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Jeopardy! Words game Cheats Answers (1-500):

Jeopardy Words Level 1 Answers
Her little lamb followed her to school one dayMARY
An easy target is a sitting one of these animalsDUCK
The sweet kind of this is canned or eaten on the cobCORN
Jeopardy Words Level 2 Answers
It’s a synonym for a testEXAM
In Germany this beverage is made of malt hops yeast & water & nothing elseBEER
Among nobility it’s the rank just under princeDUKE
Jeopardy Words Level 3 Answers
Gourmet cooks often dredge these frog parts in seasoned flour before cooking themLEGS
A bride & groom tie it (4 letters)KNOT
As cold waters to a thirsty soul so is ____ news from a far countryGOOD
Jeopardy Words Level 4 Answers
It’s a polluted haze found over a citySMOG
Baseball cricket vampireBATS
It means to shed tearsWEEP
Jeopardy Words Level 5 Answers
Major winners in this sport include tiger woods & Annika SorenstamGOLF
Material that makes up an unwanted bunny under your bedDUST
Proverbially if you give a person enough of this he’ll hang himselfROPE
It’s a synonym for water as well as a shade of light greenish-blueAQUA
Jeopardy Words Level 6 Answers
Actually created in Canada the Hawaiian kind of this features ham & pineapplePIZZA
If you didn’t show up for a blind date you have these kind of feetCOLD
It means to polish or shine a floor or shoeBUFF
Jeopardy Words Level 7 Answers
Neat & trim (4 letters)TIDY
Stolichnaya putinka & zyr are russian brands of this spiritVODKA
If you need this you can dial 911 or sometimes hit f1 on your keyboardHELP
Plasticine is a commercially produced substitute for this material used for modelingCLAY
Jeopardy Words Level 8 Answers
A homophone of Santa’s mode of transportation it means to kill violentlySLAY
A normal heart does this about 70 times a minute or more than 100000 times a dayBEAT
Draw back your bow & name this roman love god who’s commonly depicted on valentine cardsCUPID
It’s carbonated water that puts this 4-letter word into the name of a gin lemon juice & powdered sugar drinkFIZZ
Jeopardy Words Level 9 Answers
It’s rain in the form of balls or lumps of clear ice more than 1/5 of an inch in diameterHAIL
The i.a.u. decided that features on this planet should be named after women onlyVENUS
From the greek word for deep sleep it’s a deep prolonged unconsciousnessCOMA
Cutting back on this food flavoring & preservative can help prevent hypertensionSALT
Like Adolfo Luis Estevez was born in this island country better known for cigars than fashionCUBA
Jeopardy Words Level 10 Answers
Ace Frehley Paul Stanley peter criss & gene simmons make up this groupKISS
It’s the familiar acronym by which soccer’s international governing body is knownFIFA
A lao-tzu line is traditionally quoted as a journey of 1000 miles must begin with a single thisSTEP
It can refer to an inn a rustic cottage or a beaver’s homeLODGE
Jeopardy Words Level 11 Answers
1989: born on the fourth of ____JULY
Raven or jetBLACK
It’s a synonym for entrails: you can spill your own or hate someone else’sGUTS
The staple food in the north of Thailand is the sticky or glutinous type of thisRICE
During a match of this ancient game you might move your rook to queen’s bishop 3CHESS
Jeopardy Words Level 12 Answers
Usually in this job the person with the tallest white pleated hat rules the kitchenCHEF
I have both the black & white types of this in a mill so I’ll just grind it over your food until you start sneezingPEPPER
Also meaning to die a frog does this by closing off its nostrils & mouth & squeezing its lungsCROAK
This popular detective game features miss scarletCLUE
Some of the recommended whole types of this food product are quinoa millet sorghum & barleyGRAIN
Jeopardy Words Level 13 Answers
Jeans & overalls can be made from this fabric whose name comes from a city in the south of FranceDENIM
In addition to its original sandwich cookie this brand has offered varieties like double stuf fudge covered & miniOREO
Something that’s unpleasant but must be accepted is a bitter this to swallowPILL
They’re the windows of the soulEYES
Jeopardy Words Level 14 Answers
In 1984 Ella Fitzgerald was inducted into the hall of fame that honors this genre of musicJAZZ
Of the 3 birthstones for june it’s the one most likely found inside an oysterPEARL
