Pythagorea 60° Extra Levels (24.1-24.3) Solutions/Answers

Pythagorea 60 degree Level 24.1 24.2 24.3 Solutions/Answers

Pythagorea 60 degrees is android/iOS app developed by Horis International Limited. This game is mostly focused on geometric puzzles and construction. The workspace is divided into triangular grids lines aligned 60° to each other, that’s why this game names as pythagorea 60°. You should know all the basic Math operations. All lines and shapes are drawn on a grid whose cells are equilateral triangles. Most of the game levels can be answered using natural intuition and bye some basic laws of geometry.

You have to connect points on the grid using straight lines to construct an element, you can even use intersection points to draw. some levels are very easy some are of medium difficulty and some are very hard to solve, To help you, I am providing solutions to all the problems.

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  • Pythagorea 60° Level 24.1: Construct an equilateral triangle using the given segment as side.

  • Pythagorea 60° Level 24.2: Construct all points that are at equal distance from the three lines.

  • Pythagorea 60° Level 24.3: Construct all points that are at equal distance from the three lines.

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Feel free to comment below if you have any doubts regarding the solutions. I will try to help you guys. All other levels are posted on this blog please visit them too.

My YouTube video link to these solutions (in case you want to know the detailed solutions):

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