Word Craze Answers [Level 226-250 All Answers]

Word Craze Level (225-250) Part 10

Word Craze Level 226-250 Answers and cheats to all levels are provided on this page, this game is a popular game developed by Betta Games and it is available on Google play store.

Word Craze, experience all the customs from different countries, come and check out the interesting things she encounters on this journey! Find answers by looking at pictures, challenge your mind in a whole new way. Here you will find all the answers of Word Craze on this one page, I have started to provided answers on one page so that you can save your time clicking the links of separate level each time.

Word Craze game Cheats Answers:

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Level 226: Type of sentence where the subject performs the main actionACTIVE
Level 226: Malcom in ___ _____ started in 2000 and starred Frankie MunizTHEMIDDLE
Level 226: Herbs that cats go crazy forCATNIP
Level 226: Word; meaning to astonish someoneAMAZE
Level 226: A legitimate act done for good reason is thisJUSTIFIED
Level 226: Gotta catch’em all; famous Nintendo franchisePOKEMON
Level 226: Medieval armored soldierKNIGHT
Level 226: Strips of fabric used to tie bows on presentsRIBBON
Level 226: Cosmetic product used to remove dead skinEXFOLIANT
Level 226: In Irish folklore, a leprechaun keeps their ___ __ ____ hidden atPOTOFGOLD
Level 226: To have reached your destinationARRIVED
Level 226: What is this atmosphere-related term?CLIMATE
Level 226: Finding a four-leaf clover will bring you thisGOODLUCK
Level 226: Lee Harvey ______ was the assassin who claimed John F. Kennedy’sOSWALD
Level 226: In the Olympics, 2nd place gets this medalSILVER
Level 226: “Mrs. ________”, 1993 comedy starring Robin Williams posing as aDOUBTFIRE
Level 226: This cartoon sailor gains strength by eating spinachPOPEYE
Level 226: Tests of this show who you really areCHARACTER
Level 226: A decision that doesn’t take any thinking at allNOBRAINER
Level 226: A man made of straw who protects cropsSCARECROW
Level 226: What aircraft is this landing pad designed for?HELICOPTER
Level 226: Expression; something unlikely to happenPIEINTHESKY
Level 227: A cloud or dust cluster in outer spaceNEBULA
Level 227: Marvel mutant with retractable clawsWOLVERINE
Level 227: What’s this type of ancient drawing?CAVEART
Level 227: Places where teachers teach their studentsCLASSROOMS
Level 227: Professional who keeps a home’s greenery in tip-top shapeGARDENER
Level 227: Very small islandsISLETS
Level 227: Shops with freshly made breadBAKERIES
Level 227: White creamy sauce best paired with fettuccineALFREDO
Level 227: Patterned coverings for the sides of a roomWALLPAPER
Level 227: Payments to patent and copyright holders for use of their worksROYALTIES
Level 227: US Heavyweight boxing champion famous for his fast knockoutsMIKETYSON
Level 227: An athlete that grapples with his opponent in a ringWRESTLER
Level 227: Ball game where the referee often yells loveTENNIS
Level 227: What is this act that sabotages someone’s efforts?UNDERMINES
Level 227: Bait, flies, and other gear can be found in hereTACKLEBOX
Level 227: Manmade material imitating tanned animal hidePLEATHER
Level 227: “________ of the fittest” describes the theory of natural selectionSURVIVAL
Level 227: An individual who gets donor tissue or organsRECIPIENT
Level 227: What is this dish?SLOPPYJOES
Level 228: People of the indigenous population of the ArcticESKIMO
Level 228: _______’s Box is generally taken to mean the source of troublesPANDORA
Level 228: Do this to render something harmlessDEFANG
Level 228: Women’s underwear and nightclothesLINGERIE
Level 228: Expression; it can spoil the bunchBADAPPLE
Level 228: This is madness! Madness? This is ______! from the movie 300SPARTA