Get a second one & you’ll have more energy to runWIND
When edward hargraves found this at bathurst in 1851 the whole continent felt a rushGOLD
Jeopardy Words Level 15 Answers
Better to die with honor than to live with…SHAME
Kids can get all wrapped up in aliki’s book about mummies made in this countryEGYPT
Also a boys’ name it means to closely guard someone on the other teamMARK
Musician David Crosby had a bit role as a pirate in this 1991 version of peter panHOOK
Jeopardy Words Level 16 Answers
To fire; if you speak without thinking you do it from the hipSHOOT
It’s secreted by the liver stored in the gallbladder & released into the duodenum after eatingBILE
Kellogg’s placed this fruit before the word jacks on one of its cerealsAPPLE
Resembling table tennis the first successful electronic video game was known by this namePONG
The lord’s prayer begins by addressing god who art in this placeHEAVEN
Jeopardy Words Level 17 Answers
This fruity word can precede bomb or pickerCHERRY
Keanu Reeves was the daredevil hero of this 1994 thriller about a bus rigged to explodeSPEED
This is a roll of cloth or a flash of lightningBOLT
It’s 1 size larger than extra largeJUMBO
This best-known Greek cheese is cured in whey or brineFETA
Jeopardy Words Level 18 Answers
Domesticated varieties of this old world finch are usually bright or pale yellowCANARY
Books about the search for this elusive spectacled striped character became kids’ favoritesWALDO
A very thin pasta Capelli D’Angelo means angel thisHAIR
A hidden provision in a deal or an attractive marital partnerCATCH
It precedes tough loose & gliderHANG
French for false it’s the type of fur that many people wear that’s saved the life of many a minkFAUX
Jeopardy Words Level 19 Answers
This tall hollow grass is used to make everything from window shades to water pipesBAMBOO
You can do this to a painting or to an innocent person if you want to incriminate himFRAME
The blue in blue cheese is veins of thisMOLD
Hummus a paste of mashed chickpeas is often served with this middle eastern pocket breadPITA
It’s estimated that bees must visit over 2 million flowers to produce a pound of thisHONEY
Musically when a sound is below the correct pitch it’s thisFLAT
Jeopardy Words Level 20 Answers
From the latin for anklebone it’s the claw of an animal especially a bird of preyTALON
Though practiced elsewhere in the caribbean it’s recognized as an official religion in haitiVOODOO
Determination or minute rough granules of sandGRIT
It’s what the homecoming queen rides on or an ice cream drinkFLOAT
The musical into the woods is based on several fairy tales including the one about this boy & the beanstalkJACK
Jeopardy Words Level 21 Answers
Each person elected to this highest catholic office gets a new ring designed just for himPOPE
A cod or to catch a codFISH
It’s now defined as silent performance but originally it included dialogueMIME
According to major league rules the ump starts the game with this single word without ballPLAY
The giant mutant ants in this 1954 film make it easy to overlook nimoy’s tiny role at the teletypeTHEM
In 1911 the british in this country were embarrassed when an elephant on a new coin looked like a pigINDIA
Jeopardy Words Level 22 Answers
In a linkin park song i’ve become so this i can’t feel you thereNUMB
Hummus a paste of mashed chickpeas is often served with this middle eastern pocket breadPITA
Cruel to be ____ of a dragKIND
It’s a person who seats you in a theater or the judge on the voice who signed justin bieber to his first record contractUSHER
The second person with whom the groom does this at the reception is often his motherDANCE
Uranium is the heaviest natural element; this is the lightestHYDROGEN
Jeopardy Words Level 23 Answers
While a lack of this mineral can cause anemia too much of it can damage the liver & other tissuesIRON
Spanish for weight it came to be the monetary unit of mexicoPESO
It’s the first name of oscar-winning actress larson or a type of cheeseBRIE
In 1915 corning introduced heat-resistant borosilicate ovenware under this trade namePYREX
A fumeuse is an 18th century chair made specially for people who did thisSMOKE
From the latin for sausage it’s a dangerous type of food poisoningBOTULISM
Jeopardy Words Level 24 Answers
An invoice a visor on a cap a beakBILL
