Troll Face Quest USA Adventure 2 Level 1 Hints+ Walkthrough

USA Adventure 2 Level 1 Solved

Troll face USA adventure 2 level 1 detailed walkthrough Guide with images and video solutions. Scroll below to find out.

Spilgames is back with another Trollface game related to USA named USA Adventure. Troll face quest USA Adventure is most funny and relatable as a country. This American-themed version of Troll Face Quest with many fun-filled brain-twisting puzzles that will make you ROFL.

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TrollFace Quest USA Adventure 2 Level 1:

(For Video Hints Scroll Down)

  • Hint 1: Click into the clouds
  • Hint 2: Click on the sun, 2-3 times to make it hotter
  • Hint 3: click on trump.

Video guide for troll quest USA adventure 2 level 1:

Troll Face Quest USA Adventure 2 All Levels

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