RED Level 36 Hints and Walk-through Bart Bonte Game Android/iOS

Red Level 36 Hints and Solution (Bart Bonte)

Red level 36 complete step-by-step walkthrough with hints, tips, tricks, solutions, and answers for the iOS and Android puzzle game to Bart Bonte’s game ‘Red’. All Levels are solved separately and hints are provided for each level as in-game hints may be a little bit confusing or hard to understand.

After the success of ‘Yellow’ here comes its sequel ‘Red’ game, Which is as cool as yellow but a little bit easy to play. Yellow had some hard levels but red seems to have only moderate difficulty but I will help you guys in case of any problem or difficulty. I have provided each level with some hints and link to video walkthrough guide.

Red consists of 50 levels with increasing difficulty. You have to turn level screen Red but it is not as simple as you think, each level has its own logic. Hints button will be popped if you got stuck. The game is free but if you want to support game making there is one ‘premium unlock’ in-app purchase which also removes the ads you see when you ask for hints.

All other levels are solved at :

Red Level 36

Hint 1: 4 arrows in 4 dorection

Hint 2: Start pressing arrows from up to down, from down to up

Hint 3: → from left to right & ← from right to left (may watch video for exact easy walkthrough)

If you are unable to solve using hints you can watch detailed easy walkthrough I solved in this video (you can also go to youtube and subscribe to my youtube channel to help me):


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