Words for a bird Answers [Bart Bonte]

Words for a bird Bart Bonte Answers (1-15)

Words for a bird BART BONTE answers to all levels (1-15) developed by Bart Bonte Available on the playstore.

A little word puzzle game for you, from the creator of the color puzzle series (Yellow, Red, Black, …) The box on the screen provides hints related to the next level. You don’t need all the letters on the screen to make the word. Solve 15 levels and uncover all the words for the bird.

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  1. Hi, Little Bird all Alone in that tree.
  2. What’s on Your Mind?
  3. Are you Thinking About me?
  4. Where are the others, Your sisters and brothers? Where is mister Crow
  5. and miss Sparrow?
  6.  Are you Longing for sir
  7. Starling
  8. or madam Swallow?
  9. Are you Missing the tweeting,
  10. the tender Chirping, The twittering and shrieking?
  11. Are you looking for something to beat the Blues?
  12. Do you wish there were others around to share your views?
  13. Are you craving for Parties to dance
  14. and singing high notes in fancy pants?
  15. Well here are some words for you: If good times have moved on, so will bad times too…

Did you love this game? But there are only 15 levels. If you want to play the Same concept game with 500+ levels I will suggest you play Dingbats: Read Between the lines for android and iOS devices. Answers of that game can be found on this page: http://puzzlegamemaster.com/between-the-lines-answers-all-levels-complete/

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