Imagzle A tool [star world] Answer [Detailed]

Imagzle A tool [star world] Solution Answer

Imagzle A tool [star world] 5 rollers Answers and detailed hints are provided on this page, this game is developed by Stefano Solinas and it is available on Google play store. Scroll down to find the answer.

Imagzle is a difficult and fun game based on images. It’s going to seriously test you on your cultural background, as well as social, logical, and problem-solving skills, turning you into a real encyclopedia of miscellaneous facts. Here you will find all the answers to Imagzle on this one page. Visit to find more answers.

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Imagzle A tool [star world] Answer:

Imagzle: A tool [star world]

Hint: 5 rollers

Answer: Prayer wheel

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