Laser Puzzle All Levels Hints Answers Solutions Android

Laser Puzzle – Logic Game All Levels Hint and walkthrough

The goal of this puzzle game is to set up mirrors by moving and rotating mirrors to activate the laser receiver, open and level, Each level has a certain amount of mirrors and bulbs, using those mirrors you have to turn on all the bulbs. You have different types of mirrored surfaces which reflect laser beams in different ways, so using those you have to play those logic puzzles. Based on light physics, for the most persistent and clever gamers! There are forgotten fireless lighthouse in the sea. Using mirrors, portals and other tools, deliver energy and set light to the Lamps. All you have to do is move mirrors, reflect the laser, light up all lamps!

• More than 85 levels ranked from easiest to hardest.
• Various mirrors for controlling the laser beam
• Intuitive Android gameplay with beautiful and simple UI.
• You can use hints
• No time limit to play a level

Are you a lover of logic puzzles? “Laser Puzzle” is for you! Light the bulb everywhere! Have a good game!

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