Level 228: To disappear suddenly and completelyVANISH
Level 228: This season marks the end of hibernationSPRING
Level 228: ______ pigs are actually rodents and not pigs; often used in experimentsGUINEA
Level 228: A medicinal cream applied to the skinOINTMENT
Level 228: In film, this person combines hours of footage together to make aEDITOR
Level 228: What is the state of this video?PAUSED
Level 228: Without cords or cablesWIRELESS
Level 228: A married man in relation to his spouseHUSBAND
Level 228: A prestigious sporting event that has a logo with 5 ringsOLYMPICS
Level 228: What is this rare gemstone?SAPPHIRE
Level 228: Long French bread; often found sticking out of paper grocery bagsBAGUETTE
Level 228: Production facility for beerBREWERY
Level 228: This was responsible for the sinking of the TitanicICEBERG
Level 228: Traffic anger, in other wordsROADRAGE
Level 228: Something that is passed on genetically from parent to child is thisHEREDITY
Level 228: The height of an object in relation to sea or ground levelALTITUDE
Level 228: When people make the moral choice, they are said take the ____ ____HIGHROAD
Level 228: What football foul is this?OFFSIDES
Level 228: One who has been hired by a businessEMPLOYEE
Level 229: A short, folded information guide used in marketingPAMPHLET
Level 229: A fruit that is a close relative of the mandarin orangeTANGERINE
Level 229: A food item’s _______ facts tell you how many vitamins and mineralsNUTRITION
Level 229: Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton studied this branch of sciencePHYSICS
Level 229: Dark blue color that is the second-to-last color on a rainbowINDIGO
Level 229: Do this to tidy up a roomCLEANUP
Level 229: Japanese cooking method that uses a soy sauce glazeTERIYAKI
Level 229: The daughter of a king and a queenPRINCESS
Level 229: A male siblingBROTHER
Level 229: Premium chocolate brand from Belgium; named after the LadyGODIVA
Level 229: Crunchy green vegetable that is often pickled; technically a fruitCUCUMBER
Level 229: The angle of this line never changesSTRAIGHT
Level 229: A professional who can make rabbits appear from a hatMAGICIAN
Level 229: Slightly annoyed, irritatedMIFFED
Level 229: A deep dish used for cooking; also the word for food cooked in itCASSEROLE
Level 229: The dents on the cheeks of a smiling faceDIMPLES
Level 229: Popular cross-platform video game creation software first releasedUNITY
Level 229: What is this period of time?CENTURY
Level 229: A playful, somewhat childish word meaning “gross”ICKY
Level 229: To expel air as though inflating a balloonBLOW
Level 230: Ranged warheads capable of traveling great distances to their targetMISSILES
Level 230: Old spider silks; commonly found in atticsCOBWEBS
Level 230: String used to fasten footwearSHOELACE
Level 230: Mexican spring break destination; just over the US-Mexico borderTIJUANA
Level 230: The ______ of Secrets is the second Harry Potter bookCHAMBER
Level 230: What is this precious metal?GOLD
Level 230: In class, raise your hand to answer theseQUESTION
Level 230: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, _______, GolfFOXTROT
Level 230: Sight, taste, hearing, smell and _______ are the “five senses”TOUCH
Level 230: Biggest search engine on the internetGOOGLE
Level 230: Indoor work locationsOFFICE
Level 230: A tax imposed by one country on the goods and services imported fromTARIFF
Level 230: Before learning real words, a baby will _______ to communicateBABBLE
Level 230: The playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarksBANTER
Level 230: A ______ test is used to determine if a solution is acidic or basicLITMUS
Level 231: Reality TV show where contestants are placed on an islandSURVIVOR
Level 231: You might say this when leaving someone’s companyFAREWELL
