Syllatiles Answers All Levels [100+ in One Page]

Syllatiles Game Answers, Cheats, and Solutions

Welcome to Syllatiles Answers All Levels page! We’ve gathered all the answers you need in one convenient page to help you pass through every level of this immersive word puzzle game.

Syllatiles combine word puzzles, crossword challenges, and brain teasers in an addictive format. With over 50 levels of mind-bending riddles, it offers entertainment and mental stimulation for all levels of players. Dive in today for an ultimate word puzzle adventure! Download Syllatiles now from Google Play Store and embark on a journey of endless possibilities!

Syllatiles Answers:

Syllatiles Level 1 Answers

Syllatiles Level 1University talk: LEC-TURE
One’s life story: MEM-OIR
Plant growing area: GAR-DEN
Sound adjusting device: TUN-ER
Shade of orange: AM-BER
Stage in a video game: LEV-EL
Regional pronunciation: AC-CENT
Process of learning: STUD-Y
Large horned beast: RHI-NO
Western gunslinger: COW-BOY
Sense of fun: HU-MOR
Deadly dangerous: LE-THAL
Filled with smoke: SMOK-Y
Blender: MIX-ER
Felt-tip pen: MARK-ER
More near: CLOS-ER
Vital organ: LIV-ER
Covered with ice: FRO-ZEN

Syllatiles Level 2 Answers

Syllatiles Level 2
Combine again: RE-U-NITE
Remove a disguise: UN-MASK
Astonishingly great: IM-PRES-SIVE
Feeling of sadness: UN-HAP-PY
Orbiting body: SAT-EL-LITE
Drinking and eating establishment: TAV-ERN
Organized system of rule: GOV-ERN-MENT
To a high degree: VER-Y
Topics for a meeting: A-GEN-DA
Contemporary style: MOD-ERN
Revision of a product: VER-SION
Fictional: UN-RE-AL
Camera picture: PHO-TO
Soft absorbent cloth: TOW-EL
Extremely cold region: ARC-TIC
Single or solitary: ON-LY
Monkey’s favourite treat: BA-NAN-A
Before the usual time: EAR-LY
Arm joint: EL-BOW
Long-distance race: MAR-A-THON

Syllatiles Level 3 Answers

Syllatiles Level 3Formal advice: COUN-SEL
One sheet of material: LAY-ER
Belief in a deity: RE-LI-GION
Send for review: SUB-MIT
Different: OTH-ER
Black and white keyboard: PIA-NO
Administrative center: CAP-I-TAL
Very good: EX-CEL-LENT
Instantaneous travel: TEL-E-PORT
Between two extremes: MID-DLE
Fit to eat: ED-I-BLE
Web weaver: SPI-DER
Extremely unpleasantly: PAIN-FUL-LY
Person in commerce: BUSI-NESS-MAN
Way of acting: BE-HAV-IOR
Request for information: QUE-RY
Ray of natural light: SUN-BEAM
Bow’s projectile: AR-ROW
Without end: IN-FI-NITE
Bike and cycle: BI-CY-CLE
Workspace for creation: STU-DI-O
Display device: MON-I-TOR
Tropical fruit: MAN-GO
Answer to a problem: SO-LU-TION
Evenly: E-QUAL-LY

Syllatiles Level 4 Answers

Syllatiles Level 4Typical: U-SU-AL
Tree with five-pointed leaves: MA-PLE
Leave a place: DE-PART
Member of police: OF-FIC-ER
Valuable gemstone: JEW-EL
Eyelid hairs: EYE-LASH
Romantically paired people: COU-PLE
Atomic power: NU-CLE-AR
Remove from the wrapping: UN-PACK
Floor covering: CAR-PET
Perhaps, possibly: MAY-BE
Life and love giver: MOTH-ER
Long-range shooter: SNIP-ER
Set of letters: AL-PHA-BET
One living off another: PAR-A-SITE
Satirical imitation: PAR-O-DY
Social gathering: PAR-TY
More than eighty-nine: NINE-TY
Imperfection: DE-FECT
Multicolored arc: RAIN-BOW

Syllatiles Level 5 Answers

Syllatiles Level 5
After ten: E-LEV-EN
Health facility: HOS-PI-TAL
Promotional message: AD-VERT
Far away: RE-MOTE
Three-sided polygon: TRI-AN-GLE
Area at the rear of a house: BACK-YARD
Giving up something valuable: SAC-RI-FICE
Tiny material strands: FI-BER
Lawyer: AT-TOR-NEY
Unjust: UN-FAIR
Occupation: PRO-FES-SION
Outdoor meal gathering: PIC-NIC
Not part of a group: OUT-SID-ER
Religious building: TEM-PLE
Italian pasta dish: LA-SA-GNA
Issue to solve: PROB-LEM
Small in size: COM-PACT
Time away from work: VA-CA-TION
Personal viewpoint: O-PIN-ION
Shape or form: FIG-URE
Gathering of items: COL-LEC-TION
Utopian bliss: PAR-A-DISE
… reaction: CHEM-I-CAL
Results of a process: OUT-PUT
Loving caregiver: PAR-ENT
Talisman for luck: AM-U-LET
Red spice powder: PAP-RI-KA
Cure: REM-E-DY
A bird with a big throat pouch: PEL-I-CAN
Precise understanding: CLAR-I-TY

Syllatiles Level 6 Answers

Syllatiles Level 6Sugary snack: CAN-DY
Pathway material: GRAV-EL
Ship commander: CAP-TAIN
Heroic journey poem: EP-IC
Open job position: VA-CAN-CY
One who makes corrections: ED-I-TOR
Freely movable: MO-BILE
Truly awful: HOR-RI-BLE
A shoulder firearm: RI-FLE
No financial reward: UN-PAID
Personal hygiene room: BATH-ROOM
Ketchup base ingredient: TO-MA-TO
Warm-blooded animal: MAM-MAL
Emit energy outward: RA-DI-ATE
Crucially important: CRIT-I-CAL
Easily upset: SEN-SI-TIVE
Knowledge of the past: HIS-TO-RY
Schedule: TIME-TA-BLE
Yellowish cooking fat: BUT-TER
Kind and gentle woman: LA-DY
Not a vowel: CON-SO-NANT
Wicked: E-VIL
Span of a life: LIFE-TIME
Resemblance to someone: LIKE-NESS
Machine resembling a human: RO-BOT
Sour citrus fruit: LEM-ON
Temporary lodging place: HO-TEL
Compassionate connection: EM-PA-THY
Amount: QUAN-TI-TY
Pathological condition: DIS-EASE
Humped desert mammal: CAM-EL
Crosses bodies of water: FER-RY
Loss in a battle: DE-FEAT
Become less tense: RE-LAX
Promote the development: FOS-TER
Arrest authorization: WAR-RANT
Written reaction: COM-MENT
Graphical illustration: PIC-TURE
Not made by humans: NAT-U-RAL
More than one: PLU-RAL
Wild rage: FU-RY

Syllatiles Level 7 Answers

Syllatiles Level 7
Offensive device: WEAP-ON
King of beasts: LI-ON
Call off: CAN-CEL
Painting surface: CAN-VAS
Bring together: CON-NECT
Use up completely: CON-SUME
Prove guilty: CON-VICT
Competition among rivals: CON-TEST
Parcel of goods: PACK-AGE
Electrical potential difference: VOLT-AGE
Demonstration of disagreement: PRO-TEST
Assign to a higher position: PRO-MOTE
Small horse: PO-NY
Faith in something: BE-LIEF
Non-urban: RU-RAL
Vast body of water: O-CEAN
Standing rain water: PUD-DLE
Out of control: CRA-ZY

