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Super Brain Funny Puzzle Solutions Answers All Level Hints (1-150) Walkthrough

Super Brain Game All Levels are Solved on this page, With detailed hints. Just scroll below to find All the answers to this game on this single page.

About this Game: SUPER BRAIN is a new puzzle game that may break common sense and bring your new brain-burning experience! If you are a fan of word puzzle, find the difference, logic master or any other quizzes games, SUPER BRAIN is definitely your best choice! SUPER BRAIN will refresh your old cognition of puzzle games by bringing a new brain-burning experience.

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My Review: Super game may be related to some other game like logic master and brain out. You will find many unexpected answers. Interesting! Brain-burning but also funny experience!

Super Brain Hints [All Levels]:

 10 is the biggest number (in size)

In real life, crab is the smallest, even smaller than a kid

The slowest snail is the snail just after question text Because that crab is not moving at all.

Move the road across Grandma

Click the Apple, then the Book, then the Cat, They are in alphabetical order

Drag Square partially off of the screen, which changes it from a square shape into a rectangle shape. (Click on the detailed Hint to get image Hint)

It points to ‘Left’ Word

Tap the plate underneath the cookie, Plate is uneatable.

The flashlight is turned Off, So the flashlight doesn’t point in any direction. (All wrong)

You can tap on numbers more than once. Tap 2, 2, 6,

Drag apples around with your finger until you find a hidden apple that is different.

Move the car and find the number.

7 holes= 1 Waist+ 2 Legs+2+2 (two-hole for each hole)

the card is 9 of hearts. Turn the card upside down

12 difference= 10 on crab+2 On fork

To hide puppy, Hold and drag the puppy and remove it from to screen. (click above for detailed image Hints)

How many candies do you have? you took 3 candies so you do have 3 candies.

Move the computer a little bit, there is a switch behind it. tap that to turn off the computer.

Try to move candles, There are hidden candles behind all the candles.

Write the question in One line without giving space. then solve it. (for the detailed hint, click on the level)

Put the word “piggy bun” onto the empty plate.

1-5-7-9-K, That looks like 6 is actually 9

which is the farthest from the word “us”, Tap the bottom right icon. (click the detailed description for image hint)

Lift the Elevator. You have to lift the “Elevator’ Word using your finger. (click for detailed hints)

Put your Phone/Tablet Real Time in a 24-hour format. (See your mobile Clock)

Drag the word “photo” into the photo frame from the question text.

0 24 86 are even numbers, infinite is not an even number.

There is a small dot after ‘circle’ Word that is the only perfect circle.

take the diamond and put it under the poop to make it look like ice-cream. then click on it.

Just slide the first paper, And give full marks in the second paper under it.

Sun is the brightest also at night (although you can’t see it)

“2sinxcosx”/”2ncosx” = take out the “n” and the “cosx” and the “2” from both sides, the answer is SIX=6

(click above for detailed image hints)

Slide the Camera to the right to see a plug on the right side, plug the camera and then take the photo by clicking on the green button.

After putting everything in the box, Put the Question text into the box to solve the puzzle.

Do not paint anything, Just swipe onto the orange paint lines to erase them.

drag the equation offscreen to the left side until it becomes 1=1 (Click above for detailed hints)

Use your finger to rub out the end of the cigarette to extinguish it.

4 holes=1 ankle, 2 holes+1 foot

A circle has infinite sides

Tap and hold your finger over the dollar to hide it.

Simply drag the stop sign until it’s next to the car’s front door, to stop the car at the stop sign.

Tap the word ‘Africa’ in the Question

Shake your phone.

Use your finger to try to pull off their hair you will find a person wearing a wig.

If 1=10, then obviously 10=1

Can you see the hint button? It is in the shape of a key, click on it to open the safe. (click above for detailed description)

The director controls everything in the zoo.

 Answer from a different app, But works fully (Let the current flow through your body)

4 faces, 3 you did see. The 4th one was ‘you‘ in your phone screen mirror when it turned Black.

