EnigmBox: The Flower Answer & Solution

EnigmBox The Flower Detailed Hint and Answer

Enigmbox: The Flower solution with detailed hints and walkthroughs. This level is solved in this post, Scroll below to find the complete Guide.

Enigmbox is a think outside the box puzzle game available for Android devices on Google PlayStore and for iOS devices you can download it from App Store. This game is different from other puzzle games as every level is different and you have to do the different tasks at every level mostly using powers of your phone such as Camera, Touch, Shake, Vibrate, and other sensors including gyroscope and light sensor. In each puzzle you have to type some code and then tap the heart to pass that level, I will help you if you are stuck at any level.

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Enigmbox- The Flower:

Hint: You have to give the flower sunlight or something very bright. To do that you have to take your phone’s Front camera in front of a very bright light source for a few seconds until it blooms and gives a red heart.

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