Popular Words Answers All Levels [600+ in Single Page]

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Popular Words Answers to all levels are written on this single page. This page provides solutions to all levels of the Popular Words game developed by Unico Studio. The game is available for download on the Google play store and offers a fun and simple way to exercise your general knowledge, vocabulary, intelligence, and creativity. The game features a relaxing design and enjoyable gameplay, making it a great choice for word game fans. Bookmark this page for quick reference while playing the game and discover the most popular answers to everyday questions in life. Hours of entertainment are guaranteed with Popular Words.

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Popular Words Answers All Levels:

To find a specific level using the search feature of a table, you can type in keywords from the level title, for eg. “My Little Brother Is Afraid Of ____” then type “Little’ or “brother” or any other relevant words from the level in the search box below. This will help you quickly locate the level you are looking for.
Level Number and NameAnswers
1. ___is my favorite colorPurple, Blue, Yellow, Red
2. I love drinking ____ juiceApple, Orange, Mango, Lemon, Grape
3. Everyone has a pair of ___Eyes, Shoes, Hands, Socks, Legs
4. ___ is one of the most consumed beverages around the worldWater, Coffee, Tea, Beer, Milk
5. She wants a ____ as a pet gift for her birthdayDog, Cat, Fish, Bird, Hamster
6. I like listening to ___ musicPop, Rap, Rock, Country, Folk
7. I love ____ moviesAction, Horror, Fantasy, Comedy, Drama
8. If I could play an instrument, it would be a _____Violin, Piano, Guitar, Flute, Drums
9. Your eyes are so beautiful, they are blue like ___Sea, Ice, Azure, Sky, Ocean
10. You shouldn’t ____ while drivingText, Sleep, Drink, Eat, Read
11. I love listening to music while I ____Run, Drive, Study, Relax, Cook
12. Let’s order ____ for lunch!Pizza, Tacos, Salad, Burgers, Chicken
13. Sorry, I can’t I’m allergic to ____Pollens, Dogs, Cats, Peanuts, Dust
14. Eeek! There is a ____ in my room!Snake, Bug, Mouse, Roach, Spider
15. I really missed my ___ during my solo vacationPet, Friends, Family, Computer, Bed
16. A ____ has a very demanding jobDoctor, Policeman, Fireman, Judge, Nurse
17. My cat can’t stop ____Eating, Purring, Climbing, Sleeping, Licking
18. A medieval kingdom should have a ____King, Queen, Jester, Knight, Throne
19. He gave a silly nickname to his ____Pet, Friend, Child, Wife, Car
20. I’m so lucky to have a good ____Neighbor, Family, Teacher, Job, Partner
21. I like yellow foods like ____Lemons, Potatoes, Melons, Bananas, Apricots
22. My daughter wants to be in the ____ club at schoolChess, Film, Cooking, Dance, Art
23. My kid hates eating _____Broccoli, Fish, Mushrooms, Eggs, Tomatoes
24. My mom’s cheeks turn red like ____ when she’s angryCherries, Tomatoes, Fire, Apple, Pepper
25. My grandma’s ____ photos shocked meWedding, Childhood, Baby, School, Party
26. A fairy tale should always have a ____Fairy, Princess, Witch, Monster, Knight
27. I love ____ after a long day of workingResting, Meditating, Watchingtv, Eating, Sleeping
28. A kid got sick because she ate too much ____Icecream, Chips, Popsicles, Plums, Cookies
29. My ____ make my life meaningfulFaith, Goals, Friends, Love, Hobbies
30. If I had kids I would tell them to clean their ___Room, Face, Plate, Bathroom, Hair
31. My ____ is so old that I need a new onePhone, Shirt, Coat, Computer, Car
32. When I think of Dracula, I think of ____Blood, Vampires, Castles, Myths, Bats
33. As a superpower, I would love to have ____Invisibility, Flying, Strength, Telepathy, Magic
34. A good team-mate should be _____Reliable, Friendly, Kind, Supportive, Honest
35. Don’t forget to turn off the ___ before going out!Lights, Oven, Tv, Iron, Computer
36. As a shop owner, I can’t stand ____ customersImpatient, Noisy, Angry, Bad, Cheap
37. I need to buy ____ for my newborn babyDiapers, Carseat, Crib, Formula, Clothes
38. People usually eat ___ in one biteChips, Nuts, Grapes, Candies, Popcorn
39. A spare ___ can always be neededKey, Tire, Charger, Perfume, Creditcard
40. I cover my fridge with ____Magnets, Photos, Reminders, Recipes, Drawings
41. Teenagers today are unbelievable! I’d never ___ back in my time!Smoke, Drink, Date, Talkback, Lie
42. Camping is fun but I miss my ____Home, Phone, Family, Bed, Toilet
43. Doh! I left my ____ in the taxi!Phone, Wallet, Coat, Umbrella, Suitcase
44. I feel so lucky to have my ____Family, Friends, Job, Car, Health
45. My dog is so ____Cute, Furry, Happy, Lazy, Loyal
46. Oh no! I forgot my ____ at schoolBackpack, Lunchbox, Pencil, Ruler, Workbook
47. My mom used to hide the ____ from me when I was littleSnacks, Toys, Knives, Lighter, Detergents
48. I hope my father will buy a ____ from the marketCandy, Chocolate, Toy, Watermelon, Videogame
49. I share my secrets only with my ____Diary, Penpal, Bestfriend, Therapist, Mother
50. My wife loves storing things in our ____Closet, Garage, Nightstand, Basement, Attic
51. My dad sells special ____ for carsWheels, Bumpers, Decals, Rims, Seats
52. My mom gives me ____ when I get sickMedicine, Soup, Water, Fruits, Tea
53. Stay away from ____ drivers in trafficAngry, Fast, Reckless, Impaired, Drunk
54. Could you stop calling me ____ I’m not your girlfriend!Honey, Sweetie, Cupcake, Sugar, Love
55. Man, these ____ commercials are so silly!Car, Insurance, Junkfood, Softdrink, Vacation
56. I love eating ____ with peanut butterJelly, Bananas, Oats, Bread, Chocolate
57. I ate lots of ____ at the carnivalCottoncandy, Corndog, Funnelcake, Popcorn, Icecream
58. I can’t live without my ____Phone, Family, Wallet, House, Friends
59. Not just books, there are also ____ in a libraryComputers, Magazines, Newspapers, Movies, Games
60. I can’t stand my neighbor, they are so ____ !Noisy, Nosey, Messy, Mean, Angry
61. I wish there were no ____ in the worldWars, Racism, Hatred, Pollution, Slavery
62. I’m cross with my husband He forgot my ____Birthday, Food, Gift, Favoritecolor, Request
63. I won a ___ from that contestHouse, Car, Vacation, Boat, Giftcard
64. I hate waiting in lines at the ____Market, Bank, Airport, Amusementpark, Pharmacy
65. My ____ ‘s warranty has expiredCar, Fridge, Oven, Washingmachine, Computer
66. My kid can’t sleep after seeing ___ in her nightmareMonsters, Spiders, Fire, Death, Clowns
67. Where were you? You missed our kid’s first ____ !Words, Steps, Birthday, Dayofschool, Playdate
68. You can’t have a ___ as a petTiger, Lion, Monkey, Fox, Sloth
69. Finally! I’ve saved up enough money to buy a ____Car, House, Phone, Weddingring, Vacation
