Word Craze Answers [Level 276-300 All Answers]

Word Craze Level (276-300) Part 12

Word Craze Level 276-300 Answers and cheats to all levels are provided on this page, this game is a popular game developed by Betta Games and it is available on Google play store.

Word Craze, experience all the customs from different countries, come and check out the interesting things she encounters on this journey! Find answers by looking at pictures, challenge your mind in a whole new way. Here you will find all the answers of Word Craze on this one page, I have started to provided answers on one page so that you can save your time clicking the links of separate level each time.

Word Craze game Cheats Answers:

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Level 288: 2-day athletic competition with 10 eventsDECATHLON
Level 288: Button on your keyboard with the most real estateSPACEBAR
Level 288: What is this sleepy motion?YAWNING
Level 288: A rush of snow or rocks sliding down a slopeAVALANCHE
Level 288: PBS has a Roadshow to find these old treasuresANTIQUES
Level 288: Eight of these pull Santa’s sleighREINDEER
Level 288: What writing implement is used to fill in this exam?PENCIL
Level 288: What are these baked goods?COOKIES
Level 288: A professional who can fix up a carMECHANIC
Level 289: A way to connect to the internet without a cable, offered in manyWIFI
Level 289: The actor who portrays James Bond in “Casino Royale” and “SkyfallDANIEL
Level 289: To deliberately not show up for classSKIP
Level 289: What is this sound phenomenon?ECHO
Level 289: Holiday season for studentsSUMMER
Level 289: Small job that one sometimes needs to runERRAND
Level 290: What is this mythical animal?SPHINX
Level 290: Blade affixed to the end of a firearmBAYONET
Level 290: A machine for destroying documentsSHREDDER
Level 290: Leader of the Soviet Union during WWIISTALIN
Level 290: Invalid or faulty reasoningFALLACY
Level 290: What common dental problem will result from this?CAVITY
Level 290: A person from Copenhagen is ______DANISH
Level 290: The sound a turkey makesGOBBLE
Level 290: The ability to wait without anger or frustrationPATIENCE
Level 291: Protruding region of a pig or dog’s faceSNOUT
Level 291: Bilbo, Frodo, and Sam are members of this fantasy raceHOBBIT
Level 291: A baby cowCALF
Level 291: What is this marine mammal?WALRUS
Level 291: An infant or newbornBABY
Level 291: Another word for 10 yearsDECADE
Level 291: There are typically 12 of these in a large pizzaSLICES
Level 292: “Selling like _______”; selling very quicklyHOTCAKES
Level 292: Ernest _________ is the author of “A Farewell to Arms”HEMINGWAY
Level 292: Tools and items needed to accomplish some goalEQUIPMENT
Level 292: What is this writing equipment?INKWELL
Level 292: A house that has more ghosts than usualHAUNTED
Level 292: The presence of harmful chemicals in the air and waterPOLLUTION
Level 292: A period of darkness caused by a power failureBLACKOUT
Level 292: What kind of gardening structure are they building?GREENHOUSE
Level 292: Ruler with total power and control over a countryDICTATOR
Level 292: “The _______”, an epic poem written by HomerODYSSEY
Level 293: A type of pig that lives freely in the wildBOAR
Level 293: A ticklish red Muppet from Sesame StreetELMO
Level 293: You might use a joke or a witty comment to _____ the iceBREAK
Level 293: A shop that sells fresh breadBAKERY
Level 293: What flying toy is this?KITE
Level 293: A tool with rungs that is used to reach high placesLADDER
Level 294: What is this uncontrolled and aggressive movement?RAMPAGE
Level 294: Canadian singer nicknamed the “Godfather of Grunge”; he sang “HarvestNEILYOUNG
Level 294: To return to a healthy state from injuryRECOVER
Level 294: Greek demigod who performed 12 labors; featured in a 1997 DisneyHERCULES
