Here Game Walkthrough [All Levels in Single Page]

Here Level (1-50) Solutions Answers and detailed Hints

Here Game (By Techyonic) is solved on this page with detailed hints and additional Hint on separate pages.

About Here Game: There are 50 levels in this game, You have to use your brain to think differently to pass each and every level. Each level is unique and has its own logic you have to think outside the box to know the solution behind it. Each and every single level is a new and creative way to fond the word ‘here’

Some puzzles are unclear and you may need help so I will provide you with all the hints that are required Just Scroll down to find the Hints to all levels.

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Here Walkthrough All Levels:

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Here Level 1 Walkthrough (Hints)

Click On the ‘Here’ word on the screen. That’s It.

Here Level 2 Walkthrough (Hints)

Click on the boxes to Make word ‘HERE’ (first Box H, second E, Third R, Fourth E)

Here Level 3 Walkthrough (Hints)

You have to reveal Here Word completely By using your both fingers and rotate the bar from verticle to horizontal.

Here Level 4 Walkthrough (Hints)

You have to again get ‘here’ word in Boxes.

  1. Click On Upper Box Once
  2. Then, Click on the lower box 3 times to solve this level.

Here Level 5 Walkthrough (Hints)

  • Blacken every letter other than h e r e
  • For minimum moves click on letters as shown in below image:
  • Click On ‘h’ then ‘e’ then ‘r’ then Botton ‘e’ then you have to click 3 more letters to solve. Click on ‘g’ and ‘i’ in the bottom line then click on ‘e’ to solve this level.

Here Level 6 Walkthrough (Hints)

Rotate it very fast with your finger until it rotates with its own.

Here Level 7 Walkthrough (Hints)

Click on the pieces to make complete letters. You have to write ‘here’

Here Level 8 Walkthrough (Hints)

Lift the bars to find the word ‘here’. But you have to Lift all 4 bars simultaneously, to do that use your 4 fingers. You can lift one by one but keep in mind that you cant remove that finger until all letters are visible, So you have to use other fingers or your little brother/sister for help.

Here Level 9 Walkthrough (Hints)

‘adherent’ contains the word ‘here’ so you have to remove extra letters by putting your fingers on two ends and pinch to zoom out and remove them. (See image Below)

Here Level 10 Walkthrough (Hints)

Click on the correct circle, which has here written correctly on it. You have to be quick because of the correct word change position every second. It is better to see it from a distance to find it quickly. (or to restart level every time to track the word)

Here Level 11 Walkthrough (Hints)

Click on the switch and quickly click on the here word before it disappears. It will be always on a fixed position when you restart the level.

Here Level 12 Walkthrough (Hints)

Gravity changes every time you click on the screen

You have to keep the box in the square for 4-5 seconds

When it is in the center, click continuously to keep it in the center.

Here Level 13 Walkthrough (Hints)

By putting signs in between them, make the equation correct


Here a=1, b=2, c=3, d=4…so on (so, h=8, e=5, r=18, e=5)

Here Level 14 Walkthrough (Hints)

Make the word ‘here’ completely black using sliders. If all sliders are in Left ‘here’ will be completely black. Follow below two steps.

First, try to align the first and second sliders equal.

Then, move the bottom slider to the extreme left to make them all left.

Here Level 15 Walkthrough (Hints)

Drag the back button to complete HERE word by putting < into letter ‘R’; see below Image:

Here Level 16 Walkthrough (Hints)

The words are encoded into morse code. you can try any text to the morse code generator: text to morse

here will be typed as: ……-.. (use two buttons to enter this)

Here Level 17 Walkthrough (Hints)

Slide your finger across the screen and keep sliding until you find all the letters in the shape of the heart.

Here Level 18 Walkthrough (Hints)

If a=1, b=2, c=3, d=4… then what will here read? (h=8, e=5, r=18, e=5) so first click on 8, then 5, then 18 (click on level number) then click on 5 to pass this level.

Here Level 19 Walkthrough (Hints)

You have to click on ‘here’ very fast (No tricks here you have to quick and accurate)

Here Level 20 Walkthrough (Hints)

Slide blocks vertically and focus on shadow, Make here word by placing blocks in the right place (see image below for details)

Here Level 21 Walkthrough (Hints)

Make Word ‘here’ using disk words.

easiest method: click Disk 1 2 3 4, then 1 2 3 4, then 1 2 3, the level will be solved. (click left to right)

Here Level 22 Walkthrough (Hints)

It’s dark, we have to find the ‘here’ so first turn on the light by clicking on the hint button, then click on ‘here’.

