Brain line Physics level 13 Hints Walk-through Android

Brain on Line vs Physics Puzzle Level 13 Hints solution

Developed by JDI studios, Brain line physics level 13 is solved here.

Brain on Line vs Physics Puzzle is an android/iOS game developed by JDI studios based on physics oriented puzzles. In this game, you have to draw lines that will interact as a physics object and you have to finish the task. There are plenty of puzzles ranging from very easy to very hard, Every puzzle you have to take 3 stars for a perfect solution. that will be decided by the time taken to complete the level and also the number of lines you drew for solving the level.

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Below you will find various Levels hint images which will describe the correct way to solve the level, But if you are unable to get the idea how to solve the level you are provided the video link to the solution.

Hint Number 1:

Hint Number 2:

Hint Number 3:

If you are unable to understand the hints, you can watch youtube video uploaded by me on youtube:

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