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Pink Bart Bonte Game Answers

Pink Level 1-50 solutions and walkthrough Guide to all levels are provided on this page, this game is developed by Bart Bonte and it is available on Google play store.

Can you make the screen pink in 50 levels? Each level has its own logic. The next part of the Popular color puzzle series! After ‘yellow’, ‘red’, ‘black, ‘blue’ and ‘green’ it’s time to solve 50 new conundrums! This game consists of 50 levels with increasing difficulty. You have to turn level screen Pink but it is not as simple as you think, each level has its own logic. Here you will find all the answers to Pink on this page. Bookmark this page so that you can get help from this single page.

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Pink Game All Levels Hint (Click for detailed Solutions):

Pink Levels (Click for detailed video and image hint)Hints
Pink Level 1 (Detailed Hints)Tap and hold your finger on the screen to charge the Screen.
Pink Level 2 (Detailed Hints)Tap all the 4 parts of "2" to glow them all.
Pink Level 3 (Detailed Hints)Swipe on the screen to light up 3. Swipe Right-Up-Left-Right-Down-Down-Left
Pink Level 4 (Detailed Hints)Tap multiple times (Around 20-30 times) on the screen to move the Bird out of the screen.
Pink Level 5 (Detailed Hints)Make 5 by rotating the lines. Complete a continuous loop in shape of S. See image below:
Pink Level 6 (Detailed Hints)Drag the Dark parts over white parts to cover them.
Pink Level 7 (Detailed Hints)Pull up the "7" to uncover the complete bird. You have to drag and pull all the way up to reveal a bird.
Pink Level 8 (Detailed Hints)Hang the head of bird on 8. See image below:
Pink Level 9 (Detailed Hints)Cover white part by dark part. You can see a Line is blocking the path, So move the wheel to the top and pick it from the bottom and fit it onto white circle. See image or video below:
Pink Level 10 (Detailed Hints)You can swipe from left to right without lifting your finger. Swipe Over all the bars in one movement without lifting the finger.
Pink Level 11 (Detailed Hints)See the image hint below as this level needs video or image hint.
Pink Level 12 (Detailed Hints)Trick: Drop Right ball from right side & left ball from left size and go through centre. See video below for easy and nice walkthrough.
Pink Level 13 (Detailed Hints)Use 2 middle buttons to move the Legs. And use Outer left and right buttons to light the bars. Hard to solve? Let us Name Buttons from left to right 1 2 3 4, Now you have to press these buttons in order to solve this level: 2 4 3 4 1 3 4 1 3 4
Pink Level 14 (Detailed Hints)There are arrows in different directions, Swipe on the lines in the direction of the arrow to move all the White arrows.
Pink Level 15 (Detailed Hints)Swipe and find a path that visits each side only once, you cannot cross the same path twice. See image below to find the path.
Pink Level 16 (Detailed Hints)4 buttons move the black square in 4 directions. You have to cross area without crossing the path, See the image below:
Pink Level 17 (Detailed Hints)Tap and Hold on '1' to fill 1, When 1 is completely filled Tap '7' multiple times to fill the 7, remember you can only Fill 7 when top block of 1 is filled. So be quick and tap 7 multiple times when top bar of 1 is filled.
Pink Level 18 (Detailed Hints)Swipe to move and eat all the white squares. You can eat some some squares easily but to eat all other square you have to go to the secret passage and them move in all direction and eat all the squares. see image/video below:
Pink Level 19 (Detailed Hints)This time you have 2 bars, But you can drag down, You can then cover white circle.
Pink Level 20 (Detailed Hints)Tap and hold your finger on a bar for few second without lifting your finger until all bars are pink
Pink Level 21 (Detailed Hints)You need to exit the ball by moving blocks. You will need video help to solve this if you can't . I have uploaded a easy guide on youtube. See below.
Pink Level 22 (Detailed Hints)you need to move blocks in this level too. and put 2 on 2 to pass this level. See video guide to pass the level.
Pink Level 23 (Detailed Hints)You need to tap Left or right button to move the birds. If bird's head if pointing left then tap left button, then check next bird and tap the button. or tap buttons in this order to solve this level: RLRRLRLLLLRR
Pink Level 24 (Detailed Hints)Easy! you have to align the bars. 1 bars in one line, 2 bars in second line , and 3 bars in 3rd line. The arrow will show in Which direction lines will shift.
