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Logicross answers levels 1-300 are provided on this single page! You’ve come to the right place, whether stuck on a challenging level or seeking hints to enhance your gameplay. Our team has compiled a collection of solutions, answers, and detailed hints for levels 1 to 300 of this exciting game developed by Unico Studio. You can download this Game from the Play Store and embark on a thrilling adventure.

LogiCross Letter Puzzle Game is a word game that combines word, puzzle, brain teaser, and logic genres into a single game. It has various level themes with proverbs, hidden messages, movie quotes, and historical facts. The game has a library of amazing facts about our world which can enhance our cultural knowledge and analytic thinking at the same time. Bookmark this page to access assistance whenever you’re playing the game conveniently. We aim to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information, ensuring you progress smoothly through each level.

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Logicross Game: Answers for All Levels

Note: Tap on required level to expand all the answers.

Logicross Level 1-25 Answers

Level 1Steel bars that form a railroad track: RAIL
Opposite of cold: HOT
___ down on this chair, please: SIT
A North American country: USA
Level 2Fire in the ___!: HOLE
Spirit: SOUL
Enemy: FOE
Find an answer or solution: SOLVE
A run-down dwelling: HOVEL
Blend together: FUSE
Lots of laughs: LOL
Water sprayer: HOSE
Wrong move in a sport: FOUL
Your truest identity: SELF
Opposite of win: LOSE
Level 3Look! A shooting ___!: STAR
We live on this planet: EARTH
Amber ___ issued for a missing teen!: ALERT
Intelligent or clever: SMART
Inflicting damage: HARM
Story or narrative: TALE
Toothed wheel that transmit motion or power: GEAR
A framework of parallel or crossed bars: GRATE
Go from solid to liquid: MELT
Aromatic plant with grayish-green leaves: SAGE
Thermal energy: HEAT
Level 4___ Eastwood. a famous old actor: CLINT
Cheese loving vermin: MOUSE
Lips touch: KISS
Feeling unwell: SICK
Neck__, a piece of cloth: TIE
The New York ____ Magazine: TIMES
Short for microphone: MIC
Frozen water: ICE
Attack with a leg: KICK
Underground digging animal: MOLE
Thin square covering: TILE
Touch with tongue: LICK
Level 5Matador’s enemy: BULL
Johnny ___, aka Captain Sparrow: DEPP
Professional meal preparer: COOK
Health ___ or auto ___: INSURANCE
Landing stage for boats: PIER
Yellow and long fruit: BANANA
The darkest color: BLACK
Keeps a house safe: LOCK
___ a book: READ
Our biggest light and heat source: SUN
Something that can be eaten safely: EDIBLE
Don’t break any ____!: RULES
Level 6___ Perry, pop singer: KATY
Hair made of curls: CURLY
Heavy armored war vehicle: TANK
7 of them in a week: DAY
Shopping ___: CART
Not wet: DRY
Not enemy: ALLY
Good ___ to you!: LUCK
Soft earth that can be molded: CLAY
A kind of pet: CAT
3 feet or 36 inches: YARD
Political mass meeting: RALLY
Level 7Waterfall from clouds: RAIN
Not far: NEAR
___ Man, Tony Stark: IRON
Emotion caused by a threat: FEAR
Gardening tool: HOE
High quality: FINE
We need it to breathe: AIR
A non-flowering plant: FERN
Brave and noble: HERO
Not off: ON
Large animal with a horn: RHINO
Toward the front: FORE
Level 8Colorful part of plants: FLOWER
___ Smith, slapping actor: WILL
To form letters on a surface: WRITE
A wild member of the dog family: WOLF
Has rooms to rent: HOTEL
It’s not ___ it: WORTH
Mental sharpness: WIT
A folder of documents: FILE
Opposite of right: LEFT
Cry of a wolf or dog: HOWL
Cars have 4 of them: TIRE
Raise something: LIFT
Level 9___ Musk: ELON
Not hard: SOFT
Tiny, usually six-legged creature: INSECT
1/100 of $: CENT
Not short: LONG
A thin cut: SLICE
Barrier made of wood: FENCE
Boneless meat or fish: FILET
Space directly under the roof: LOFT
Burn slightly: SINGE
Flint___ cartoon: STONES
Give something without payment: GIFT
Level 10___ Grande, pop singer: ARIANA
Device to take photos or record videos: CAMERA
Performs in movies, plays or TV shows: ACTOR
Capital of Italy: ROME
Metal piece used as a currency: COIN
Love affair: ROMANCE
Experienced guide: MENTOR
Relates to sea or ocean: MARINE
Cosmic snowball: COMET
Identifies a person: NAME
Makes a car go faster: NITRO
Let’s draw a happy ___ here: TREE
Level 11Not afraid: BRAVE
Has 5 fingers: HAND
___ Downey Jr.: ROBERT
Suffer from lack of food: STARVE
Don’t feed the ___ cats: STRAY
Narrative of events: STORY
Feeling weary: BORED
Air tunnel: VENT
Farm animal house: BARN
Provide shelter or refuge: HARBORED
Thin strand of fiber: THREAD
Group of musicians: BAND
Level 12____ Messi: LIONEL
Not slow: FAST
United ____ Service: POSTAL
Superman wears one: CAPE
Drugs in Star Wars: SPICE
Young child or baby: INFANT
Organized group: FACTION
Its waste threatens the oceans: PLASTIC
Steep rock face: CLIFF
To turn: FLIP
Block the light of a celestial body: ECLIPSE
Writing or drawing instrument: PENCIL
Level 13After 9: TEN
Liam ___, action movie star: NEESON
Gives verdict in a court: JURY
___ Dracula: COUNT
Summer month: JUNE
Indian spice: CURRY
Sharon ____: STONE
Put ice cream on it: CONE
Attempt to do something: TRY
Turn a wheel: STEER
Say to apologize: SORRY
Red in French: ROUJE
Level 14Leads the employees: BOSS
Biggest search engine: GOOGLE
___ Radcliffe, Harry Potter: DANIEL
A color between blue and green: TEAL
Open a hole in ground: DIG
Contract between lessor-lessee: LEASE
Attack with mouth: BITE
Angry bees do this: STING
Not truth: LIE
Water vehicle: BOAT
Fall down slowly: GLIDE
A type of coffee: LATTE
Level 15Spitting animal: LLAMA
Mark it on a calendar: DATE
Top part of human body: HEAD
Obscure yourself: HIDE
Fermented honey and water: MEAD
Small village: HAMLET
Shop of prepared foods: DELI
In perfect condition: IDEAL
You got ___!: MAIL
Lower the light: DIM
End of life: DEATH
Level 16___ Hathaway: ANNA
Ability to do something well: SKILL
Opposite of thin: FAT
Large town: CITY
Opposite of slow: FAST
___ 911 now!: CALL
Very soft and smooth fabric: SILK
Turns to blow air: FAN
Look above and see: SKY
Connects two things: LINK
Harbinger of a shark: FIN
Silvery-white metal: TIN
Level 17Be in a move into or sloping position: LEAN
Cabbage __: PATCH
The cold US state attached to Canada: ALASKA
Use the mind: THINK
Dissertation Scholarly Piece Of Work: THESIS
Urban railway system: METRO
Cheddar or mozzarella: CHEESE
Not rich: POOR
Opposite of South: NORTH
Head protector: HELMET
Instance of a particular situation: CASE
Sky high cost, right up in space: ASTRONOMICAL
Level 18
Fatty Portion Of Milk: BUTTERFAT
Ray of light: BEAM
Usually cooked in a ___ cooker: RICE
Military branch for the infantry: ARMY
Denoting a person that’s different from the known one: OTHER
Black bird with ugly voice: CROW
Building in which goods are manufactured: FACTORY
Covered in moisture: WET
The hearing organ: EAR
Gift to the naughty kids: COAL
Creeping invertebrate with no limbs: WORM
Sweeper: BROOM
Level 19____’s up?: WHAT
Getting older: AGING
Hearing-impaired: DEAF
2.205 pounds: KILO
Soil-dwelling creatures, used as fish bait: EARTHWORM
In Between Front And Rear Equal Distance: MIDDLE
Bass Speaker: WOOFER
___fighters fight against it: FIRE
Large room for meetings: HALL
Cloth woven from flax: LINEN
Canine Battle: DOGFIGHT
Level 20Lower leg joint: ANKLE
What is owed: DEBT
Jumping into water: DIVE
Liquid sprayed by a squid: INK
Spherical optical organ: EYEBALL
Container for coke and beans: CAN
Not good: BAD
Vladimir …, leader of Russian Revolution in 1917: LENIN
Coin worth five cents: NICKEL
Tummy: BELLY
Opposite of good: EVIL
Seven Years In __, 1997 film about mountaineering: TIBET
Level 21A husband’s female partner: WIFE
60 of them in a minute: SECOND
Food heater: OVEN
Clue: HINT
Moral rule: ETHIC
Rolling ones are moss free: STONES
Organized And Not Wasteful: EFFICIENT
Neverending: INFINITE
Partitions, splits: DIVISIONS
Professional cook: CHEF
Imagine Picture The Future: ENVISION
Number after fourteen: FIFTEEN
Level 22Take unlawfully: STEAL
Strap that restrains a dog: LEASH
Excess body weight: FAT
Untied: LOOSE
Lacking interest: DULL
Party giver: HOST
Touched Hand To Cap Like A Soldier: SALUTED
Illegal tackle: FOUL
Himalayan mountain, fourth highest in the world: LHOTSE
Level 23Large number of bugs occupying somewhere: INFEST
Sharply inclined: STEEP
Evaporation from boiling water: STEAM
Pickle or can veggies so that they last: PRESERVE
Confirming accuracy of something: VERIFY
Side of a mountain or a cliff: FACE
Gigantic: MASSIVE
Stumbles, falls: TRIPS
Flawed, defective: IMPERFECT
Large primate with no tail.: APE
See-throughness: TRANSPARENCY
Large number of people crowded together: MASS
Level 24Causes coke to explode: MENTOS
Pitch and intonation of the voice: TONE
Very small arachnid with four pairs of legs: MITE
Reptile With A Hard Shell: TORTOISE
Take a break: REST
Greek god of thunder: ZEUS
Inter Connected Hotel Rooms: SUITE
Those Up For An Award: NOMINEES
To all __ and purposes; in essence: INTENTS
Revolve: TURN
More Wet Humid Or Clammy: MOISTER
Calm state of mind associated with meditation: ZEN
Level 25Honest, genuine: TRUTHFUL
State of being unknown or mysterious: OBSCURITY
Monkey or ape: PRIMATE
Injure: WOUND
Small pieces of dead skin in someone’s hair: DANDRUFF
Surrounds the world with 7 layers: ATMOSPHERE
A farm animal: COW
Sixty seconds: MINUTE
Two Way Talking Devices: INTERCOMS
Officially sanctioned: FORMAL
Santa ___ brings gifts: CLAUS
Professional speedster: RACER