70. You should never lie about your ____ on a dating appAge, Height, Weight, Maritalstatus, Job
71. I could be happier if I had more ____Money, Time, Friends, Love, Sleep
72. What do you think about my dress for the ____ party?Wedding, Graduation, Bachelor, Birthday, Genderreveal
73. If I won the lottery, the first thing I would buy would be a ___Sportscar, Villa, Island, Helicopter, Privatejet
74. Sorry, I can’t come out I was grounded for _____Fighting, Cursing, Lying, Failing, Sneakingout
75. We need a tour guide for our ____ visitMuseum, Artgallery, Zoo, Historicalsite, Factory
76. ___ is my favorite winter sportHockey, Skiing, Snowboarding, Iceskating, Luge
77. I always eat ___ while watching a moviePopcorn, Nachos, Chips, Candies, Nuts
78. I picked ___ on the side of main mealFrenchfries, Salad, Soup, Coleslaw, Onionrings
79. People should know how to ____Apologize, Cook, Drive, Swim, Listen
80. My mom got mad at me for breaking the ____Vase, Glass, Window, Door, Chair
81. I still can’t get over the fact that my dog ate my ____Slipper, Pillow, Homework, Couch, Socks
82. Enough is enough! Time to say goodbye to my ____Weight, Toxicfriends, Phone, Job, Badhabits
83. Great! A ___ is coming right when we’re about to go out!Storm, Snowstorm, Hurricane, Tornado, Guest
84. I go back to my hometown every year for ___Familyreunion, Christmas, Vacation, Thanksgiving, Work
85. Don’t forget to add ___ to your Halloween shopping listPumpkins, Costumes, Candles, Candies, Decorations
86. My ___ broke down again!Car, Phone, Plumbing, Laptop, Heater
87. Don’t forget to bring a ____ to the beachTowel, Umbrella, Sunscreen, Hat, Beachball
88. ____ is my favorite mode of transportationCar, Bus, Train, Bicycle, Walking
89. Honey! Do you remember where did we put the ____ ?Remote, Keys, Phone, Glasses, Money
90. My best friend is always ____Loyal, Cute, Funny, Honest, Kind
91. Don’t be selfish! ____ is a team sport!Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Volleyball
92. My lips are great at _____Kissing, Singing, Whistling, Eating, Playingtheflute
93. You can’t go ____ without getting wetSwimming, Diving, Surfing, Waterskiing, Kayaking
94. I hate you for breaking my ____Bones, Trust, Heart, Rules, Toys
95. I can never make my kid eat ______Broccoli, Beans, Asparagus, Spinach, Cheese
96. I wouldn’t call something a breakfast without _____Bacons, Eggs, Coffee, Cereal, Oatmeal
97. I found a torn ____ in my mailboxLetter, Bill, Magazine, Package, Postcard
98. It’s Christmas! Time to drink some ____Eggnog, Champagne, Hotchocolate, Cider, Wine
99. I can’t find that the ____ card in my wallet!Credit, Id, Gift, Birthday, Membership
100. He loves _____ in Las VegasGambling, Drinking, Clubbing, Strolling, Living
101. I have a serious fear of ____Heights, Flying, Enclosedspaces, Spiders, Snakes
102. That country’s leader is a ______Democrat, Republican, Monarch, Dictator, Socialist
103. It really hurt when I stepped on _____Aglass, Alego, Aneedle, Gravel, Astone
104. My favorite Avenger is _____Ironman, Hulk, Thor, Captainamerica, Hawkeye
105. I broke my _____ after I lost an online match!Gamepad, Controller, Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor
106. Mom, please! I’m too tired to do ______Myhomework, Exercises, Mychores, Anything, Thelawn
107. I love drinking milk with _____Cookies, Cereal, Chocolate, Bananas, Strawberry
108. Do you have any ____ gum by any chance?Spearmint, Sugarfree, Peppermint, Cherry, Bubble
109. I always pick ____ for my DnD character raceElf, Dwarf, Human, Orc, Gnome
110. I use the internet for _____Browsing, Doinghomework, Videogames, Memes, Researching
111. A true pirate needs a ____Parrot, Treasure, Hook, Sword, Ship
112. That beach is full of ____ !Sand, Trash, People, Drunks, Shells
113. Here, keep those ____ in a potGold, Coffee, Water, Marbles, Coins
114. Wow! Such a soft ____ !Pillow, Blanket, Bed, Tissue, Sheet
115. This armor is made of ____Iron, Leather, Gold, Copper, Steel
116. I always wanted to be ____ when I was a kidAdoctor, Anastronaut, Afireman, Ateacher, Anactor
117. Batman always defeats _____Thejoker, Scarecrow, Bane, Theriddler, Catwoman
118. That ___ ‘s shell is so strong!Turtle, Armadillo, Egg, Walnut, Oyster
119. Mom loves putting _____ on the refrigeratorMagnets, Pictures, Recipes, Notes, Lists
120. If you are so tired, then get some _____Sleep, Rest, Coffee, Food, Help
121. I love my spouse’s ____Eyes, Face, Hair, Personality, Body
122. I love listening to the songs by _____Beyonce, Madonna, Rihanna, Adele, Drake
123. We’ve lost our ____ Our band is ruined!Vocalist, Drummer, Guitarist, Manager, Pianist
124. I look for ____ in a good partnerHonesty, Wealth, Humour, Loyalty, Kindness
125. You can’t ____ ! You are not 18 yet!Drive, Smoke, Vote, Gamble, Getmarried
126. ____ is my favorite South American countryBrazil, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Chile
127. My father stocked up on ____ before the pandemicFood, Toiletpaper, Water, Gas, Cash
128. That chicken ___ was so delicious!Nugget, Pie, Soup, Wing, Sandwich
129. I can’t eat that ___ ! I’m a veganChicken, Fish, Cheese, Hamburger, Icecream
130. Watch out for ____ during an African safariLions, Cheetahs, Leopards, Hyenas, Elephants
131. Oh no! My ____ started following me on Twitter!Father, Mother, Teacher, Ex, Boss
132. This ___ is special for me as my granny knitted it for meHat, Blanket, Sweater, Pillow, Plush
133. That actor learnt ____ for his new roleDancing, Singing, Fighting, Driving, Anaccent
134. Stop! There is ____ on the road!Adog, Acat, Abody, Acar, Debris
135. I can’t stand ___ without sugar!Tea, Coffee, Milk, Cereal, Chewinggum
136. I would never buy that ____ houseExpensive, Old, Moldy, Haunted, Tiny
137. Doh! ____ are making me itchy again!Allergies, Mosquitoes, Fleas, Parasites, Ants
138. Hey darling, have you ___ the meat yet?Cooked, Bought, Marinated, Thawed, Roasted
139. After a long day, I lay down to ____Watchtv, Read, Sleep, Sunbathe, Relax
140. It’s impossible to ___! So hot!Breathe, Sleep, Work, Walk, Touch
141. He broke the ___ button my remote!Mute, Play, Home, Back, Stop
142. I should get a better ___ for my hairBarber, Shampoo, Hairspray, Conditioner, Hat
143. I can never face my friends after ___ in front of them!Farting, Dancing, Singing, Fallingdown, Puking
144. Don’t tell me that you’ve never watched ____ !Starwars, Thelordoftherings, Titanic, Godfather, Matrix
145. How on Earth some people eat ____ ?Bugs, Snails, Insects, Dogs, Paper
146. I found a magic lamp! I will ask for ____Health, Money, Love, Happiness, Power
147. I always keep ___ in my car just in caseSomemoney, Somefood, Amap, Asparetire, Somewater
