Here Level 48 Walkthrough (Detailed)

Here Game Level 48 Solution Answer & hints

Here level 48 solution is provided on this page, with detailed hints and steps. Just scroll down to find out.

About Here Game: There are 50 levels in this game. Each level is unique and has its own logic you have to think outside the box to know the solution behind it. Each and every single level is a new and creative way to fond the word ‘here’

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Here Level 48:

  • lick on one square to select it and tap other squares to add the value to it.
  • It adds letters value from one box to other box like a(1) + a(1) = b(2). a(1)+e(5)=f(6) (Here a=1, b=2, c=3….)

Tap order is given here:

  • To type h in the first box click second and the first button 7 times, h=21212121212121 (7 times) It will read h-a-a-a
  • Now click second and third 17 times to type r in 3rd box= 2323232323232323232323232323232323 (17 times), It will now read h-a-r-a
  • Now, Click on the second and fourth box 4 times to type e in the fourth box. e=24242424 (4 times). It will now read h-a-r-e
  • Lastly, Tap on the fourth and second button 6 times to solve this level. e=424242424242 (6 times) It will now read h-e-r-e and level will be solved.

Here Game Techyonic All Level List:

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