Syllatiles Level 8 Answers

Syllatiles Level 8
Ship shelter: HAR-BOR
Make tight: FAS-TEN
Letter wrapper: EN-VE-LOPE
Underground railway: SUB-WAY
Hitting a ball over net: VOL-LEY-BALL
Adjust for use: MOD-I-FY
Data processor: SERV-ER
Avoidance: E-VA-SION
Slanted font: I-TAL-IC
Ancient Egyptian construction: PYR-A-MID
North pointer: COM-PASS
Shared by both sides: MU-TU-AL
Supremely awe-inspiring: SUB-LIME
Sports competitor: ATH-LETE
Needing food: HUN-GRY
Stylish: EL-E-GANT
Killed in battle: FALL-EN
Hard-hearted: CRU-EL
Himalayan Bigfoot: YET-I
Classic fast food: HAM-BURG-ER
Of the Sun: SO-LAR
Debatable point: IS-SUE
Approved by authority: OF-FI-CIAL
Access code: PASS-WORD
Once more: A-GAIN
Sunny season: SUM-MER
Defiant person: REB-EL

Syllatiles Level 9 Answers

Syllatiles Level 9
Electronic timekeeper: TIM-ER
Theatrical performer: PLAY-ER
Essential for life: WA-TER
Categorization of art forms: GEN-RE
Long, thin pasta: SPA-GHET-TI
Disrupt conversation: IN-TER-RUPT
High quality product: PRE-MI-UM
Monitor work progress: SU-PER-VISE
Covering on top: O-VER-LAY
Job applicant: CAN-DI-DATE
Copy exactly: DU-PLI-CATE
Point out: IN-DI-CATE
Oval edible seed: AL-MOND
Causes destruction: EX-PLO-SIVE
Longing for the past: NOS-TAL-GIA
Crustacean with claws: LOB-STER
Everyday clothing style: CAS-U-AL
Dining establishment: RES-TAU-RANT
Unusual case: EX-CEP-TION
Traditional Samurai weapon: KA-TA-NA
Hair style with shaved sides: UN-DER-CUT
Poisonous: TOX-IC
Transform between formats: CON-VERT
Beyond understanding: MYS-TER-Y
To be living: EX-IST
Of crucial importance: VI-TAL
Unofficial or casual style: IN-FOR-MAL
Unhelpful: USE-LESS
Offensive move: AT-TACK
Big screen entertainment: CIN-E-MA
Able to be seen: VIS-I-BLE

Syllatiles Level 10 Answers

Syllatiles Level 10
Performing arts venue: THE-A-TER
Burglar: ROB-BER
Triumphant achievement: VIC-TO-RY
Gift wrapping fabric: RIB-BON
Strong-smelling pungent-tasting bulb: GAR-LIC
Beloved option: FA-VOR-ITE
Joyful festival: CAR-NI-VAL
Relaxing background music: AM-BI-ENT
Supplies for use: PRO-VI-SION
Puppet on strings: MAR-I-ON-ETTE
Also known as soccer: FOOT-BALL
Develops technical solutions: EN-GI-NEER
Vast expanse of sand: DES-ERT
Observe: BE-HOLD
Await expectantly: AN-TIC-I-PATE
Living forever: IM-MOR-TAL
Aircraft storage space: HANG-AR
Essential: NEC-ES-SAR-Y
Particular set of circumstances: SIT-U-A-TION
Captured moving images: VID-E-O
Large combat vessel: BAT-TLE-SHIP
Rebound off a surface: RIC-O-CHET
Aggressive photo-seekers: PA-PA-RAZ-ZI
Gambling venue: CA-SI-NO
Habitual set of activities: ROU-TINE
Strict vegetarian: VE-GAN
People of the world: HU-MAN-KIND
Study of the Earth: GE-OG-RA-PHY
Unit of pronunciation: SYL-LA-BLE
Gladiatorial combat venue: COL-OS-SE-UM
Astrological system of signs: ZO-DI-AC
24/7 support line: HOT-LINE
Never intersecting lines are…: PAR-AL-LEL
Desiring what others have: EN-VY
Explore new places: TRAV-EL
Building with a purpose: FA-CIL-I-TY
Discuss to settle: NE-GO-TI-ATE
Heats food quickly: MI-CRO-WAVE
Client: CUS-TOM-ER
Hunter of other animals: PRED-A-TOR

Syllatiles Level 11 Answers

Syllatiles Level 11
Working trainee: IN-TERN
Outside of limits: BE-YOND
Earlier in time: BE-FORE
Puzzle with hidden meaning: RID-DLE
Lower in rank: JUN-IOR
Ecstatic joy or happiness: RAP-TURE
Series of actions taken: PROC-ESS
Artist of rhythmic movement: DANC-ER
Inside a building: IN-DOOR
Time yet to come: FU-TURE
Create something new: IN-VENT
List of available dishes: MEN-U
Bright color like sunshine: YEL-LOW
Agricultural land for farming: FARM-LAND
Keeps the doctor away: AP-PLE
One who informs or narrates: TELL-ER
Tropical or rainforest environment: JUN-GLE
Lessee of a property: RENT-ER

Syllatiles Level 12 Answers

Syllatiles Level 12
One’s own person: ONE-SELF
Hostile and belligerent: AG-GRES-SIVE
Resume operations: RE-O-PEN
Often ends in “ly”: AD-VERB
Relating to the body: PHYS-I-CAL
Adapt for specific purpose: CON-FIG-URE
Expressive and poetic language: LYR-I-CAL
Almost the same: SIM-I-LAR
One who delivers information: MES-SEN-GER
Attentively and eagerly: IN-TENT-LY
Trains and tracks network: RAIL-ROAD
Limited in width: NAR-ROW
Comfort and refinement: LUX-U-RY
Describe the meaning of: DE-FINE
Spoken or sung aloud: VO-CAL
Feature or trait: AT-TRIB-UTE
Strong and influential: POW-ER-FUL
Indoor racket game: BAD-MIN-TON
Colorful party decorations: CON-FET-TI
Hooligan or delinquent: VAN-DAL
Related to blood ties: FA-MIL-IAL
Provide what is needed: SUP-PLY
Knowledge and experience: WIS-DOM
Not allowed or banned: FOR-BID-DEN
Final year student: SEN-IOR
Start: BE-GIN
Tropical grassland ecosystem: SA-VAN-NA
Additional hours worked: O-VER-TIME
Advertisement: COM-MER-CIAL
Traveler exploring new places: TOUR-IST
Virus infiltration: IN-FEC-TION

Syllatiles Level 13 Answers

Syllatiles Level 13
Computer’s brain: PRO-CES-SOR
Summer month: AU-GUST
No cables needed: WIRE-LESS
Magician: WIZ-ARD
Asking questions face-to-face: IN-TER-VIEW
Reason or motive: PUR-POSE
Animated show: CAR-TOON
Work outside class: HOME-WORK
National song: AN-THEM
Chemist’s shop: PHAR-MA-CY
Scary movie genre: HOR-ROR
Privileged access: EX-CLU-SIVE
Storage vessel: CON-TAIN-ER
Deadly snake: CO-BRA
Envelope contents: LET-TER
Way of doing something: PRO-CE-DURE
Unexpected event: IN-CI-DENT
Impart knowledge: IN-FORM
Proportion of a hundred: PER-CENT
Retribution seeker: A-VENG-ER
Business workplace: OF-FICE
Understanding another’s feelings: EM-PA-THY
Where sky and earth meet: HO-RI-ZON
Opposite of enemy: AL-LY
Starting fresh: A-NEW
Put money in: IN-VEST