148. What kind of a breakfast buffet wouldn’t have ____ !?Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Coffee, Cereal
149. ____ players can get crazy richFootball, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Golf
150. You should lick that ____Lollipop, Icecream, Popsicle, Stamp, Envelope
151. I hate being a ___ in this terrible restaurant!Cook, Waitress, Manager, Customer, Dishwasher
152. He just ____ ! Can’t you see he is sick?!Coughed, Puked, Fainted, Sneezed, Cried
153. Yuck! hate candy bars with ____Almonds, Peanuts, Coconut, Caramel, Mint
154. There ___ outside! Don’t go out!Isatornado, Isablizzard, Arezombies, Isabear, Isafight
155. There is always a ____ in a horror movieGraveyard, Murderer, Forest, Ghost, Basement
156. Did you know that she keeps some ____ in her cellar?Wine, Food, Tools, Guns, Prisoners
157. Don’t go to that country! There are so many people in ____China, India, Unitedstates, Brazil, Mexico
158. I love you, my sweet ____ !Husband, Wife, Mother, Father, Friend
159. That ___ is filled with holesCheese, Sock, Underwear, Plot, Road
160. It’s quite windy, let’s go ____ !Surfing, Flyakite, Sailing, Inside, Running
161. ___ can be drunk both hot and coldTea, Coffee, Milk, Cider, Eggnog
162. Doh! There is ___ on the bottom of my shoe!Gum, Poop, Mud, Dirt, Aninsect
163. Let’s decorate this ____Christmastree, Cake, Car, House, Room
164. My newborn kept ___ all night!Crying, Farting, Squealing, Kicking, Rolling
165. Why would you hug that ____ ?Girl, Dog, Pillow, Tree, Car
166. Don’t worry about that noise, it’s just ____ !Thewind, Thepipes, Thedog, Ananimal, Theheater
167. I love ____ in Harry PotterRon, Hermione, Hagrid, Dumbledore, Snape
168. Come on! You can never ___ with your eyes open!Sleep, Sneeze, Kiss, Swim, Dream
169. Keep quiet! Remember that we are in a ____ !Church, Hospital, Library, Theater, Museum
170. I can’t help it, I can never lie to my ____Mother, Father, Teacher, Priest, Therapist
171. Grr! The ____ is out of order again!Bathroom, Atm, Elevator, Vendingmachine, Copier
172. Step aside, I have to shred these ___Papers, Cheese, Lettuces, Onions, Carrots
173. It’s all your fault! You let ___ spoiled!Thefood, Themilk, Yourkid, Thatpet, Themovie
174. You should listen to ___ if you like rapEminem, Drake, Snoopdogg, Icecube, Lilwayne
175. His face turned red with ____Anger, Embarrassment, Sunburn, Love, Fever
176. Don’t forget to fill ___ with some airTheballoon, Thetires, Thebeachball, Theairmattress, Yourlungs
177. You can never learn ____ in schoolParenting, Manners, Religion, Modesty, Trading
178. My parents never approve my ____Drinking, Smoking, Clothes, Skippingschool, Friends
179. So bland! This salad needs some more ___Dressing, Nuts, Cheese, Vinegar, Salt
180. Hey look! I got a new ___ phoneSamsung, Smart, Nokia, Huawei, Motorola
181. I’m out of patience! ___ moves so slow!Mygrandma, Thesnail, Theturtle, Thetraffic, Theline
182. Outrageous! This airplane flight doesn’t even have ____ !Snacks, Cocktails, Drinks, Earbuds, Pillows
183. It goes up and down like ______Arollercoaster, Anairplane, Anelevator, Ayoyo, Aseesaw
184. Hey look! I dug up some ____Weeds, Bones, Worms, Gold, Metals
185. Watch out next time, you left lipstick marks on the ____Napkin, Glass, Collar, Pillow, Tie
186. I feel the best when I’m _____Working, Sleeping, Playing, Withmyfriends, Resting
187. I can’t stop listening to ____ ‘s concertos!Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Vivaldi, Chopin
188. As a nerd, I was always ____Alone, Bullied, Sad, Studying, Reading
189. My birthday wish is _____Worldpeace, Love, Money, Findinghappiness, Anewcomputer
190. I don’t like dogs, I would rather adopt a ____Cat, Turtle, Child, Hamster, Parrot
191. When shopping, I’m looking for the best ____Price, Quality, Product, Discount, Deal
192. They think that I’m too ____ for my ageMature, Playful, Childish, Talented, Weary
193. If my life were a movie, it would be a _______Documentary, Drama, Comedy, Thriller, Tragedy
194. I think ____ is a better F1 driver than SennaSchumacher, Hamilton, Alonso, Prost, Vettel
195. I finally broke up with my ____ girlfriend!Crazy, Selfish, Aggressive, Weird, Narcissistic
196. I hate people who ____Steal, Lie, Cheat, Backstab, Arelazy
197. Buckle up, he is a ____ driver!Fast, Student, Crazy, Reckless, Drunk
198. I really ____ this showEnjoy, Hate, Love, Dig, Adore
199. I can’t stop posting ____ on RedditPictures, Memes, Questions, Videos, Threads
200. What a night! I had a ____ dream!Wild, Vivid, Prophetic, Mindbending, Lucid
201. I wish House ____ won the Game of ThronesTargaryen, Lannister, Stark, Tyrell, Baratheon
202. Watch out, I think he is a bit ____Unstable, Angry, Deranged, Awkward, Drunk
203. I’m quite talented at _____Music, Painting, Writing, Photography, Speaking
204. Look into me and see my ____ heartBlack, Sweet, Loving, Weary, Caring
205. Well, these news made me ____Excited, Worried, Scared, Hopeful, Confused
206. From Tokyo, we will take a train to _____Kyoto, Nagano, Nagoya, Kanazawa, Mountfuji
207. Let’s sit down and listen the _____Thunderstorm, Music, Birds, Wind, Podcast
208. You can find me ____ while listening to a songSinging, Dancing, Crying, Zoningout, Studying
209. You see? Life is full of ____Wonders, Sadness, Happiness, Hope, Death
210. Welcome! Grab a ___ and join us!Drink, Plate, Napkin, Controller, Seat
211. My favorite US state is ____Newyork, California, Florida, Nevada, Texas
212. I can never say ‘no’ to my _____Mother, Father, Daughter, Dog, Doctor
213. I want to ____ whenever I see a cute puppyCuddle, Pet, Hug, Play, Scream
214. No thanks, I can’t eat anymore ____Donuts, Chocolate, Chips, Nuts, Cupcakes
215. French fries with ___ is a match made in heavenMayonnaise, Ketchup, Cheese, Vinegar, Gravy
216. I think ____ is the funniest TV series ever!Friends, Seinfeld, Modernfamily, Thesimpsons, Theoffice
217. Stop it! My ___ is very ticklish!Feet, Neck, Stomach, Cat, Dog
218. I don’t want any ___ in my sandwich, pleaseOnion, Pickle, Sauce, Tomato, Lettuce
219. I’m very proud of my _____Family, Job, Body, Achievements, Talents
220. I don’t want to watch that, I hate ___ comedy!Slapstick, Dark, Romantic, Surreal, Deadpan
221. Clear the table, we will play ____ !Monopoly, Chess, Checkers, Scrabble, Clue
222. I felt ____ after he canceled our meetingRelieved, Freed, Disappointed, Clueless, Angry
223. Nobody wants to date ___ like meAloser, Anuglyface, Anoob, Apenniless, Abuffoon
224. Is there a good ____ on TV tonight?Documentary, Movie, Show, Cartoon, Game
225. I wish I could live in a ____Castle, Mansion, Villa, Cottage, Remotecabin
226. I will take a photo with ___ at DisneylandMickeymouse, Goofy, Donaldduck, Pluto, Cinderella
