Word Craze Answers [Level 251-275 All Answers]

Word Craze Level (250-275) Part 11

Word Craze Level 251-275 Answers and cheats to all levels are provided on this page, this game is a popular game developed by Betta Games and it is available on Google play store.

Word Craze, experience all the customs from different countries, come and check out the interesting things she encounters on this journey! Find answers by looking at pictures, challenge your mind in a whole new way. Here you will find all the answers of Word Craze on this one page, I have started to provided answers on one page so that you can save your time clicking the links of separate level each time.

Word Craze game Cheats Answers:

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Level 251: The males of this aquatic species carry the childrenSEAHORSE
Level 251: A surface that doesn’t have any bumps or dingsSMOOTH
Level 251: What is this essential pet sanitary item?CATLITTER
Level 251: Ray ______, star of Everyone Loves Raymondu201C and voice of Manny inROMANO
Level 251: Son in a royal familyPRINCE
Level 251: This Southeast Asian country’s shores are home to the lionfishSINGAPORE
Level 251: What is this low point?BOTTOM
Level 251: Small seeds found on burger bunsSESAME
Level 251: Catchy music you can’t seem to forgetEARWORM
Level 251: Team winter sport where racers slide down courses for the best timesBOBSLEIGH
Level 251: Until 1912, China was ruled by these royal familiesDYNASTIES
Level 251: Medical term for the wombUTERUS
Level 251: To turn something upside downINVERT
Level 251: To plot a course to a destinationNAVIGATE
Level 251: Seventh planet from the SunURANUS
Level 251: Thin long pasta that might be eaten with meatballsSPAGHETTI
Level 251: Cartoon character that lives in a pineapple under the seaSPONGEBOB
Level 251: The part of the newspaper where the biggest headline goesFRONTPAGE
Level 251: Sport that is similar to basketball, but is played in a swimmingWATERPOLO
Level 251: What word would you end and sign this with?SINCERELY
Level 251: Couple who have just marriedNEWLYWEDS
Level 252: Scientist that studies the origin and evolution of the universeCOSMOLOGIST
Level 252: What is this wall-less structure?GAZEBO
Level 252: To bring bad luckJINX
Level 252: Standing or sitting position where the back is straightUPRIGHT
Level 252: A transparent tank where fish and other water pets are keptAQUARIUM
Level 252: What is this hazard?QUICKSAND
Level 252: Children are taught to say ______ and thank you to be politePLEASE
Level 252: A pink and white root vegetableTURNIP
Level 252: The mammary gland of cows where milk is storedUDDER
Level 252: Protects a dining surface from errant food stainsTABLECLOTH
Level 252: Vertebrate animals that have hair or fur and usually birth live youngMAMMAL
Level 252: Tired; exhaustedFATIGUED
Level 252: Money given for the return of a lost itemREWARD
Level 252: Anger and Happiness are types of theseEMOTIONS
Level 252: Lionel Messi plays for this Spanish teamBARCELONA
Level 252: What is this unsolicited correspondence?JUNKMAIL
Level 252: Type of movies that revolve around suspenseful situationsTHRILLER
Level 252: Medical term for the abnormal narrowing of a passage in the bodySTENOSIS
Level 252: A person who deals in commodities for profitMERCHANT
Level 252: Moving staircase for going between floorsESCALATOR
Level 252: SNL’s opening phrase is “Live from New York, it’s ________ Night!”SATURDAY
Level 252: Devices that measure how far cars have traveledODOMETERS
Level 252: A straight marker indicating the end of a raceFINISHLINE
Level 252: What is this handicap?CLUBFOOT
Level 252: An ultimate enemy of sleeping inALARMCLOCK
Level 253: What is this sport?ICEFISHING
Level 253: Marvel genius who built an iconic suit from a box of scrapsTONYSTARK
Level 253: Challenging exercises that are high intensity but low durationANAEROBIC
Level 253: Found where a river experiences a dramatic dropWATERFALL
Level 253: Type of aircraft that is invisible to radarsSTEALTH
Level 253: What is this clothing item?CORSET
Level 253: Profound emotions that come from a chest organHEARTFELT
Level 253: Tool used to unclog toiletsPLUNGER
Level 253: A person who adores browsing for things to buySHOPAHOLIC