Syllatiles Level 14 Answers

Syllatiles Level 14Young humans: CHIL-DREN
Bird of prey: FAL-CON
Parent’s brother: UN-CLE
High-speed road: FREE-WAY
One-on-one combat: DU-EL
Not plus: MI-NUS
Pleasing to the eye: PRET-TY
Colorful ocean ecosystem: COR-AL
Mimicking bird: PAR-ROT
Last game competitor: FI-NAL-IST
Knowledge of a fact: A-WARE-NESS
Government department: MIN-IS-TRY
Sweet on a stick: LOL-LI-POP
Not the same: DIF-FER-ENT
Consequence of a cause: EF-FECT
Trusted adviser: MEN-TOR
Be of the same mind: A-GREE
Traditional story: LEG-END
Rotting process: DE-CAY
Dam-building rodent: BEA-VER
Silvery-grey metal: I-RON
Figurative speech: MET-A-PHOR
Guiltless: IN-NO-CENT
Violin’s big brother: CEL-LO
Celebratory event: FES-TI-VAL
Newspaper report: AR-TI-CLE
Confess to be true: AD-MIT
Incredibly great: FAN-TAS-TIC
Decision in court: JUDG-MENT
Salted legume snack: PEA-NUT
Turn to practical use: U-TI-LIZE
Keyboard player: PI-AN-IST
Mistake: ER-ROR
Not straightforward: IN-DI-RECT
Coming one after another: SE-RIES
Small pouch in clothing: POCK-ET
Art of healing: MED-I-CINE
Vertical water flow: WA-TER-FALL
Cooperative action: SYN-ER-GY
Commit to memory: MEM-O-RIZE

Syllatiles Level 15 Answers

Syllatiles Level 15Egg-shaped: O-VAL
Administrative region: COUN-TY
Eyesight: VI-SION
Humble in behavior: MOD-EST
Brave rescuer: HE-RO
Exact imitation: REP-LI-CA
Degree of compactness: DEN-SI-TY
Nocturnal blood-drinker: VAM-PIRE
Naturally grown: OR-GAN-IC
Of high importance: MA-JOR
Experienced in gaming: GAM-ER
Midday hours: AF-TER-NOON
Become steady: STA-BI-LIZE
Call to attend: SUM-MON
Highlight a point: EM-PHA-SIZE
Around the middle: AV-ER-AGE
Feeling self-assured: CON-FI-DENT
Whole number: IN-TE-GER
Music writer: COM-POS-ER
Of great significance: IM-POR-TANT
Paid worker: EM-PLOY-EE
Destructive vortex: TOR-NA-DO
Room on a ship: CAB-IN
Stone-throwing weapon: CAT-A-PULT
Singing as one entity: U-NI-SON
Reward for capture: BOUN-TY
Used in semiconductors: SIL-I-CON
Beyond regular size: O-VER-SIZE

Syllatiles Level 16 Answers

Syllatiles Level 16
Obstacle restricting movement: BAR-RI-ER
Different in many ways: VAR-I-OUS
Seclusion or solitude: PRI-VA-CY
Small, round, blue fruit: BLUE-BER-RY
Popular or noteworthy event: SEN-SA-TION
Connect or fasten together: AT-TACH
Part of a book: CHAP-TER
Suggestion for consideration: PRO-POS-AL
Series of three books: TRIL-O-GY
Respect and appreciate someone: AD-MIRE
Boat powered by wind: SAIL-BOAT
Set apart from others: I-SO-LATE
Generosity and friendliness: KIND-NESS
Briny or saline flavor: SALT-Y
Explosive compound or TNT: DY-NA-MITE
Positive and hopeful person: OP-TI-MIST
Reason for celebration: OC-CA-SION
Illusionist or conjurer: MA-GI-CIAN
Footwear craftsman: SHOE-MAK-ER
Mystery or enigma: SE-CRET
Hostile or unfriendly person: EN-E-MY
One more than fourteen: FIF-TEEN
Medieval fortress or palace: CAS-TLE
Rehearse or train: PRAC-TICE
Software application element: WIDG-ET
Brown or dark-colored treat: CHOC-O-LATE
Go into or access: EN-TER
Skiing and rifle competition: BI-ATH-LON
See something happen firsthand: WIT-NESS
Refuge for the mentally ill: A-SY-LUM
Often used in desserts: CHER-RY
Extremely cruel: BRU-TAL

Syllatiles Level 17 Answers

Syllatiles Level 17
Deny or reject something: REF-USE
Food grilled outdoors: BAR-BE-QUE
Relating to sound: A-COUS-TIC
Sure to happen: CER-TAIN
Relating to the flow of goods: LO-GIS-TIC
Proven mathematical statement: THE-O-REM
Eager to learn: CU-RI-OUS
Rainy season phenomenon: RAIN-FALL
Ceremony for the deceased: FU-NER-AL
Large spotted wild cat: LEOP-ARD
Commercial aviation company: AIR-LINE
Advise or propose: REC-OM-MEND
Morally right and just: ETH-I-CAL
Computer code developer: PRO-GRAM-MER
Achieve the highest potential: MAX-IM-IZE
Repair technician: ME-CHAN-IC
Low in mood and energy: DE-PRES-SIVE
Short trip or outing: EX-CUR-SION
Italian wheat-based dish: PAS-TA
Person held in captivity: PRIS-ON-ER
Precious gemstone: DIA-MOND
Inclined to doubt and question: SKEP-TIC
Mirror image or reflection: SYM-ME-TRY
Without limit or boundary: END-LESS-LY
Broad road with trees: AV-E-NUE
Element of a whole: COM-PO-NENT
Recording or playback of sound: AU-DI-O
Happening once a week: WEEK-LY
Inactive or motionless: PAS-SIVE
Wild canine species: COY-OTE

Syllatiles Level 18 Answers

Syllatiles Level 18
Agreement through concession: COM-PRO-MISE
Duplicate text or image: COP-Y
Extreme or excessive fear: PHO-BI-A
Crime solver: DE-TEC-TIVE
Strong Italian coffee: ES-PRES-SO
Competition winner: CHAM-PI-ON
Responsive to a stimulus: RE-AC-TIVE
Spiritual belief and practice: MYS-TI-CISM
Elevated outdoor area, patio: TER-RACE
Create or manufacture goods: PRO-DUCE
Not now, but subsequently: LAT-ER
Geometric shape with six angles: HEX-A-GON
Sunrise to noon: MORN-ING
Shame or disgrace: DIS-HON-OR
Characterized by conflict and tension: DRA-MAT-IC
Target practice with a bow: AR-CHER-Y
One who hears: LIS-TEN-ER
Electronic device for data processing: COM-PUT-ER

Syllatiles Level 19 Answers

Syllatiles Level 19Not fake: GEN-U-INE
Mafia boss: GOD-FA-THER
Academic magazine: JOUR-NAL
Cause: REA-SON
Ship or boat: VES-SEL
Water boiler: KET-TLE
Later than: AF-TER
Cloth material: FAB-RIC
Act like someone else: IM-I-TATE
Nectar of flowers: HON-EY
Grand entrance: POR-TAL
Open discussion: DI-A-LOG
University qualification: DE-GREE
Door fixture: HAN-DLE
Starting point: OR-I-GIN
Spotted cat: CHEE-TAH
Chronological yearly chart: CAL-EN-DAR
Sporting competition: TOUR-NA-MENT
Frozen projectile: SNOW-BALL
Faculty of reasoning: IN-TEL-LECT
Debate with: AR-GUE
Team sport with an oval ball: RUG-BY
Severe cyclone: HUR-RI-CANE
Harm to property: DAM-AGE
Conflict initiator: AG-GRES-SOR
Assistance to customers: SERV-ICE
Round figure: CIR-CLE
Feel of a surface: TEX-TURE
Gazelle, impala, gnu: AN-TE-LOPE
Any drink: BEV-ER-AGE
Increase a quantity: MUL-TI-PLY
Beneficial and valuable: USE-FUL
Foundational proposition: PRIN-CI-PLE
Watcher: SPEC-TA-TOR
Revolutionary product: IN-VEN-TION
Space traveler: AS-TRO-NAUT
Expressed as 0’s and 1’s: DIG-IT-AL
Original thought: I-DE-A
Green spot in the desert: O-A-SIS
Broad strait: CHAN-NEL