Logicross Level 26-50 Answers

Level 26Long vehicle that carries passengers: BUS
A circular Italian food: PIZZA
Emotional damage caused by crime, disaster: TRAUMA
Burning a dead body: CREMATION
To speak in length passionately; rhymes with pant: RANT
Attacking another country, incursion: INVASION
A bad sign if you hear them when alone: VOICES
Early humans that lived in caves: CAVEMEN
One who flees: ESCAPER
Performs spectacular gymnastic feats: ACROBAT
Japanese name for Japan: NIPPON
Top of the milk: CREAM
Level 27
Plural of that: THOSE
To throw garbage on the ground: LITTER
Title of a Christian minister: REVEREND
French word for “she” or a lifestyle magazine: ELLE
Solo, solitary: LONE
One tenth of a US dollar: DIME
Jeans material: DENIM
Square root of 81: NINE
Protestant Who Follows Teachings Of Wesleys: METHODIST
Shout over a distance: HOLLER
Deer meet: VENISON
Level 28Animated character: TOON
Turn the ___ of the book: PAGE
Mythical giant: TITAN
Holiday or trip away from home: VACATION
Driving very close to the car in front: TAILGATE
Treaty: PACT
Prisoner: CAPTIVE
Disguised: INCOGNITO
An Actual Place A Site: LOCATION
Portion of the lower back between ribs and hips: LOIN
Venting Expressing In Speech: VOICING
Achieve: ATTAIN
Level 29
Post Life Ceremony: FUNERAL
Marine: NAVAL
Roman house: VILLA
You die if this organ stops: HEART
Sale of goods to the public: RETAIL
Organ damaged by excessive amount of alcohol: LIVER
Monetary worth: VALUE
Austrias Capital City: VIENNA
To Deny An Accusation: REFUTE
Century When Christopher Columbus Was Born: FIFTEENTH
Falls from trees in fall: LEAF
Gasoline: FUEL
Level 30Fortress On High Ground: CITADEL
Bright Intelligent: BRILLIANT
Hold on just a second: WAIT
Marie Antoinette’s solution: CAKE
Newspaper issue: EDITION
Kind of fair hair: BLONDE
Sheep sound: BAA
Keanu Reeves’ part in The Matrix: NEO
Made A Hen Noise: CLUCKED
Medieval upper class: NOBLE
Black liquid that brings lots of money: OIL
Level 31
Lengthy: LONG
Makes dirty or foul: SOILS
Seal set into a ring: SIGNET
Under, below: BENEATH
Third Baltic state, along with Latvia and Estonia: LITHUANIA
Existence: BEING
Classic Song You Are My My Only: SUNSHINE
The item that is pounded by a hammer: NAIL
__ and bustle, lively activity: HUSTLE
Sound of gun: SHOT
Surrounding of a place by armed forces: SIEGE
Brings Into Line: ALIGNS
Level 32
Upwards direction: NORTH
Really should have done something: OUGHT
Worshipped: REVERED
Courtroom promise: OATH
Exhibited: SHOWN
Leather maker: TANNER
Decorative fabric floor coverings: RUGS
Very loud, like applause or a lightning storm: THUNDEROUS
Dirty, in need of a clean: UNWASHED
Long and narrow building: TOWER
Take the limelight from others: OVERSHADOW
Broken After Losing Someone: HEARTED
Level 33
Very strong: INTENSE
Heavy vehicle for transporting goods: LORRY
Advantage Gain In Doing Something: BENEFIT
Uses watercolors: PAINTS
Tissue or cloth used at a dinner table: NAPKIN
Science Fiction Genre Victorian And Industrial: STEAMPUNK
Electronic letters: EMAILS
Blood Filtering Organ: SPLEEN
Carved for Halloween: PUMPKIN
Not female: MALE
Someone Who Passes On Knowledge To Police: INFORMANT
Level 34What the org domain name denotes: ORGANIZATION
Evil spirit or demon: FIEND
A person who works with stone: MASON
Opposite of “for” in an argument: AGAINST
Word meanings found in a dictionary: DEFINITIONS
Make a link, “connect the __”: DOTS
Strong love: ADORE
Abrupt alternate right and left turns.: ZIGZAG
Monetary punishment: FINE
Respectful Hindu greeting: NAMASTE
State of being known by many: FAME
Plunge into liquid: IMMERSE
Level 35Slim or slender: THIN
Emitting a soft light: GLOW
Completely filled: FULL
Musical composition: SONG
Fermented grapes: WINE
Used for wiping floors: MOP
A single entity: UNIT
Precious stone: GEM
Moist or damp: WET
The king of the animals: LION
A large feather: PLUME
Christmas season weather: SNOW
Level 36Turn to liquid: MELT
Say, produce words: UTTER
To make something less or fewer: REDUCE
Twist, become unrecognizable: CONTORT
Hanging cloth used as a blind: DRAPE
Manage: COPE
Not shallow: DEEP
Not closed: OPEN
Garment worn to protect the cook’s clothes: APRON
Undercover DEA agent: NARC
Foot-operated lever on a sewing machine: TREADLE
Religious sister: NUN
Level 37Brad …, Golden-Globe winner American actor: PITT
Spherical object: BALL
A dangerous or unfortunate situation: PLIGHT
Tall glass For cocktails: HIGHBALL
The stopper that blocks the hole in a sink: PLUG
Semi liquid mash: PULP
Not heavy: LIGHT
Jack & Jill went up a hill to fetch a __ of water: PAIL
Sick, ailing: ILL
Jar lid that’s difficult to loosen: TIGHT
Vowel change in related words or forms: ABLAUT
Cigarette end: BUTT
Level 38To Persuade: CONVINCE
Painful muscle contraction: CRAMP
Employee: WORKER
Gesturing to signal you’ve seen someone: WAVING
Karl ___: MARX
Skim over: SCAN
School test: EXAM
House Of Part Of The British Parliament: COMMONS
Not cold: WARM
Espresso With Added Hot Water: AMERICANO
T-___ dinosaur: REX
Sheep’s gift: WOOL
Level 39
An action to deceive someone: RUSE
A device controlling air or water through a pipe: VALVE
Rare In Short Supply: SCARCE
Tension: STRESS
Waterlogged, boggy: MARSHY
Katy Perry song about a triumphant sound: ROAR
Majestic: ROYAL
You Might Rest On These Plants If You Stop Trying: LAURELS
Medical Term For A Corn: CLAVUS
School That Aristotle Founded In Athens: LYCEUM
Warms up: HEATS
Load on a ship or lorry: HAUL
Level 40
Upper part of the human body: HEAD
Squeeze someone tightly: HUG
A User Of Twitter: TWEETER
Harry ____: POTTER
Small, red, peppery veggies added to a salad: RADISHES
Adhesive: GLUE
Johann Bernhard Inventor Of The Chiroplast: LOGIER
Secret den, place of concealment: HIDEOUT
Claims a crime has been committed: ALLEGES
American business known for its plastic containers: TUPPERWARE
Ex-student, throwing their cap in the air: GRADUATE
Compose A Book Anew: REWRITE
Level 41
Make Longer: LENGTHEN
Smooth-looking hair: SLEEK
Nixon’s biggest scandal: WATERGATE
A furry friend: DOG
Direct descent: LINEAGE
Commercial companies for global plane travel: AIRLINES
Natural Style Of Flooring Usually Brown: HARDWOOD
Princess Unikitty’s snappy bodyguard: HAWKODILE
Shoe parts: HEELS
Without the part of the body where the eyes are: HEADLESS
One Going Back In A Commitment: RENEGER
Japanese producer of Gameboy and Wii: NINTENDO
Level 42
Urgent request for funds or support: APPEAL
Toy in human form: DOLL
Scarce, seldom seen: RARE
Sticker on a car: DECAL
Country whose cities include London and Manchester: ENGLAND
Singer/songwriter John from the Beatles: LENNON
Informal group of friends: GANG
Full Of Rage Annoyed: ANGERED
Princess Leias Home Planet In Star Wars Films: ALDERAAN
Forgiven For A Crime: PARDONED
Chris Lead Vocalist Of Soundgarden: CORNELL
Harmony: ACCORD
Level 43Male parent, informally: DAD
Deep, wide pit from which stone is extracted: QUARRY
Brought To Life Delivered: BIRTHED
Sparkly, shiny: GLITTERY
Garbage: TRASH
Dog Breed That Snoopy Belongs To: BEAGLE
Public swimming pool: BATHS
Spats Arguments: QUARRELS
Have faith in: TRUST
Suffered with, upset, unsettled: AILED
Object Used To Remove Pencil Errors: ERASER
Lumpy or swollen: BULGY
Level 44Thin piece of wood: STICK
Harbor: PORT
Made A Heartfelt Plea: APPEALED
Tube to relieve the build up of fluids: DRAIN
Protective eye screen on a motorbike helmet: VISOR
Special event: OCCASION
Italian Music Notation Meaning Lively: VIVACE
Subject to one or more requirements: CONDITIONAL
Jams and pickles: PRESERVES
Lumpy ash and coal residues: CLINKERS
Journalist’s written piece: ARTICLE
To say you’re guilty or not guilty; to beg: PLEAD
Level 45
An Instructional Video Of How To Do Something: TUTORIAL
Camaro Auto Makers: CHEVROLET
When tickets aren’t available for a concert: SELLOUT
Spoken narration on top of video: VOICEOVER
Place Where You Live Dwelling Place: RESIDENCE
Coming against the authority: REVOLT
La Cannes Tree Lined Boulevard: CROISETTE
Raising from the dead: RESURRECTION
Teen Anime Warrior Moon: SAILOR
Body part served on a platter as harsh punishment: HEAD
Lisa Of House And Girlfriends Guide To Divorce: EDELSTEIN
Glassy Materials Study Of Glassware: VITRICS
Level 46
Honey beer: MEAD
Inebriated: TIGHT
Vendors Traders: SELLERS
Extinguish a fire: DOUSE
Governed By Rules And Legislation: REGULATED
What we breath in: AIR
Ideas that pop into one’s mind: THOUGHTS
Swedish mulled wine: GLOGG
Author Dashiell, who wrote The Maltese Falcon: HAMMETT
Appears to be: SEEMS
Broke into a million bits: SMASHED
Right To Use Properties Bought For Vacations: TIMESHARE
Level 47
Tidy: NEAT
Justification: REASON
A person who poses for a portrait: SITTER
Pumps blood: HEART
A decorative knot of ribbon: BOW
Take offense, get __ out of shape: BENT
Cold seasons: WINTERS
Egyptian Hippo Goddess Stands On Two Feet: TAWERET
Shot Of Espresso With Ground Coffee: RISTRETTO
Future Past Or Present In Linguistics: TENSES
Mountain Pass Between Italy And Austria Pass: BRENNER
Dennis The Menaces Pet Pig Friend: RASHER
Level 48Large gun from the 16th century: MUSKET
Arrive: COME
Pictures of people, taken with a camera: PHOTOS
Start a criminal case against someone: PROSECUTE
Verifier One Who Vets Crossword Clues: CHECKER
Impeach: ACCUSE
Title given to Indian nationalist leader Gandhi: MAHATMA
The Most Veracious: TRUEST
Pieces Peanut Butter In Sugar Shells: REESES
Amusing Soppy Love Movie: ROMCOM
Heron-like bird said to deliver babies: STORK
Tomato sauce condiment: KETCHUP
Level 49
Lessen the impact of something: BUFFER
Undersurface of a person’s foot: SOLE
Scaling a rock face: CLIMBING
Warm ____ animals: BLOODED
Rhino headgrowth: HORN
Playboys Founder Notorious Bachelor: HEFNER
Young innocent female protagonist: INGENUE
The past tense of wear: WORE
John __, writer of The French Lieutenant’s Woman: FOWLES
Upper Brain Parts: CEREBRUMS
Signed Up Eg To A Course: ENROLLED
Level 50
Folk story with animals or legendary creatures: FABLE
Female medic who births babies: MIDWIFE
Actions speak louder than ___: WORDS
Gadget, misc. item: DOODAD
Allan Poe Suggested A Solution For This Paradox: OLBERS
Elections Halfway Through A Presidency: MIDTERMS
Can Be Satisfied Or Appeased: SATIABLE
Renault Mid Range Van Badly Spelled Conjestion: TRAFIC
Accommodation for prisoners: CELLS
Investigative Reporter Who Brought Nixon Down: WOODWARD

