Logicross Level 279 Answers [All Words in One Page]

Logicross Level 279 Answers

Logicross Level 279 Answers, Solution, and Hints, a Competitive and complicated word game created by Unico Studio and available on the Google PlayStore. Logicross: Letter Puzzle Game is a highly competitive and complex word puzzle game that merges word, puzzle, brain teaser, and logic genres into a single immersive experience. Players uncover hidden sentences by decrypting cryptic letters on the board, with hints and definitions guiding their way. With colorful graphics, lively animations, and over 1000 levels across different themes, the game challenges players’ IQ and analytical thinking. It features state-of-the-art letter typing technology, a sticker collection book, daily challenges, and detailed statistics to enhance gameplay. Letter Puzzle Game is designed to satisfy the needs of intelligent players seeking a challenging and engaging word brain teaser, offering a training ground for logic, memory, and cultural knowledge.

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<strong>Logicross Game</strong><strong> Level 279 Answers</strong>

  • Capital of Greece: ATHENS
  • The conditions outside: WEATHER
  • The process of a baby being born: BIRTH
  • Beard style where hair is just on the chin: GOATEE
  • Overhead lift event in weightlifting: SNATCH
  • A ludicrous figure: BUFFON
  • Charlie __, writer of the Young Bond books: HIGSON
  • Product used to treat and prevent baldness: ROGAINE
  • Non-attendance: ABSENCE
  • Ecuadorian Easter Soup Made With Salted Cod: FANESCA
  • Quick alternative route: SHORTCUT
  • Puddingwife Is An Atlantic Ocean Fish: WRASSE

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