Level 231: Professional who mends and makes clothesTAILOR
Level 231: Tools used to sweep the floorBROOMS
Level 231: Fluid found in the mouth that starts the digestion processSALIVA
Level 231: Tool used with a hammer to make carvings from wood, stone, or metalCHISEL
Level 231: You don’t need to pay for thisFREEBIE
Level 231: Method of writing for blind peopleBRAILLE
Level 231: The act of declaring something falseDENIAL
Level 231: Card suit that resembles a digging toolSPADES
Level 231: The number of months in a yearTWELVE
Level 231: A deep fracture in a glacierCREVASSE
Level 231: Term for biographical films like “Man on the Moon”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”,BIOPIC
Level 231: Decorative cover for a vehicle’s wheelsHUBCAP
Level 231: Sycophantic underlings who always agree with their superiorYESMEN
Level 231: Musical instrument with black and white keysPIANO
Level 231: What type of person might be wearing these?LIAR
Level 232: Famous British spy who will always tell you his last name firstJAMESBOND
Level 232: The feeling you get after a massageRELAXED
Level 232: Encourage someone to accomplish a task or goalMOTIVATE
Level 232: What is this type of review?WRITEUP
Level 232: British singer of Rocket ManELTONJOHN
Level 232: Lightweight silvery metal used in many items such as soda cansALUMINUM
Level 232: Artists often use this in place of a resumePORTFOLIO
Level 232: Something that happens on its own, without outside interventionNATURAL
Level 232: To save the cargo and possibly the ship itself after a wreckSALVAGE
Level 232: What is this communication app?FACETIME
Level 232: Being away from human contactSECLUSION
Level 232: Scheduled payment to owners of a stockDIVIDEND
Level 232: A baby’s personal rideSTROLLER
Level 232: Texan, Cajun, and Creole, for EnglishDIALECTS
Level 232: Billionaire founder of Tesla and SpaceXELONMUSK
Level 232: Acorn-loving rodent with a bushy tailSQUIRREL
Level 232: Expression; to financially support an endeavorBANKROLL
Level 232: Government department responsible for a state’s financesTREASURY
Level 233: ______ engineering is used to modify DNAGENETIC
Level 233: Planet in our solar system with rings larger than Saturn’sJUPITER
Level 233: To admit to committing a crime or wrongdoingCONFESS
Level 233: Large ape-like creature resembling a yetiBIGFOOT
Level 233: Real estate professionals who create properties from empty landDEVELOPERS
Level 233: The most tense moment of a storyCLIMAX
Level 233: Branched horns primarily found on bucksANTLERS
Level 233: Pausing before doing something due to uncertaintyHESITATE
Level 233: White foam material used to protect items in packagesSTYROFOAM
Level 233: Describes things or people that are just a burdenDEADWEIGHTS
Level 233: Flute-like instrument for beginners; played verticallyRECORDER
Level 233: Some of the biggest names in this sport include Muhammad Ali andBOXING
Level 233: To decrease; one of the Rs of recyclingREDUCE
Level 233: Best friend of Scooby-DooSHAGGY
Level 233: ______ Klein, US fashion brandCALVIN
Level 234: There are winners, and there are ______LOSERS
Level 234: Game of ______ is used to describe a game that requires little skillCHANCE
Level 234: Tasks or goals that must be achieved before othersPRIORITIES
Level 234: What is this method of determining age?CARBONDATE
Level 234: Swimming activity that uses a diving maskSNORKELING
Level 234: Used with a username to log inPASSWORD
Level 234: By far the largest Chinese dialectMANDARIN
Level 234: One good turn _______ anotherDESERVES
Level 234: To have enough money to purchase somethingAFFORD
Level 234: A strong, out-of-control blazeWILDFIRE
Level 234: Not clearly or distinctly visibleBLURRY
Level 234: The walking dead, in other wordsZOMBIE
Level 234: What literary form does this represent?PROSE
