Purple Level 4 Solution Answer [Step By Step Guide]

Purple Bart Bonte Level 4 Walkthrough Guide

Purple Level 4 Solution walkthrough

Purple Level 4 solution and Step by step walkthrough Guide with detailed text and image hints are provided on this page, this game is developed by Bart Bonte, and it is available on Google play store and  iOS AppStore

Purple game Level 4 Answer-Can you make the screen purple in 50 levels? “Purple” is the eighth game in Bart Bonte’s popular colour puzzle series. The game continues the trend of challenging players with 50 unique levels, each requiring a different logic to turn the screen purple. The game provides hints for each level, accessible through the light bulb button, with an option to remove ads through an in-app purchase. Visit PuzzleGameMaster.com To support our hard work when you search for any level of this game.

Purple Level 4:

Purple Level 4 Answer

  • Identify Hinges: Notice the two hinges on the screen. The left hinge has 2 bars, and the right hinge has 4 bars.
  • Interact with Hinges: Tap on the hinges to activate them.
  • Slide to Fill Bars: Slide your finger along the hinges to fill all the bars.
  • Complete the Level: Once all the bars on both hinges are filled, the screen will turn purple, completing the level.

Thank You for visiting this page; Purple Level 4 is a challenging yet rewarding part of “Purple.” By carefully observing and experimenting, you’ll eventually uncover the logic needed to make the screen purple. Stay persistent and enjoy the process of solving each unique puzzle. Happy puzzling!

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