227. Can you see ___ with the telescope?Themoon, Thestars, Anasteroid, Asatellite, Aplanet
228. Oh come on! There is no such thing as ___ !Aliens, Santaclaus, Ghosts, Bigfoot, Impossible
229. A snake’s ____ is quite interestingSkin, Venom, Scales, Hissing, Slithering
230. I had to replace my ___ after the divorceHome, Car, Bankaccount, Clothes, Furniture
231. Don’t worry, they all speak English in ____Canada, Unitedkingdom, Australia, Newzealand, Theusa
232. Why is this ____ always cold?!Room, Office, Classroom, Water, Weather
233. I wish ___ could grow slower!Myhair, Theweeds, Mykids, Myweight, Mynails
234. I had to ____ to fake my sicknessPuke, Groan, Cry, Cough, Sniffle
235. We had to cancel the ___ due to heavy rainMatch, Concert, Picnic, Parade, Hiking
236. I love seeing ___ in a zooBears, Lions, Elephants, Giraffes, Monkeys
237. Alright kids, line up for the ____Lunch, Recess, Firedrill, Schoolbus, Inspection
238. ____ is a dish best served coldRevenge, Fish, Lasagna, Potatosalad, Pizza
239. Wow! That snake just swallowed a ___Mouse, Rabbit, Bird, Dog, Pig
240. Did you hang up the ____ ?Phone, Coat, Hat, Towel, Frame
241. As a DC Comics fan, my favorite is ____Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman, Cyborg, Greenlantern
242. Hmm… This looks like a ___ chipPotato, Corn, Chocolate, Poker, Computer
243. I can’t stop riding the ___ at the carnivalFerriswheel, Carousel, Rollercoaster, Dodgems, Funhouse
244. If we are ordering, I want ____Pizza, Chinese, Sushi, Friendchicken, Hamburger
245. He can’t come to help as he is ____Busy, Sick, Tired, Outoftown, Atwork
246. I can’t wait to taste the ____ cuisineChinese, Japanese, Indian, Thai, Mexican
247. She won ___ from that raffle!Acar, Ahouse, Avacation, Somemoney, Agiftcard
248. That ___ ball is even smaller than a baseballGolf, Pingpong, Tennis, Gum, Pool
249. Stop it! You can’t ___ like a dog!Bark, Eat, Roll, Beg, Pant
250. Look at that the scales of that ____ dragon!Red, Black, Gold, Green, Blue
251. We will have our honeymoon in ____Hawaii, Borabora, Themaldives, Bali, Paris
252. I will name my new dog as ____Lucky, Spot, Buddy, Rover, Rex
253. I like studying in the ____Library, Bedroom, Classroom, Coffeeshop, Park
254. Hey, it’s ____ Time to celebrate!Ourwedding, Yourgraduation, Friday, Ouranniversary, Avictory
255. I wish my dog could stop ____Poopingonthefloor, Chewing, Digging, Barking, Jumping
256. I will drink crazy amounts of ___ during the holiday!Beer, Champagne, Cider, Eggnog, Wine
257. Our favorite outdoor activity is ____Running, Hiking, Camping, Biking, Fishing
258. We need a good tour guide for the ____Museum, Artgallery, Historicalsite, Zoo, Safari
259. I hated ___ as a childCleaning, Takingoutthetrash, Doingthedishes, Doingthelaundry, Studying
260. I must go ___ every weekShopping, Partying, Tomovies, Seemyfriends, Tochurch
261. I can’t stop browsing ___ on my phoneTiktok, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook
262. I want some ___ on the sideFrenchfries, Salad, Soup, Coleslaw, Onionrings
263. Get up and get the ____ fixed!Car, Phone, Plumbing, Laptop, Airconditioning
264. Outrageous! This cafe doesn’t have any ____Coffee, Tea, Sandwiches, Pastries, Desserts
265. Your ___ must be on the nightstandClock, Glasses, Bottle, Watch, Book
266. My best friend is so ____Loyal, Cute, Funny, Honest, Kind
267. His speech at the ____ was a fiasco!Awardceremony, Wedding, Party, Conference, Funeral
268. Don’t forget to bring your ___ to the sleepoverToothbrush, Sleepingbag, Hairbrush, Pajamas, Laptop
269. Ugh! Yet another horror movie filled with ____Teenagers, Ghosts, Demons, Aliens, Zombies
270. You can find some ___ in a museumPaintings, Dinosaurs, Sculptures, Mummies, Fossils
271. Look at this ___ It’s my lucky charmRabbitfoot, Clover, Penny, Locket, Horseshoe
272. I don’t like sitting on ____Thefloor, Abicycleseat, Grass, Stone, Abed
273. I have to get up early to go ___Towork, Toschool, Running, Hiking, Tohospital
274. Stop calling me ___ I’m not your girlfriend!Baby, Honey, Sweetie, Love, Darling
275. I lost my ____ in the backpack!Book, Eraser, Pencil, Phone, Id
276. Not a ___ ! I hate that dog breed!Husky, Pitbull, Labrador, Beagle, Poodle
277. Could you give me a ___ muffin?Blueberry, Chocolate, Banana, Vanilla, Strawberry
278. Mom, could you spread some ___ on my toast?Jam, Butter, Peanutbutter, Nutella, Honey
279. Why is she crying? I think she’s ____Hungry, Tired, Scared, Wet, Sick
280. Sorry, can’t talk now I’m at a ____Party, Funeral, Library, Dinner, Meeting
281. Does this arcade have ____ ?Pacman, Pinball, Streetfighter, Airhockey, Daytona
282. There are so many ___ under your bed!Toys, Trash, Books, Clothes, Socks
283. Oh no! I forgot the ____ gift!Christmas, Anniversary, Birthday, Wedding, Parting
284. Don’t forget to bring ___ for the kidsToys, Games, Books, Clothes, Snacks
285. Stop using the ___ emoji!Smile, Heart, Laugh, Wink, Kiss
286. I love to watch ____ as I love fantasy moviesThelordoftherings, Thehungergames, Harrypotter, Narnia, Percyjackson
287. This dog loves chasing ____Balls, Cars, Birds, Cats, Squirrels
288. As a ___ , I get a lot of tipsWaiter, Bartender, Deliveryperson, Barista, Taxidriver
289. Don’t forget to put ____ on the Christmas treeThestar, Balls, Candycanes, Twinklylights, Stockings
290. You can’t get up before finishing your ___ !Broccoli, Meat, Fruit, Dinner, Homework
291. I love ordering ___ at StarbucksLatte, Cappuccino, Americano, Icedcoffee, Espresso
292. I wish I could ____ all day!Sleep, Play, Eat, Shop, Travel
293. If you’re going to buy me a flower, get some ____Roses, Daisies, Lilies, Orchids, Tulips
294. She was too scared to pet the ___ at the petting zooGoat, Pig, Horse, Cow, Sheep
295. She was fuming at me for being late to the ____Funeral, Wedding, Meeting, Class, Date
296. When you say France, I think of ____Theeiffeltower, Paris, Cheese, Wine, Baguettes
297. I always ___ when I see my crushSmile, Hide, Lookaway, Turnred, Getstunned
298. As an Italian, I love ____Pizza, Lasagna, Spaghetti, Ravioli, Gnocchi
299. I’m an expert, I can even make ___ without a recipeCake, Cookies, Eggs, Lasagna, Pizza
300. I want my ____ very crispy, pleaseBacon, Toast, Waffle, Pancake, Chicken
301. My naive kid still believes in ____Santaclause, Theeasterbunny, Thetoothfairy, Aliens, Unicorns
302. I don’t want to go out It’s too ____!Hot, Cold, Dark, Boring, Late
303. Hey! What’s in your shopping ___?Cart, List, Bag, Basket, Plan
304. Put some ___ on my bread, pleaseButter, Cheese, Ham, Peanut, Jelly
305. They put their company logo on their ____Shirts, Hats, Jackets, Uniforms, Cars
306. The living room desperately needs a new ___, my dearSofa, Chair, Table, Cabinet, Carpet
