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Imagzle Answers Cheats All Levels

Imagzle game Answers and cheats to all levels are provided on this page, this game is developed by Stefano Solinas and it is available on Google play store. Imagzle is a difficult and fun game based on images. It’s going to seriously test you on your cultural background, as well as social, logical and problem-solving skills, turning you into a real encyclopedia of miscellaneous facts. Here you will find all the answers of Imagzle on this one page. Bookmark this page so that you can get help from this single page.

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Imagzle game Hints Answers:

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Imagzle: ?They Represent Mutation– Ching
Imagzle: .Its in Braille– Ascensore
Imagzle: 4433-5557How to type in old keypad mobiles (Press 4 buttons 2 times for h, 3 Two times for E and so on) – Help
Imagzle: A BookThe Book is About a White Whale and a Man – Moby Dick
Imagzle: A BookIt is the Title of a Book & It the Temperature at Which Paper Burns– Fahrenheit 451
Imagzle: A BookIt’s in the Book from Supercomputer– The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Imagzle: A BookIt is an illustrated encyclopedia of an imaginary world – Codex Seraphinianus
Imagzle: A BuildingChurch
Imagzle: A CaptainIts a Submarine from a sci-fi Book-Nemo
Imagzle: A CharacterHe is from a Spanish Book He is The Protagonist of the Book– Alonso Chisciano
Imagzle: A CountryIts a Country in the South of Europe– Italy
Imagzle: A CountryMadagascar
Imagzle: A DogIt's From the Greek Mythology – Cerberus
Imagzle: A filmIts an American Film, He is a Scientist – Indiana Jones
Imagzle: A FilmIt is an Old Movie by Steven Spielberg– Jaws
Imagzle: A FishIt's from South America, pacu is a South American freshwater fish– Pacu
Imagzle: A FruitBanana
Imagzle: A GameIt is a traditional Japanese skill toy. It consists of a handle, a pair of cups, and a ball that are all connected together by a string– Kendama
Imagzle: A GameTetris
Imagzle: A GameTangram
Imagzle: A GarmentIt is a liturgical head-dress of the Catholic Church, generally proper to bishops– Mitre
Imagzle: A GodIt’s an Egypt God of the Afterlife & has the Head of a dog– Anubis
Imagzle: A HatPaglietta
Imagzle: A MonumentIt is in Turkey-Istanbul– Hagia Sofia
Imagzle: A MovieIts a Silent Movie– Metropolis
Imagzle: A MushroomAIt is a hallucinogen and must be considered poisonous. These attractive fungi often appear in groups– Amanita Muscaria
Imagzle: A Number2343
Imagzle: A Painterthis painting named 'The Treachery of Images' is a 1929 painting by surrealist painter René Magritte– Rene Magritte
Imagzle: A ParkingRotate your phone upside down and try to read the numbers– 87
Imagzle: A Part of the WorldThe Great Lakes, or the Great Lakes of North America, are a series of interconnected freshwater lakes in the upper mid-east part of North America, on Canada–United States border– Great Lakes
Imagzle: A PlaceThe Garden of Eden, also called Paradise, is the biblical "garden of God" described in the Book of Genesis and the Book of Ezekiel– Eden
Imagzle: A PlanetSaturn
Imagzle: A PortIts used in computers (USB Port)– USB
Imagzle: A restaurantEuropean Cafe Look Like if you are Flying in the Sky– UFO
Imagzle: A ScientistThose are Pea Plants, Father of Modern Genetics – Gregor Mendel
Imagzle: A ScientistRussian Scientist who gave initial periodic table, Each Block is an Element– Mendeleev
Imagzle: A ScientistGalileo
Imagzle: A ScientistNewton
Imagzle: A ScientistHe was an Italian physician, physicist, biologist and philosopher, who discovered animal electricity– Galvani
Imagzle: A SingerHe was an American singer. The unpronounceable symbol (later dubbed "Love Symbol #2") – Prince
Imagzle: A SongThe Simpson
Imagzle: A SongWe Will Rock You