Syllatiles Level 20 Answers

Syllatiles Level 20
Act of joining together: UN-ION
Make shiny or smooth: POL-ISH
Without company: LONE-LY
Principles of right and wrong: MO-RAL-I-TY
Color between red and blue: PUR-PLE
Have financial means for: AF-FORD
Answer or respond to a message: RE-PLY
Small guitar-like instrument: U-KU-LE-LE
Draws characters and scenes: AN-I-MA-TOR
Traveling troupe of performers: CIR-CUS
Person or company hiring workers: EM-PLOY-ER
Study of financial systems: E-CO-NOM-ICS
Pardon or excuse actions: FOR-GIVE
From another country or place: FOR-EIGN
Small fruit with fuzzy skin: KI-WI
Only one in number: SIN-GLE
Passionate and dedicated person: EN-THU-SI-AST
Strip for airplane takeoffs/landings: RUN-WAY
Final demand or warning: UL-TI-MA-TUM
Amusing or comical: FUN-NY
Person who guides others: LEAD-ER
Envious or covetous feelings: JEAL-OUS-Y
Operates an aircraft: PI-LOT
Large business entity: COR-PO-RA-TION
Mass production or assembly line: IN-DUS-TRI-AL
Worn by certain professions: U-NI-FORM
Lack of communication or understanding: DIS-CON-NECT
Unique or special release: E-DI-TION
Subject or theme of discussion: TOP-IC
Tool for climbing vertically: LAD-DER

Syllatiles Level 21 Answers

Syllatiles Level 21Reddish metal: COP-PER
Electrical wire: CA-BLE
Lacking sanity: IN-SANE
Connects two sides of fabric: ZIP-PER
Extinct elephant: MAM-MOTH
Arranges bouquets: FLO-RIST
Art of reasoning: LOG-IC
Glass frame inside a wall: WIN-DOW
Gentleman title: MIS-TER
Ask to visit: IN-VITE
Provide assistance: SUP-PORT
Joke teller: COM-IC
Public transport hub: STA-TION
Movie genre: AC-TION
Concept: NO-TION
Arithmetical value: NUM-BER

Syllatiles Level 22 Answers

Syllatiles Level 22Not evenly balanced: UN-E-QUAL
Rich person: MIL-LION-AIRE
Data arrangement: FOR-MAT
Act of reverence: WOR-SHIP
Book-length fictional story: NOV-EL
Early stage of evolution: PRI-MAL
Not absolute: REL-A-TIVE
Place of contest: A-RE-NA
Cease to work: RE-TIRE
Waxy pencil: CRAY-ON
Short descriptive summary: RE-SUME
Not shared: PRI-VATE
Captured audio: REC-ORD
Cone-shaped utensil: FUN-NEL
Expression of agreement: O-KAY
Vehicle flow: TRAF-FIC
Simulated reality: VIR-TU-AL
Officers of law: PO-LICE
Showing clemency: MER-CY
Baked dough food: PAS-TRY
Making a choice: DE-CI-SION
Text at top of page: HEAD-ER
Crystalline substance: MIN-ER-AL
Return of debt: RE-PAY-MENT
In addition: AL-SO
Favorite pursuit: HOB-BY

Syllatiles Level 23 Answers

Syllatiles Level 23
Burnt sugar: CAR-A-MEL
Orchestral composition: SYM-PHO-NY
Grain food: CE-RE-AL
Mark remover: E-RAS-ER
Visible sign: SYM-BOL
Solution to a problem: AN-SWER
Article of clothing: GAR-MENT
Cooked patty in a bun: BURG-ER
Tentacled creature: OC-TO-PUS
Physical world: NA-TURE
Divine attendant: AN-GEL
Peaceful unity of elements: HAR-MO-NY
Friendly greeting: WEL-COME
Court case: LAW-SUIT
Necessary tools for a task: E-QUIP-MENT
Test specimen: SAM-PLE
Formal request: PE-TI-TION
Fried egg dish: OME-LET
Finnish steam bath: SAU-NA

Syllatiles Level 24 Answers

Syllatiles Level 24
Live in or inhabit: OC-CU-PY
Perpendicular to the horizon: VER-TI-CAL
Tourist in new place: VIS-I-TOR
Refreshing citrus drink: LEM-ON-ADE
Quick sketch or drawing: DOO-DLE
Nearly there: AL-MOST
Picture made of fragments: MO-SA-IC
Weather prediction: FORE-CAST
Behavior in response to events: RE-AC-TION
Beauty-enhancing product: COS-MET-IC
Firstly, …: SEC-OND-LY
Large military unit: LE-GION
Lack of interest or emotion: AP-A-THY
Taste of food: FLA-VOR
Chime for guests: DOOR-BELL
Directed attention or concentration: FO-CUS
Portable power source: BAT-TER-Y
Communication system for devices: NET-WORK
Stone fruit like peach: AP-RI-COT
Concern for someone’s misfortune: SYM-PA-THY
Epic fail, disaster: FI-AS-CO
Extinct animal from the past: DI-NO-SAUR
Physical discomfort or illness: SICK-NESS
Singing a baby to sleep: LULL-A-BY
Teach knowledge and skills: ED-U-CATE
Contains protons, neutrons, electrons: AT-OM
Tiny brown bird: SPAR-ROW
Greetings from faraway places: POST-CARD
Imaginary stories or events: FIC-TION
Soft, kind, mild: GEN-TLE
International in scale: GLOB-AL
A model to follow: EX-AM-PLE
Before the present time: AL-READ-Y
Think carefully: CON-SID-ER
Tropical fruit with a hard shell: CO-CO-NUT
Area for commercial dealings: MAR-KET
The child of your aunt: COUS-IN
Known and recognized: FA-MIL-IAR
Historical collections, exhibits: MU-SE-UM

Syllatiles Level 25 Answers

Syllatiles Level 25
Way in: EN-TRY
Authorization to proceed: PER-MIS-SION
Measured in degrees: AN-GLE
Degree of loudness: VOL-UME
Single-story house: BUN-GA-LOW
Rival in a competition: OP-PO-NENT
Undersea warship: SUB-MA-RINE
Be fully aware: RE-AL-IZE
Self-worth: DIG-NI-TY
Wonderful thing: MAR-VEL
Spirit-like figure: PHAN-TOM
Popular beverage: COF-FEE
Air-filled bag: BAL-LOON
Rotating blades for thrust: PRO-PEL-LER
Immunity booster: VAC-CINE
First performance: DE-BUT
Dynastic ruler: EM-PER-OR
Lawbreaker: OF-FEND-ER
Travel bags: LUG-GAGE
Least possible amount: MIN-I-MUM
General survey: O-VER-VIEW
3D photograph: HO-LO-GRAM
Ride-hailing service: TAX-I
Responsible for strength: MUS-CLE
Words to a waiter: OR-DER
Of monarchic ancestry: ROY-AL
Head of a school: PRIN-CI-PAL
Chemical combination: FOR-MU-LA
Brand’s graphic symbol: LOG-O-TYPE
Symphonic music ensemble: OR-CHES-TRA
Reasoned point of view: AR-GU-MENT
Toothed whale: OR-CA
Mid-sentence mark: COM-MA
Sci-fi visitor: AL-IEN
Firing up an engine: IG-NI-TION
Way out: EX-IT
Visual representation: IM-AGE