Level 234: A warning sign posted outside a home might say “_____ of dog”BEWARE
Level 234: To turn a device off and onREBOOT
Level 234: Monkey with a long doglike snoutBABOON
Level 234: Students who have graduated from a particular schoolALUMNI
Level 236: What is this mythological figure?SANDMAN
Level 236: What is this money gifting sprite?TOOTHFAIRY
Level 236: These create craters on the moonASTEROIDS
Level 236: The judgment given by a jury in courtVERDICT
Level 236: A smaller version of a traditional sport featuring tees and clubsMINIGOLF
Level 236: Short facial hair often artificially extended for beautyEYELASHES
Level 236: The spectrum of being unable to seeBLINDNESS
Level 236: Ocean east of AfricaINDIAN
Level 236: Unit of an army typically divided into several companiesREGIMENT
Level 236: Don’t pretend to be someone else, just be _______YOURSELF
Level 236: Largest city in AustraliaSYDNEY
Level 236: Type of car that replace the engine with a motor and don’t requireELECTRIC
Level 236: Not interested in a conversation; not promised to be marriedUNENGAGED
Level 236: Occasionally; not oftenSOMETIMES
Level 236: Active ingredient in alcoholic drinks with the chemical formula C2H6OETHANOL
Level 236: Expression; “see ___ __ ___”, meaning to be in agreementEYETOEYE
Level 236: Inspiring great affection; incredibly cuteADORABLE
Level 236: Planet closest to the Sun; also a metal that is liquid at room temperatureMERCURY
Level 236: What chilly phenomenon does this represent?COLDSNAP
Level 237: What is this extinct animal?MAMMOTH
Level 237: Pets brought home from an animal shelterADOPTED
Level 237: A place that displays or sells artworksGALLERY
Level 237: Something that satisfies conditions for considerationELIGIBLE
Level 237: This Cleveland-based NBA team drafted LeBron James first overallCAVALIERS
Level 237: Flightless sea-bird skilled at swimming; lives in the southern hemispherePENGUIN
Level 237: The prince and princess always live happily _____ _____EVERAFTER
Level 237: What is this medical image?SONOGRAM
Level 237: Between midday and the eveningAFTERNOON
Level 237: Professionals employed to maintain safety, especially in the privateSECURITY
Level 237: This Southeast Asian country is home to the LionfishSINGAPORE
Level 237: The study of your family treeGENEALOGY
Level 237: An article from a publication that expresses the opinions of itsEDITORIAL
Level 237: A formal termination of a marriage after which the marriage is consideredANNULMENT
Level 237: French phrase meaning “that’s life”CESTLAVIE
Level 238: Small job that one sometimes needs to runERRAND
Level 238: An M-rated movie is for ______ audiences onlyMATURE
Level 238: Thin long pasta commonly eaten with meatballsSPAGHETTI
Level 238: A comprehensive medical check-upPHYSICAL
Level 238: A place to safely light an indoor flame for a cozy atmosphereFIREPLACE
Level 238: This must be fastened while drivingSEATBELT
Level 238: Specialist of a field or subjectEXPERT
Level 238: Professional who designs and creates machines and circuitsENGINEER
Level 238: What is this poker hand?FULLHOUSE
Level 238: Robin Hood lived in this forestSHERWOOD
Level 238: What is this calculation method?LONGDIVISION
Level 238: A person you can trust your secrets withCONFIDANT
Level 238: To scrub skin with a rough material, removing dead skinEXFOLIATE
Level 238: A signature from a famous personAUTOGRAPH
Level 238: A person who mixes and serves drinks professionallyBARTENDER
Level 238: An area covered with underground explosivesMINEFIELD
Level 238: You have to pay this in class if you want to do well on the testATTENTION
Level 238: To go off script; ad-libIMPROVISE
Level 239: A white sauce made from mayonnaise and chopped pickles; often eatenTARTAR
Level 239: Animated puppet whose nose grows when he liesPINOCCHIO