307. I’m bringing the ____ if the campfire is litMarshmallows, Chicken, Corns, Potatoes, Hotdogs
308. It’s my day-off and I will ___ whole day!Sleep, Drink, Play, Read, Travel
309. Wow, you look sharp! Are you going to a ____?Date, Party, Wedding, Funeral, Meeting
310. ___ is an animal that starts with CCat, Camel, Crab, Crow, Chicken
311. How can I ___ in front of such a big audience?!Talk, Sing, Dance, Stand, Perform
312. We can’t swim there, it’s filled with ____!Sharks, Whales, Fish, Trash, Moss
313. We had to cancel our picnic due to _____Rain, Snow, Tornado, Hail, Wind
314. I can’t eat this steak! It’s ____!Burned, Raw, Salty, Cold, Smelly
315. I wish my boss was ____Kind, Understanding, Generous, Honest, Supportive
316. I can’t ___ in this extreme heat!Breathe, Sleep, Walk, Work, Eat
317. The power went out! We need ____Candles, Aflashlight, Alighter, Agenerator, Blankets
318. Stop that ___ ! It’s ransacking the trash!Raccoon, Dog, Cat, Bear, Coyote
319. I love the taste of your banana ____Bread, Cake, Muffin, Pie, Pudding
320. We need to ___ this old houseSell, Renovate, Paint, Clean, Rent
321. I wish my roommate helped me to ____Clean, Study, Iron, Cook, Prepare
322. Turn right after you pass the ____Market, Mall, Gasstation, Church, Bank
323. Stop or I will ___ you!Punch, Kick, Bite, Push, Leave
324. Every kitchen needs ____Atoaster, Amicrowave, Ablender, Adishwasher, Anoven
325. In future, we won’t use ___ anymoreCars, Phones, Paper, Cash, Coal
326. How dare you look at my ____?Computer, Phone, Wallet, Diary, Email
327. Listen to ___ to calm down, you seem tense!Music, Podcast, Song, Therain, Theforest
328. Don’t date her! Her father is a ____Cop, Pastor, Boxer, Criminal, Drunk
329. It’s so hard to say ‘no’ to your ____Kids, Boss, Friends, Mom, Dog
330. Don’t ___ before going to bed, or you won’t sleep!Eat, Drinkcoffee, Watchtv, Nap, Exercise
331. Among the Greek gods, my favorite is ____Zeus, Hades, Ares, Athena, Poseidon
332. Oh no! I lost my ____ again!Socks, Keys, Wallet, Remote, Pencil
333. I will go to Los Angeles to see ____Celebrities, Thebeaches, Hollywood, Thesun, People
334. I hate waiting at the ____Hospital, Restaurant, Busstop, Trafficlights, Airport
335. Wear your helmet while riding a ____Horse, Bike, Scooter, Skateboard, Motorcycle
336. Stop ____ in the theatre!Talking, Shouting, Yelling, Snoring, Moving
337. I’ll ____ to satisfy my adrenaline addictionClimb, Skydive, Bungeejump, Fly, Freefall
338. My favorite horse breed is ____Arabian, Thoroughbred, Morgan, Appaloosa, Pony
339. That lovely lady donated some ___ for charityMoney, Toys, Clothes, Food, Furniture
340. I always add some ___ to my oatmealMilk, Sugar, Fruit, Honey, Syrup
341. I can’t come to the church with you, I’m ____Amuslim, Ajewish, Anatheist, Abuddhist, Ahindu
342. You forgot some ___ in your pockets again!Toys, Candy, Money, Marbles, Tissue
343. This medicine cabinet needs more ____Alcohol, Medicine, Bandaid, Cotton, Vitamins
344. Hey dude, can I borrow ____ ?Somemoney, Yourcar, Somesugar, Yourtoolbox, Somemilk
345. ____ have quite long legsGiraffes, Spiders, Ostriches, Flamingos, Storks
346. Our bakery’s ____ is supreme!Bread, Cakes, Cookies, Donuts, Pies
347. Stop sending me acronyms! What does ___ even mean?!Lol, Brb, Tc, Tyvm, Rofl
348. Did you bring the deck of ___ cards?Poker, Spades, Solitaire, Rummy, Blackjack
349. Now watch me closely as I will teach you how to ____Cook, Carve, Write, Dance, Play
350. Before you go on a date with him, let’s check out his ____ profileFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Solitaire
351. My favorite spice is ____Pepper, Garlic, Cinnamon, Chilli, Paprika
352. That ___ made her scream so loud!Spider, Mouse, Snake, Rat, Scorpion
353. Let’s start the party! Who wants some ____?Chips, Beer, Pizza, Wings, Popcorn
354. ___ is my favorite streaming platformNetflix, Disneyplus, Hbomax, Primevideo, Hulu
355. Stop asking for ___, my dearToys, Candy, Money, Food, Favors
356. Use your hands to eat that ___Pizza, Hamburger, Sandwich, Apple, Hotdog
357. ___ is filled with vitamin COrange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Kiwi, Lime
358. I would ___ if I were to see a real ghostRun, Cry, Faint, Scream, Freeze
359. Look, yet another ___ flyer on the boardJob, Club, Party, Tutor, Campaign
360. ____ is my favorite X-manGambit, Wolverine, Cyclops, Rogue, Storm
361. If you don’t know him well, just get ___ for his birthdayAgiftcard, Someflowers, Ashirt, Somesnacks, Abook
362. Don’t forget to take ___ if you are going to hikeWater, Food, Arope, Medicine, Amap
363. Did you really forget to bring the baby’s ____?Diaper, Wipes, Bottle, Formula, Medicine
364. I bought a new ____ smartphoneSamsung, Apple, Huawei, Sony, Nokia
365. Mom, can you pack some ___ for my lunch?Water, Chips, Fruits, Tissues, Snacks
366. I can’t resist some delicious and crispy ___Bacon, Toast, Waffles, Sausage, Chips
367. I found a job as a ____ at that restaurantCook, Busboy, Manager, Hostess, Waitress
368. I wish I had ____ as a superpowerInvisibility, Flying, Strength, Speed, Magic
369. They renovating their ____Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Garage, Livingroom
370. Doctor, I have a ___, am I sick?Cough, Fever, Headache, Runnynose, Sorethroat
371. Please silence your phone at ____Dinner, Work, School, Church, Library
372. Let’s get some ___ I’m so hungry!Burgers, Hotdogs, Pizza, Tacos, Burritos
373. Did you see that photo of Brad Pitt’s ____?Kissing, Yelling, Running, Posing, Eating
374. Why would you paint your car ___ ?!Pink, Purple, Green, Yellow, Orange
375. ___ is a city in the United KingdomLondon, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool
376. I can’t eat this fish, it still has its ___!Eyes, Head, Tail, Scales, Organs
377. Let’s hunt some ___ at the thrift storeBooks, Toys, Clothes, Furniture, Shoes
378. Don’t forget ___ for your cowboy costumeAhat, Boots, Agun, Abelt, Ascarf
379. If only I was ____, life would be easierSmart, Beautiful, Tall, Rich, Famous
380. I want a ___ tattoo pleaseFlower, Heart, Skull, Butterfly, Gun
381. Did you really get a ___ piercing?Nose, Bellybutton, Tongue, Lip, Ear
382. Look! That’s ____ Williams! Let’s ask for an autograph!Robin, John, Serena, Vanessa, Venus
383. Put your ___ on the nightstandWater, Phone, Lamp, Book, Glasses
384. A brownie without ___ is not a real brownie!Nuts, Caramel, Chocolate, Milk, Honey
385. You didn’t dress up properly for this ___!Wedding, Funeral, Party, Meeting, Interview
386. Why don’t we go eat at ____?Mcdonalds, Burgerking, Tacobell, Kfc, Pizzahut
387. We need ___ to start this bonfireWood, Matches, Gas, Paper, Oil
388. Watch out! That cave is filled with ____Spiders, Snakes, Bats, Bugs, Rats