Syllatiles Level 26 Answers

Syllatiles Level 26
Jolly Roger waver: PI-RATE
Connect emotionally or mentally: RE-LATE
Mental and moral strength: COUR-AGE
Writing tool with a graphite core: PEN-CIL
First place, highest score: WIN-NER
Harvest season, pumpkin spice: AU-TUMN
Leader of a kingdom: MON-ARCH
Fixing something that’s broken: RE-PAIR
Regional culinary style: CUI-SINE
Emergency watercraft: LIFE-BOAT
A ghost or supernatural being: SPIR-IT
Doing again and again: RE-PEAT
The number of fingers and toes: TWEN-TY
Zero or null value: NOTH-ING
Milk sugar: LAC-TOSE
Repetitive action or behavior: HAB-IT
Borrowed money: CRED-IT
Meeting point of two streets: COR-NER

Syllatiles Level 27 Answers

Syllatiles Level 27
Identify a familiar face or voice: REC-OG-NIZE
Assigned task or work: DU-TY
White soft plant fiber: COT-TON
Geographic position or place: LO-CA-TION
Wavy locks: CURL-Y
Whenever you like: AN-Y-TIME
Racket sport with a net: TEN-NIS
Precious metal used in jewelry: PLAT-I-NUM
Ancient painting technique: FRES-CO
Blood giver: DO-NOR
Change of position or location: MO-TION
Spin around an axis: RO-TATE
Ingest: SWAL-LOW
Bird or animal relocation: MI-GRA-TION
Loud booming sound of storm: THUN-DER
Killer, took someone’s life: MUR-DER-ER
Nearly, but not exactly: A-BOUT
Ideal and faultless: PER-FECT
Behavioral disposition: TEM-PER
Massive ocean wave: TSU-NA-MI
Small cardboard box: CAR-TON
Strong wish or aspiration: DE-SIRE
Family name: SUR-NAME
Cleansing water flow: SHOW-ER
Weighty, serious: HEAV-Y
Extraordinary event: MIR-A-CLE
Trash panda: RAC-COON
Prey seeker: HUNT-ER

Syllatiles Level 28 Answers

Syllatiles Level 28Cup supporter: SAU-CER
Food allotment: RA-TION
Attacking footballer: FOR-WARD
Gift through a will: LEG-A-CY
With another person: TO-GETH-ER
First film showing: PREM-I-ERE
Abdominal area: BEL-LY
Disgraceful public incident: SCAN-DAL
Medieval experimenter: AL-CHE-MIST
First aid item: BAND-AGE
Lack of fairness: IN-JUS-TICE
Rules of language: GRAM-MAR
Remote military camp: OUT-POST
Form of government: MON-AR-CHY
Oval-like: EL-LIP-SOID
Living creature: AN-I-MAL
Precious metal: SIL-VER
Smooth color transition: GRA-DI-ENT
Risk-taker for profit: IN-VES-TOR
Farm animals: CAT-TLE
Variance in comparison: DIF-FER-ENCE
Soft Italian cheese: RI-COT-TA
… opposite: PO-LAR
Blazing fire: IN-FER-NO
Baby’s bed: CRA-DLE
Sustained conflict: BAT-TLE
Without identity: FACE-LESS
Day after this: TO-MOR-ROW
Point of interaction: IN-TER-FACE
Supporting column: PIL-LAR
Flu symptom: FE-VER

Syllatiles Level 29 Answers

Syllatiles Level 29
Not permanent, short-term: TEM-PO-RAR-Y
Member of the nobility: A-RIS-TO-CRAT
Conflict between two choices: DI-LEM-MA
Popular party beverage: COCK-TAIL
Feeling of great achievement: TRI-UMPH
Creative word weaver: WRIT-ER
Collection of literary works: AN-THOL-O-GY
Decorative wall treatment: WALL-PA-PER
Fungus with a cap: MUSH-ROOM
Very young child: BA-BY
News title: HEAD-LINE
Mathematical study of shapes: GE-OM-E-TRY
Historical landmark or statue: MON-U-MENT
Future possibilities: PO-TEN-TIAL
Resident of a city or town: CIT-I-ZEN
Freedom from danger: SE-CU-RI-TY
Formal sign-up for events: REG-IS-TRA-TION
No way to achieve: IM-POS-SI-BLE
No one: NO-BOD-Y
Not cloudy: SUN-NY
Systematize and manage: OR-GAN-IZE
Additional one: AN-OTH-ER
Vanishing act: DIS-AP-PEAR-ANCE
Refreshing summer berry: WA-TER-MEL-ON
Two-wheeled motorized vehicle: MO-TOR-CY-CLE
Adorable baby dog: PUP-PY
Granulated sweetener: SUG-AR
Continuous moving staircase: ES-CA-LA-TOR
People united by a cause: COM-MU-NI-TY
Captures moments with a camera: PHO-TOG-RA-PHER
Fermented dairy product: YO-GURT
Details about something specific: IN-FOR-MA-TION
Sweet and juicy yellow flesh: PINE-AP-PLE
Study of animals: ZO-OL-O-GY
Create or improve something: DE-VEL-OP
Of central importance: FUN-DA-MEN-TAL
Brave fighter or soldier: WAR-RI-OR
Part of the hand: FIN-GER

Syllatiles Level 30 Answers

Syllatiles Level 30
Transparent marine creature: JEL-LY-FISH
Period of activity: SES-SION
Save from danger: RES-CUE
Possibility of success: PROS-PECT
Printed daily publication: AD-VEN-TURE
Time off work: HOL-I-DAY
Beautiful handwriting: CAL-LIG-RA-PHY
Soft head support: PIL-LOW
Word bank: VO-CAB-U-LAR-Y
Yearly celebration: AN-NI-VER-SA-RY
Explorative interest: CU-RI-OS-I-TY
Explosion starter: DET-O-NA-TOR
Way of behaving: MAN-NER
Unpaid worker: VOL-UN-TEER
Upper level terrace: BAL-CO-NY
Bone frame: SKEL-E-TON
Advance showing: PRE-VIEW
Where things are kept: STOR-AGE
Daily journal: NEWS-PA-PER
Projectile’s path: TRA-JEC-TO-RY
Tertiary institution: U-NI-VER-SI-TY
Single numeral: DIG-IT
Word meaning: DEF-I-NI-TION
Place of business: ES-TAB-LISH-MENT
Rate of occurrence: FRE-QUEN-CY
Long-tailed primate: MON-KEY
Monetary worth: VAL-UE
Causing discomfort: UN-COM-FORT-A-BLE
Degree certificate: DI-PLO-MA
Totally empty space: VAC-U-UM
Parent: FA-THER
Person in a vehicle: PAS-SEN-GER
Written statement: RE-PORT
Lightweight metal: A-LU-MI-NUM
Noisy toy: RAT-TLE
Formal ritual: CER-E-MO-NY
Digging machine: EX-CA-VA-TOR
State of being hard to do: DIF-FI-CUL-TY
Formation of mental images: IM-AG-I-NA-TION
Purposeful activity: FUNC-TION
Stinging arachnid: SCOR-PI-ON
Unable to be seen: IN-VIS-I-BLE
Latest style of clothing: FASH-ION
Frothy coffee: CAP-PUC-CI-NO
Sovereign territory: COUN-TRY

Syllatiles Level 31 Answers

Syllatiles Level 31
Make a choice: DE-CIDE
Male spouse: HUS-BAND
Variety of shades: COL-OR
Slender predatory insect: MAN-TIS
Safe place to stay: SHEL-TER
Slow process of destruction: DE-CAY
Style of art: GEN-RE
Artificial underground passage: TUN-NEL
Middle point: CEN-TER
Catwalk user: MOD-EL
Used to drive nails: HAM-MER
The exposed area: SUR-FACE
Uncomplicated: SIM-PLE
Path of a satellite: OR-BIT
Protect from harm: DE-FEND
Separate: DE-TACH

