famous museum, home to the Mona LisaLOUVRE
Level 319: Ralph ______, fashion designerLAUREN
Level 320: Swimming activity that uses a diving maskSNORKELING
Level 320: Found where a river goes over a dramatic dropWATERFALL
Level 320: To preserve food by drying it outDEHYDRATE
Level 320: Someone who talks a lotCHATTERBOX
Level 320: Who is this professional?HAIRDRESSER
Level 320: The headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and WizardryDUMBLEDORE
Level 320: What American stand-up comedian is this?CARROTTOP
Level 320: A situation in which two opponents are equally matched and unableSTALEMATE
Level 320: Game in which participants must solve clues to unlock the door andESCAPEROOM
Level 320: Annual music and art festival held in April in Indio, CaliforniaCOACHELLA
Level 320: “CD” stands for thisCOMPACTDISC
Level 320: To work together on a issue or matterCOOPERATE
Level 320: American author and activist; first deaf-blind person to receiveHELENKELLER
Level 321: Venus ___ _____, a plant that eats insectsFLYTRAP
Level 321: A folder for sent e-mailsOUTBOX
Level 321: Electronic home appliance used to liquefy fruits and vegetablesBLENDER
Level 321: Who uses this for transportation?WITCH
Level 321: A word or phrase repeated in unison by a crowdCHANT
Level 321: A place of education and sometimes rockSCHOOL
Level 322: A “Good _________” helps a stranger in needSAMARITAN
Level 322: Television advertisement played during a showCOMMERCIAL
Level 322: What are these energy-harnessing plates?SOLARPANELS
Level 322: Hong Kong actor who famously did his own stunts; “Rumble in the Bronx”,JACKIECHAN
Level 322: Longest day of the week; hump dayWEDNESDAY
Level 322: Expression; wealthyMADEOFMONEY
Level 322: A ____-_____ experience might make your appreciation for life strongerNEARDEATH
Level 322: When a company runs out of money, they may need to declare thisBANKRUPTCY
Level 322: Animal that lives in water and on land, e.g. a frogAMPHIBIAN
Level 323: The commander of a vesselCAPTAIN
Level 323: The _______ rate is the value you can convert currencies atEXCHANGE
Level 323: What is this gymnastics pose?SPLITS
Level 323: Basketball shot where the ball is passed to a teammate in mid-airALLEYOOP
Level 323: Word for a TV station or sea passageCHANNEL
Level 323: US city known for its sports teams: Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics, BruinsBOSTON
Level 323: An unfortunate event that results in a positive outcome is a “________BLESSING
Level 324: This portable bed can be deflated for storageAIRMATTRESS
Level 324: What theory does this represent?EVOLUTION
Level 324: Substance added to a liquid, e.g. the water in an engine, to preventANTIFREEZE
Level 324: Where students study to become lawyersLAWSCHOOL
Level 324: What is this breed of dog?CHIHUAHUA
Level 324: Tasks or goals that must be achieved before othersPRIORITIES
Level 324: A strong desire to know or learn somethingCURIOSITY
Level 324: A student who is highly favored by the educatorTEACHERSPET
Level 324: Which form is missing?CATERPILLAR
Level 324: Piece of plastic that lets you borrow money to make purchasesCREDITCARD
Level 324: A nickname for New York CityTHEBIGAPPLE
Level 325: A long-necked African animalGIRAFFE
Level 325: The foot soldiers of an armyINFANTRY
Level 325: What is this accessory?CHOKER
Level 325: The planet that Superman originated fromKRYPTON
Level 325: This hoppy marsupial keeps its young closeKANGAROO
Level 325: XOXO means hugs and ______KISSES

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