3 eggs will also take 4 minutes to boil (Put them in a bowl then boil once)

Shake the phone and then tap on the bottle that explodes. The exploded bottle contains soda.

10$ is cheapest (nothing special in this)

Bats sleep when they are upside down, so Rotate your phone upside down.

Enter the sum of the three largest numbers (you must not forget numbers on the keypad)


Do you remember level 52? same meal is here given in pic 3, so set 3 is $15.

First, Shake the phone so all the apples will fall. Then count all of the apples.

talent? just rotate 3 to look like 8 (click above for detailed hints)

The cycle is standing on the stand So it will not move. total round by front wheel=0

three hours later, the hand in the clock will still point to 9 (because it’s just a picture)

Puppys right ear most resembles with Right ear. Because it is exactly the same!

Pick ‘no parking’ word from the question text and put it into the red circle (click above for detailed hints)

Who owns the egg? the one who laid eggs. (The Hen) Click on the word “Hen” in the question text. (click above for detailed hints)

10 triangles are there.

Lift Cupid and drag him to the left of the word “you” in the question text. (more details click above)

This is just optical illusion, there are no real black dots.

Try moving all the keys also one is behind ‘Clear’  Button then count all keys including the Hint Button key. (Answer in detailed hints)

Grab dollar and put it above her eyes.

Erase 3 by rubbing it. the equation will become: 6-5=1

Both are the same color, This is also an optical illusion.

Acid rain does have low ph and can melt some stones. so tap the cloud in the middle to make it rain then tap the car a few times to move it.

See Below image for solution (the number shows How many circles each row and column contain):

Rotate your phone such that the right arrow points to the right direction and left points to left.

13 are playing hide and seek. So 1 person is seeking and 12 persons are hiding. So if 10 persons are found 2 would left.

5 hens give 5 eggs in 5 days i.e. one hen give 5 hens give one egg in one day. so 5 hens will give 100 eggs in 100 days.

Use the shortcut, Go from outside (For image hint click above)

Snail exceeds 3rd person (that means snail was initially 4th) so it will take the 3rd person’s rank, so it will be in 3rd position.

How many 9’s are there in 1 to 100? There are a total of 20 nine’s between 1 and 100. 9, 19, 29, 39, 49, 59, 69, 79, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99.

use two D shapes to make a heart (click above for image hints)

(3+11+8)/2 = 22/2 =11

The roads are always under our feet. To point the arrow to the road, rotate your device so that the arrow points downward.

After placing bottle in its place, Put the yellow cap on top of the soda bottle (it will not fit in the verticle rectangle) -Click above for image hints.

You have to click 10 times. Easy? no. Click the card 10 times counting yourself Don’t believe the counting displayed on screen.

Folded paper is still 0.01 cm thick

Tap the Stone using one finger, hold it, then use another finger to tap on the car to drive across.

Shake your phone, One sheep will fall down. Click on it.

You have to Find the ‘D’ not ‘d’; so there is only One D on the screen. The letter itself. So click on the ‘D’ in the question. (click above for image hints)

Water is so low that you have to turn buckets upside down so that water comes out. Rotate your phone 180 degrees vertically to find that bucket.

Tilt your phone so that rock roll to the right and road clears. then click on the car to drive.

Pick the right White Cloud and rub it with the Black cloud to create Lightning. Lightning will destroy the Stone. and then click on the car to get past. (click for image hints)

Drag the circle in front of ‘YOU’ then play your turn. Take help from this image:

Minimum ladies? See below image

Where does sheep wool mainly come from? From sheep- So click on sheep word in the question text (click above for image hints)

Pick them both dollars at the same time by using two fingers and tapping on them both at the same time.

You took 3 candies from 5, So you would have 3 candies left with you.

You are a magician, So the car can fly. tap and drag the car above the stone through the air (click above link for detailed image hints)

Gun is fired twice in the first minute because you fire it at first second and last second. (so there are total 10+1 fire)

Put your phone on the table facing down, so nobody can see it.

Head hurts the worst, Click ‘head’ word in the question text.