Level 253: Percussive buildup to an announcement; “___ ___, please”DRUMROLL
Level 253: To appreciate and care for something or someone lovinglyCHERISH
Level 253: What does this line do to the angle?BISECT
Level 253: A roller ____ is a main attraction of an amusement parkCOASTER
Level 253: The five ranks of the _______ are duke, marquis, earl, viscount,PEERAGE
Level 253: Spend money frivolouslySPLURGE
Level 254: Image hosting site purchased by Yahoo in 2005FLICKR
Level 254: German dog with short legs and a long bodyDACHSHUND
Level 254: Egypt is famous for these mathematical shapesPYRAMIDS
Level 254: Who is this child wizard?HARRYPOTTER
Level 254: ______ Jackson was the 7th president of USANDREW
Level 254: The second-in-command on a vesselFIRSTMATE
Level 254: Celestial objects with long tails; Halley’s comes around once everyCOMETS
Level 254: Common upper body clothingSHIRTS
Level 254: Rage _______ the Machine is a US metal band that sang Sleep NowAGAINST
Level 254: Essential part of a computer that executes instructionsPROCESSOR
Level 254: The only type of the tuna labeled white meat in the US; also knownALBACORE
Level 254: Type of sandal with a Y-shaped strapFLIPFLOPS
Level 254: Strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate in oneNEAPOLITAN
Level 254: What is this familiar sitcom convention?RUNNINGJOKE
Level 254: Robin Hood’s love interestMAIDMARIAN
Level 254: Han Solo’s Wookie companionCHEWBACCA
Level 254: A meeting between two people who have never met, usually with romanticBLINDDATE
Level 254: _________ books have stiff bindingsHARDCOVER
Level 255: This proof is for what type of Geometry?EUCLIDEAN
Level 255: Word; taken against one’s willABDUCTED
Level 255: Label that shows the price of an itemPRICETAG
Level 255: ______J. Fox, former actor on Spin City; has a foundation dedicatedMICHAEL
Level 255: One thousand metersKILOMETER
Level 255: Paul ________, former member of The BeatlesMCCARTNEY
Level 255: A feeling that nothing can be doneHOPELESS
Level 255: What is this body part?ELBOW
Level 255: Monopoly piece that can protect your fingerTHIMBLE
Level 255: Classic game; carefully pluck items out of a red-nosed man’s bodyOPERATION
Level 255: Subatomic particle that doesn’t have a chargeNEUTRON
Level 255: Soldiers who shoot from long distancesSNIPERS
Level 255: A fad “challenge” that involved dumping freezing water on peopleICEBUCKET
Level 255: “_________ of Broken Dreams”, a 2004 song by Green DayBOULEVARD
Level 255: Leafy green meal with the same name as a famous Roman emperorCAESARSALAD
Level 255: “_____, ___, __!”, three words that might be used to start a raceREADYSETGO
Level 255: What is this uncredited author?GHOSTWRITER
Level 256: Spirits of the dead who may rattle chainsGHOSTS
Level 256: Connected to the InternetONLINE
Level 256: What is this research animal?LABRAT
Level 256: 2-day athletic competition with 10 eventsDECATHLON
Level 256: Change in the DNA sequence that can be passed onto offspringMUTATION
Level 256: Ferdinand Magellan and Marco Polo were both thisEXPLORERS
Level 256: Limited in scope or widthNARROW
Level 256: Romance language considered the Language of LoveFRENCH
Level 256: Private rocket development company owned by Elon MuskSPACEX
Level 256: Center for children whose parents are at workDAYCARE
Level 256: Close-fitting legwear; commonly worn by dancersTIGHTS
Level 256: A ______ vow is a very important promiseSOLEMN
Level 256: Utensil used to skin fruits and vegetablesPEELER
Level 256: When a volcano ejects molten material into the atmosphereERUPTION
Level 256: A colorful instrument played with malletsXYLOPHONE
Level 256: Someone who funds a startupINVESTOR
Level 256: What are these celebratory pieces of paper?CONFETTI
Level 256: To pass another competitor in a raceOVERTAKE
Level 256: Product in Apple’s laptop familyMACBOOK
Level 256: You go to a barber to get oneHAIRCUT
Level 256: What is this Mexican tradition?HATDANCE
Level 257: What is this dairy product?BLUECHEESE
Level 257: Ticket price for a flightAIRFARE
Level 257: An event that causes great damageDISASTROUS
Level 257: .MP4, .JPEG, and .DOC are different types of file _______FORMATS
Level 257: _______ Sanders was the founder of KFCCOLONEL