A bag or to fireSACK
One hour’s this before midnight is worth two afterSLEEP
Brotherly british band known for the album (what’s the story) morning glory?OASIS
Artists depict this supreme Hreek god wearing olive or oak leaves on his headZEUS
Jeopardy Words Level 25 Answers
If you have pluviophobia the fear of this weather condition we probably won’t find you singin’ in itRAIN
Included among the sunfish are the largemouth & smallmouth species of thisBASS
To protect yourself from losing you may do this to a betHEDGE
The Creta in cretaceous comes from the latin for this substance picked up by some blackboard erasersCHALK
In 1982 the soviet government celebrated the 1500th anniversary of this Ukrainian cityKIEV
Jeopardy Words Level 26 Answers
You’re consuming more than i can sustain if you’re eating me out of house and thisHOME
Common name of anethum graveolens a plant in the parsley family used in a popular pickleDILL
You might as well face it: in 1986 Robert Palmer was addicted to thisLOVE
Saturn’s largest moon is named thisTITAN
Bogart pulled no punches: the harder they ____FALL
Homer described this wife of zeus as ox-eyed which was supposed to be a complimentHERA
Jeopardy Words Level 27 Answers
A pas de deux is a dance for 2 performers; a pas de cinq requires this numberFIVE
Directional term for the short fluffy feathers on newly hatched chicksDOWN
To figure out what tete means use your tete which means thisHEAD
In little women this shy timid sister is nicknamed little tranquillityBETH
The mau cat breed is from this country where it was revered by the pharaohsEGYPT
Jeopardy Words Level 28 Answers
All night ____ tall sallyLONG
In gastronomy it’s the flesh of any wild animal or birdGAME
17th century astronomers were the first to refer to the large dark areas on the moon as theseSEAS
In an old scandinavian tale it’s the name shared by 3 ruminants threatened by a trollGRUFF
Eid al-fitr laylat al-qadrISLAM
Jeopardy Words Level 29 Answers
Pick up a gt from this car company for over 6 figures or maybe start out with a focus for under $20000FORD
In a book by madeleine l’engle meg charles & calvin travel across a wrinkle in thisTIME
Usually in this job the person with the tallest white pleated hat rules the kitchenCHEF
It’s an old-school inhalant to give you a nicotine rushSNUFF
You may be right goes a 1980 billy joel hit i may be thisCRAZY
Types of these include the northumbrian small pipe & scottish highlandBAGPIPES
Jeopardy Words Level 30 Answers
Clock sound or bloodsucking arachnid (4 letters)TICK
You can do this through the ranks to the bait or to the occasionRISE
Material that makes up an unwanted bunny under your bedDUST
Founded in 1892 this fashion magazine has a September issue that is such a big deal they made a movie about itVOGUE
Game whose name may be derived from the nickname of a 19th century gambler johnny crapaudCRAPS
They can be the ankle-high boots worn for riding or the flaring breeches worn with themJODHPURS
Jeopardy Words Level 31 Answers
The song god bless the USA says I’m proud to be an American where at least i know i’m thisFREE
Also a boys’ name it means to closely guard someone on the other teamMARK
From the Greek word for deep sleep it’s a deep prolonged unconsciousnessCOMA
Isra Wa Al-Miraj commemorates Muhammad’s night journey from this city to Jerusalem & his ascent into heavenMECCA
Typhon who had a hundred heads was the father of this multi-headed serpentHYDRA
The 3 pyramids at giza are aligned almost exactly with the 3 main stars in this hunter’s beltORION
Jeopardy Words Level 32 Answers
A pregnant woman may be more susceptible to gingivitis because hormones soften theseGUMS
This is a roll of cloth or a flash of lightningBOLT
Type of tennis court that has to be mownLAWN
Though they may still say hit the silk the golden knights use this synthetic fabric created by dupont in the ’30sNYLON
This animal term for a football official is derived from the patterned shirt that he wearsZEBRA
This british singer titled her first 3 albums after the turning-point ages when she began recording them: 19 21 & 25ADELE
Jeopardy Words Level 33 Answers
The highest point of a mountain goes by this 4-letter termAPEX
A baby belch (4)BURP
The name of this lowliest of chess pieces comes from the latin for foot soldierPAWN