Syllatiles Level 32 Answers

Syllatiles Level 32Very widely known: FA-MOUS
Start of day: SUN-RISE
Notable, warning sign: SIG-NAL
Footballer type: GOAL-KEEP-ER
Egyptian structure: PYR-A-MID
Account of events: STO-RY
Not at all: HARD-LY
Stabbing knife: DAG-GER
Relying on: DE-PEND-ENT
Like some mushrooms: POI-SON-OUS
Find unexpectedly: DIS-COV-ER
Tiny piece: FRAG-MENT
Space to park vehicles: PARK-ING
Show with clowns: CIR-CUS
Rice with raw fish: SU-SHI
Window cover: SHUT-TER
Number on hand: QUAN-TI-TY
Good luck charm: AM-U-LET
Product from mining: MIN-ER-AL
Important assignment: MIS-SION
Lava mountain: VOL-CA-NO
Yet to come: FU-TURE
Completely unlike: DIF-FER-ENT
Of momentous importance: FATE-FUL
Fictitious story: IN-VEN-TION
Failure or ruin: DOWN-FALL
Holiday industry: TOUR-ISM

Syllatiles Level 33 Answers

Syllatiles Level 33Demonstrate, show: DIS-PLAY
Thing between friends: SE-CRET
Adjudicating panel: JU-RY
Group of two: COU-PLE
Slot-machine game: PIN-BALL
Jury’s decision: VER-DICT
Winner’s prize: MED-AL
Turning motion: RO-TA-TION
Man-made relic: AR-TI-FACT
Small pool of rain: PUD-DLE
North Pole region: ARC-TIC
Not in working order: BRO-KEN
Suitable for love: RO-MAN-TIC
Of sound or hearing: AU-DI-O
Smoke ___: DE-TEC-TOR
Imaging device: SCAN-NER
Chart of the year: CAL-EN-DAR
Small house: CAB-IN
Meaningful talk: DI-A-LOG
Start for some art: CAN-VAS
Military trainee: CA-DET
Dry and powdery: DUST-Y
Division of a country: PROV-INCE
Lawfully: LE-GAL-LY
Traditional knowledge: FOLK-LORE
Subject such as biology: SCI-ENCE

Syllatiles Level 34 Answers

Syllatiles Level 34
Leave in the lurch: A-BAN-DON
Place of learning: COL-LEGE
Free of trouble: CARE-FREE
Forthright and frank: OUT-SPO-KEN
Very small particle: MOL-E-CULE
Thin board: PAN-EL
Have a connection: RE-LATE
Support, encourage: PRO-MOTE
Striped animal: ZE-BRA
Organised group: SYN-DI-CATE
Perfectly suited: I-DE-AL
Alternative possibility: OP-TION
Take on loan: BOR-ROW
Large primate: GO-RIL-LA
US train track: RAIL-ROAD
Cover for papers: FOLD-ER
Non-biological female parent: STEP-MOTH-ER
Ten year period: DEC-ADE
Continual danger: MEN-ACE
Formal disapproval: CEN-SURE
Bring into life: GEN-ER-ATE
Food cooked outdoors: BAR-BE-CUE
Opposing force: RE-SIST-ANCE
Disconnect or separate: UN-COU-PLE
Be in control of: DIC-TATE
Without love: LOVE-LESS
Frozen figure: SNOW-MAN
Coming from within: IN-TER-NAL
Account amount: BAL-ANCE
Made of oak, e.g.: WOOD-EN
Top part of organisation: MAN-AGE-MENT
Big, big, big: MAS-SIVE
Mon, Tue, e.g.: WEEK-DAY
King’s place: CAS-TLE
Repeated design: PAT-TERN
Removal from an org: EX-PUL-SION
Brussels’ country: BEL-GIUM
Commercial activity: BUSI-NESS
Arriving on time: PUNC-TU-AL
Tentacled stinger: JEL-LY-FISH
Buyer’s proposal: OF-FER
Oil/gas transport: PIPE-LINE

Syllatiles Level 35 Answers

Syllatiles Level 35Spending plan: BUDG-ET
See you later: GOOD-BYE
Petrified remains: FOS-SIL
Sunny day phenomenon: SHAD-OW
Personal book: JOUR-NAL
Way of trusting: BE-LIEF
Bed for two people: DOU-BLE
Sudden fear: PAN-IC
Express objection: PRO-TEST
Looking-glass: MIR-ROR
Film’s name: TI-TLE
TV station: CHAN-NEL
Seasoned with chilli: SPIC-Y
River crosser: FER-RY
Capital of Arizona: PHOE-NIX
Job, profession: CA-REER
Fair verdict: JUS-TICE
Physically energetic: AC-TIVE
Desert illusion: MI-RAGE
College grounds: CAM-PUS
Document converter: SCAN-NER
Silver medal position: SE-COND
Person’s body shape: FIG-URE
Large bird of prey: EA-GLE
Be jealous of: EN-VY
Unsafe position: DAN-GER
Set of four: QUAR-TET
Of great weight: HEAV-Y
Half man, half horse: CEN-TAUR
Big office assignment: PROJ-ECT
Highly illogical: AB-SURD
Jokey stuff: HU-MOR
Character flaw: WEAK-NESS
Advance in position: PRO-MOTE
Dance to this: MU-SIC
Be sorry about: RE-GRET

Syllatiles Level 36 Answers

Syllatiles Level 36
Element symbol: P: PHOS-PHO-RUS
Statement of opinion: RE-MARK
Restaurant employee: WAIT-ER
People with common ancestry: NA-TION
Inexperienced learner: NOV-ICE
Photograph book: AL-BUM
Armed fighting: COM-BAT
One from another country: FOR-EIGN-ER
Salad ingredient: LET-TUCE
Manufacturer’s tag: LA-BEL
Main meal: DIN-NER
Protective layer: COV-ER
Return to a place: RE-VIS-IT
Unproven explanation: THE-O-RY
First workday: MON-DAY
Force to do something: COM-PEL
TV drama in instalments: SE-RI-AL
Writing material: PA-PER
Creative person: ART-IST
Sports official: REF-ER-EE
Merge into one entity: COM-BINE
Distinct part: SEC-TION
Personal mark: SIG-NA-TURE
Guardian of a thing: KEEP-ER
Thing belonging to someone: PROP-ER-TY
Cooking formula: REC-I-PE

Syllatiles Level 37 Answers

Syllatiles Level 37
Sauce ingredient: CRAN-BER-RY
Talk very softly: WHIS-PER
Imagine guilty: SUS-PECT
Type of music: CLAS-SI-CAL
Not present: AB-SENT
In a foreign country: O-VER-SEAS
Proved to be true: VER-I-FIED
Maker of glasses: OP-TI-CIAN
Making little noise: QUI-ET-LY
Weather conditions: CLI-MATE
Not rude: PO-LITE
Police investigator: DE-TEC-TIVE
Last mentioned: LAT-TER
System of money: CUR-REN-CY
Having no feet: FOOT-LESS
Take no notice: IG-NORE
Appear again: RE-TURN
Ceremonial march: PA-RADE
Trig term: AN-GLE
Job possibility: O-PEN-ING
Hard volcanic rock: GRAN-ITE
Rabbit hunter: FER-RET
Foretelling events: PRO-PHET-IC
Spade-like tool: SHOV-EL
Discount voucher: COU-PON
Human beings: PEO-PLE
Not clear or bright: MUD-DY
Baby cat: KIT-TEN
Christmas glitter: TIN-SEL
Flaw, blemish: DE-FECT
Pining for another: LOVE-LORN
Self-contradictory statement: PAR-A-DOX
South American cloak: PON-CHO
Given to irony: SA-TIR-IC
Make a remark: COM-MENT
Not right: UN-SUIT-ED
Roman sea god: NEP-TUNE
Underwater vessel: SUB-MA-RINE
Stoppered bottle: DE-CANT-ER
Clear mineral: CRYS-TAL
Small whale: DOL-PHIN
Opposite of negative: POS-I-TIVE

