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Trick Me Answers Solutions Hints Complete

Trick Me: Logical brain teaser game hints and solutions are provided in this Page. Scroll down to find the required level.

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Trick Me Answers:

Tip: Use the Search feature of the table to find levels If your level is Make the baby Sleep

Then you can type Make or Sleep or Level Number in the search box to get the required level. ⇓

Trick Me (Search Words/Level ↑)
1 (Which one is red)
2 Shoot the basketball into the hoop
3 throw everything away
4 Find the different one
5 Which one is the biggest drop
6 make the baby sleep
7 how many point do you give to this game
8 make the baby sleep
9 Balance the scale
10 One of the girls looking at the west.
11 open the door
12 Stop the fight
13 help the tree shed its leaves
14 catch the fish
15 fill the bucket with water
16 help the man lose weight
17 feed the hay to the cow
18 find 10 differences
19 Clean the page
20 Which one is soda?
21 find the gamer
22 How many hairs does the child have?
23 Please charge the phone
24 If the hunter shot 2 of the birds
25 Pop the balloons
26 reach the animal to the exit
27 How many letters left in alphabet if you take the letters a and b
28 How many flies are there?
29 Put the baby to sleep
30 Wake up the Cow
31 Save the ship from crashing iceberg
32 Cross the truck across the bridge
33 which one is edible?
34 What would the result be if we multiply all the numbers with each other
35 do the right move to win the game
36 how would you empty the bath tub fastly?
37 Open the door
38 find the real shadow of the bird
39 some months takes 30 some take 31 how many months have 28 days?
40 Do not explode the bomb?
41 Hang the man
42 Wake up the cow
43 Press the orange circle 10 times then press the blue circle once
44 Find the couples and win the game
45 How this equation becomes correct 2000+50=6550
46 Confirm evenness by moving the single matchstick
47 Make all of it green
48 If 5 squirrels eat 5 walnuts in 5 minutes
49 protect the rocket from attacks for 15 seconds
50 You should win the game again
51 Throw everything away
52 how many rings are there on the screen
53 Collect 5 mice like in the picture
54 How can the kangaroo jump higher than the building
55 catch person who is cheating
56 which is the prettiest?
57 Make the baby sleep
58 Clean the page!
59 Get the number of 100 twice by using a single line from 188
60 Wake up the cow
61 Turn the light off
62 Bring the pen into the empty space
63 open the door
64 Solve the problem
65 Feed the hay to the cow
66 Do you guess the three letters upcoming in the order?
67 Find objects!
68 How many numbers are there?
69 Please write down the right answer?
70 I go to bed 8’o clock at night & I set my cuckoo clock at 9
71 Please charge the phone
72 Cross the truck across the bridge
73 Turn the light off
74 Choose 3 balls verify the evenness
75 Which one is the heaviest?
76 Catch the fish!
77 Shake the drink and help the child drink it
78 Help the child to open the safe
79 Find the numbers on the balls
80 Find the real shadow of the bird
81 clean the car
82 find the strongest balloon!
83 How many orange cubes do you need to cover the blue cube?
84 Fill the bucket with water
85 Make the baby sleep
86 What is the size of the table?
87 Feed the hay to the cow
88 Please help me find my dog in this mess
89 Lift Thor’s hammer
90 Find the pairs and win the game
91 Wake up the cow
92 Hey..! what day of the month it is?
93 Open the door
94 Balance the scale
95 Cross the truck across the bridge
96 It's snowing! catch the snow
97 Help him escape prison
98 Park the car
99 Catch person who is cheating!
100 Help the child see!
101 Which one would you save?
102 The animals are racing. Cow Rabbit turtle, help turtle win
103 Make the baby sleep
104 What should be the next number in the sequence?
105 Help the truck pass through the tunnel
106 If mary gathers 2 bananas in 1 minute how many in 10 minutes?
107 Light the match
108 List the numbers you see on screen in order
109 Who is pregnant?
110 How many squares are there?
111 Make the man happy
112 Sally is 21 years older than her son, How old is sally?
113 Park the car in the right spot
114 Shoot the basketball into the hoop
115 turn off the lights
116 save the gorilla 🙁
117 Whats’s the fastest route from A to I
118 Burn everything