Level 239: The state of matter between a solid and a gasLIQUID
Level 239: _______ the teenage witch lives with her aunts and a talking catSABRINA
Level 239: 2015 Pixar film about emotionsINSIDEOUT
Level 239: He and his merry men robbed from the rich and gave to the poorROBINHOOD
Level 239: Glittery powder Tinker Bell uses to allow others to flyPIXIEDUST
Level 239: Word; done on their ______BEHALF
Level 239: People who ride waves on a boardSURFER
Level 239: Tropical orange fruit with many little black seedsPAPAYA
Level 239: Word; meaning “without purpose or use”POINTLESS
Level 239: To voluntarily step down from a positionRESIGN
Level 239: Name of this kind of text?EMOTICON
Level 239: This country’s flag is a red dot centered in a field of whiteJAPANESE
Level 239: A marker of significant progressMILESTONE
Level 239: It would be difficult to open a bottle of wine without oneCORKSCREW
Level 239: Type of children’s party that goes overnightSLEEPOVER
Level 239: This can open every lock of a buildingMASTERKEY
Level 239: ____ _____ like an arrow; fruit flies like a bananaTIMEFLIES
Level 240: Events from the past that one can recallMEMORIES
Level 240: 3D art structures found in plazas, usually metal or stoneSCULPTURE
Level 240: These two openings allow you to smellNOSTRILS
Level 240: The _______ system of a car is used to spark fuelIGNITION
Level 240: The real name of Gollum from Lord of the RingsSMEAGOL
Level 240: You need a permit to park in these spots; found closest to entrancesHANDICAPPED
Level 240: Jurassic Park was directed by Steven _________SPIELBERG
Level 240: The fabled reindeer with a special noseRUDOLPH
Level 240: A weeping tree found on riverbanksWILLOW
Level 240: Headwear used to correct visionGLASSES
Level 240: What German city is this?HAMBURG
Level 240: People who stealTHIEVES
Level 240: A government system ruled by a royal familyMONARCHY
Level 240: Famous actor or actressMOVIESTAR
Level 240: Who is this actor-turned-director?EASTWOOD
Level 240: 1997 action movie by John Woo featuring John Travolta and NicolasFACEOFF
Level 240: Dorothy meets the Wizard of Oz in the _______ CityEMERALD
Level 240: Organized collection of electronically accessible informationDATABASE
Level 240: Phrase; once in a ___ ___BLUEMOON
Level 240: Nemo from Pixar’s “Finding Nemo” is this type of sea animalCLOWNFISH
Level 240: This arch is found in this US stateMISSOURI
Level 240: A bound tome where photos, objects, and other memories are storedSCRAPBOOK
Level 240: A phone _______ is used to replenish your phone’s batteryCHARGER
Level 240: In US law, one is considered this until proven guiltyINNOCENT
Level 240: NASA, SCUBA, and LASER are examples of this type of abbreviationACRONYM
Level 241: What ain’t no country I ever heard of! They speak English in What?JACKSON
Level 241: Another word for business and corporationCOMPANY
Level 241: Sport played on the ice with rocks and broomsCURLING
Level 241: Hurt, Ring of Fire and I Walk the Line were sung by ______ CashJOHNNY
Level 241: Celebration in the sky with lights, smokes, and loud noisesFIREWORKS
Level 241: Fruits and vegetables are part of a _______ dietHEALTHY
Level 241: Biggest digits on your feetBIGTOE
Level 241: Musical plays accompanied by orchestrasOPERAS
Level 241: ______ are demonstrations that a mathematical statement is truePROOFS
Level 241: Cold turkey is one way to quit this kind of compulsive behaviorADDICTION
Level 241: Jack the ______ roamed the streets of London in 1888RIPPER
Level 241: What is this essential element?WATER
Level 241: World’s largest online retailer and cloud services providerAMAZON
Level 241: A name referring to the Indian film industryBOLLYWOOD
Level 241: In baseball, a home run when all three bases are occupiedGRANDSLAM
Level 241: What is this emergency vehicle?FIRETRUCK