Syllatiles Level 38 Answers

Syllatiles Level 38Bread snack: SAND-WICH
Extremely famous person: SU-PER-STAR
Ill at ease: REST-LESS
Fabled sea creature: MER-MAID
Small winged creature: IN-SECT
Weighty attraction: GRAV-I-TY
Skin spot: PIM-PLE
Take by force: CAP-TURE
Tap into: AC-CESS
Usual, customary: REG-U-LAR
Restore to zero: RE-SET
Dancer in a kimono: GEI-SHA
System of guidelines: POL-I-CY
Without legal force: IN-VA-LID
Be greater than: EX-CEED
Lack of success: FAIL-URE
Completely certain: DE-CI-SIVE
Low, indistinct sound: MUR-MUR
13 to 19 years old: TEEN-AGE
Basic component: EL-E-MENT
Good manners: DE-CO-RUM
Pre-Christmas season: AD-VENT
Kilimanjaro’s continent: AF-RI-CA
Preceding 24 hours: YES-TER-DAY
Additionally: MORE-O-VER
Account or story: NAR-RA-TIVE

Syllatiles Level 39 Answers

Syllatiles Level 39
In these times: NOW-A-DAYS
Very brave: HE-RO-IC
Not excessive: LIM-IT-ED
Merely or only: SIM-PLY
Four-door car: SE-DAN
Aim point: TAR-GET
Age group: GEN-ER-A-TION
Ho, ho, ho!: SAN-TA
Venetian boat: GON-DO-LA
Group of legends: MY-THOL-O-GY
Nostalgic style: RET-RO
Not together: SEP-A-RATE
Internet ID icon: AV-A-TAR
Back-to-school month: SEP-TEM-BER
End of day: SUN-SET
US river and falls: NI-AG-A-RA
Exclusive right: PRIV-I-LEGE
Difficult to find: HID-DEN
Mass for the dead: REQ-UI-EM
Mixed media artwork: COL-LAGE
Moving to pity: PA-THET-IC
Position on a scale: RANK-ING
Cliched classification: STE-RE-O-TYPE
Take part in election: VOT-ING
Army quitter: DE-SERT-ER
Charitable gift: DO-NA-TION
African desert: SA-HA-RA
Pitiably small: MI-SER-LY
Make up for: COM-PEN-SATE
Allay fears: RE-AS-SURE
Without due heed: CARE-LESS
Children’s party food: JEL-LY
Hare-like mammal: RAB-BIT
Collection of books: LI-BRAR-Y
Bunch of flowers: BOU-QUET
One aiding police: IN-FORM-ER
Kind of instinct: BA-SIC
Homer’s epic poem: OD-YS-SEY
Five-armed creature: STAR-FISH
Certain psychic: ME-DI-UM
Formal document of fact: CER-TIF-I-CATE
Open with a key: UN-LOCK
As written: LIT-ER-AL-LY
Spicy cuisine: MEX-I-CAN

Syllatiles Level 40 Answers

Syllatiles Level 40Line segment with direction: VEC-TOR
Private teacher: TU-TOR
Casual dining restaurant: BIS-TRO
Ship’s fastener: AN-CHOR
Birthing assistant: MID-WIFE
Distilled spirit beverage: BRAN-DY
Ceramics worker: POT-TER
Holiday location: RE-SORT
Very short skirt: MIN-I
Head armor: HEL-MET
Soothing feeling: COM-FORT
Running enthusiast: JOG-GER
The Emerald Isle: IRE-LAND
Piece of boneless meat: FI-LET
Car race: RAL-LY
Free leaflet: HAND-OUT
Tooth expert: DEN-TIST
Second largest planet: SAT-URN

Syllatiles Level 41 Answers

Syllatiles Level 41Fifty times two: HUN-DRED
Struggle: WRES-TLE
Record material: VI-NYL
Cold-blooded creature: LIZ-ARD
Special ability: TAL-ENT
The second day of the week: TUES-DAY
Short-legged bird: PEN-GUIN
Formal assessment: RE-VIEW
Not determined: NEU-TRAL
Currency of Iran: DI-NAR
Collection of things: BUN-DLE
Predictable plot: CLI-CHE
State of confusion: TUR-MOIL
Drum played with hands: BON-GO
Candy or fungus: TRUF-FLE
Rejected by society: OUT-CAST
Part of a group: MEM-BER
Swim cap material: LA-TEX

Syllatiles Level 42 Answers

Syllatiles Level 42
It’s perfect for rest and recharges: BED-TIME
A university in California: STAN-FORD
The Celtic language: BRE-TON
One of four equal parts: QUAR-TER
Soft, spongy tissue inside bones: MAR-ROW
Rich blend of coffee and cocoa: MO-CHA
Wealthy and influential businessperson: TY-COON
Plush seating, ideal for resting: SO-FA
Insistent need for nourishment: HUN-GER
Delicious kidney-shaped nut: CASH-EW
Bottom-dwelling fish with flattened body: FLAT-FISH
Rotating machine harnessing energy: TUR-BINE
Sweet tropical fruit: GUA-VA
Cafeteria or dining facility: CAN-TEEN
Wealth or financial prosperity: FOR-TUNE
Expel from a country: DE-PORT
Soak up moisture or liquid: AB-SORB
Country music instrument: BAN-JO

Syllatiles Level 43 Answers

Syllatiles Level 43
Barren area: DE-SERT
Coordinated transportation: LO-GIS-TICS
Ten years: DEC-ADE
Hole from an impact: CRA-TER
Unsettled feeling: DIS-MAY
Time that is to come: FU-TURE
Announcement of events: PRO-GRAM
Deity of the ancient Romans: JU-PI-TER
Intense anger: FU-RY
Owner of the box of misfortunes: PAN-DO-RA
Kind of jumper: PULL-O-VER
Nuclear device: RE-AC-TOR
A climb up: AS-CENT
Metal working tool: CHIS-EL
Original or true: AU-THEN-TIC
Large tropical creature: CROC-O-DILE
Decoration material: WALL-PA-PER
Pleasant to the touch: GEN-TLE
Lack of light: DARK-NESS
Pleasant to hear: COM-PLI-MENT

Syllatiles Level 44 Answers

Syllatiles Level 44
Tribal healer: SHA-MAN
Day after yesterday: TO-DAY
Composition with rhythmical lines: PO-EM
First in order of importance: PRIN-CI-PAL
Theme or topic: SUB-JECT
Scares the kids: BO-GEY-MAN
Computer storage: MEM-O-RY
Pair dance: SAM-BA
Shade of blue: IN-DI-GO
More than enough: AM-PLE
Small extraterrestrial body: ME-TE-OR
Gear for activity: E-QUIP-MENT
Works with clothes: TAI-LOR
Physical quantity: DEN-SI-TY
Anonymous: NAME-LESS
A strong castle: CIT-A-DEL
Shot of coffee: ES-PRES-SO
Action of taking property: ROB-BER-Y
Agricultural machinery: TRAC-TOR
Put right: REC-TI-FY
Volcano explosion: E-RUP-TION
Outlying area: SUB-URB
Round-shaped: CIR-CU-LAR
Change of scenery: TRAV-EL
Upward water stream: FOUN-TAIN
Medicine container: CAP-SULE
Promotional notice: AD-VERT
Structured conversation: IN-TER-VIEW
Ancient warrior: VI-KING
Volcanic rock: BA-SALT
Shade of red: CHER-RY
Ancient: AR-CHA-IC
Luxurious and rich: LAV-ISH