Logicross Level 51-75 Answers

Level 51
Fearsome: SCARY
The sport of shooting primitive pointy sticks: ARCHERY
A cavalry unit does this toward the enemy: CHARGE
Order issued by a legal authority: DECREE
Make larger in size or number: INCREASE
Home of the gods in Norse mythology: ASGARD
Member Of A 1st Century Palestinian Sect: ESSENE
Proverbs, idioms, or aphorisms: SAYINGS
Maradona And Argentine Soccer Duo: CANIGGIA
Sussex Cambs College Attended By Cromwell: SIDNEY
A Common Element To Fraternities And Societies: SECRECY
Level 52Something that has been installed permanently: FIXTURE
___ this letter for me: READ
Kristen ___, star of Twilight: STEWART
Pulled out of a contest: WITHDREW
Business dealings; current occurrences: AFFAIRS
__ Arabia: SAUDI
Bridal colour: WHITE
Therefore, because: THUS
Entirely focused or obsessed by: FIXATED
Formal Exposition Dissertation: TREATISE
Georges Dotty French Painter: SEURAT
Baseball fans often obsess over this area of math: STATS
Level 53
Brand new creations: INVENTIONS
Something left out: OMISSION
Thick liquid to moisturize the skin: LOTION
Orangey red parts of a fire: FLAMES
Pasta dish with flat sheet layers: LASAGNE
Breakfast item with a hole in it: BAGEL
Storybook writer: NOVELIST
Downfalls Shortcomings: FAILINGS
Commit an offense or fault: SIN
Park Jamaican Test Cricket Ground In Kingston: SABINA
Dress Worn By Christian Clergy: VESTMENTS
Red salad vegetable used to make a pomodoro sauce: TOMATO
Level 54
Placing bets with money: GAMBLING
The M in a car’s MPH: MILES
Expression of relief or sorrow: SIGH
Properties With Large Houses On Them: ESTATES
Police’s favorite food: DONUT
Cutting a cake: SLICING
Plans or plots: SCHEMES
Digestive Organ Found Before The Small Intestine: STOMACH
One Of The Parts Of The Small Intestine: DUODENUM
Revisions to written text: EDITS
Morally Compelled: OBLIGATED
Carrying Capacity Of A Ship: TONNAGE
Level 55Cause resentfulness with careless comments: OFFEND
Banned by social norms: TABOO
Pollute: TAINT
One of ten digits on your foot: TOE
As far as something can go: LIMIT
Country-wide; affecting an entire country: NATIONAL
Come clean: ADMIT
Banged a minor depression in a vehicle panel: DINTED
Catholic pulpit: AMBO
Single Celled Alga: DIATOM
Nationality of a native of Tirana: ALBANIAN
To disappear gradually: FADE
Level 56Particular abilities, expertise: SKILLS
Severely, punishingly; acridly: HARSHLY
Hard, icy precipitation: HAIL
Short smoothbore gun for firing shells: MORTAR
Joint linking the arm and hand: WRIST
Being In Good Physical And Mental Condition: HEALTHY
Unsteady, at risk of collapsing: SHAKY
A Careless Comment: THROWAWAY
Anne __, the heroine of Green Gables: SHIRLEY
Lead Singer Of The Smiths: MORRISSEY
Kebab Sticks: SKEWERS
A Dark Sweet Sherry: AMOROSO
Level 57
Leaning: TILTING
Getting rid of toxic substances: DETOX
The act of standing guard for an attack: DEFENSE
Control Used From A Distance: REMOTE
Converse, talk: CHAT
Distresses Or Upsets: MISERIES
A set of three: TRIO
Coarse Grained Metamorphic Rock: GNEISS
Earth’s center: CORE
Immersive-style cinema with giant screens: IMAX
Purchase Of Shares To Threaten A Hostile Takeover: GREENMAIL
Level 58
Backbone-related: SPINAL
Imaginary, extraordinary; dreamlike, not real: SURREAL
The floor of a fireplace: HEARTH
Swashbuckler in the movie Mask of ___: ZORRO
Motivates: INSPIRES
Not real imposter: FAKE
On the web: ONLINE
Parentless, like Annie: ORPHAN
Brief look: PEEK
Defects In Something Errors: FAULTS
Opioid developed as a morphine substitute: HEROIN
Diseases That Animals Can Transmit To Humans: ZOONOSES
Level 59
Someone who bridges between two parties: MIDDLEMAN
Robbing or taking property without permission: STEALING
Pal, chum: BUDDY
Sharp claw of a bird of prey: TALON
Flying space rocks: METEORS
Trench at the road edge where water runs down: GUTTER
Guardianship: TUTELAGE
Natalie Had A Hit Song Called Torn: IMBRUGLIA
Australian Word For Crashing Like A Car: BINGLING
Idle scribbles: DOODLES
A wispy flower that you blow to make a wish: DANDELIONS
Desirable or useful feature or service: AMENITY
Level 60
Directs an orchestra: CONDUCTOR
A religious offense or fault: SIN
A person over the age of 21: ADULT
Small birds with short coned beaks to eat seeds: FINCH
Sherlock _____: HOLMES
Covered with liquid: WET
Alexander Hamilton, politically: FEDERALIST
Member Of Yossarian39s Crew In Catch 22: SNOWDEN
Darth Maul and Darth __ were in Episode 1: SIDIOUS
Small Marine Animal Of The Malacanthidae Family: TILEFISH
Catcher’s baseball glove: MITT
Run into: COLLIDE
Level 61Meaty steak cut from a cow’s hindquarters: RUMP
Winter accessory: SCARF
Floats over seas: BOAT
Cereal crop: CORN
Sleeps upside down: BAT
Crowding someone: MOBBING
Active Volcano On Luzon In The Philippines: PINATUBO
It determines the winner after a tie: RUNOFF
Extreme weight loss procedure: __ Surgery: BARIATRIC
Italian island off the coast of Naples: CAPRI
Wiping and cleansing a hard floor with water: MOPPING
No ifs, ands, or __: BUTS
Level 62
Person on a bus, plane or train: PASSENGER
Shows up, comes into view: APPEARS
People count these animals to fall asleep: SHEEP
Fragile decorative object: VASE
Expressing astonishment: WOW
Cultivated plant: CROP
Terrifies: SCARES
To trade, exchange: SWAP
Flight To Louis XVIs Dash To Safety: VARENNES
Dame Edna __, a Melbourne housewife and megastar!: EVERAGE
Long wrap around skirt popular in many countries: SARONG
A garden tool for turning over loose soil: HOE