389. ___ is a city in FranceParis, Lyon, Nice, Lille, Strasbourg
390. As an islander, I know how to ____ of course!Swim, Surf, Fish, Sail, Dive
391. Look! That’s ___ Smith! Let’s ask for a selfie!Will, Maggie, Sam, Robert, Matt
392. Don’t tell me you forgot to ___ the meat!Cook, Season, Thaw, Marinate, Buy
393. No ___ can stop a skilled burglarPolice, Alarm, Dog, Camera, Lock
394. I ____ a lot during that roller coaster rideLaughed, Screamed, Wasscared, Cried, Shouted
395. Interesting, that ___ doesn’t require appointmentsDoctor, Dentist, Hairdresser, Mechanic, Lawyer
396. My granny keeps asking help with ___Thephone, Thecomputer, Thetelevision, Thecar, Standingup
397. ___ is a city in GermanyBerlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt
398. I’m sick of sharing ___ with my boyfriendFood, Thebed, Money, Thecar, Time
399. You left lipstick marks on my ____ again!Shirt, Cup, Cheek, Glass, Pillow
400. I go to ___ for my grocery shoppingWalmart, Target, Safeway, Aldi, Kroger
401. My favorite Christmas drink is ___Eggnog, Wine, Champagne, Hotchocolate, Cider
402. That dog chewed my ___ again!Shoes, Homework, Socks, Pencil, Pillow
403. Don’t forget to tip the ____Waiter, Valet, Bartender, Performer, Cleaner
404. ____ is a city in ItalyRome, Florence, Venice, Naples, Milan
405. Add a little bit of more ___ to make it tastySalt, Butter, Cheese, Vinegar, Sugar
406. It’s a great day to play ___ at the parkFrisbee, Football, Baseball, Tag, Catch
407. A wild ___ has escaped from the local zoo, watch out!Lion, Elephant, Tiger, Panther, Rhino
408. Oops! I forgot to pay the ___ bill!Phone, Gas, Water, Electricity, Internet
409. It’s crazy to think that some people have ___ as petsSnakes, Lizards, Octopus, Pigs, Tarantulas
410. I think ___ is the best rapper ever!Snoopdogg, Icecube, Eminem, Tupac, Cardi
411. Yet another soap opera filled with ___!Love, Cheating, Death, Betrayal, Drama
412. ____ is located in the North American continentCanada, Mexico, Unitedstates, Cuba, Jamaica
413. Take your finger out of your ____!Mouth, Food, Ear, Pants, Nose
414. He is so skilled at flipping ___Pancakes, Burgers, Coins, Houses, Cars
415. ___ is a city in TurkeyIstanbul, Antalya, Izmir, Ankara, Bursa
416. Holy ___! Did you really kicked the teacher?!Moley, Cow, Smokes, Mackerel, Guacamole
417. Never buy ___ from an infomercial!Pillows, Pans, Tools, Toys, Appliances
418. You can see the ___ from this window, not a nice view at all!Highway, Dump, Parkinglot, Alley, Factory
419. My favorite TV show is ____Jeopardy, Familyfeud, Thesimpsons, Mythbusters, Modernfamily
420. Why are you so mad? Didn’t you get enough ____ today?Coffee, Sleep, Rest, Sugar, Water
421. Bring the ___ inside before the rain begins!Laptop, Clothes, Dog, Kids, Food
422. ____ is located in the Asian continentChina, Japan, Thailand, India, Malaysia
423. How can you get rid of a ___ stain on a cloth?Ketchup, Wine, Mustard, Blood, Coffee
424. ___ is a city in TexasAustin, Houston, Dallas, Sanantonio, Elpaso
425. Did he really ___ the test?Fail, Pass, Smash, Nail, Miss
426. He thinks that getting a ___ will make him coolTattoo, Car, Motorcycle, Beard, Scar
427. How can we get that ___ from the tree?Cat, Drone, Frisbee, Ball, Kite
428. Whoa! Did you just ___ in front of the kids?!Fart, Burp, Curse, Yell, Swear
429. I want to visit ____ as I find that country fascinating!Sweden, France, Madagascar, Germany, Italy
430. His job as a ___ suits him well as he is so kindDoctor, Teacher, Therapist, Dentist, Nurse
431. I put some ____ in front of my house as Halloween decorationSpiders, Bats, Witches, Zombies, Ghosts
432. Sorry, your essay lacks a proper ____Citation, Integrity, Title, Topic, Layout
433. A hopeless romantic believes in ___Loveatfirstsight, Fairytales, Destiny, Truelove, Soulmates
434. ____ is located in the South American continentBrazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Peru
435. ___ is the busiest day of the week for our businessMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
436. ___ is the coolest Formula 1 teamFerrari, Williams, Mclaren, Redbull, Mercedes
437. Old people love ____Sleeping, Reading, Quiet, Vegetables, Rockingchairs
438. Sorry, I’m too shy to ___ in front of youSing, Dance, Perform, Talk, Eat
439. I booked a room at ____ It wasn’t cheap!Marriott, Hilton, Holidayinn, Sheraton, Fourseasons
440. I can’t even drive a car, how do some people drive a ____?!Bus, Truck, Tank, Van, Motorhome
441. I prefer to ____ aloneEat, Sleep, Exercise, Watchtv, Walk
442. My baby wants to see lots of ___ in a children’s bookPictures, Dinosaurs, Animals, Colors, Cars
443. I drink ___ every morning to stay healthyWater, Milk, Smoothie, Proteinshake, Herbaltea
444. ____ is located in the African continentEgypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Kenya
445. You need some ___ if you have a headacheSleep, Water, Quiet, Coffee, Aspirin
446. I can’t sleep without ____Melatonin, Earplugs, Pillows, Pajamas, Lights
447. As soon as I saw the police behind me, I ____Pulledover, Panicked, Slowed, Gotnervous, Cried
448. You are fat because you eat ___ every single day!Pizza, Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Snacks, Chips
449. I flew here with ___ and it was very comfortable!Delta, Southwest, Britishairways, Lufthansa, Virgin
450. Hey bro, give me a ___!Hand, Hug, Kiss, Highfive, Minute
451. I completed my ___ armor set at MinecraftLeather, Iron, Golden, Diamond, Netherite
452. How do actors ___ so effortlessly?Cry, Kiss, Memorize, Lookcool, Sing
453. There is no seat left in the ___, so I have to keep standingBus, Church, Meeting, Wedding, Party
454. ___ is my favorite Shakespeare playHamlet, Macbeth, Othello, Romeoandjuliet, Kinglear
455. After losing my money to ____, I was depressedCrypto, Athief, Gambling, Betting, Overspending
456. What’s in this ____? It’s so heavy!Bag, Luggage, Wallet, Backpack, Basket
457. So cold! I need some ___Hotchocolate, Coffee, Tea, Clothes, Blankets
458. ___ is the best city in the USASandiego, Denver, Seattle, Lasvegas, Nashville
459. I hate working as a food delivery driver because of ____Traffic, Badtips, Rudecustomers, Driving, Smell
460. Let her sit down, she is ____Pregnant, Tired, Old, Disabled, Injured
461. Do I see ___ on your windshield?!Birdpoop, Acrack, Abug, Aticket, Snow
462. Thinking about pork ____ makes my mouth wateryBacon, Chops, Ham, Sausage, Ribs
463. Nothing beats the taste of ___ brand chipsDoritos, Lays, Tostitos, Cheetos, Pringles
464. Her first ___ was an important point in our relationshipFart, Burp, Breakfast, Dinner, Look
465. Did you really forget the ____ party?Halloween, Costume, Christmas, Newyear, Birthday