Imagzle: A SpiritMasked figure, usually representing an unidentified creature called keket, who appears at times of celebration in Bali, Indonesia– Barong
Imagzle: A SportCurling is a sport in which players slide stones on a sheet of ice toward a target area which is segmented into four concentric circles– Curling
Imagzle: A SportBadminton
Imagzle: A SportIt is a traditional Japanese martial art, which descended from swordsmanship and uses bamboo swords and protective armor– Kendo
Imagzle: A SportCricket
Imagzle: A StateHawaii State Flag– Hawaii
Imagzle: A StateTexas
Imagzle: A StatueAlso known as the Gate of Kings or the Pillars of the Kings, was a landmark on the northern edge of Gondor– Argonath
Imagzle: A SwordA katana is a Japanese sword characterized by a curved, single-edged blade with a circular or squared guard and long grip to accommodate two hands– Katana
Imagzle: A SymbolIts a Japanese and Chinese Word– Uomo
Imagzle: A SymbolIt is a sacred and a spiritual symbol in Indian religions– Om
Imagzle: A SymbolIt is an ancient Egyptian symbol to represent the word for "life"– Ankh
Imagzle: A ToolA It is a doubly reflecting navigation instrument that measures the angular distance between two visible objects– Sestante or sextant
Imagzle: A toolIt is a mechanical linkage to draw an identicle image– Pantografo or Pantograph
Imagzle: A TowerIt is a 553.3 m-high concrete communications and observation tower– CN Tower
Imagzle: A TreeAdansonia is a genus of deciduous trees known as baobabs– Baobab
Imagzle: A WeaponAIt is a Japanese concealed weapon that was used as a hidden dagger– Shuriken
Imagzle: A Wire?It is a piece of standing rigging which keeps a mast from falling backward– Forestay
Imagzle: AirplaneThe yaw string, also known as a slip string, is a simple device for indicating a slip in flight– Sbandometro or Yaw string
Imagzle: An AnimalMarine Mammal– Sea Lion
Imagzle: An AnimalCat
Imagzle: An Animalthese are a group of extinct marine arachnomorph arthropod– Trilobite
Imagzle: An AnimalIt's a Real Animal, it is a critically endangered antelope – Saiga antelope
Imagzle: An AnimalGoat
Imagzle: An Apple?An apple of discord is the core, kernel, or crux of an argument, or a small matter that could lead to a bigger dispute– mela della discordia
Imagzle: An ArtistHe was a Spanish Surrealist artist– Dali
Imagzle: An ArtistHe was a French-American painter– Marcel Duchamp
Imagzle: An ArtistThe Picture is a Painting– Malevich
Imagzle: An ArtistHe was an American visual artist – Man Ray
Imagzle: An IslandThe Numbers are Inverted, The blank space in the coordinates ARE the coordinates 27.1 S 109.3 W. If you put coordinates in the google you will find easter island– Easter Island
Imagzle: An OrganLiver
Imagzle: Artificialit is an artificial archipelago in Dubai– Palm Jumeirah
Imagzle: Beep bopit is a fictional artificial intelligence character and the main antagonist in Arthur C. Clarke's Space Odyssey series– Hal 9000
Imagzle: Bird?Those are Very Big Lines You Can See From an Airplane, Its in Peru– Colibri
Imagzle: BlueIt's a Sea Animal– Blue glaucus
Imagzle: Butterflyzebra swallowtail is a swallowtail butterfly native to the eastern United States and southeast Canada– Protographium marcellus
Imagzle: ButterflyIts from the Family of Morphinae– blue morpho
Imagzle: CandlesIt is described in the Bible as the seven-lamp ancient Hebrew lampstand made of pure gold– Menorah
Imagzle: CteGerboa
Imagzle: Ding These are composed of two handmade bell – Tingsha
Imagzle: Easy PeasySherlock Holmes
Imagzle: ElephantIt was a female Asian elephant who was killed by electrocution at Coney Island, New York, in January 1903– Topsy
Imagzle: FireIt is a legendary bipedal dragon with a tail ending in an arrow-shaped tip– Wyvern
Imagzle: FoodPotato
Imagzle: FruitApple=10, Banana=6, Pineapple=15, (10x6-15)= 45
Imagzle: Fruits19.25