Level 241: Type of book that details a specific person’s lifeBIOGRAPHY
Level 242: One of the geologic periods within the Mesozoic EraJURASSIC
Level 242: Things one want to experience before dyingBUCKETLIST
Level 242: Where tennis superstar Novak Djokovic was bornSERBIA
Level 242: Children are often _____ of the darkAFRAID
Level 242: A hierarchy of species consuming other species; predators are atFOODCHAIN
Level 242: Melted cheese in a pot used to dip breakFONDUE
Level 242: Surgically cut apart a deceased animal for studyDISSECT
Level 242: Scientific name for the outermost layer of skinEPIDERMIS
Level 242: What is this type of boat?CANOE
Level 242: Describes something people are required to do; opposite of optionalMANDATORY
Level 242: Tongue ________ are phrases with similar sounding wordsTWISTERS
Level 242: Handheld sweet in a wrapperCANDYBAR
Level 242: Providing food and drink for an eventCATERING
Level 242: What famous US book is this animal hunted in?MOBYDICK
Level 242: Activity where a group takes turns singing songsKARAOKE
Level 242: This timely morning riser gets the wormEARLYBIRD
Level 242: To ruin someone else’s photo by suddenly moving into the shotPHOTOBOMB
Level 242: A gradual increase in intensity; in music, used to indicate increasingCRESCENDO
Level 242: The tube connecting your mouth and your stomachESOPHAGUS
Level 242: What is this miniature home?BIRDHOUSE
Level 242: You will go like this if you try to look at your own noseCROSSEYED
Level 243: To make a garment with needles and yarnKNITTING
Level 243: A time ____ is used to communicate with the futureCAPSULE
Level 243: This rich person is a _________MILLIONAIRE
Level 243: Swim by rapidly opening and closing the shell valves; oysters, clams,SCALLOPS
Level 243: Fictional sport in the Harry Potter seriesQUIDDITCH
Level 243: Kurt Cobain was the lead singer of this bandNIRVANA
Level 243: Garlic and coffee are infamous sources of this stenchBADBREATH
Level 243: Imploring others to grant a favor; panhandlingBEGGING
Level 243: This Japanese company created Pokemon, Zelda, Mario, and much moreNINTENDO
Level 243: Cleaning one’s teeth with a stringFLOSSING
Level 243: What is this theatrical speech?MONOLOGUE
Level 243: Suitcases for travellingLUGGAGE
Level 243: What is this board game?BACKGAMMON
Level 243: The background objects of a theatrical productionSCENERY
Level 243: A team or person expected to lose; everyone roots for themUNDERDOG
Level 243: Fictional cartoon character; mystery-solving Great DaneSCOOBYDOO
Level 243: What is this mathematical term?EXPONENT
Level 243: To restrict a person’s location to a set locationCONFINE
Level 243: Bucktoothed rodent builder’s wooden constructionBEAVERDAM
Level 243: Popular French phrase offered to those departing on a journeyBONVOYAGE
Level 243: The first names of designers McQueen and WangALEXANDER
Level 243: Both a famous UK university town and a city in MassachusettsCAMBRIDGE
Level 243: Canada, France, and many other countries offer _________ health careUNIVERSAL
Level 244: Another way to say coriander; some say it tastes like soapCILANTRO
Level 244: Capital city of SpainMADRID
Level 244: What is this body of water found between Western Europe and EasternBLACKSEA
Level 244: Unexpected events, usually leading to damage or lossACCIDENTS
Level 244: Bridal wear that holds a stocking in placeGARTER
Level 244: Large orange fruits carved for HalloweenPUMPKINS
Level 244: Device for heating a roomRADIATOR
Level 244: Sport where athletes fire arrowsARCHERY
Level 244: What is this superhero’s costume?BATSUIT
Level 244: A surprisingly spacious women’s accessory carried on a strapHANDBAG
Level 244: Containers brand new footwear come inSHOEBOXES
Level 244: These teeth are often pulled outWISDOM