466. Honey, please ____ before dinnerPray, Washyourhands, Setthetable, Return, Finishhomework
467. That spaceship is going to ___Thesun, Themoon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn
468. My Mexican friend can make delicious ____Nachos, Burritos, Salsa, Fajitas, Guacamole
469. Let’s burn some calories by ____Running, Exercising, Cleaning, Swimming, Dancing
470. This cocktail punch requires more ____!Soda, Juice, Lemon, Alcohol, Water
471. I go to Costco for ____Thesamples, Shopping, Thehotdog, Gas, Discounts
472. Do all rich people have two ____?Cars, Houses, Offices, Phones, Assistants
473. ____ is located in the European continentFrance, Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece
474. I ___ when I see that annoying girl approach meRun, Lookaway, Hide, Leave, Smile
475. You should put the ___ in the fridge!Leftovers, Milk, Yoghurt, Butter, Eggs
476. There is always a ___ in a haunted houseBrokenwindow, Ghost, Rockingchair, Cobweb, Squeakyfloor
477. How do you even remove the shell from a ___?!Crab, Lobster, Snail, Turtle, Shrimp
478. I always trust ___ when buying a new tech deviceSamsung, Sony, Lg, Apple, Dell
479. He shows off his wealth with his private ___Jet, Driver, Butler, Island, Chef
480. My favorite American car brand is ____Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Tesla
481. Use ____ to disguise yourselfSunglasses, Ahat, Amask, Acoat, Awig
482. I need to tidy up my ____Closet, Garage, Bathroom, Kitchen, Bedroom
483. I think ___ is the best pop singer everPrince, Madonna, Beyonce, Adele, Taylorswift
484. I can’t get enough ___ and it makes me unhealthySleep, Water, Vitamins, Exercise, Love
485. She laughed so hard that she ___!Cried, Snorted, Fellover, Peed, Farted
486. The clown we hired forgot to bring his ___ What a clown!Costume, Horn, Balloons, Rednose, Wig
487. My ____ ruined the family dinner by throwing a tantrumWife, Husband, Brother, Father, Mother
488. Instead of Internet Explorer, you should use _____Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge
489. No amount of money can get you true ____Happiness, Love, Friends, Satisfaction, Peace
490. They shared warm ___ in that beautiful nightFoods, Stories, Kisses, Drinks, Laughs
491. Watch out! He has a ___!Gun, Knife, Hostage, Temper, Bomb
492. Just ___ him! He is a creep!Ignore, Report, Leave, Dump, Bewareof
493. For this DnD game, I will play as ___Anelf, Anorc, Ahuman, Ahobbit, Adwarf
494. My house is infested by ___ It drives me mad!Ants, Bedbugs, Cockroaches, Flies, Termites
495. I need a photo for my new ___Driverslicense, Passport, Mugshot, Id, Profile
496. It seems like you forgot to bring ___ to the dinner tableNapkins, Candles, Cutlery, Glasses, Coasters
497. My ___ ran out of battery once again!Phone, Watch, Remote, Mouse, Headset
498. I’m preparing a ___ salad for the dinnerCobb, Ceaser, Larb, Greek, Olivier
499. I can’t sleep as the ___ make so much noise!Wind, Cars, Neighbors, Storm, Rain
500. My daughter’s favorite Disney princess is ____Anna, Elsa, Bella, Cinderella, Mulan
501. She had lost her child at the ____ Thankfully he was foundMall, Park, Zoo, Grocery, Airport
502. We shouldn’t waste ____ to protect the environmentWater, Electricity, Food, Paper, Gas
503. I have a lot of ____ in my phonePhotos, Videos, Games, Apps, Musics
504. My little brother is afraid of ____Dentist, Dark, Thunder, Spiders, Ghosts
505. I love the smell of ____ in the morningCoffee, Grass, Air, Rain, Pancakes
506. I found a ____ in my cake!Ring, Fly, Worm, Hair, Stone
507. No, no, no! This coffee needs some more ___!Milk, Water, Creamer, Sugar, Honey
508. I hate it when my ____ itchesBack, Foot, Eye, Ear, Hair
509. Oh no! They forgot to put ____ in my burger!Cheese, Ketchup, Lettuce, Tomato, Onions
510. That restaurant is looking for a ___, you can apply.Cook, Waitress, Manager, Cleaner, Dishwasher
511. ____ is one of the most crowded countries in the world.China, India, United States, Brazil, Mexico
512. I have to cut these/this ___ into slices.Bread, Cheese, Potatoes, Onions, Carrots
513. Outrageous! This airplane flight doesn’t even have ____ !Snacks, A Meal, Drinks, Earbuds, Pillows
514. Let’s sit down and listen the _____ to relax .Waves, Music, Birds, Rain, Podcast
515. Oh come on! There is no such thing as ___! They are only in moviesAliens, Zombies, Ghosts, Vampires, A Werewolf
516. Don’t worry, they all speak English in ____ .Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, The Usa
517. I love seeing ___ in a zoo.Bears, Lions, Elephants, Giraffes, Monkeys
518. My ___ pain is killing me!Back, Shoulder, Knee, Tooth, Foot
519. I like reading books in the ____.Library, Bedroom, Airplane, Cafe, Park
520. There are so many ___ under your bed!Toys, Trash, Books, Clothes, Socks
521. As a ___ , I get a lot of tips.Waitress, Bartender, Delivery Person, Valet, Taxi Driver
522. Sometimes, I wish I could ____ all day!Sleep, Play Games, Chat, Shop, Travel
523. If you’re going to buy me a flower, get some ____ .Roses, Daisies, Lilies, Orchids, Tulips
524. I don’t want to go out. it’s too ____!Hot, Cold, Dark, Boring, Late
525. The living room desperately needs a new ___, my dear.Sofa, Chair, Table, Cabinet, Carpet
526. The power went out! We need ____.Candles, A Flashlight, A Lighter, A Generator, Blankets
527. We need to ___ this old house.Sell, Renovate, Paint, Clean, Rent
528. I wish my roommate helped me to ____.Clean, Study, Iron, Cook, Wash
529. Please take the ____ from the medicine cabinet.Alcohol, Pain Killer, Band Aid, Cotton, Vitamins
530. ___ is filled with vitamin C.Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Kiwi, Lime
531. I bought a new ____ brand smartphone.Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Sony, Nokia
532. Interesting, this ___ doesn’t require appointments.Doctor, Dentist, Barber, Mechanic, Lawyer
533. I’m sick of sharing ___ with my little brother.Food, The Bed, The Room, Toys, Clothes
534. You left lipstick marks on my ____ again!Shirt, Cup, Cheek, Glass, Pillow
535. Oops! i forgot to pay the ___ bill!Phone, Gas, Water, Electricity, Internet
536. This condo has the ___ view from this window!Bridge, Park, Sea, City, Mountain
537. You need a special license to drive a ____!Bus, Truck, Boat, Crane, Motorbike
538. You should always keep the ___ in the fridge!Meat, Milk, Yoghurt, Butter, Eggs
539. I hate it when my ____ itches.Back, Foot, Eye, Ear, Hair
540. I look for the ____ when i am renting a carCd Player, Gps, Sun Roof, Mileage, Air Conditioner
541. I would never paint my car in ____.Yellow, Pink, Purple, Orange, Brown
542. I do not buy ____ without trying at the storeA Perfume, Shoes, Clothes, A Mattress, A Watch