Imagzle: I Am BeautifulIt is a long-lived bird that cyclically regenerates or is otherwise born again– Pheonix
Imagzle: I Was A PlanetPluto
Imagzle: ImaginationIt is a constellation in the northern sky– Orsa Maggiore or Ursa Major
Imagzle: It says “my opera” in sign language?Fidelio
Imagzle: Love?Narcissus is a legendarily handsome young man in Greek mythology- Greek Icon of Extreme Self-Love– Narciso
Imagzle: MathRead the Quadrants in Order– Love
Imagzle: MathIt is an Ancient Mathematical System, After 4 Dots You Use a Line– 14
Imagzle: MathOne Dot is Worth One– 2
Imagzle: MathThe Numbers are Written Vertically–1652
Imagzle: MusicIndian music instrument– Sitar
Imagzle: Never MoreIts a Poem– The Crow
Imagzle: NightThere are Stars In Hindu astrology, there are 27 nakshatras– 27
Imagzle: SmileThey are danish sockets– Denmark
Imagzle: SnakesIt is winged human females with living venomous snakes in place of hair– Medusa
Imagzle: SpaceThe First Dog in Space– Laika
Imagzle: SpaceshipIts a Star Trek Spaceship– Excelsior
Imagzle: Sudoku Time2193
Imagzle: SymbolHe is a Musician – Aphex Twin
Imagzle: The Car A Famous TV Series– Kitt
Imagzle: The Farm?Topo
Imagzle: Too HighIn Greek mythology, Icarus is the son of the master craftsman Daedalus– Icaro or Icarus
Imagzle: What Am I?It is also known as "the orb and cross", is an orb surmounted by a cross–Globus cruciger
Imagzle: What for?Lock Picking
Imagzle: What is it?Telephone
Imagzle: What is my Problem?Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a mental disorder in which a person feels the need to perform certain routines repeatedly– OCD
Imagzle: What Was I?Snowman
Imagzle: Where Am I?Burj Khalifa
Imagzle: Where?Its Leaning Tower of Pisa–Pisa
Imagzle: Who am I?He was the king of Ephyra. He was punished and being forced to roll an immense boulder up a hill only for it to roll down every time it neared the top, repeating this action for eternity– Sisyphus
Imagzle: Who Am I?Plague Doctor
Imagzle: Who Am I?He was one of the best-known and most influential figures of the French Revolution– Robespierre
Imagzle: Who?EVE (which stands for Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator) it id from pixer move Wall-E– Eve
Imagzle: Who?He used to Cut Canvas. He was both an artist and a philosopher– Fontana
Morse Code with alphabet lettersA Boat: MS Estonia
Fight [Light world]Bull on his knees– Matador / Minotaur / Minotaurus
Fundamental [Sunset world]Y-shaped– Flux Capacitor
A Plant [Sunset world]A pink plant– Orchid
A Seal [World of stars]Orange circle with lines– Bauhaus Symbol
Is 6 better than 4 [Northern Light / Aurora world]6 wheels blue racing car– Tyrrell P34
Vigilantes [Northern Light / Aurora world]Man in black– Zorro
A Mission [Sunset world]Circles logo– InSight
A singer [Special world]Blond hairs singer– Immanuel Casto
A movie [Sea world]Japanese boy with hat– The Last Emperor
A mystery [Northern Light / Aurora]White fence of silk in circular area– Silkhenge
Chemistry [World of light]Conical flask or a titration flask– Erlenmeyer
A tool [Night World]For picking locks– Lockpicking
Currency [Thank you world]Two blue mushrooms on 50$ bill– New Zealand Dollar
In a traditional house [Northern Light / Aurora world]Fish with stick– Jizaikagi
The man behind the mask [Orange world]Man with black hat and cane.– Charlie Chaplin /Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin KBE
A symbol [Sunset world]Venus symbol– Venus of Willendorf
What is it [Sunset world]Three overlapping rings– Trefoil
An Ethnicity [Northern Light / Aurora world]Women in tribal dress– Kayan
Optical illusion [Northern Light / Aurora world]An unusually shaped building with curved walls– Krzywy Domek
Defense is the best attack [Sunset world]Defensive weapon– Corna di fachiro / Madu
A Double agentPicture of man– Dennis Nedry
A movie [light world]Binoculars in photo– Rear window / Ventana indiscreta
A movie [world of stars]Cake and ribbon– Matilda