Level 257: People from the capital of FrancePARISIAN
Level 257: Little Red ____ Hood is the tale of little girl and a wolfRIDING
Level 257: Loudspeaker made for playing low frequency sounds; not dogsWOOFER
Level 257: Stroke in tennis where the palm faces the ballFOREHAND
Level 257: Ireland’s capital cityDUBLIN
Level 257: Person in charge of handling animals; classic Jeep modelWRANGLER
Level 257: Cold-blooded reptiles with feetLIZARDS
Level 257: Reliable information comes from a trusted ______SOURCE
Level 257: The Two _______ is the second book in the Lord of the Ring trilogyTOWERS
Level 257: To propel a projectile beyond its intended targetOVERSHOOT
Level 257: An adhesive so powerful it should have a capeSUPERGLUE
Level 257: Slim red explosive with a fuseDYNAMITE
Level 257: What are these spots?FRECKLES
Level 257: “No shoes, no service”, means you can’t go in with ____ ____BAREFEET
Level 258: What is this imitator?COPYCAT
Level 258: When the upper jaw goes over the lower jawOVERBITE
Level 258: Spongebob Squarepants’ pink starfish companionPATRICK
Level 258: The part of your pants used to store small objectsPOCKET
Level 258: What is this winged animal on the Mexican coat of arms?EAGLE
Level 258: Yellow vehicle that takes students to their teachersSCHOOLBUS
Level 258: Person who permanently leaves the workforce due to ageRETIREE
Level 258: Parasites that feed on bloodLEECHES
Level 258: US battery brand with a golden topDURACELL
Level 258: “_____house-Five”, an anti-war novel by Kurt VonnegutSLAUGHTER
Level 258: To punish someone on behalf of the person harmedAVENGE
Level 258: Words and wishes to the divinePRAYER
Level 258: Traditional Japanese formal dressKIMONO
Level 258: A feeling of unhappinessSADNESS
Level 258: Another term for a doctorPHYSICIAN
Level 258: What yellow pile might this be hard to find in?HAYSTACK
Level 258: Yankee Doodle called his feathered cap thisMACARONI
Level 258: A type of tea named after nobilityEARLGREY
Level 258: What is this shiny decoration?GLITTER
Level 258: A short, stout, and hairy race often found in stock fantasy settingsDWARVES
Level 258: South Korea’s national sport and martial artTAEKWONDO
Level 259: What is this romantic experience?FIRSTLOVE
Level 259: Gained a point, goal, or run in a competitive gameSCORED
Level 259: File setting that means it can only be viewed, not changed or deletedREADONLY
Level 259: 2015 sci-fi movie starring Matt Damon and his return homeMARTIAN
Level 259: Something against the law is thisILLEGAL
Level 259: _______ Rock, Elvis’ second film after Love Me TenderJAILHOUSE
Level 259: In basketball, multiple retrievals of the ball after missed shotsREBOUNDS
Level 259: Michael ______ is considered the greatest basketball player of all-timeJORDAN
Level 259: The and A are this in English grammarARTICLE
Level 259: Write, rite, right, and Wright are all examples of thisHOMOPHONE
Level 259: An iconic American T.V. show about six people living in New YorkFRIENDS
Level 259: Ancient two wheeled horse-drawn vehicle used in battles and racesCHARIOT
Level 259: What kind of person might use this to make you veeerry sleepy?HYPNOTIST
Level 259: Professor _________, the arch-nemesis of Sherlock HolmesMORIARTY
Level 259: Clam _______, a soup originating in the US which contains clams,CHOWDER
Level 259: Chemical typically used to disinfect thisCHLORINE
Level 259: Type of mammal named after the Latin for “pouch”MARSUPIAL
Level 260: A bound tome where photos, objects, and other memories are storedSCRAPBOOK
Level 260: Removing creases from fabric with heatIRONING
Level 260: Until 1912, China was ruled by theseDYNASTIES
Level 260: The phase when an aircraft goes into flightTAKEOFF
Level 260: The side making a claim has the Burden of ____PROOF
Level 260: US battery brand with a copper-colored topDURACELL
Level 260: Organized collection of electronically accessible informationDATABASE
Level 260: Surprisingly, this element only makes up 21% of the air, while theOXYGEN
Level 260: What is this non-professional?LAYMAN
Level 260: In Jeopardy, you need to ring this to get a chance to answer a questionBUZZER
Level 260: What is this term related to sight?OCULAR
Level 260: A ______ controller is used to control your TVREMOTE