Level 63North American farmer/herder: COWBOY
Gather up: COLLECT
Models or dolls operated by ventriloquists: PUPPETS
Skeleton substance: BONE
The one who fights in the sport of wrestling: WRESTLER
It’s a particle of light: PHOTON
Disease causing loss of sensitivity: LEPROSY
Soft, round, French hats: BERETS
A dry kind of humor: WRY
News accounts: REPORTS
Two Door Cars: COUPES
Seats Of Kings And Queens: THRONES
Level 64Covers cuts and wounds: PLASTER
Not wrong: CORRECT
A puffy chips brand: CHEETOS
Cultivate it: SOIL
He is a Navy ___: SEAL
Sharp tooth: FANG
Enjoyable: PLEASANT
Eating bones: TEETH
Artificial waterway: CANAL
Soft, low voice or tone: CROON
Lack of good sense or judgment: FOOLISHNESS
Level 65
One of a pair of foot coverings: SOCK
Small ornamental case: LOCKETS
Sea creature that inflates when attacked: BLOWFISH
Couch: SOFA
Bend muscles: FLEX
Knot for fastening one rope to another: HITCH
Brochure: LEAFLET
Storage in the roof: ATTIC
The Sources Of Information In A Course: TEXTBOOKS
Stresses The 2nd And 4th Beats Of A 4 Beat Measure: BACKBEAT
Area of the sea where the water is not deep: SHALLOWS
Thorny tree found in African savannahs: ACACIA
Level 66
Fail to mention, leave out: OMIT
Autonomous computer program: BOT
Taking place, scheduled: HAPPENING
Natural community of flora and fauna: BIOME
Proficient in yoga: YOGI
Flavored like an IPA beer: HOPPY
Begin The Timeless Song By Cole Porter: BEGUINE
Very large: GIANT
Imaginary person, feared by naughty children: BOGEYMAN
A tropical storm: TYPHOON
Barack __: OBAMA
Level 67Body part connecting the head to the torso: NECK
High chance of failure: RISK
Educator at a university: PROFESSOR
He confessed under ___: DURESS
Microsoft video chat app: SKYPE
Foolish: SILLY
One’s favored option: PREFERENCE
Meet The Sequel To Meet The Parents: FOCKERS
Voucher: COUPON
Liquid transport systems: PIPELINES
Tidy rows: LINES
Rode a bike: CYCLED
Level 68
Brown sweet fizzy beverage: COLA
Changed, altered: MODIFIED
Something repeated on Twitter: RETWEETED
Slow moving ice mountains: GLACIERS
Mealtime prayer: GRACE
Occupies all the space in something: FILLS
Sword Dangerous Circus Act: SWALLOWER
Failed to hit a target: MISSED
Long Running 21st Century Teen Drama: DEGRASSI
One Who Rejects The Accepted Explanation To Facts: TROOFER
Mackenzie Crook39s Pirates Of The Caribbean Role: RAGETTI
Person who betrayed Jesus: Judas __: ISCARIOT
Level 69
Comprehend written words: READ
Practitioner of mindfulness: MEDITATOR
Heavenly headwear: HALO
A crafter of fine adornments to be worn: JEWELER
Relative proportion: RATIO
Working from a distance, not in the office: REMOTELY
Small Dog Of A Breed That Hunts Digs: TERRIER
Deserving: WORTHY
The capital of Spain: MADRID
Sense of musical beat: RHYTHM
Misfortune Reversal: WHAMMY
Sport Played On A Court With Curved Wicker Basket: JAIALAI
Level 70Large Heavy Knife: MACHETE
One who flees from somewhere: ESCAPER
Delete: ERASE
Baseball stick: BAT
Give guidance: ADVISE
Marshmallow cooker: CAMPFIRE
Fascinator Or Tiara For Example: HEADPIECE
Longfin Is Native To Australia: SPADEFISH
Korean Rice Dish With An Egg On Top: BIBIMBAP
Helpful hints: TIPS
Pieces of cloth worn around the neck: CRAVATS
Level 71Opposite of a winner: LOSER
What tourists do when they look around: SIGHTSEE
Stay around: LINGERED
Taking a longer route: DETOUR
In the open air: OUTDOORS
A grassy slope: HILLSIDE
White __; costly, aged, crumbly cheese: STILTON
Gave a new name: RETITLED
Sinister, causing gradual harm: INSIDIOUS
Style derived from the past: RETRO
Red __ are clues to lead a reader astray: HERRINGS
Thoughts: NOTIONS
Level 72
Teddy bears are named after this American president: ROOSEVELT
Excited expectation: ANTICIPATION
Gathering of the crops for consumption: HARVEST
Distant: FAR
Publish: ISSUE
Fat in the blood that we need to reduce: CHOLESTEROL
Makes off quickly, like exiting a crime scene: SCARPERS
Yogurt Served Very Cold Popular In South Africa: TUTTIS
The Aussie Band Who Made Reptilian Overlord: CASANOVAS
Spongy Italian square of bread with herbs on top: FOCACCIA
Onomatopoeic Type Of Sandal: FLIPFLOP
Level 73Peanut housing: SHELL
Adolescent: TEEN
Footwear: SHOES
Make it understandable in another language: TRANSLATE
Run-through ahead of a performance: REHEARSAL
When empty, they make the most noise: VESSELS
Beach: SHORE
Surname of The Prestige’s director: NOLAN
Strongly Affirms: ASSERTS
Southern Sky Constellation Flying Fish: VOLANS
The surname of Jumanji comedian, Kevin __: HART
Level 74Food cured with fire fumes: SMOKED
Pixie-like flying creatures: FAIRIES
Combines, blends as one: FUSES
Directional symbol: ARROW
Instrument that beaten with a stick: DRUM
A heavy and often pointed wooden block: WEDGE
Muslim College: MADRASSA
Name for an emperor during the German empire: KAISER
Robbed In The Street: MUGGED
Send on: FORWARD
Stern, unsmiling: DOUR
The more the __; no limit on numbers: MERRIER
Level 75
Yellow, creamy Christmas drink: EGGNOG
Attack from a low-flying aircraft: STRAFE
People seeking shelter in another place: REFUGEES
Blotchy, smeared: STREAKY
Uncomplicated: EASY
This might increase on a ride; measured by pulse: HEARTRATE
Winnie the Pooh’s sad donkey friend: EEYORE
Musical compositions with “chasing voices”: FUGUES
ABBA Female Singer With Blonde Hair Faltskog: AGNETHA
The Destruction Of The World In Norse Mythology: RAGNAROK
Tradeable Contracts Not For Now: FUTURES
Green ogre voiced by Mike Myers: SHREK

