Orange Level 26 Solution Answer [Step By Step+Video]

Orange Game Level 26 Solution Walkthrough

Orange Level 26 Solution

Orange Game Level 26 solution and Step by step walkthrough Guide with detailed Video and image hints if necessary are provided on this page; This game is developed by Bart Bonte and is available on Google play Store.

Can You turn the screen orange across all 50 levels? Each level has its own unique set of rules and challenges. Welcome to the latest installment of Bart’s color-based puzzle series! After completing the challenges of ‘yellow,’ ‘red,’ ‘black,’ ‘blue,’ ‘green,’ and ‘pink,’ it’s time to take on 50 new brain teasers! Visit To support our hard work when you search for any level of this game.

Orange Level 26 Hints

Use the 4 circles as buttons to slide through all four paths in 4 directions. The upper circle is used to move in the upper direction. Similarly, Left, right, and Down buttons are used.

  • See the Video walkthrough guide:

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