Pink Level 25 (Detailed Hints)Tricky level, But you will solve this easily. see video or image below:
Pink Level 26 (Detailed Hints)Try to swipe your finger on whole screen to eat all the white dots.
Pink Level 27 (Detailed Hints)Find a path to visit every point. See image and move in following path.
Pink Level 28 (Detailed Hints)You can slide the bars. You have to make PINK by sliding bars. You can try Hit and trial. see image below:
Pink Level 29 (Detailed Hints)Click in the increasing order of number of white parts. see image below:
Pink Level 30 (Detailed Hints)Hang the bird as you did in level 8, and wait for it to come down a little bit. Then click the legs of the bird multiple times to move it down (Do not click on the body of the bird)
Pink Level 31 (Detailed Hints)Slide the bars to turn on all the bars pink.
Pink Level 32 (Detailed Hints)First, cover I and N then cover K and P
Pink Level 33 (Detailed Hints)Same as 11 and 22 but quite hard, See image below to find all the steps involved.
Pink Level 34 (Detailed Hints)Find a path to visit every point, see image below to know the path.
Pink Level 35 (Detailed Hints)Find a path to cover all the points without repeating the path. see image hint below:
Pink Level 36 (Detailed Hints)Swipe to move and eat all the white squares. You can eat some some squares easily but to eat all other square you have to go to the secret passage and them move in all direction and eat all the squares. see image/video below:
Pink Level 37 (Detailed Hints)Spin the lollipop clockwise, It will zoom slowly. Keep spinning until you get whole screen pink.
Pink Level 38 (Detailed Hints)You can move the blocks in the direction of arrows. You have to remove 2 white blocks out of the screen. See below video:
Pink Level 39 (Detailed Hints)Move two parts to cover the white parts, You just have to protect it from 3 and 9 borders, So you have to carefully position through the gap of 9.
Pink Level 40 (Detailed Hints)Find the identical pairs and tap them. to remove all the balls.
Pink Level 41 (Detailed Hints)Use middle button to select the Bird. The bird will be selected in the order of their height (From high to low) So plan accordingly. then use left and right button to glow the left and right bars. Now time for Noob's hints, Let us name buttons 1 2 3 from left to right. Now press the buttons in this order to solve the level:1 3 2 3 2 1 3 2 3
Pink Level 42 (Detailed Hints)Can you make numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6 by adding 1 2 and 3 and then press lower button to light a bar. 1=1, 2=2, 3=1+2(tap 1&2 then lower button), 4=4, 5=4+1, 6=4+2
Pink Level 43 (Detailed Hints)Tip:Try to position the letters in this order: I K N P after you place I and K use I to place N in place. see the video below:
Pink Level 44 (Detailed Hints)See image steps below to see the walkthrough. You can watch the video as well.
Pink Level 45 (Detailed Hints)Before pressing the buttons know the orientation of the bird from left to right. it is Left Left Right Left Right Left Right Right, now start pressing the L and R buttons without confusing with the orientation. So press L L R L R L R R button in this order to solve this level.The
Pink Level 46 (Detailed Hints)Find the secret passage and collect all the white squares. Try to enter and exit through top left and Bottom right corner to go to different Paths. See Video hint if it is hard for you.
Pink Level 47 (Detailed Hints)Click any two blocks to swap them and then try to make a continuous path as shown in below image:
Pink Level 48 (Detailed Hints)There are 6 buttons to control legs of 6 birds. Now you have to write PINK using their Legs. See image below and press buttons accordingly:
Pink Level 49 (Detailed Hints)Hardest puzzle of the game! Where is 1 white part? where is 2 white parts? these in game hints must be confusing. Let us first Number the circles as 1 2 3 4 5 6 as shown in below image. Now pick 1 white part circle and imagine it in the middle. Where does the 1 white part points? to the 2nd Circle. click the 2nd circle. now take next 2 white part circle and imagine it in the centre and see which circles it is pointing. This time it's 3 and 6. so click on them. Now going to next 3 white part circle. It is pointing towards 6 3 and 4 so click those circles. And So On...
Pink Level 50 (Detailed Hints)The lid of the jar is closed, You have to open it by swiping left to right many times on the lid. Now You have to make PINK or P in K, so change the label by swiping on the level number 50, to get K then put P in K to make PinK.

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