Click on the actual colors, ignore the text. (Click for image hint)

66+34=100, Level number? 100 so click on the level number to solve this level.

Flip your Phone downwards to see the watermarks on the money. It will show 520.

You can save both of them, Just Tap/pull both of them at once to save them both.

Carrot is not a fruit. so don’t tap on it. Correct order: Cherry, Apple & Watermelon

What is between True and False? ‘and’ is between true and false. so click on the word ‘And’ in the question text.

To find heart, first tap red button to turn on the light then you will see a heart on the book.

Drag the OK button, you will find more money underneath that button. total money=25$

Grab the model’s legs and stretch them down to take a beautiful picture.

You forgot the background color, White is the most color in the picture.

To win tic tac toe, Use your two-finger to fill the “O” at the same time, make your 3 “O” in a row.

Mount Qomolangma was always highest mountain even before it was discovered,

these are written in Binary. 8+1=9 (detailed image hints click on level)

To wipe both of their mouths use two fingers to tear the paper towel in two parks by zooming in or swiping in two directions.

909 is the maximum number we can make. (For detailed image hint click above link)

51180 is the maximum number we can make (For detailed image hint click above link)

There are no curves, They are straight lines. It is just an optical illusion. zero is the answer.

The perimeter is 48. (For image hints click above link)

How many circles each number have? Like 0 have 1 (closed-loop), 8  have 2 (two loops 1 above one below) 6 have 1 and so on. View below image:

15 years old.

First, tap multiple times on the base of the basketball hoop until it breaks falls down. Then click on thr player to make a goal.

You are the most handsome one. Yes ‘YOU’, So click on “you’ Word in the question text.

Move the table, laptop, and phone out of the screen by dragging them. them you will find a remote click on it to turn off the TV.

Hill is 1000 Kg, so you have to light the weight. Click And drag ‘000’ so that the weight become 1 KG (Click above for detailed hints)

Move and break apart the road using two fingers (due to earthquake) then drive the car (Click above for image hints)

You have to take that Small grey house then put it onto 5 floored grey building to make it 7 story building where Gump lives.

You have only one button that goes UP. So rotate your phone 180 degrees (Upside down) then click on the lift button to go down.

Use the lens to light up match then use that match to light the candle. (click above for detailed hints)

2+9=8 is smarter. See it from upside down you will find that 8=6+2.

Put your phone upside down on the table so the girl can change clothes and nobody can see her.

Rub the upper part of the text. you will see ILOVEYOU written over there (Click above for image hints)

She is bored, find someone. You have to long tap that girl and click on copy to make that she is no longer be lonely.

Wednesday ( Click above for detailed hints)

Rotate your phone upside down (180 degrees)  so that dart points in the left direction and you can puncture right to left.

click on all 3 options at once using your 3 fingers.

Solar cells work on sunlight so to prevent it from getting sunlight to keep your phone upside down on a table.

  1.  Tap the car to move it
  2.  Swipe left on the car to make it change direction
  3. It will go from another side to the stop

Shape phone to find hidden stars (count stars you will need them in another level)

Use two zeroes to make an Infinity sign ∞ (detailed hints in the above link)

In question 136 how many stars were there? go and count- 11 stars were there

The largest rectangle is the background rectangle. Click on the background.

(111-55)/2 =56/2=28

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  • Super Brain Level 146 Answer Solution Hint

 First, Tap the car to make it move, and then just before the stone swipe upon the car to make it jump over the Stone.

  • Super Brain Level 147 Answer Solution Hint

Smallest number? 1.23 is the answer. You have to drag period from the question to add decimal between 1 and 2. (click above for image hints)

  • Super Brain Level 148 Answer Solution Hint

Drag one swan near another so that they make a heart in between their neck. (click above for image hints)

  • Super Brain Level 149 Answer Solution Hint

Try to read only the white-colored part, you will see some digit. (click above for detailed image hints)

  • Super Brain Level 150 Answer Solution Hint

Play the next day to pass this level.

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