Logicross Level 76-100 Answers

Level 76
To take a statement as true: ACCEPT
The transparent frontmost layer of the eye: CORNEA
Humped animal: CAMEL
Popeye’s favorite vegetable: SPINACH
Person believed to be able to cast out demons: EXORCIST
Two teams vying to be the winner: FINALISTS
Stream Overflowing From Melted Snow: FRESHET
Trees we get syrup from: MAPLES
Well Versed In Moral Philosophy: ETHICIST
Chain of moon craters: CATENA
File suffix for an Excel spreadsheet: XLS
The __ of Adam, Michelangelo painting: CREATION
Level 77
Global word for fighting, arguments: CONFLICT
Bank robbery: HEIST
Ancient Greek soldier: HOPLITE
Big parties, like for a birthday: BASHES
Colonial insect: ANT
Choice in an election: VOTE
Conflicts, quarrels: CLASHES
Wooden barriers separating gardens: FENCES
Chris The Last British Governor Of Hong Kong: PATTEN
A consequence that was always going to happen: INEVITABLE
Joy, euphoria, delight: ELATION
Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks initialism: BPOE
Level 78Consume a liquid: DRINK
Needlework with a single hooked needle: CROCHET
Shrinking in fear: COWERING
Meant to do, planned: INTENDED
A small group of trees: GROVE
A temporary interruption: HITCH
John Lennon’s Weybridge, Surrey home: KENWOOD
Fad, craze: TREND
UK Chemist Dorothy Penicillin Scientist: HODGKIN
John Lee __, blues guitarist of Boom Boom: HOOKER
To sell small items from a stall or machine: VEND
Julie __, sang Don’t Cry for Me Argentina: COVINGTON
Level 79
A powerful criminal’s right-hand guy: HENCHMAN
A long time: AGES
Describes animals with sharp canine teeth: FANGED
Glass plant house: GREENHOUSE
Take amiss: RESENT
Large group of spectators: CROWD
Lange Photographer Known For Migrant Mother: DOROTHEA
Larry who played J. R. Ewing in Dallas: HAGMAN
Looks toward: FACES
Angelou poem I Know Why the __ Bird Sings: CAGED
Pique Coeur Trefle The Tile In French Cards: CARREAU
Level 80
Exercise in a gym: TRAIN
Makes or sells boats: BOATMAN
Island nation with its capital at Kingston: JAMAICA
Bushy hairstyle: AFRO
Hold Your ____: HORSES
Curly, waffle, French or crinkle-cut: FRIES
Generic Description Of A Knight Pawn Bishop Say: CHESSMAN
Three-letter alpha code for San Marino: SMR
Sir John Who Composed The Crucifixion In 1887: STAINER
The Fool In A Kings Court: JESTER
Overdue Unpaid Rent Payments: ARREARS
The French Center Of Winnipeg St: BONIFACE
Level 81Small weasel, sometimes kept as a pet: FERRET
Ineffective: USELESS
Become neglected: LANGUISH
Rigid: STIFF
Devious stratagem used in manipulation: WILE
Writer of Equus about a boy who harms horses: SHAFFER
Small group of fighters, not large ape: GUERILLA
Pregnant ladies get this in feet, ankles: SWELLING
Person Who Sports Clothing: WEARER
Tea Marketers With Oldest Logo Still In Use: TWININGS
Sheriff Who Shot And Killed Billy The Kid Pat: GARRETT
Level 82TV or radio channel: STATION
Sweet __ sour: AND
Brothers of daughters: SONS
Natural fibre: COTTON
Gone … the Wind: WITH
Exclamation of someone who found a clue: AHA
The “way” in Chinese philosophy: TAO
Vehicle frame: CHASSIS
Japanese nature religion: SHINTO
Italian Painter From 16th C Real Name Tiziano: TITIAN
Author of The Handmaid’s Tale: Margaret __: ATWOOD
Shaped like the wafer base of an ice cream: CONIC
Level 83Farm vehicles that pull agricultural machinery: TRACTORS
Kind of soup: BROTH
Quite close: NEAR
Not acceptable: INTOLERABLE
Panda’s favorite food: BAMBOO
Floor or ceiling supports in a building: JOISTS
Bridget __, Helen Fielding’s fictional diarist: JONES
Narrow road: LANE
Italian Semi Firm Aged Sheep Cheese: CROTONESE
Inhalations: BREATHS
Look like, appear to be: RESEMBLE
Furniture leg used in Chippendale furniture: CABRIOLE
Level 84Full of frantic activity: HECTIC
Hiccup or stumbling block to a plan: SNAG
The seats provided to the spectators: SEATING
Imparting knowledge: EDUCATING
Support frame for an artist’s painting: EASEL
Relating to sight: VISUAL
Synonym for code of morality; university course: ETHICS
Non Believers: ATHEISTS
Island nation, formerly called the Ellice Islands: TUVALU
Pure gasoline without harmful metal: UNLEADED
Large White Seabird With Yellow Head: GANNET
Takes an upright position; does not sit: STANDS
Level 85
Fail to interest: BORE
Put into different words: PARAPHRASE
Growth of long hair on a horse: MANE
Meet, gather: CONVENE
A lion-headed creature that breathes fire: CHIMERA
Sides of a cut gemstone: FACETS
Feather Like Arrangement Of Leaflets On A Leaf: PINNATION
Largest desert in the world: SAHARA
File format for storing multiple digital images: BITMAP
Top up a drink; make clean: FRESHEN
Points where two or more lines intersect: VERTICES
Level 86
Strategic plans and actions: TACTICS
Thick, woody arms of trees: BRANCHES
To come into view: APPEAR
Shack, hut: SHANTY
Thin layer of ice: FROST
Maintain: PRESERVE
A contest of speed: RACE
Major Indus Empire City: HARAPPA
Ariel, Helvitica, Times Roman, etc.: fonts or __: TYPEFACES
Tiny Rapid Movement: VIBRATION
Muscle contraction either concentric or eccentric: ISOTONIC
Hindu Religious Offering Sweet Sugar Ball: TARASARI
Level 87
Moving rhythmically to music: DANCING
Urban area: TOWN
Money that is owed: ARREARS
Raise the sails on a boat: HAUL
Covering new nail growth on acrylic sets: INFILL
Principles, values: IDEALS
Called the same number again: REDIALED
Laboratory devices that spin things at high speeds: CENTRIFUGES
Town where Shakespeare was born: __-upon-Avon: STRATFORD
Inscribed: WRITTEN
Greek island famed for ancient Colossus statue: RHODES
Pittsburgh NFL team: STEELERS
Level 88
Loves inflicting pain: SADIST
Leftover, unused: SPARE
