Sirtag Fast Cycle Challenge Deck [Best of June 2021]

Sirtag’s Fast Cycle Challenge best Deck [7-0 Wins]

I will share the top 3 sirtag’s fast cycle triple elixir challenge decks for the Clash Royale game so that you can win all the matches easily. I will share video proof to know how to play and master the deck.

Deck 1 (Elixir Cost=3.9)

  • Wait for The elixir bar to fill then spam elixir-golem, healer, and Night-Witch at the bridge.

Deck 2: Logbait Double Barrel (Elixir Cost=3.0)

This is the best deck I found online, Which gives you a surety of 7-0 if you know how to play this deck.

  • Considering 3 elixir costs, It will cycle very fast, You have to very active throughout the game.
  • Spam your army while defending the tower.

Watch GamePlay from the video below:

Deck 3: Without Legendary (Elixir Cost=3.4)

This is very strong considering it does not contain any legendary cards. Which gives low players a chance to win all the games.

  • Air troops (If in excess) can be fireBalled.
  • Use Barbarian Barrel to counter Goblin Barrel (if the enemy has one in his deck)

You can watch the gameplay from the video below:

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