Hidden Secrets Free puzzle 25 Answer and Hint

Hidden Secrets free puzzle 25 Detailed Solution Android Game

Hidden Secret Puzzle/Enigma 25, full puzzle breakdown, hints, and solution to this puzzle game. Here I have solved this level carefully with all hints and screenshots. Scroll to find answer. Game is available for Android devices.

This puzzle game is really Hard!! This is a progressively hard Android puzzle game which requires progressive skills that need to learn along the way. In this game, you have some puzzle on screen and decoding it you have to type correct answer. This game is like Do Not Believe His Lies, If you are fan of secret message decoding and puzzles stuff, You must try this Puzzle game. You can take hints If you want but that will cost you money. You can buy full game if you want to support the developer.

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Hidden Secrets puzzle 25:

Puzzle: MČak i beskonačno zumiranje. Sva mjesta izgledaju isto.

BIGRSYU vigèzigzag

Hint: Translating  MČak i beskonačno zumiranje. Sva mjesta izgledaju isto, Will Give you  Mock and infinite zoom. All places look the same. In Croation.

Fractals, Those are also called Mandelbrot sets. (You Can Zoom In On A Fractal Forever).

  • Now, Using Vigenere Cipher decrypting BIGRSYU using MANDELBROT as key, will Give us PITOONT
  •  Decrypt PITOONT (You can anagram this or use Zig Zag Cipher) will give you answer (code)

Answer: pointto

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One thought on “Hidden Secrets Free puzzle 25 Answer and Hint

  • February 8, 2018 at 03:08

    Actually, MČak isn’t a word in Croatian. The translatable phrase is after the M and it says “Even infinite zooming. All places look the same.” So that gives us the clue to fractals but fractals is a general concept of structures that can be zoomed infinitely and always look similar no matter the zoom. So the only M fractal out there is the Mandelbrot set, so not only we get a clue about fractals but also about the specific fractal from that text in the level. :)


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