Traps with a wire: SNARES
Upper covering: ROOF
Sound a bird or cricket makes: CHIRP
Catholic canonized holy person: SAINT
Collide: CRASH
Describes Nerves That Move Outwards From Organs: EFFERENT
Teacher of sports: COACH
Vain and arrogant: CONCEITED
Introductory part of a questionnaire: SCREENER
Bast Egyptian Protection Goddess Of Bubastis: PATRONESS
Level 89
Its capital is Tehran: IRAN
To receive acknowledgment for one’s achievements: RECOGNITION
Burned to a cinder: CREMATED
A bag filled beach dirt: SANDBAG
Having six sides: HEXAGONAL
For the most part: MAINLY
Grand Slam sport: TENNIS
His heel was his only weak spot: ACHILLES
Self Absorbed Narcissists: EGOTISTS
A metered car used for transporting people: TAXICAB
Worker Who Scrapes Patterns Into Hard Materials: ETCHER
Made a digital copy of: SCANNED
Level 90
Chest bone: RIB
Car, motor, vehicle: AUTO
Precision, exactness: ACCURACY
Not taking something serious seriously: FACETIOUS
Put up with: SUFFER
An archaic term for a lover: PARAMOUR
Someone who doesn’t belong: MISFIT
A person who rules with absolute power: AUTOCRAT
Ex-Portuguese capital, replaced by Lisbon in 1255: COIMBRA
Crunchy, burned food: CRISPY
Frosty Month Of The French Revolutionary Calendar: FRIMAIRE
Level 91
On time, prompt: PUNCTUAL
Not relaxed: TENSE
Challenges, quests: MISSIONS
Uninspiring and dull: LAME
Tests you whether you are a bot or human: CAPTCHA
Page number in a printed book: FOLIO
Section of soldiers: PLATOON
Dramatically strut or stomp off: FLOUNCE
Sound in mind: SANE
Son Of Helios Who Crashed The Sun Chariot: PHAETHON
Socialist Beliefs And Principles: LEFTISM
Slim Medical Tubes For Sucking Up Liquids: PIPETTES
Level 92A word for very loose-fitting clothes: BAGGY
__ your own horn: TOOT
Regular, normal: ORDINARY
Describes a beach without stones or pebbles: SANDY
Animal catcher: TRAPPER
Eats Away At Through Erosion: ABRADES
Trash can: BIN
Used for injections: SYRINGE
Those one is competing against: OPPONENTS
Starts Inceptions Commencements: ONSETS
Investigations, inquiries: PROBES
Level 93Clothing adopted for taking the black runs: SKIWEAR
Is of importance and consequence: MATTERS
Without companionship: LONELY
Native of the 49th US state: ALASKAN
Noisy baby toys: RATTLES
Asthma device: INHALERS
The Wailers: a reggae band once led by Bob __: MARLEY
Be worthy of: MERIT
Andy, who played Gollum in the Lord of the Rings: SERKIS
NY A Frequent Summer Retreat For Mark Twain: ELMIRA
Series of items that you want, maybe for Xmas: WISHLIST
Level 94
Lab scientists: CHEMISTS
Baseball player: CATCHER
Nature of reality in Buddhism: DHARMA
Lacking energy: LISTLESS
Person that looks exactly like another: RINGER
___ Comics: MARVEL
Desired Eg A Specific Food: CRAVED
African wild cat with black spots and a long neck: SERVAL
Trademarked substance for resurfacing the roads: TARMAC
Angelina Jolie’s archaeologist role, __ Croft: LARA
Kent Mansion Grace And Favour Home Of Foreign Sec: CHEVENING
Dogs wag these when they’re happy: TAILS
Level 95
Avoid capture by someone: ELUDE
Female monarch: QUEEN
What doctors ask about at a checkup: HEALTH
Low stuffed seat: OTTOMAN
Group of soldiers: SQUAD
Two men in a sword fight: DUELISTS
Marvel39s Interdimensional Insect Conqueror: ANNIHILUS
Pankhurst One Of The First Suffragettes: EMMELINE
German composer of A Midsummer Night’s Dream: MENDELSSOHN
Most Foppishly Attired: DANDIEST
Jerseys In The Tour De France: MAILLOTS
Limit on numbers: QUOTA
Level 96
Strip off: PEEL
Sheen, gloss: LUSTER
Precious jewels: GEMSTONES
Player who is behind home plate: CATCHER
Romantic: AMOROUS
Form of an isomer, not cis: TRANS
Member of Kurdish military organization in Iraq: PESHMERGA
Social Site Coordinates Real Life Encounters: MEETUP
More eminent: AUGUSTER
Plants whose seeds can make chocolate: CACAOS
Disgusting Study That Examines Vomiting: EMETOLOGY
Level 97Water that comes from the sky: RAINFALL
To have put on clothes: DRESSED
Favoring kin when hiring: NEPOTISM
Mild heat: WARMTH
Dinosaur, anagram of parrot: RAPTOR
Nine-headed monster: HYDRA
Thrombocytes They Help Stop Bleeding: PLATELET
Nakamoto Bitcoin Digital Currency Designer: SATOSHI
Very limited: NARROW
Plant where crude oil is processed: REFINERY
Religion Founded By Joseph Smith: MORMONISM
Berlin District Home To A Museum Complex: DAHLEM
Level 98
Accept existence of: ACKNOWLEDGE
So foolish it’s funny: LUDICROUS
Give to a good cause: DONATE
Female performer in a musical or stage recital: SHOWGIRL
Kept or stowed for future use: STORED
Box device for keeping watches ticking over: WINDER
Dale, NASCAR driver with multiple title wins: EARNHARDT
Declaring Illegal: OUTLAWING
Descends, drops, goes down in water: SINKS
Sketching with a pencil: DRAWING
Sliding Between Musical Notes: GLISSANDO
Marks left on skin after nails scrape against it: SCRATCHES
Level 99
Successful, productive: EFFECTIVE
Confidential: SECRET
Conjure up: EVOKE
Shout out, or dial someone on a phone: CALL
Place of safety or refuge: HAVEN
Shirt arms: SLEEVES
Verdi’s last opera: FALSTAFF
One Who Drops Or Sprinkles Things Eg Seeds: SCATTERER
Russian Wrestler Lost Twice In Nearly 900 Matches: KARELIN
Iron oxide commonly found in rocks and stones: HEMATITE
Surrealist sculptor Donati’s first name: ENRICO
Level 100
Oversensitive: TOUCHY
Flower of love: ROSE
Perform surgery: OPERATE
Flattened surface: SMOOTHED
Eating device with prongs: FORK
People in charge, responsible for decision making: AUTHORITY
Speaking against God: HERESY
Watch or clock: TIMEPIECE
Study of numbers: MATH
Astonished Dumbfounded: STUPEFIED
First of 12 minor prophets in most Hebrew bibles: HOSEA
Talk, voice your opinion: SPEAK