Syllatiles Level 45 Answers

Syllatiles Level 45Makeshift barrier: BAR-RI-CADE
Australian marsupial: KO-A-LA
Clothes fastener: BUT-TON
Communication text: MES-SAGE
Humans collectively: MAN-KIND
Bumping of two objects: COL-LI-SION
Measure of worth: QUAL-I-TY
Not in the lead: BE-HIND
First Greek letter: AL-PHA
Physical damage: IN-JU-RY
Container for carrying items: BAS-KET
Opposing forces in contact: PRES-SURE
Steam: VA-POR
Whirlpool: VOR-TEX
Space vehicle: ROCK-ET
Very small: TI-NY
Flawless excellence: PER-FEC-TION
Whole sum: TO-TAL
Constant devotion: LOY-AL-TY
Men’s hairdresser: BAR-BER
Space: COS-MOS
Organic poison: TOX-IN
Winged bug: BEE-TLE
Escapee: FU-GI-TIVE
Team sport: BAS-KET-BALL
Extremely clever: GE-NI-US
Relative arrangement: PO-SI-TION
Identify clearly: SPEC-I-FY
Largest continent: A-SIA
Unending duration: FOR-EV-ER
Regular newspaper: DAI-LY
Flowing substance: LIQ-UID
Spicy root: GIN-GER
Complex whole: SYS-TEM
Working group: COM-MIT-TEE
Hot, humid climate: TROP-I-CAL
Make inoperable: DIS-A-BLE
Strength to act: EN-ER-GY
Underarm crease area: ARM-PIT
Blossoming plant parts: FLOW-ER
Roof of a room: CEIL-ING
Unit of society: FAM-I-LY
Wartime shelter: BUN-KER
Unwanted difficulty: TROU-BLE
Act of yielding: SUB-MIS-SION
Suggestion for improvement: AD-VICE
Regional: LO-CAL
Birthday gift: PRE-SENT
Salted roe: CAV-I-AR
Chasing after something: PUR-SUIT
Synthetic fiber: NY-LON
Reflected sound: ECH-O
Extreme point: LIM-IT
Springtime holiday: EAST-ER

Syllatiles Level 46 Answers

Syllatiles Level 46Discover, identify: DE-TECT
Crunchy stalk: CEL-ER-Y
Heat source: BOIL-ER
Before in time: PRE-VI-OUS
Branch of arithmetic: AL-GE-BRA
Edible bulb: ON-ION
Language of Egypt: AR-A-BIC
This crossword, e.g.: PUZ-ZLE
Expect, look for: A-WAIT
Process of summation: AD-DI-TION
Constant, fixed: STAT-IC
Italian cuisine herb: ROSE-MAR-Y
Hand weapon: PIS-TOL
Bring into being: CRE-ATE
Cushion, as a blow: SOF-TEN
Argentinian dance: TAN-GO
Alter slightly: AD-JUST
Daring journey: VEN-TURE
Sculpted figure: STAT-UE
False reason: PRE-TEXT
Turn off course: DE-VI-ATE

Syllatiles Level 47 Answers

Syllatiles Level 47
Special event: OC-CA-SION
Newlyweds’ holiday: HON-EY-MOON
Cash reward: PAY-MENT
Portable light: LAN-TERN
Easily done: SIM-PLE
Rodan or Godzilla: MON-STER
Humanlike machine: RO-BOT
Drops from above: RAIN-FALL
Smog, for instance: POL-LU-TION
American leader: PRES-I-DENT
Clearly stated: EX-PLIC-IT
Rapid talk: PAT-TER
Mythical monster: CHI-ME-RA
Using air: PNEU-MAT-IC
Dessert course: PUD-DING
Brave person: HE-RO
Small computer: TAB-LET
Cause mirth: A-MUSE
Real and true: AC-TU-AL
Take no refusal: IN-SIST
Medicine dispenser: PHAR-MA-CIST
Dark timber: WAL-NUT
Winning emotion: TRI-UMPH
Compared to: REL-A-TIVE
Professional singer: VO-CAL-IST
Freight wagon: BOX-CAR
To own: POS-SESS
Seal-like mammal: WAL-RUS
Marathon ___: RUN-NER
Skin inking: TAT-TOO
Scottish county: AN-GUS
Latte, e.g.: COF-FEE
Final score: RE-SULT
Mass vote: E-LEC-TION
Part of a meal: EN-TREE
Relation between things: CON-NEC-TION
Blood carrier: AR-TER-Y
Fairly attractive: PRET-TY
Means of entry: GATE-WAY
Financial shortfall: DEF-I-CIT

Syllatiles Level 48 Answers

Syllatiles Level 48Chance event: AC-CI-DENT
Woody tropical grass: BAM-BOO
Of the body: COR-PO-RAL
Sixty seconds: MI-NUTE
Make wrinkled: CRUM-PLE
Of the orient: EAST-ERN
Style for long hair: PO-NY-TAIL
Letter or number: CHAR-AC-TER
Necklace type: PEN-DANT
Outlaw’s lair: HIDE-OUT
Supervising worker: FORE-MAN
Leafy vegetable: CAB-BAGE
Money holder: WAL-LET
Hoofed animal: DON-KEY
Financial backer: SPON-SOR
Help in crisis: RE-LIEF
Pictorial plan: DI-A-GRAM
Exhibit or display: SHOW-CASE
Land of Rising Sun: JA-PAN
Patient, forbearing: TOL-ER-ANT
Not obvious: SUB-TLE
Defeated one: LOS-ER
Like rich desserts: CA-LOR-IC
Very great: TER-RIF-IC
Finder’s payment: RE-WARD
A million million: TRIL-LION
Fundamental principle: BA-SIS
Sweet sticky liquid: SYR-UP

Syllatiles Level 49 Answers

Syllatiles Level 49
Indian dress: SA-RI
Ranking above all others: FORE-MOST
Wet, as weather: RAIN-Y
Oak seed: A-CORN
Not clean: DIRT-Y
Unspecified person: SOME-BOD-Y
Kings, queens, etc.: ROY-AL-TY
Protective, watchful: DE-FEN-SIVE
Stretchy band: E-LAS-TIC
Goethe’s language: GER-MAN
Vintage instant photo: PO-LAR-OID
Service business: A-GEN-CY
Group of conspirators: CA-BAL
Rapidly increase: ES-CA-LATE
Lack of symmetry: IM-BAL-ANCE
Oral rather than written: VER-BAL
Awkwardly simple, provincial: RUS-TIC
Armed citizenry: MI-LI-TIA
Sports arena: STA-DI-UM
Musician’s timekeeper: MET-RO-NOME
House designer: AR-CHI-TECT
Digestive organ: STOM-ACH
Combined effort by a group: TEAM-WORK
Pier, landing place: JET-TY
Rapid active commotion: HUS-TLE
Elastic jumping rope: BUN-GEE

Syllatiles Level 50 Answers

Syllatiles Level 50
Cautious, critical analyzer of claims: SKEP-TIC
Melancholic musical tribute: REQ-UI-EM
Radical, dramatic and transformative: DRAS-TIC
Engraved wine glass, ceremonial chalice: GOB-LET
Content organization: LAY-OUT
News reporting: JOUR-NAL-ISM
To require something: OB-LI-GATE
Printed media producer: PUB-LISH-ER
Work-focused period: WEEK-DAY
Fabric material: TEX-TILE
Emotional outlet: EX-PRES-SION
Active lifestyle: FIT-NESS
Adventurer in unknown territory: OUT-LAND-ER
Chemical compound: CHLO-RATE
Reach agreement: SET-TLE
Clear sight or perception: VI-SION
Red-shelled marine creature: LOB-STER
Magical elixir: PO-TION
Jumping platform: TRAM-PO-LINE
Color range: SPEC-TRUM
Compact journal, personal organizer: NOTE-BOOK

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