543. I can’t believe people once drove cars without _____ .Radio, Gps, Ac, Seat Belts, Air Bags
544. I usually find myself checking the clock at _____.Work, School, Church, The Dentist, Airport
545. When we go to the ____, my child runs away from me.Mall, Park, Zoo, Theme Park, Airport
546. I was so annoyed for that _____ wasn’t working in the morning.Shower, Coffee Machine, Car, Hair Dryer, Alarm Clock
547. I like to eat ____ both fresh and dried.Grape, Banana, Apricot, Prune, Apple
548. If you want to be famous you have to be a successful _____.Actor, Musician, Model, Politician, Athlete
549. I have the company logo on my _____.Shirt, Hat, Jacket, Uniform, Car
550. The _____ in my child’s drawing is/are out of proportion.Head, Hands, House, Sun, Body
551. I often compliment my girlfriend’s ____.Eyes, Hair, Smile, Clothes, Beauty
552. When I find out my wife is pregnant, I would probably _____.Cry, Faint, Hug Her, Celebrate, Call Parents
553. ______ commercials usually target only men.Beer, Aftershave, Razor, Roll On, Car
554. I hate to get stuck behind a ____ which slows me on the traffic.Bus, Semi Truck, Tractor, Van, Bicycle
555. I am using special products to make my ____ shiny.Hair, Teeth, Nails, Lips, Skin
556. I do not want to be a _____. I can’t stand in one place all day!Store Clerk, Bank Teller, Security Guard, Toll Collector, Factory Worker
557. Today, I skip lunch. Because I was _____.Not Hungry, Busy, Fasting, On Diet, Sick
558. _____ at home needs to be changed.Sheets, Light Bulb, Air Filter, Batteries, Furniture
559. My bodybuilder friend always talks about _____.Diets, Muscles, Proteins, Weights, Gym
560. As my kid grows, his _____ also grows/increase.Toys, Bed, Hair, Problems, Habits
561. I like ____ when it is juicy.Orange, Peach, Steak, Apple, Melon
562. My husband never drinks his coffee/tea without adding _____.Sugar, Cinnamon, Milk, Cream, Sweetener
563. I did not answer the phone because I was/did ____.Not In Mood, Sleeping, Busy, Not Hear, In The Shower
564. I wish my boss would give _____ before the holiday!A Raise, Days Off, A Bonus, A Gift Card, A Reward
565. ______ is the quality that some people are lack of.Mercy, Courage, Tolerance, Wisdom, Kindness
566. I left the restaurant without eating because of the _____.Filth, Bad Service, Crowd, Price, Long Wait
567. if I visit India, I expect to see _____.An Elephant, Taj Mahal, A Tiger, A Cow, A Monkey
568. I do not like_____ very much, but I feel better after it’s done.Cleaning, Exercise, Showering, Doing Laundry, Paying Bills
569. You can not give ____ as a gift to a kidA Car, Alcohol, A Gun, Jewelry, A Perfume
570. When I stay up late at night, I ______.Watch Movies, Read, Snack, Drink, Play Games
571. ____ is an animal that can be seen in an ocean.Shark, Whale, Dolphin, Octopus, Seal
572. ____ makes a person age faster.Smoking, Sunbathing, Drinking, Lack Of Sleep, Stress
573. The hotel I stayed was so _____ that I will never go there again!Dirty, Noisy, Crowded, Smelly, Hot
574. I regularly change _____ to maintain my car.Oil, Tires, Battery, Brake Pads, Wipers
575. if I had lots of money, I would definitely hire a _____.Maid, Chef, Butler, Nanny, Driver
576. I’m afraid of losing my ____ at the airport.Luggage, Ticket, Passport, Money, Kids
577. I can’t work as a ________ as I can’t stand lack of sleep.Security Guard, Bartender, Truck Driver, Doctor, Bouncer
578. As my husband never wants to talk about ____, I’ve to call my friends.Shopping, Clothes, Celebrities, Other People, Hair
579. I like cherry-flavored ____.Gum, Candy, Milk, Soda, Ice Cream
580. I always buy a _____ as a souvenir from the countries I visit.Magnet, Hat, Keychain, Postcard, Mug
581. A/an _____ always happens at least once in an action movie.Explosion, Injury, Shootout, Car Chase, Fight
582. I like black-and-white animals such as a _____.Zebra, Skunk, Panda, Cow, Penguin
583. A cowboy probably leaves his ____ at home before a job interview.Hat, Gun, Horse, Boots, Lasso
584. These are the _____ that my favourite rock star also wearsBoots, Hats, Jeans, Shirts, Sunglasses
585. There is a _____ poster on the wall in my son’s room.Movie Star, Band, Soccer Player, Model, Superhero
586. I turned on the _____, while I was drivingRadio, Cruise Control, Lights, Heater, Wipers
587. I like to shop online because it is _____.Easier, Cheaper, More Comfortable, Faster, Efficient
588. If you are going to college, be ready to spend money on ______.Books, Food, Drinks, Rent, Tuition
589. A lot of movie stars have more than one _____.Car, House, Citizenship, Partner, Kid
590. I wish my mother-in-law was ____.Quiet, A Good Cook, Not Nosey, Living Far Away, Nice
591. My cat has ____ but i do not have.A Tail, Claws, Fur, Paws, Nine Lives
592. I put my _____ in my jacket pocket.Pen, Wallet, Handkerchief, Glasses, Mints
593. My _____ is written on my driving license.Birthday, Name, Address, Number, Gender
594. Please turn off the ____, it is time to sleep.Alarm, Tv, Lights, Computer, Fan
595. Marriage means _____.Love, Intimacy, Trust, Conflict, Kids
596. Mom baked a cake for my ____’s birthday.Father, Sister, Brother, Aunt, Friend
597. My daughter hates ____ the most about school.Homeworks, Teachers, Getting Up Early, Math, Principal
598. I will buy a ______ as a gift for her. She loves to read.Magazine, Book Light, Kindle, Book, Comic Book
599. We ran out of ____ at the office again!Paper, Ink, Coffee, Staples, Time
600. I check my _____ at least once a day.Mailbox, Inbox, Notifications, Hair, Messages
601. They told me that ____ is the best state western US state.California, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Montana
602. In this digital age, I don’t use hard copy for the ____ anymore.Letters, Photos, Books, Invitations, Bills
603. A vampire reminds me of ____.Blood, Dracula, Halloween, Fangs, Garlic
604. I love looking at the shiny ___ during the night.Stars, Moon, Lights, Fireflies, Planets
605. Doh! There is ___ on the bottom of my shoe!A Gum, Poop, Mud, Dirt, A Stone
606. I’m quite talented at _____.Music, Painting, Writing, Photography, Sports
607. You usually get undressed at the _____.Changing Room, Beach, Restroom, Locker Room, Doctor
608. A secretary reminds the boss of his ______.Appointments, Calls, Anniversary, Pills, Meetings
609. I prefer a house close to the ______.Hospital, School, Work, Beach, Park
610. My dog loves playing with his ____.Leash, Food, Bone, Pillow, Toy
611. I know the trick, that magician’s ___ will vanish now!Rabbit, Bird, Assistant, Flowers, Hat
612. I have friends who refuse to use ____ for their health.Microwaves, Antibiotics, The Wireless, Sweeteners, Alcohol

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