Logicross Level 101-125 Answers

Level 101
Consistent, reasoned argument: COHERENT
Deficiency; failure to attain a goal: SHORTFALL
Job learner: TRAINEE
Inner parts: INSIDES
Silly, foolish: DAFT
Crystalline Sedative Hydrate: CHLORAL
Greek Word Which Is The Root For Sun: HELIOS
Low support for legs when sitting in an armchair: FOOTREST
The most petite, graceful: DAINTIEST
Palestinian social democratic political party: FATAH
Less hard or tough: SOFTER
Level 102
Creations in someone’s mind: IDEAS
Deadly: FATAL
Olympic competitors: ATHLETES
Breathing deeply to express disappointment: SIGHING
Liquid measure: LITER
To go after: FOLLOW
Loved, cherished: ADORED
Final Confrontation: SHOWDOWN
Becoming Tired Losing Energy And Enthusiasm: FLAGGING
Removed or rubbed out: ERASED
Shined, radiated: GLOWED
Level 103
Minimise the significance: DOWNPLAY
Separate a number into hundreds, tens and units: PARTITION
Hotel for criminals: JAIL
Partial for one side or the other, not neutral: BIASED
Reach your destination: ARRIVE
Midday meal: LUNCH
Furniture for coffee or dining: TABLE
Poseidon Wields Them: TRIDENTS
Bat technology: ECHOLOCATION
Get off a flight: DEPLANE
Edmonton NHL athlete: OILER
Target ring in archery: INNER
Level 104Someone who doesn’t believe in any god: ATHEIST
Cowboy rope: LASSO
Wailing Irish Spirit: BANSHEE
Like an empty balloon: AIRLESS
Red gemstone: GARNET
Trap for catching animals: SNARE
Language Spoken In Modern Day Brittany: BRETON
People Children Shouldnt Talk To: STRANGERS
Double stars: BINARIES
Things one owns: BELONGINGS
Illegally made and sold music recordings: BOOTLEGS
Device Used For Artificial Respiration: INHALATOR
Level 105Related to sight: VISUAL
Chicago ___: BULLS
Doubts everything: SKEPTIC
Cut or mute any inappropriate content: CENSOR
Engage in a contest: COMPETE
Smells terribly: REEKS
Capable of being seen: VISIBLE
Protective outer layer of an ocean bivalve: CLAMSHELL
Baby seals: PUPS
Someone Who Owns Manages A Bar: BARKEEP
Claw of a bird of prey: TALON
Level 106
State of being strong and healthy: FITNESS
Changes to political systems and policies: REFORMS
Compass point opposite southwest: NORTHEAST
Pine, elm, maple: TREE
Washing shampoo out of hair: RINSE
Paces, walking measurements: FOOTSTEPS
Walls can be coated in this liquid: PAINT
Children without parents: ORPHANS
Leaves Once Used In Root Beer And Creole Cuisine: SASSAFRAS
Swiss River In The Bernese Alps Also Called Saane: SARINE
Second-year high school students: SOPHOMORES
The least hard: SOFTEST
Level 107
One of the wondrous, giant mausoleums in Giza: PYRAMID
Get charged too much: OVERPAY
Bed linen: SHEET
Admission of guilt: CONFESSION
Chamber for visitors: GUESTROOM
Tony Stark: IRONMAN
Large GT From Spain In A Balloon Glass: GINTONICA
Pads on which visitors to a store wipe their feet: DOORMATS
Set off a bomb: DETONATE
Adopted A New Religion: CONVERTED
United Nations children’s relief arm: UNICEF
The least tidy or neat: MESSIEST
Level 108
It has a nucleus, protons, and electrons: ATOM
Wooden storage planks that are mounted on walls: SHELVES
Come out: EMERGE
The speed at which an object moves: VELOCITY
The wizard who betrays Gandalf: SARUMAN
Ringing device: BELL
Tormenting or intimidating someone who is weaker: BULLYING
Pedro Alvares European Discoverer Of Brazil: CABRAL
Arab Cloak That Is Fully Hooded And Trimmed: BURNOUS
Inability to speak or vocalize: MUTISM
The title every member of a family shares: SURNAME
Pushing roughly or heavy-handedly: SHOVING
Level 109
Attack on an enemy position, or a combat mission: SORTIE
Preliminary showing: PREVIEW
Penniless: POOR
Talking like a snake: HISSING
Ability to share others’ emotions: EMPATHY
On this spot: HERE
Inclined surface: RAMP
Plant on which grapes grow: VINE
Events that set a chain of actions in motion: TRIGGERS
Spacious, sizeable: ROOMY
Defeat an opponent in every single game: WHITEWASH
Video tape format popular in the 1980s: VHS
Level 110
Radiant beauty: GLORY
Facing the wind: WINDWARD
Distant sun: STAR
Gun filled with ammo: LOADED
Homeless person: HOBO
Simple Songs Chants Or Sayings: DITTIES
Mustang __, R&B hit from The Commitments: SALLY
A kind of man who will clutch at a straw: DROWNING
Gentle, cat-headed goddess in Ancient Egypt: BASTET
Many-headed dragon of Greek mythology: HYDRA
When The Heart Muscle Relaxes And Lets Blood In: DIASTOLE
Level 111
Fabric sheet for drying hair: TOWEL
Condensed water floating in the sky: CLOUD
The warmest, most pleasing and comforting: FONDEST
Stop a movie: PAUSE
To charge a government official with misconduct: IMPEACH
On a compass, the opposite of SSW: NNE
Languid Restless Limp: LISTLESS
The Land Of The Philistines: PHILISTIA
Flintstone mum: WILMA
Bends The Rules Takes Advantage: FLOUTS
Done with sensitivity to other people’s views: DIPLOMATIC
Level 112
Opening for ventilation: AIRHOLE
Plain, white ice cream from pod seeds: VANILLA
Chaps, dudes, gents: FELLAS
Jumble of strings: TANGLE
Spread out, make broader: WIDEN
Some prefer milks this way: LOWFAT
Old-fashioned tool for sharpening blades: WHETSTONE
A clock or watch face: DIAL
Kevin __; former NBA MVP for the Timberwolves: GARNETT
Cylindrical Oven Used In Middle East Central Asia: TANDOOR
Spicy culinary treatment dished out to eggs: DEVILLED
Laundry liquid for making fluffy fabrics: SOFTENER
Level 113Drops of water from eyes: TEARS
Night bird seen in Harry Potter books: OWL
The least difficult: EASIEST
Refuse to acknowledge: DISOWN
Causing resentment or envy; unjust, biased: INVIDIOUS
Originate: ARISE
Rejections; refusals to acknowledge: DENIALS
Did Not Consume Enough Food: UNDERATE
Oppressive wet heat: SWELTER
Digestive organ that can be large or small: INTESTINE
Spanish nap: SIESTA
Harsh criticism: VITRIOL
Level 114
These tendrils hold trees in the ground: ROOTS
A silly person: LOON
Theatrically striking: DRAMATIC
Spicy sauce: SALSA
Beaten by a hammer: NAIL
Representative symbol: ICON
Second Largest Balearic Isle Famous For Megaliths: MINORCA
In politics, proposals that can be carried: MOTIONS
Cooking oil derived from rapeseed: CANOLA
Ethical: MORAL
An order; control over something: COMMAND
Groups Of Three Nucleotides: CODONS
Level 115Maiden or maid: VIRGIN
Member of Marvel’s biggest hero squad: AVENGER
Strong wind: GALE
This is the ___: WAY
Very very big: HUGE
Armed sea forces: NAVY
Not clear vision: BLURRY
Endure: ABEAR
A counter to measure radioactivity: GEIGER
The Tuna Can Grow To 400 Lbs: BIGEYE
Sound made to express disbelief or scorn: HAW
Level 116Ribbons and these may decorate long hair: BOWS
Red in French: ROUJE
A supreme being or deity: GOD
Entrance way: DOOR
Facial characteristics: FEATURES
Uncooked food: RAW
Public transport vehicles: BUSES
A rubber tool used to rub out something written: ERASER
Thicker More Fragrant Belgian Waffle: GAUFRE
Wilson WWI President League Of Nations: WOODROW
Level 117Photographic pieces slotted through a projector: SLIDES
Use a broom: SWEEP
A religious rite: BLESS
Past of slide: SLID
A sword type: RAPIER
Stockings and socks: HOSIERY
Stationed: BASED
Brandishes Like A Weapon: WIELDS
Suffer Ruin Or Destruction Die: PERISH
Use cordless ones to make holes in walls: DRILLS
Young male: BOY
Young woman in high society coming of age: DEB
Level 118Worn out: TIRED
No need to re-invent it!: WHEEL
Rustic countryman: PEASANT
State of reduced tensions: DETENTE
Food prepared for spreading: PASTE
Resort with mineral spring: SPA
I Lonely As A Cloud Wordsworth’s Words: WANDERED
A lump of something, like gum: WAD
Rubbers that remove pencil marks: ERASERS
Published books: PRINTED
Business that sells cars and other vehicles: DEALERSHIP
In the presence of: WITH
Level 119Solid ground: LAND
Large group of spectators: CROWD
Bug believed to burrow in hearing receptacles: EARWIG
Winged spiritual being: ANGEL
Related to nose: NASAL
Not Specific: GENERAL
Noir Shorthand For Danish Swedish TV Dramas: SCANDI
Humans have five, including touch and taste: SENSES
Became closer: NEARED
Ancient Asia Minor City One Of The 7 Churches: SARDIS
Rogers Governor Who Ended Piracy In Nassau: WOODES
Level 120
Announcement or warning: NOTICE
Place in grave: BURY
Twisted together: ENTWINED
Four Messengers Of The Apocalypse: HORSEMEN
Violent weather: STORM
Greek tribe: MYRMIDON
Demolished: DESTROYED
They Fix Your Teeth: DENTISTS
2 Words Having The Same Spelling Or Pronunciation: HOMONYMS
Rookie or a beginner: NEWBIE
Certain Districts Under The Authority Of Bishops: DIOCESES
Rebellion at sea: MUTINY
Level 121A primate or close relative of humans: MONKEY
Finality: CLOSURE
Currently real: EXISTING
Travel around: TOUR
Kitchen surface: COUNTER
Art of creating cocktails: MIXOLOGY
Becoming Submerged Going Under Water: SINKING
Seeking To Defend Or Justify A Wrongdoing: EXCUSING
More Brooding Than: SULTRIER
__ Bay, the second city of Jamaica: MONTEGO
Literary Style Inspired By A Spanish Poet: GONGORISM
Level 122Star Wars Emperor: PALPATINE
The person in charge of a ship: CAPTAIN
Get rid of: DITCH
A car brand: OPEL
Lacking color: PALE
Pedestrian footpath: ALLEY
Recently, and a Stevie Wonder song: LATELY
Queen of the fairies, her king is Oberon: TITANIA
Way for pedestrians: PATH
Sharp edged: POINTY
Called To Attract Attention: COOEED
Level 123Throw forcefully: FLING
Portugal’s capital city: LISBON
Excluded: OMITTED
Explaining: DEFINING
At that point in time: THEN
Property rentals: LETTINGS
Automated software programs that imitate humans: BOTS
Historically Pieces Of Land Of A Manor: DEMESNES
__ Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, 1967 album: SGT
Area of transition from plains to mountains: FOOTHILLS
Dormant phase of hair growth cycle: TELOGEN
Level 124
The number of people in a region: POPULATION
Motion that moves food from mouth to stomach: SWALLOW
Container for a houseplant: POT
A wide street or lane, like a boulevard: AVENUE
Not shallow: DEEP
Wooden board on legs: TABLE
Unwrapped an orange: PEELED
Colorless Liquid Used In Perfumes: ANISOLE
Small Veins That Collect Blood From Capillaries: VENULES
Sultan Mizan Zainal Stadium Malaysia: ABIDIN
Gaelic for “good health” when glasses are raised: SLAINTE
Scottish Moulin Rouge actor McGregor: EWAN
Level 125
Plaything for a child: TOY
Excess body weight: FAT
Professional boxer: FIGHTER
Dispose of, abolish: RID
A long-running adventure story: SAGA
Largest country in Africa: ALGERIA
Jar lid that’s difficult to loosen: TIGHT
Redesigns hair: RESTYLES
(Something Inside) So Strong singer Labi: SIFFRE
Stella Belgian Pilsner: ARTOIS
American saxophonist Julian nicknamed “Cannonball”: ADDERLEY
Eight __ Freaks, scary spider movie: LEGGED

