Math Puzzles Game Level 69 Answer with Solution

Math Puzzles Puzzle 69 Answer Android

Math puzzle game level 69 solution with detailed hints and explanation, Scroll below to find out.

Math puzzles increase your logical thinking. The objective of the game is to find patterns hidden in the puzzle in order to arrive at the solution. Challenge yourself with different levels of math puzzles and stretch the limits of your intelligence.


Math Puzzles Puzzle 69:

8 6 3=482466

5 4 5=202514

7 2 5=143574

8 2 5=?

Answer: 164045


First two digits are= A*B

Next two digits are= A*C

Last two digits are= Reverse of [(B+C)*A]-B

Now coming to answer,

first two digits are: 8*2=16

next two digits are= 8*5=40

Last two digits are reverse of [(2+5)*8-2]= reverse of 54=45

If there is any Doubt or you are unable to understand the solution, then please let me know in comments, I will surely help you.

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  • April 6, 2020 at 09:39

    Explain me better how do you get the 45 I need answer ASAP


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