33 Puzzles Answers and hints All Level/Enigma

33 Puzzles: enigma’s game Hints and Answers


33 Puzzles: enigma’s game hints and answers to all 33 levels given in this post. This is an android/iOS puzzle game developed by M.Pomme Studio, Which consists of 33 enigma and some bonus levels to it.
You have to use phone’s controls, capabilities to solve puzzles, like volume and rotation.
 If any of the levels are changed please let me know so that I can change answers and hints
33 Puzzles level 1:

hint: The key is behind

answer: Raise the load

33 Puzzles level 2:

hint: Break the glass

answer: Tap the glass

33 Puzzles level 3:

hint: Think about the gas

answer: Shake your device

33 Puzzles level 4:

hint: Bat sleep head down

answer: Rotate your device upside down

33 Puzzles level 5:

hint: That’s an Enigma

answer: MA

33 Puzzles level 6:

hint: Turn the radio on (And hear the code)

answer: 4321

33 Puzzles level 7:

hint: Yeah exactly (don’t touch anything)

answer: Wait a minute

33 Puzzles level 8:

hint: Controls

answer: Click the return (Back) button on your device

33 Puzzles level 9:

hint: Behind the dirt,  Translate this language (Latin)

answer: CESAR

33 Puzzles level 10:

hint: 5+5=10

answer: Tap on the level number because that’s the answer (10)

33 Puzzles level 11:

hint: The code is written here (Wait a minute duplicate ad will appear the code is hidden in that ad) see image below:

answer: 654321

33 Puzzles level 12:

hint: The code is under the  bucket, PUT IT ABOVE YOUR HEAD.

answer: DONUTS

33 Puzzles level 13:

hint: Letters are scrambled , If you look carefully, it asks for What is the first letter of Zebra?

answer: Z

33 Puzzles level 14:

hint: Look carefully (you can see fingerprints on the key)

answer: 4343

33 Puzzles level 15:

hint: Make him older

answer: change your device date (to something 13 January 2036)

33 Puzzles level 16:

hint: Good Luck

answer: Push the scroll wheel until you hit a jackpot

33 Puzzles level 17:

hint: Find the tube find the code

answer: DONUTS

33 Puzzles level 18:

hint: Play the doctor

answer: Plug in the earphone ( and hear the heartbeats and click yes)

33 Puzzles level 19:

hint: Like a baby

answer: Rock your device like a baby rocker (keep your phone vhorizontally and then rotate using one edge as a hinge (like a flipping book page) so that screen faces earth, Do 2-3 times you will solve this level)

33 Puzzles level 20:

hint: Search for the smallest round on the screen

answer: The dot of i in word click is the smallest dot, click on it.

33 Puzzles level 21:

hint: Look at the map (go to co-ordinates)

answer: HORSE

33 Puzzles level 22:

hint: A hand a letter

answer: LIFE

33 Puzzles level 23:

hint: Read this succession of flashes (morse code)

answer: STAR

33 Puzzles level 24:

hint: Give him some energy

answer: Plug in your phone to a charger (maybe you need to charge it upto 100%)

33 Puzzles level 25:

hint: Use the 2D

answer: Make a circle around the fish

33 Puzzles level 26:

hint: Is it the time to go up?

answer: Wait until midnight (Or set your device time to 12:00 AM level will be cleared)

33 Puzzles level 27:

hint: Did you read the description? ( Google Play store game description)

answer: Princess

33 Puzzles level 28:

hint: Run away!

answer: Click your device menu button ( or in some devices long click) Like closing app.

33 Puzzles level 29:

hint: It breezes

answer: WIND

33 Puzzles level 30:

hint: How to succeed this riddle?

answer: Click on Level Number 30 and write 31, press OK

33 Puzzles level 31:

hint: As in the plane


33 Puzzles level 32:

hint: Why not give him an idea

answer: Move the hint icon to think bubble.

33 Puzzles level 33:

hint: Crop the QR code from the image and read it using online QR code decoder, You can use this image:

This QR code will give you website address: www.securitysystemoftherocket.com

On this webiste you will find the instruction to solve this level.




  • Initialize the rocket by pressing a long time on the hint button
  • Press a long time on the rocket
  • Press 3 times on the rocket
  • Press a long time on the rocket
  • Shake
  • Wait , enjoy , you are a hero …

Some bonus Levels (Now removed from game):

33 Puzzles Bouns level 1:

hint: Its write just here

answer: Write your device time in given format

33 Puzzles Bouns level 2:

hint: A big step for humanity

answer: 1969

33 Puzzles Bouns level 3:

hint: Put the letters to right way

answer: Send an email to ulpien3@gmail.com for the answer

33 Puzzles Bouns level 4:

hint: Convert 462 to roman numerals

answer: CDLXII


If you have any doubts or problem related to solving any puzzle you can just comment down, I will try to help you thanks. 

8 thoughts on “33 Puzzles Answers and hints All Level/Enigma

  • February 25, 2018 at 01:32

    Want a comment t on level 31?
    Here’s my comment: its not a bug.
    Hint one: it is time to break up
    Hint two:as in the plane


    • February 25, 2018 at 19:15

      Thank you very much, I will add this to post, So that it will help others too. I think when i was playing my phone was already in airplane mode so it passed automatically.

  • January 31, 2018 at 02:55

    I have no idea about the answer of level 33, so would you please tell me what is it?
    With best regards

    • February 13, 2018 at 21:58

      This is a QR code , you have to cut the image in a square wich contains only 3 squares in the middle of the rocket, and then use a qr code scanner. This qr is a web site with instructions to the last level.


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