Logicross Level 126-150 Answers

Level 126
Blue hedgehog: SONIC
Tobacco stimulant: NICOTINE
Italian milk: LATTE
Something to play: GAME
Option to decide what you want: CHOICE
A register of names: LIST
Surname of grassy English model, Kate __: MOSS
Ridding Of Impurities: CLEANSING
A Country’s Edge Along The Sea: COASTLINE
Measure of length: INCH
Generic Description Of A Knight Pawn Bishop Say: CHESSMAN
Unsure as to whether or not there is a god: AGNOSTIC
Level 127
Related to computers or the internet: CYBER
Arctic owl with white feathers: SNOWY
The common currency: EURO
Wide pipe for trains: TUBE
Chair for a king or queen: THRONE
European nobleman: COUNT
The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street Todd: SWEENEY
Type of cap worn by young periodical vendor: NEWSBOY
Type of dry wine used in a lobster Newburg recipe: SHERRY
Audition, trial: TRYOUT
Flat wool hat first worn by the French: BERET
To Beg Urgently Implore: BESEECH
Level 128
Territory containing people under a government: NATION
Items taken from enemy of in war: LOOT
Five cent coin: NICKEL
Illustrative material in publication: ARTWORK
Small often mischievous fairy: ELF
Plant Extract Used To Soothe Bruising: ARNICA
Carolyn __, Nancy Drew writers’ pen name: KEENE
Government allocation of food or another commodity: RATION
Connection at a coffee shop: WIFI
The last scene of a performance: FINALE
Regime Old French Order Of Politics: ANCIEN
Level 129Genius or exceptional talent: BRILLIANCE
The capital of England: LONDON
So cold it has gone solid: FROZEN
Down, near the ground: LOW
Destiny: FATE
Send an email on to another person: FORWARD
Section Of Broccoli: FLORET
Simon The Apostle Of Jesus Aka The Zealot: CANAANITE
Avenida Da Lisbon’s Main Thoroughfare: LIBERDADE
One of the Frank Zappa’s sons: DWEEZIL
Gather together: COLLECT
To tidy, to straighten: NEATEN
Level 130
Converse, talk: CHAT
Of or relating to the small components: MOLECULAR
Relating to the military: MARTIAL
Pickled condiment one can enjoy: RELISH
Perform in a pantomime: MUM
Tranquil: CALM
Four Bodily Fluids In Early Greek Medicine: HUMORS
Small Scale Representation: MICROCOSM
Formal word for illness, discomfort: MALAISE
Amazon Lily: EUCHARIS
Withstand, not give in to temptation: RESIST
Middle name of 1969’s president, Richard M Nixon: MILHAUS
Level 131
Recover medically: HEAL
Famous black dragon: TOOTHLESS
Prescribed amount: DOSE
Another drink: REFILL
Title: NAME
__ mignon, meat cut taken from the tenderloin: FILET
Religious Exclamations Of Praise: HOSANNAS
German Three Striped Sports Brand: ADIDAS
Popular nickname of New York’s Fuller Building: FLATIRON
Via Sorrowful Route Taken By Jesus To Calvary: DOLOROSA
Central layer of a planet beneath the crust: MANTLE
Level 132
Frequency of credit card payments: MONTHLY
Female who gives a party: HOSTESS
Vegetable that serves as a base for many salads: LETTUCE
Conversation: DISCUSSION
Assign, distribute: ALLOCATE
Fill it with air or helium: BALLOON
Sew Along Edge With A Decorative Method: HEMSTITCH
Twice as many: DOUBLY
Holey fish catchers: NETS
A beautiful area with water in a desert: OASIS
Feels like forever: EON
Piña __, cocktail of rum, coconut, pineapple: COLADA
Level 133
Swelling part of the body: TUMOR
Velocity times change of mass over change in time: THRUST
Carlos __, singer of Black Magic Woman: SANTANA
Eye drop: TEAR
Something that sucks up a liquid, like a sponge: ABSORBER
Statement of gratitude: TRIBUTE
Greek letter corresponding to ‘r’: RHO
Arm of the Baltic between Sweden and Finland: BOTHNIA
Female Massage Therapists: MASSEUSES
Plant scientist: BOTANIST
Having More Beef Or Pork Than Another Burger Does: MEATIER
Level 134Needing more water: DEHYDRATED
Stay overnight in this low-cost accommodation: HOSTEL
An animal with antlers: DEER
Unclothed: BARE
Provide warmth: HEAT
Cap on the middle of a car wheel: HUB
1971 Richard Matheson Novel: HELLHOUSE
With certainty: SURELY
Electric serpentine swimmer: EEL
People who are no longer teenagers: ADULTS
D in NATO’s phonetic alphabet: DELTA
Blue-footed bird in the genus Sula: BOOBY
Level 135
Give guidance: ADVISE
Stable, firmly fixed: STEADY
Cutter: SLICER
Organs of sight: EYES
Male or female: SEX
Long orange vegetable: CARROT
Lightweight fabric often used for school PE tops: AERTEX
Huge Particle Accelerator Is The Large Hadron This: COLLIDER
Cylinder Shaped Lily Peace Lily: CALLALILY
Low area between mountains: VALE
Gains pleasure from, delights in: REVELS
Well-known coffee shop chain: COSTA
Level 136
Spade-like tool: SHOVEL
Coca cola’s lemon lime soda: SPRITE
Traffic light color: GREEN
Lad: BOY
Total number determined: COUNTED
Grumbled And Complained Like A Game Bird: GROUSED
Superior: UPPER
Breaks In And Steals From A Property: BURGLES
Recorded the features of a piece of land: SURVEYED
The Love Bug About A Volkswagen Beetle Named: HERBIE
First name of English actor Cumberbatch: BENEDICT
Level 137
Might, perhaps: COULD
To give something a covering or to encase it: CLAD
The first man: ADAM
Grown-up: ADULT
Apple computer: MAC
Be in first position, at the front: LEAD
Roman Built Segovia Site Used To Transport Water: ACUEDUCTO
Clump of blood: CLOT
Found Where Something Is: LOCATED
Double: DUAL
A Coat With Eye Like Markings: OCELLATED
Breakfast, lunch or dinner: MEAL
Level 138Drinks bought for everyone in a group: ROUND
Negotiate: DEAL
Reveal information or details: DIVULGE
Physical strength: VIGOR
Unquestionably: INDEED
A will is no good if it’s this; blank dotted line: UNSIGNED
Recommended But Not Compulsory: ADVISORY
Means of cooking: GRILL
… Bolt, Jamaican athlete and olympian: USAIN
US Author Known For The Recognitions: GADDIS
Cereal grain related to barley, wheat: RYE
Level 139
Bird on a one dollar bill: EAGLE
Notice: DETECT
Where something is located: SITE
Barred container: CAGE
Untopped part of a pizza: CRUST
The most extravagant: FANCIEST
Ancient Tribe Who Gave The Romans Their Language: LATINS
A sonnet has 14 of these: LINES
Creatures With Body Of A Lion Head Of An Eagle: GRIFFINS
Small military force: UNIT
How Italians Say 11: UNDICI
Aquaman’s weapon: TRIDENT
Level 140
The edge of a steep rock face: CLIFF
Group related by blood or marriage: TRIBE
Uneven: ROUGH
Bright: CLEAR
Thin strip of cloth: RIBBON
Borders, boundaries: FRONTIERS
Levantine Salad With Bulgur Wheat And Parsley: TABBOULEH
Chinese Soybean Sauce Meat Glaze: HOISIN
Trips by plane: FLIGHTS
Give support to, like in a court: CORROBORATE
Albrecht Creator Of The William Tell Legend: GESSLER
Level 141
By oneself, solo: ALONE
Assistant referee: LINESMAN
Not to be altered: FINAL
Throwing a coin in one brings good luck: FOUNTAIN
Water-chute ride at an amusement park: FLUME
John __, Beatle assassinated in New York in 1980: LENNON
Heating glass or metal to alter its properties: ANNEAL
The Ugly Duckling’s outcome: SWAN
Beef cattle and their homeland in central France: LIMOUSIN
One Percent Milk: LOWFAT
Ineffective: USELESS
Level 142
Make amends or reparation: ATONE
Early stage of life: YOUTH
Get up: STAND
Cereal grass: WHEAT
Reveal: SHOW
It was his idea to breach Troy in a giant horse: ODYSSEUS
Eagle-__, paying close attention to detail: EYED
Minaret Of An Incomplete Moroccan Mosque Tower: HASSAN
Perch River In Eastern North Dakota: SHEYENNE
Clint and his actor son Scott __: EASTWOOD
Laws Established By A Legislative Body: STATUTES
Lower Internal Wall Sections: DADOES
Level 143Far Eastern island country: JAPAN
Marine animal: SEAL
Uninspiring and dull: LAME
Sense: FEEL
Strong fastener: CLAMP
Joyous or praising songs or poems: PAEANS
Infected fluid found in zits: PUS
Europe’s most extensive mountain range: ALPS
Where college students congregate: CAMPUS
… Austen, English novelist: JANE
Confront: FACE
Level 144
To help or aid someone: ASSIST
King of the jungle: LION
Global word for fighting, arguments: CONFLICT
Of mixed ancestry: HYBRID
Type of stone used to ignite fires: FLINT
Banned by social norms: TABOO
Where Sailing Vessels Are Built And Maintained: BOATYARD
Employees: STAFF
Timothy McVeigh’s accomplice: Terry __: NICHOLS
Country that’s the home of pizza and pasta: ITALY
City where John F. Kennedy was assassinated: DALLAS
Level 145
Visit from beyond the grave: HAUNT
Bulk: MASS
Huge snake: ANACONDA
Summer shoe: SANDAL
Prickly desert plant: CACTUS
Type of rummy, object to make sets of seven cards: CANASTA
Bird With Large Bright Bill: TOUCAN
1940s Indian leader __ Gandhi (not Mahatma!): MOHANDAS
A beauty queen might wear this ribbon: SASH
The 12 divisions of the year: MONTHS
Thank You In Hawaiian: MAHALO
Level 146
Remain: STAY
Use teeth: BITE
Strand for sewing: THREAD
Shingle expert: ROOFER
Source: ROOT
Believer in the teaching of Siddhartha Gautama: BUDDHIST
Lawyer Kardashian who married Kris Jenner: ROBERT
Latin word for earth: TERRA
Site of the Margravial opera house in Bavaria: BAYREUTH
Dog sound: ARF
Level 147
Legal union of two people, vows are exchanged: MARRIAGE
Acrophobia is the fear of __: HEIGHTS
Study of physical world through experimentation: SCIENCE
A very small amount: TRACE
Reward used for motivation: INCENTIVE
Weenie Is Very Small: TEENIE
Overcome by shaking and trembling: ASHIVER
Precious stone, jewel: GEM
Extremely wealthy Mali ruler, __ Musa: MANSA
Great Expectations Spinster: HAVISHAM
Quoting a text in a piece of written work: CITING
Level 148Barter over price: HAGGLE
Living area of animals: HABITAT
Short for evacuation: EVAC
Hairy coat with the skin of a mammal: FUR
Gasoline: FUEL
Lower clef in music: BASS
Unscrupulous Seizures: GRABBERS
Wave riders who hang ten: SURFERS
Grade school snitch: TATTLER
Sharp Witted Person Who Assesses Situations: ASTUTER
Release a long breath: SIGH
Collar Bones: CLAVICLES
Level 149
Taken Into Police Custody: ARRESTED
Ruler of basketball: FIBA
Recurring phrase or verse in a poem: REFRAIN
Digital book: EBOOK
Thomas ___: EDISON
Lower part of a dress: SKIRT
Wicker Cribs: BASSINETS
Job, activity: TASK
Nuee Cloud Of Suffocating Gases From A Volcano: ARDENTE
__ vision, the power to see heat: INFRARED
One Who Returns Something To Its Original Condition: RESTORER
Level 150A place for school lunches and food fights: CAFETERIA
Matrimony: MARRIAGE
Fix a boat to a quayside: MOOR
Formal contest: MATCH
Arrogant person: SNOB
Part of the leg: THIGH
When a Child Is Born crooner, Johnny __: MATHIS
iPhone video call: FACETIME
Reaper who brings death: GRIM
Digger for gold or coal: MINER
Detest Loathe: ABOMINATE

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