Hands [World of stars]Sign language– 9378
A city [light world]Map with circle in middle– Moscow
A place of memory [Northern Light / Aurora world]Building with a tower– Tsitsernakaberd
A bag [Special world]Big glass bag flask– Ambu
Where to [Thanks world]Milestone– Camino de Santiago / Santiago
An object [sunset world]Piece of metal or wood– Cleat
Divine [Orange world]Sun with eyes– Jagannath
Oh, got it! [light world]3 lines of text– Rosetta stone
A Fairy tale [light world]A rose– Beauty and the beast / La bella e la bestia
Beaten [world of stars]Budhha statue– Spring Temple Buddha / Budha dan jong
A monster [sunset world]A black bird– Probosciger aterrimus
A robot [Dark World]Robot– Johnny 5
A monument [Thank you world]Sculpture of three chicken– Dyrefontene
Fire [light world]White dragon – Wyvern
A song [Special World]Song– Moonlight sonata
What is it? [Thank you World]7x7 squared grid– Wiphala
A mystery [thank you world]Hill figure on the grass– Long Man of Wilmington
Special [Sea world]Man with sunglasses– Daredevil- Comment your answer To help other Reader of this website.
Morse code [Night World]Morse code– MS Estonia
Spider [Northern Light / Aurora world]Colorful spider– Peacock spider / ragno pavone
What is it [Sunset world]Statue– Homunculus loxodontus
A place [special world]Big barcode– Auschwitz
Esotericism [Star World]Triangle and R– Aqua regia
Divinity [Thank you world]eagle– Faravahar
A fruit [Orange world]fruit with seed– Tamarindo / Tamarind
I was on the head [Thank you world]peacock feather head– Montezuma
What is it? [Orange world]Golden ornaments– Hoxne Hoard
A flying disk [thank you world]disk with golden drawings– Voyager golden record
a city [Thank you world]City– Mogyorod
Music to my ears [stars world]Logo– Caravan Palace
Comics [stars world]Red logo– Berserk
Furniture [Northern Light / Aurora world]prayer desk made of wood– Priedieu
Is not really a tooltool– capotasto
Sailing time [northern light world]Boat part– Keel
The past [thank you world]Man with axe– Berlin Wall
A book [night world]Trees drawn in book– Codex Seraphinianus
Architecture [Northern Light / Aurora world]Building with way in between– Candi bentar
A procedure [special world]Shaving– tricotomia
Who is he [Night world]man pushing a round rock uphill– Sisifo / Sisyphus
A monument [Northern Light / Aurora world]monument with 2 faces– we are our mountains
Who is he [thank you world]Chef has a tattoo of a bird– Paul Bocuse
An Instrument [thank you world]music instrument– Kazoo
Horror or realityflower looks like eyes– White Baneberry / Doll's Eyes
:| [orange world]blue eyes– Lophorina superba
Fear on the high seas [sunset world]broken ship– Flying Dutchman / olandese volante
A character [orange world]Painter– Bob Ross
an Animal [Sunset world]brown animal– Mudhoppers
An animal [sunset world]Star nosed mole– Star nosed mole
A fruit [sunset world]Purple colored fruit– Mangosteen / Mangostano
Saga [Northern Light / Aurora world]Man with rose– The Dark Tower
A plant [stars world]Plant with pink flowers– Origanum dictamnus
A state [sunset world]New South Wales– New South Wales
A masterpiece [northern light world]A man and women with a fork– American gothic
A bird [star world]white and black bird– Picathartes gymnocephalus
A place [northern light world]Man is watching tv under the sea– Cancun underwater museum
A pioneer [Northern Light / Aurora world]William morgan– William morgan
Pocket [northern light world]Instrument brown in color– Nose flute
A tool [star world]5 rollers– Prayer wheel
Where [Sunset world]mountains and people– Valle vinales
A fish's family [Northern Light / Aurora world]Fish– Wobbegong
Who Swordsman [thank you world]soldiers– Landsknecht
A city [Northern Light / Aurora world]coordinates are given– Sassari
Choices [Thank you world]spiked chain– cilice
3327777999telephone– Easy
