That Level Again 4 Stage 4 Walkthrough [Free Hints]

TLA 4 Stage 4 All Levels Solution

That Level Again 4 Stage 4 all levels that are solved in this page:

  • Door- the lock
  • Drawing
  • Drawing 2
  • Finger walking
  • Move
  • The way
  • Clap
  • Life or Freedom

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TLA 4 Stage4 (Video is below Hints):

  • That Level Again 4- CHARACTERS TEXT WALL

Click on text and then write


And then go and climb the wall and pass to the next level. (video is below the hints)

  • That Level Again 4- Door- the lock

Write ooooooooooKEY and door will open.

  • That Level Again 4-  Drawing

Draw a line over the button that will act as a solid block. and will keep press the button. and push the drawing to the next level

  • That Level Again 4-  Drawing 2

Again draw a path for the character like this.

  • That Level Again 4- Finger walking

Walk with fingers on the screen do not lift both fingers at once.

  • That Level Again 4-  MOVE

Find a path without touching spikes, You can up-down 4 verticle columns. the last wall can also be moved. You may want to watch the video below these hints.

  • That Level Again 4- The way

Try to jump to the next and then avoid climbing blocks and the third block will give a path to pass to the next level. (use video at bottom)

  • That Level Again 4- Applause

You have to clap in this level for you. clap with two hands.

  • That Level Again 4- Life or Freedom

Choose both at once, click on both once.

Video solution step by step:

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