Here Level 23 Walkthrough (Hints)

Shake your device until all the letters are correctly ordered.

Here Level 24 Walkthrough (Hints)

You have to rotate here button to its default position. So how do you rotate? Use the restart button to rotate it, click 3 times on the restart button.

Here Level 25 Walkthrough (Hints)

It’s dark again, so you have to turn the phone brightness to maximum. then search for ‘here’ on the screen, then click on it to solve.

Here Level 26 Walkthrough (Hints)

Use these steps in given order to solve it correctly:

  1. Place ‘r’ in its position
  2. Place ‘e’ in the bottom-most box
  3. Then just place ‘e’ and ‘h’ in their place make sure that they don’t touch other boxes.

Here Level 27 Walkthrough (Hints)

Put your finger on the screen and try to move in a random direction then keep moving it in the direction where the sound gets louder. to find the correct spot.

Here Level 28 Walkthrough (Hints)

What is the time? put your device time in a 12-hour format.

Here Level 29 Walkthrough (Hints)

Try To slide Level Number horizontally to left, you will see here on another end. see image below:

Here Level 30 Walkthrough (Hints)

Memorize the order, and tap in the same order as they appeared. sadly there is no shortcut.

Here Level 31 Walkthrough (Hints)

Check notifications, You will see a notification from here game. Click on that notification to pass this level. check below image for hints:

Here Level 32 Walkthrough (Hints)

Follow these steps in this order to solve this level:

  1. Tap on the fourth square 10 times (It will read a-a-k-a)
  2. Tap the second square 7 times (it should read h-a-r-a)
  3. Now, Tap the third square 4 times to solve this level (it will read h-e-r-e)

Here Level 33 Walkthrough (Hints)

Make ‘here‘ red and keep all the ‘z’ black.

  1. Click on “z” 3 letters before “h”
  2. then 2 letters before “e”
  3. then 1 letter before the “r”
  4. finally, click on last “e”

Or read this image:

Here Level 34 Walkthrough (Hints)

You have to take (shoot) screenshot of this screen to solve this level.

In most of the Chinese phones swiping 3 fingers will take a screenshot but in most of the Android phones: Press the Volume Down and Power button at the same time, hold them for a second.

Here Level 35 Walkthrough (Hints)

If you look closely the level number is not correct (at the lower side of the screen)
so all you have to do is click on the no. “1” and change it to your current level that is “35”

Here Level 36 Walkthrough (Hints)

Use your finger as a torch and turn “h e r e” white by clicking on them. moving fingers over the other letters will reset the progress. letters order does not matter you have to search h-e-r-e

Here Level 37 Walkthrough (Hints)

Use your volume button to make “here” on the screen. Just change your phone’s volume very slowly until it becomes “here”

Here Level 38 Walkthrough (Hints)

All 3 buttons do different things:

  • Left button: Shifts the letters to left
  • Right button: Shifts the letters to the right
  • Middle button: Removes the first and last letters.

All you have to do it use first and button to get unnecessary words. Shift the letters so that t is the first one and k is the last; then hit the middle button. do the same for ‘a’ and ‘z’ to get ‘here’

Here Level 39 Walkthrough (Hints)

Slowly increase the brightness bar (I said very slowly)

You will see here word will be visible for a setting below half of the slider. Click on it when you see it but do not leave slider finger use another finger to click on it.

Here Level 40 Walkthrough (Hints)

  1. First, select all the letters by clicking on the right button
  2. Middle square increments the letters of the highlighted squares by one.
  3. You must start from the last square first
  4. highlight all squares and make ‘e’ in the last square. then unhighlight the fourth square and make ‘r’ in the third square. And keep going.

Here Level 41 Walkthrough (Hints)

  • Just click on the hint button and you will see “Mindsphere” ad
  • the ad shown is not the real ad.
  • There’s a “here” inside Mindsphere word so just click on it.