119 if 2 of them are drowned 4 swimming 3 dead how many fish in aquarium
120 Please charge the phone
121 Put the fire out
122 find the pirate
123 complete the equation a+b+c=6
124 Defeat your competitor in rock paper scissor game!
125 It’s 3:35 what time in clock moved counterclockwise 90 degrees
126 Where is Europe
127 Turn off the lights
128 He broke the vase 10 minutes ago help him fix it.
129 Which tank would be filled first
130 How can the Kangaroo jump higher than the building?
131 We need 9 bananas
132 What should fill the blank?
133 How many 3’s are there?
134 Catch the fish
135 Help the truck pass through the tunnel
136 Make a square by moving 2 balls
137 Turn off the lights
138 Feed the hay to the cow
139 Who is pregnant?
140 Open the door
141 Leave me alone for a bit…
142 Shoot the basketball into the hoop
143 Catch person who is cheating
144 Help an old lady cross the road
145 What is the result of the calculation?
146 Catch the fish
147 Shrink down the fire!
148 Find the password
149 Weigh the chicken
150 Is it too quiet here?
151 Take the ball outside
152 Score a goal
153 Make the baby laugh
154 bring the child to the exit
155 The child is so lonely
156 Please click in the following order
157 Silence the kid
158 Unlock the case
159 Make the man happy!
160 What does the child see?
161 You should win the game again.
162 Make the girl fall in love with the boy
163 Cross the truck across the bridge
164 Find the water for kids to make a water fight.
165 Shout and say MOM
166 Find a frame for those colored objects.
167 Do something to end the war.
168 Find the ball?
169 Bring the child to the exit
170 Score a goal
171 Score a goal
172 Find 10 differences
173 Enter password…
174 Find the gamer
175 Open the Door
176 Prevent the ship from hitting the iceberg
177 Pop the pimples!
178 Which one of the fast cars is guilty?
179 The dog wants to cross the street
180 The boy doesn’t hear you He has to hear you!
181 Get 10000 points!
182 Repairs one of the robots!
183 The child can’t see, help him!
184 Find the rotton apple
185 Help him reach the yellow area
186 Stop the child from shivering
187 Fly the balloon
188 Help batman win
189 Defeat the Dwarf
190 Tap yellow three times Red three times green three times, white three times
191 The vase was broken ten minutes ago, Help fix it
192 Open the way
193 Gamer is sleepy, help him
194 Repair the car
195 Beat Ronaldo!
196 Help them meet
197 Help the man get out of the room
198 Defeat the Dwarf
199 Help the rocket take off
200 Which one do you think the baby would prefer?
201 Open the door
202 Find the pirate
203 The boy will take his dog for a walk, but the weather is terrible. Help the boy
204 The thief stole the items
205 Make the robots fall in love with each other
206 Help him reach the yellow area!
207 Shoot the bottles!
208 Which one will win? Help the one on the left!
209 Why don’t we move?
210 Park the car in the right spot
211 Repair the car
212 Get 10000 points!
213 Two foreigners cannot understand each other
214 Defeat the Dwarf
215 What is the secret number?
216 Are you rich?
217 Help the squirrel climb to the top of the ivy
Trick Me Level 218 Place all materials to cover the area
Trick Me Level 219 What would the result be if we multiply all the numbers with each other?
Trick Me Level 220 Help me fix the phone
Trick Me Level 221 Kill the monster
Trick Me Level 222 Separate the colours
Trick Me Level 223 Take the shark out of the aquarium
Trick Me Level 224 Is it too quiet here?
Trick Me Level 225 Help an old lady cross the road
Trick Me Level 226 What should be the next number in the sequence?
Trick Me Level 227 Kill the mosquito
Trick Me Level 228 Help them meet
Trick Me Level 229 Shoot the bottles!
Trick Me Level 230 Clean the screen!
Trick Me Level 231 Score a goal
Trick Me Level 232 Which one do you think the baby would prefer?
Trick Me Level 233 Help the rocket take off
Trick Me Level 234 Do something the child to sleep
Trick Me Level 235 Beat Ronaldo!

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My review: Test your IQ to have lots of fun with this tricky puzzle game. Use hints if you need a clue. Think outside the box, Test your savvy, imagination, and logic skills, Focus on the details & Try different mechanics. The game demands unique solutions that the users cannot even imagine a very tricky game to play with your friends and siblings.

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