Level 244: Star Wars Day is on May ____FOURTH
Level 244: Comfy fabric used to cover a sleeping personBLANKET
Level 244: From whom one is descendedANCESTOR
Level 244: What is this slideshow app?KEYNOTE
Level 244: Coney Island is located in this New York City boroughBROOKLYN
Level 244: The length of a bird’s “arms” measured from tip to tipWINGSPAN
Level 244: What is this amenity found in coffee shops?FREEWIFI
Level 244: Baseball players who are positioned behind the home plateCATCHERS
Level 244: In mathematics, the ________ value ignores the negative sign: |-9|ABSOLUTE
Level 244: To drive a hard _______; to be very determined to get a favorableBARGAIN
Level 244: What is this captive state?ENCAGED
Level 244: How you might feel if you haven’t drank anything for a whileTHIRSTY
Level 245: What is this currency?DOLLAR
Level 245: River that flows through Washington D.C.POTOMAC
Level 245: Part of a chair where you can lay your upper limbsARMREST
Level 245: Extreme and irrational fear of somethingPHOBIA
Level 245: What is this feeling?OVERJOYED
Level 245: Clothing pattern consisting of many colored circlesPOLKADOT
Level 245: Word; terms that are in vogue at a specific point in timeBUZZWORD
Level 245: A person who rides a bikeCYCLIST
Level 245: A company’s earnings after deducting expensesNETPROFIT
Level 245: To make a ____ ____ short is to skip all the details and arrive directlyLONGSTORY
Level 245: Lack of understanding; uncertaintyCONFUSION
Level 245: Female dancer that dances on her tip toesBALLERINA
Level 245: The _________ equation has the general form of ax^2 + bx + c = 0QUADRATIC
Level 246: Needlework where different pieces of fabric are sewn together PatchworkPATCHWORK
Level 246: Decorational object, especially for Christmas treesORNAMENT
Level 246: The Queen of Heart’s favorite flowers in Alice in WonderlandREDROSES
Level 246: Fight between armed forcesBATTLE
Level 246: A place that caters to people on vacationRESORT
Level 246: Desert hazard that occurs when the wind blowsSANDSTORM
Level 246: Clear, protective finish applied to furnitureVARNISH
Level 246: What is this dangerous insect?FIREANT
Level 246: What feathery companion is absent here?PARROT
Level 246: A eureka moment might make a _________ appear over your head, figurativelyLIGHTBULB
Level 246: Nietzsche’s belief that life does not have intrinsic value or meaningNIHILISM
Level 246: Central American country with a famous canal connecting the AtlanticPANAMA
Level 246: Expression: something that doesn’t bother you is like water off thisDUCKSBACK
Level 246: ____ ______ die hard; it’s hard to change ones waysOLDHABITS
Level 246: Type of tree whose leaves never change colorEVERGREEN
Level 246: British director of “The Birds” and “Psycho”HITCHCOCK
Level 246: Area that an animal marks out for itselfTERRITORY
Level 246: People that have these kept in their closets are afraid others mightSKELETONS
Level 247: Emergency raft on shipsLIFEBOAT
Level 247: _____ __ ____ is a 2020 DC Movie starring Margot RobbieBIRDSOFPREY
Level 247: Word; waste of timePOINTLESS
Level 247: Organs that filter bloodKIDNEYS
Level 247: Liquid rinse for oral cleanlinessMOUTHWASH
Level 247: What is stoppage to fighting?CEASEFIRE
Level 247: Metal clasp on a beltBUCKLE
Level 247: Without exception; every timeALWAYS
Level 247: Notre-Dame is built with this architecture styleGOTHIC
Level 247: Couple which have just marriedNEWLYWEDS
Level 247: Economic term for the increase in cost of goods with timeINFLATION
Level 247: Slight adjustments and improvements to a pictureRETOUCH
Level 247: Legendary cartoon rabbit from “Looney Tunes”BUGSBUNNY
Level 247: What is this garden appliance?SPRINKLER
Level 247: This company created the Xbox gaming consoleMICROSOFT
Level 247: To stop resisting and admit defeatSURRENDER
