Room Escape Contest 2 Level 8 Walkthrough

Room Escape Contest 2 Level 8 Solution

Room escape contest 2 Level 8 detailed walkthrough (ABC Escape Games) with video hints and detailed solution. Game available for Android devices on PlayStore developed by ABC escape games.

Can you escape the room? Each room is different, Some are more challenging escaping than others. It is a fun game made for escape game lovers. If you are stuck you can buy/use coins to proceed further, But here I will show you how to solve each level easily. The purpose of this game is to escape from the shut-up room.
You can click the screen, in order to find hints and items. If you click an item, you can find details related to it. You can choose other items during a detailed picture display.

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Room Escape Contest 2 Level 8 Detailed hint (Scroll Down for video):

  • First we need to collect all the three coins, 2 coins you can easily get For third one, Head to Red paper It has pans types on it Remember pan order now get the red diamond By rearranging pans and place it in between colors.
  • Now look at the plates it’s green orange red blue purple and yellow. Put same order in hexagonal design around the diamond. Get The knife and then click on this bread and get third coin from the bread.
  • Now use all this coin in second drawer and get the cheese now click on the cheese and place it on bread so you get the password 9 5 2 7 and clear the level.

Video walkthrough to Room Escape Contest 2 Level 8 (Posted by my friend Ammar Younus):

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