A country [Northern Light / Aurora world]an island country– Tuvalu
Who [Northern Light / Aurora world]Chinese characters– Kim Il-sung
Cards [Northern Light / Aurora world]2 king 3 aces– Full House
Who [orange world]lady women with a green dress– Margaret hamilton / hamilton
A playful object [Northern Light / Aurora]four-sided spinning top– Sevivon / dreidel
An amphibian [Northern Light / Aurora world]frog– Suriname Toad / star-fingered toad
A woman [northern light world]Women with grey hairs– Ciri / Cirilla
Iconic [Northern Light / Aurora world]Cartoon kid as mouse– Cheburashka
An Animal [northern light world]elephant– Deinotherium
A place[Northern Light / Aurora world]city– Wieliczka
Who am I? [orange world]Golden hand– Santa Teresa
A dinosaur [Northern Light / Aurora]Peacock like animal with blue head– Casuario
A tip [special world]tool with curved tip– Yankauer
An artist [sunset world]Artist– Cattelan
A character [Northern Light / Aurora world]Grey colored object woth red buttons on it– Darth maul
Who am I [Special World]xray with ring on a finfer– Anna rontgen / Anna Bertha Rontgen
A table [special world]Table joined by grey lines– CAMILLA CUCHARA or Scoop stretcher
A tube [special world]Tube curved from top orange end– Oropharyngeal airway
Who am I [Sunset world]with golden Gauntlet– Santa Teresa
A sign [orange world]signature– Carlo V / Charles V
Math [light world]Dots question– 6
An animal [orange world]Animal woth cup of coffee– Kopi Luwak
Oneiric Mathematics? [Italy+man- cat = ?]Italy+man- cat = ?– 73 is answer [1+75-3]
An amulet [orange world]plus shaped statue– Idol of Pomos
?bike in yellow background– draisine
What Is It [orange world]black color micro animal– Tardigrado
A living being [orange world]aquatic animal– Spiegeleiqualle / Medusa Cassiopea
What is it cat [orange world]cat– Maine Coon
An animal [orange world]orange octopus– Polpo dumbo / Dumbo Octopus
? [orange world]racing car– Brabham
A fairy tale [light world]The Six Swans– The Six Swans
not a plant [orange world]aquatic plant like on violet background– Crinoidea
A machine [orange world]machine with buttons and cables– Enigma

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  • January 14, 2021 at 2:26 am

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    I need someone to explain “The dots” Answer. It says it’s an Ancient Mathematical System, and answer is 14. So, when I searched for this, it leads to the Mayans and they used dots, but also dashes for a number of 5 & higher-up to 20. The picture has NO Dashes?? I also attempted to figure it, & never received an answer of “14”…???!!! HELP?? 🤔

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    I need to know the answer with the level that says play me that is a christmas song.

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    Dark world book clue Anna Karenina

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    there’s a level in the game called statues and you don’t have a solution.

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    Why are you guys here on a site with answers to puzzles if you think they are doing an injustice? Statistically:
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    As a developer, I not only want to challenge players but more importantly, I want them to enjoy, have fun without being discouraged or combative to their self esteem.
    I get your point about “ruining” the game or destroying the hard work a creator did to make these games. However, like I said, walkthroughs and hints are actually more of a positive than it is a negative for us as creators.

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      Why is the answer to “The Farm” = Topo?

      What is that/mean?

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        Rat. It’s Chinese New Year symbols in order.

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