Level 247: “A ______ Orange” is a 1962 novel by Anthony BurgessCLOCKWORK
Level 248: Word; meaning to get somethingACQUIRE
Level 248: Papier-mache objects filled with candyPINATA
Level 248: Carve a design into a hard surfaceENGRAVE
Level 248: Sharp pieces of ice that hang downICICLE
Level 248: Dried strips of cow meatBEEFJERKY
Level 248: Professionals who display clothing and walk down runwaysMODELS
Level 248: What is this animal?GROUNDHOG
Level 248: Someone with a history of telling the truthCREDIBLE
Level 248: Canadian musician who sang Genesis and OblivionGRIMES
Level 248: _______ Earth Metals are found in the second column on the periodicALKALINE
Level 248: What is this point on a compass?DUENORTH
Level 248: Firearm popularly used by cowboysREVOLVER
Level 248: What are these incremental improvements?UPGRADES
Level 248: Someone’s u201C_______ heelu201C is their weak pointACHILLES
Level 248: Ryan Reynolds spent 10 years to get this R-rated comic book movieDEADPOOL
Level 248: Leonardo da Vinci’s famous portrait with a mysterious smileMONALISA
Level 248: Obstruction that limits passage, particularly in pipes or arteriesBLOCKAGE
Level 248: Siren that warns about an uncontrolled flameFIREALARM
Level 248: What is this boxing punch?LEFTHOOK
Level 248: This body part is where one carries their burdensSHOULDERS
Level 249: A meal that’s part lunch and part breakfastBRUNCH
Level 249: Organic matter used as fuel to generate electricityBIOMASS
Level 249: Leonardo DiCaprio played the eccentric millionaire Jay _____ in theGATSBY
Level 249: Connected computersNETWORK
Level 249: ________ to a YouTube channel to be alerted to new updatesSUBSCRIBE
Level 249: What is this music notation?BASSCLEF
Level 249: To get out of a dangerous situationESCAPE
Level 249: Aspirin is an over the ______ medicineCOUNTER
Level 249: Type of skates with four wheelsROLLER
Level 249: Item bought while traveling to remember the tripSOUVENIR
Level 249: Something that can’t go wrongFOOLPROOF
Level 249: Disney’s mouse iconMICKEY
Level 249: Fundamental force that keeps us on the groundGRAVITY
Level 249: France’s National Day celebrates the storming of the _______BASTILLE
Level 249: A happy event that stays in your memoryMEMORABLE
Level 249: Something that is criticalIMPORTANT
Level 249: A wide, bristled object used similarly to a combHAIRBRUSH
Level 249: What is this vegetable?ARTICHOKE
Level 250: Small shop that sells luxury goods; means shop in FrenchBOUTIQUE
Level 250: Large roofless building for sports events and concertsSTADIUM
Level 250: An event that provides food and drinkCATERED
Level 250: What is this establishment that is open late?NIGHTCLUB
Level 250: Blended beverage made from ice cream and a certain diary productMILKSHAKE
Level 250: Professional who leads an orchestral performanceCONDUCTOR
Level 250: A well-known US stock exchangeNASDAQ
Level 250: Hedonism is a philosophy that pursues thisPLEASURE
Level 250: What is this Bruce Willis movie?ARMAGEDDON
Level 250: Professional that helps open doors without keysLOCKSMITH
Level 250: Social media site that lets users upload photos to displayINSTAGRAM
Level 250: Prince _______ is, despite his name, a vile character in Shrek 2CHARMING
Level 250: Official pardon for people convicted of political offensesAMNESTY
Level 250: Small stringed instrument from the lute family; comes from EuropeMANDOLIN
Level 250: The end part of a limb, as in a hand or footEXTREMITY
Level 250: Narration in a movie spoken by an unseen readerVOICEOVER
Level 250: What is this basic gymnastics skill?CARTWHEEL
Level 250: The state of being unable to see things clearly or at allBLINDNESS
Level 250: 10, 9, 8, 7….!COUNTDOWN
Level 250: Fairytale princes and princesses always live happily _____ _____EVERAFTER

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