Here Level 42 Walkthrough (Hints)

Tip: If you move your finger Vertically it rotates the Outermost Disk & Moving your finger horizontally rotates the middle Disk. But this is not easy until you follow the below steps:

Follow these easy steps to solve it:

  1. First, move your finger horizontally to make ‘e’ (In the first step only focus on letter ‘e’)
  2. When ‘e’ is correctly formed, then without lifting your finger move your finger vertically to automatically make the word ‘here’

Here Level 43 Walkthrough (Hints)

  • Tap the black blinking circle one by one.
  • Missing a circle resets the progress.
  • Here will be revealed when you click all of them without missing.

Here Level 44 Walkthrough (Hints)

You have to make ‘here’, Filling these pixels. see image below:

Here Level 45 Walkthrough (Hints)

Your memory should be sharp, You have to memorize pairs of h-h, e-e, r-r, e-e. Click on a letter and then click another same letter to match it. you have to match all 4 pairs to solve this level.

(other tricks below)

  • You cannot take a screenshot of this level. So pick another phone from your sibling click photo of the level so you don’t have to remember anything.
  • Then match the h-h, e-e, r-r, e-e.

Here Level 46 Walkthrough (Hints)

  • You can’t see anything on the screen, its so small.
  • you have to pinch to zoom with using two fingers until it gets bigger
  • then click on the here word.

Here Level 47 Walkthrough (Hints)

How do you type here using classic old phones?

  • Like when you had to type ‘S’ you click on 7 button 4 times. (see layout below)
  • So how do you type HERE?
  • h=44, e=33, r=777, e=33, So put code =443377733 to pass this level.

Here Level 48 Walkthrough (Hints)

  • Click on one square to select it and tap other squares to add the value to it.
  • It adds letters value from one box to other box like a(1) + a(1) = b(2). a(1)+e(5)=f(6) (Here a=1, b=2, c=3….)

Tap order is given here:

  • To type h in the first box click second and the first button 7 times, h=21212121212121 (7 times) It will read h-a-a-a
  • Now click second and third 17 times to type r in 3rd box= 2323232323232323232323232323232323 (17 times), It will now read h-a-r-a
  • Now, Click on the second and fourth box 4 times to type e in the fourth box. e=24242424 (4 times). It will now read h-a-r-e
  • Lastly, Tap on the fourth and second button 6 times to solve this level. e=424242424242 (6 times) It will now read h-e-r-e and level will be solved.

Here Level 49 Walkthrough (Hints)

This the hardest Level I encountered!!

Find below hints to solve this level, I skipped this level.

Here Level 50 Walkthrough (Hints)


You have completed the game

Thank you for being here

Fill in the box using 4 letters (h-e-r-e)

If you have any problem regarding any of the Solutions, comment below I will help you as soon as possible.

4 thoughts on “Here Game Walkthrough [All Levels in Single Page]

  • December 8, 2023 at 20:07

    can you do the solutions for here challenge levels

  • February 13, 2022 at 08:04

    I can’t find the walkthroughs for the challenges once you finish the levels there are the challenges (same principle as the rest of the game only there are 70 challenges so far). It’s in the same app but I’ve hit three that I’ve just had to completely skip and when I try to look them up I can only find the solutions for the same 50 as above

    Anyhow just putting it out there in case someone else has figured them all out.

  • February 11, 2020 at 07:30

    you probly already know this but I figured out how to solve 49.

    if you touch anywhere on your screen the first box will change to b.
    the dot is always in the last place you touched. (“your previous touch point”)
    if you touch the screen and tough right of the circle, the second box changes to b.
    if you touch left, 1st changes to c. Do that.

    Go back and forth touching left and right until the first and second boxes are both h.

    Touch right of the circle and the 3rd box will turn to b.

    Repeat what you did with the first box until the 2nd box says e and the 3rd says y.

    Touch right again and repeat the back and forth till the 3rd box is r and the last one is t.
    (Make sure the last tap is close to the left side of the screen or else it gets tricky.)
    touch left until the last box is e.
    **Only touch left.**
    Sorry if it’s confusing but its how I figured it out. it took a while but the hints kinda helped.

    • May 19, 2020 at 20:35

      It’s not that complicated. Just give yourself enough room by ending your 3rd box with a far left touch. Then do small distanced right touches to finish the fourth box. Make it easier on yourself by finishing the 3rd box with thr fourth only a few letters away from e.


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