Figgerits Rare Level 9 Answers [All Words+ Phrase]

Figgerits Rare Level 9 Answers

Figgerits special Level 9 answers with the Phrase, and cheat are provided on this page; this game is developed by Figgerits – Word Puzzle Game Hitapps and is available on the Google PlayStore & Apple AppStore. Figgerits is a challenging adult puzzle game that combines elements of logic, word puzzles, and cryptograms to stimulate your intellect and enhance your mental agility. Engage in IQ logic challenges, tackle brain-teasing puzzles, and conquer word games to emerge victorious. Employ clever clues to unravel hidden messages and decode intricate cryptograms. Figgerits presents a cerebral word connection puzzle experience. You’ll unveil a meaningful adage neatly inscribed within the solution’s blanks upon successfully solving each mental challenge.

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<strong>Figgerits Rare</strong><strong> Level 9</strong>


Nickname (verb): DUB
To hit baseball lightly without swinging the bat: BUNT
Land covered with forest: TIMBERLAND
Umbrella (informal): GAMP
Bird native to New Zealand: KIWI
Multicolored: VARIEGATED
Paving block often seen in Europe: SETT
Fishes don’t give birth, they ___: SPAWN
Calcium sulfate barely mixes with water, it has low ___: SOLUBILITY
Metal spike with a hole used in climbing: PITON
Relating to dog days (adj.): CANICULAR
Arranged according to levels of importance: HIERARCHICAL
It can be acute, it can be obtuse: ANGLE
Derogatory, disparaging, contemptuous: PEJORATIVE

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