Level 260: Language that originated from Anglo-Frisian dialects brought to BritainENGLISH
Level 260: Freebie given to potential customersSAMPLE
Level 260: One can’t compare these to applesORANGES
Level 260: A small folded booklet used to present simple informationPAMPHLET
Level 260: What is this bird?FLAMINGO
Level 260: Annual multi-genre entertainment convention held in San DiegoCOMICCON
Level 260: Where is she conducting her business?SEASHORE
Level 260: “Sonic the _______”, 2020 film about a famous blue video game heroHEDGEHOG
Level 260: Another name for coriander; some say it tastes like soapCILANTRO
Level 260: An element of an artistic work that has been overused and lost itsCLICHE
Level 260: The most famous and widely used cryptocurrencyBITCOIN
Level 261: Underground cemeteryCATACOMBS
Level 261: White ceramic that originated in ChinaPORCELAIN
Level 261: Part of the refrigerator with the lowest temperaturesFREEZER
Level 261: Type of ram used to break through walls and gatesBATTERING
Level 261: A person who rides waves on a boardSURFER
Level 261: What is this plant-related term?GERMINATE
Level 261: A _______ card is a computer part that improves visual performanceGRAPHICS
Level 261: Feeling of pity for someone’s misfortuneSYMPATHY
Level 261: _____ horror is a genre of fiction popularized by H.P. LovecraftCOSMIC
Level 261: What position is this?FETAL
Level 261: Highest part of a mountain; gathering of government diplomatsSUMMIT
Level 261: Specialist of a field or subjectEXPERT
Level 261: A white sauce made with mayonnaise and chopped pickles; often eatenTARTAR
Level 261: The state of matter between solid and gasLIQUID
Level 262: Triangular pastry from India that is filled with spiced meat or vegetablesSAMOSA
Level 262: A ______ shower is an observable celestial event where lights streakMETEOR
Level 262: A set of icons in an app that can be clicked to activate functionsTOOLBAR
Level 262: Animal dung used for fertilizing the landMANURE
Level 262: Jack climbed one of these and encountered a giantBEANSTALK
Level 262: Fast, maneuverable warship that escorts larger shipsDESTROYER
Level 262: Deep narrow valley with steep sidesCANYON
Level 262: Moving like this reptileSLITHERING
Level 262: Person or company that buys and sells paintingsARTDEALER
Level 262: Scholars who study the structure and use of languageLINGUISTS
Level 262: What type of school organization is this?FRATERNITY
Level 262: An object placed in vehicles to keep toddlers in placeCHILDSEAT
Level 262: Type of insect with between 30 and 350 legsCENTIPEDE
Level 262: Professional who designs buildings and may supervise their constructionARCHITECT
Level 263: With no part left out; wholeENTIRE
Level 263: Part of a garden or park where tulips and daisies growFLOWERBED
Level 263: The ________ of Riddick are sci-fi movies starring Vin DieselCHRONICLES
Level 263: US toy maker with brands including Barbie dolls and Matchbox carsMATTEL
Level 263: 1970s hit by the Village People; the dance spells out the nameYMCA
Level 263: This person works on a boat or shipSAILOR
Level 263: A room built to allow in copious amounts of sunlightSOLARIUM
Level 263: Hair style formed from intertwined hairBRAIDS
Level 263: Abstaining from all kinds of food or drinkFASTING
Level 263: How many lives does this animal supposedly have?NINE
Level 263: Defects or blemishes that mar an object’s perfectionFLAWS
Level 263: Salty solution used for pickling foodBRINE
Level 263: Sea dweller often confused with its relative, the tortoiseTURTLE
Level 263: It’s hard to solve one side of a _____’s Cube, let alone all sixRUBIK
Level 263: Professional who reviews and assesses movies, restaurants, art, etc.CRITIC
Level 264: The _______ system of a car is used to spark fuelIGNITION
Level 264: Prince Harry is the Duke of ______SUSSEX
Level 264: Person who travels around, never settling in a single locationWANDERER
Level 264: To demand something forcefully, denying any refutationINSIST
Level 264: The head honcho of an organization; large solid dairy productBIGCHEESE
Level 264: What time is it?HAPPYHOUR
Level 264: To be forcefully removed from a locationEJECTED
Level 264: Time period that comes after the presentFUTURE
Level 264: What is this source of infant cuteness?BABYFAT
