Love Balls Level 185 Walkthrough [3 Stars] Android/iOS

Love Balls Level 185 Solution

Easy and detailed step by step Love balls Level nivel 185 solution (3 stars) and video walkthrough for Android and iPhones.

This game is developed by SuperTapx and available for Android and iOS devices. You can download this game for android devices here and for iOS devices here. In this game, you have to make two love balls collide with each other but it is not that easy because lines drawn for each level is limited for getting 3 stars. There are plenty of levels and game gets harder and tricky after some levels. But I am here to help you, Below you will find the 3-star solution.

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Love Balls Level 185:

Line 1,2 & 3: Draw lines as shown in next image, first draw lines 1 & 2 then draw 3rd line to push the red ball.

Line 4 & 5: Draw a 4th line as shown and then push the blue ball to solve the level.

If you are unable to understand image hint, Here is the video for this level:

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If you have any doubts and problem regarding solution you can comment, I will surely help you. And if you find this useful and solved the level, I would love to read thanks in the comment section.

2 thoughts on “Love Balls Level 185 Walkthrough [3 Stars] Android/iOS

  • December 28, 2018 at 23:14

    Das Spiel kotzt mich einfach nur an! Happy Glas ist dagegen so schön, aber hier bei Love Balls denkt man nur: Wer hat den Programmierern in den Kopf geschissen? Das Spiel reagiert garnicht und die kleinen die man zeichnet werden nicht angegeben! Dumm!


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