Level 294: To look after a child for its parentsBABYSIT
Level 294: An attractive older gentlemanSILVERFOX
Level 294: Someone who seeks to improve relations between their country andDIPLOMAT
Level 294: Apparatus used to breathe just under the surface of the waterSNORKEL
Level 294: To receive money or property from a loved one after their passingINHERIT
Level 295: Largest video-sharing site in the worldYOUTUBE
Level 295: What meteorological phenomenon is this?STORM
Level 295: If you are not in a relationship, then you are ______SINGLE
Level 295: The UK comprises 4 countries: Scotland, _____, Wales, and NorthernENGLAND
Level 295: Country with the largest landmassRUSSIA
Level 295: Card game where one can make hands such as a Full House or RoyalPOKER
Level 295: This geometric feature comes in right, acute, or obtuse varietiesANGLE
Level 296: Natural water feature between Ontario and New York stateNIAGARAFALLS
Level 296: Christmas sweet with red and white stripesCANDYCANE
Level 296: Patriot famed for his “Midnight Ride” where he supposedly shoutedPAULREVERE
Level 296: Who is this child wizard?HARRYPOTTER
Level 296: The most important meal of the dayBREAKFAST
Level 296: This company action increases unemploymentDOWNSIZING
Level 296: A working situation where one has no chance of moving upwardDEADENDJOB
Level 296: Patron saint of IrelandSAINTPATRICK
Level 296: Name used for a vehicle that criminals escape a crime scene inGETAWAYCAR
Level 296: A member of a squad that performs and shouts encouragement for aCHEERLEADER
Level 296: What kind of employment situation is this?FREELANCE
Level 297: A brief appearance of a movie star in a filmCAMEO
Level 297: “____!… I Did It Again” is the second album from Britney SpearsOOPS
Level 297: Pumbaa’s best friendTIMON
Level 297: What rootless aquatic plant is this?ALGAE
Level 297: Country found in North America; famous cities include Vancouver andCANADA
Level 297: Do you want _____ with that burger?FRIES
Level 298: Things you want to experience before dyingBUCKETLIST
Level 298: Home of GMT, the G stands for this locationGREENWICH
Level 298: The furthest from the window, in a row of airline passenger seatsAISLESEAT
Level 298: Newspaper cartoons served up in boxesCOMICSTRIP
Level 298: A term for this number of babiesQUADRUPLETS
Level 298: Yellow tropical fruit with spiky skinPINEAPPLE
Level 298: Should be purchased in case of an accidentINSURANCE
Level 298: The most Canadian of the Five Great Lakes of North AmericaLAKEONTARIO
Level 299: Fluffy, high-altitude sun blocker; a dark one heralds rainCLOUD
Level 299: Who is this person of no importance or authority?NOBODY
Level 299: Luxury car brand with a rearing black horse on its logoFERRARI
Level 299: Comes in “midterm” and “final” varietiesEXAMS
Level 299: Another way to address a police force memberOFFICER
Level 299: Yellow bathmate ducks are made of _____RUBBER
Level 299: Apple’s mobile device brand nameIPHONE
Level 300: Ocean creature with a long, sharp nose resembling a bladeSWORDFISH
Level 300: Modern successor to the abacusCALCULATOR
Level 300: Top Olympic runner who is as fast as his nameUSAINBOLT
Level 300: These Boys made hits like u201CI Want it That Way”BACKSTREET
Level 300: Barbara ________, US actress and singerSTREISAND
Level 300: Computer, telecommunication device, and camera all in oneSMARTPHONE
Level 300: Famous US fast food restaurant that sells the Big Mac; “Golden Arches”MCDONALDS
Level 300: Huge, ten-legged deep-sea creature; natural enemy of the sperm whaleGIANTSQUID
Level 300: What is this calculation method?LONGDIVISION
Level 300: Itchy childhood sicknessCHICKENPOX
Level 300: Signature saying; “Live long and prosper,” for SpockCATCHPHRASE

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