Level 264: Wonderland denizen who has a tendency to vanish, leaving only a smileCHESHIRECAT
Level 264: A pacifier might help ______ a babySOOTHE
Level 264: Writing material made from the tanned skins of sheep and goatsPARCHMENT
Level 264: Where you might see “www.” on an internet browserADDRESSBAR
Level 264: Sandy timekeeping deviceHOURGLASS
Level 264: Expression; slow, steady progressBABYSTEPS
Level 264: Slower and much bigger cousins of alligatorsCROCODILES
Level 264: Phrase; something that indicates things might turn around or improveRAYOFHOPE
Level 264: Handheld device used to capture videoCAMCORDER
Level 264: Another name for pyrite, due to its resemblance to a valuable yellowFOOLSGOLD
Level 264: His list featured in Spielberg’s famous black-and-white WW2 filmSCHINDLER
Level 264: Famous English researcher of chimpanzeesJANEGOODALL
Level 265: A short segment of something, especially a songSNIPPET
Level 265: What is this commercial action?IMPORT
Level 265: Vehicles rely on these massive machines under the hood to moveENGINE
Level 265: A _________ personality attracts others, similar to how its namesakeMAGNETIC
Level 265: Hairs that cats use to sense their surroundingsWHISKERS
Level 265: This eccentric musician sang “Poker Face” and “Bad Romance”LADYGAGA
Level 265: An amount that is more than necessaryEXCESS
Level 265: The feel and appearance of a surfaceTEXTURE
Level 265: Small circular object used to fasten clothesBUTTON
Level 265: Cleaned between teeth with a stringFLOSSED
Level 265: What is this athlete?SPRINTER
Level 265: A geometric shape with four sides of equal lengthSQUARE
Level 265: German city that hosts the famous annual Oktoberfest beer celebrationMUNICH
Level 265: Who is this Greek philosopher?SOCRATES
Level 265: To call the last called number againREDIAL
Level 265: The traditional sound of a doorbellDINGDONG
Level 266: ______ dragons are the heaviest lizards on EarthKOMODO
Level 266: ______ Nelson, country music legend who sang Georgia on my MindWILLIE
Level 266: Breakfast porridge made from grainsOATMEAL
Level 266: Long trips in sea or spaceVOYAGE
Level 266: The _____ Years’ War was a series of conflicts from 1337 – 1453 overHUNDRED
Level 266: What is this music term?HARMONY
Level 266: Application used to search the internet; e.g. Chrome and FirefoxBROWSER
Level 266: A person or animal you spend a lot of time withCOMPANION
Level 266: ____ ____ the King! is a proclaimation for the ascension of a newLONGLIVE
Level 266: Test of strength where two teams pull on opposing sides of a ropeTUGOFWAR
Level 266: The Matrix trilogy details humanity’s fight against theseMACHINES
Level 266: Not one or the otherNEITHER
Level 266: Old _______ had a farm, E I E I OMACDONALD
Level 266: What animal is this lost traveler?PENGUIN
Level 266: In NA, the main dish of the meal may be called thisENTREE
Level 266: Equipment used to protect one’s headHELMET
Level 266: What is this type of lawyer?DEFENSE
Level 266: This type of plane drops explosives onto enemy targetsBOMBER
Level 266: You enter via this, and exit via the exitENTRANCE
Level 267: Running at max speed over a short distanceSPRINT
Level 267: Place in a home used for planting produceGARDEN
Level 267: Public transport that runs on tracksTRAINS
Level 267: What doesn’t kill you makes you _______, supposedlySTRONGER
Level 267: Catchy tune that gets stuck in your headEARWORM
Level 267: What is this type of quick look over?EYEBALLING
Level 267: French emperor Napoleon’s last nameBONAPARTE
Level 267: Wizard of legend who is said to have served King ArthurMERLIN
Level 267: Name for a sweet purple flower and a purple colorLAVENDER
Level 267: Circus performers that wear white make up and a red noseCLOWNS
Level 267: To magically enhance somethingENCHANT
Level 267: Kansas girl whisked off to OzDOROTHY
Level 267: The Bible has two sections, the New and Old _______TESTAMENT
Level 267: An altered version of a musical pieceREMIX
Level 267: A ______ of stairs is a series of stairs between floorsFLIGHT
Level 267: A stiletto or dirk is a type of thisDAGGER
Level 267: Tool used to unclog toiletsPLUNGER
Level 267: Sugary fluid produced by flowers; favored meal for bees and butterfliesNECTAR

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