In filming the hitchcock classic these title creatures were thrown at tippi hedren for an entire weekBIRDS
The redeye type of this is made from the drippings of fried hamGRAVY
The roman catholic church still considers this to be its official languageLATIN
Jeopardy Words Level 34 Answers
Honshu volcano (4)FUJI
It can mean to veer or to go sour as applied to milkTURN
It precedes tough loose & gliderHANG
Gastric ____ boxJUICE
The elegant st. gregory is the setting for this 1965 arthur hailey best-sellerHOTEL
If i could turn back time i believe i would attend her 1991 extravaganza at the mirageCHER
Jeopardy Words Level 35 Answers
This hot programming language for the web was created by sun microsystemsJAVA
If your wits don’t dessert you this clue will be as easy as pie or a piece of thisCAKE
The hermit type of this animal can twist its abdomen to one side so it tucks neatly into its homeCRAB
This gift for the 35th anniversary is the horny skeleton of marine invertebratesCORAL
Rita morenoBOTH
On a visit to the meadow he met his deer cousins gobo & falineBAMBI
Jeopardy Words Level 36 Answers
Greeks eat more of this meat than any otherLAMB
Gregory from to kill a mockingbird or what his chickens might doPECK
Even a worm will do thisTURN
A calorimeter measures the amount of this added to a processHEAT
Kyongbok palace at the foot of mount pugak is located in this south korean capitalSEOUL
Jeopardy Words Level 37 Answers
It’s the kind of meat that’s slopped on a bun to make sloppy joesBEEF
A shot in the…DARK
Sly & crafty like a cartoon coyoteWILY
According to this product’s advertising it rinses cleaner than soapZEST
At this shape table there’s no dispute of placeROUND
Although he’s often called adam’s third son genesis 5:3 implies he was firstSETH
Jeopardy Words Level 38 Answers
Fc Barcelona: futbol ____ barcelonaCLUB
The hour for a military action to startZERO
Some monkeys use this as a fifth limb; it’s prehensile after allTAIL
In karate a hiji is a strike with this body part; nudge nudge wink wink know what i mean?ELBOW
The name of this flower goes back to the turkish for turban from the shape of the opened flowerTULIP
Cosimo de medici’s patronage of Donatello led to the creation of this life-size nude bronze sculpture in the 1430sDAVID
Jeopardy Words Level 39 Answers
If you’re pushing up daisies you’re not arranging flowers you’re thisDEAD
The fat rendered from hogs its name is from the latin for bacon fatLARD
Harry bertoia’s sound sculptures are activated by thisWIND
If you particularly like symmetry & balance you fit the description for having been born under this signLIBRA
Like many countries Albania has this bird as a symbol & its flag shows a 2-headed oneEAGLE
The voodoo of New Orleans owes a debt to this Caribbean nationHAITI
Jeopardy Words Level 40 Answers
It means orderly & clean & is also used to order drinks without ice or water addedNEAT
Mama snakes can’t remind their kids to do this to their food since most snakes’ teeth aren’t made to do itCHEW
This word commonly precedes hall house & crierTOWN
In Matthew 23 Jesus mentions mint and anise & this spice an ingredient in chili & curry powderCUMIN
This gaseous element a serious health concern is the heaviest of the noble gasesRADON
It’s the 1996 movie in which Madonna sang don’t cry for me ArgentinaEVITA
Jeopardy Words Level 41 Answers
A zester cuts threads of this from an orange lemon or limeRIND
Made originally in the 1700s valenciennes is a bobbin or pillow type of this delicate openwork fabricLACE
As a word it’s the color green; as an abbreviation it’s the opposite of hor.VERT
This adjective that means impudent or just plain rude is an alteration of saucySASSY
In vitiligo a common disorder patches of skin lose thisCOLOR
When the second temple was destroyed in 70 a.d. its menorah was carried off to this cityROME
Jeopardy Words Level 42 Answers
Bert lahr’s son wrote a book about him called notes on a cowardly one of theseLION
This camping item may be a pupTENT
A champagne julep calls for 2 or more sprigs of this in the drink & several more for decorationMINT
Roy rogers sang hoppy gene and me we taught you how to do this straightSHOOT
Working at an auto plant david smith learned the techniques he used sculpting this stainless metalSTEEL
In 2015 sultan qaboos bin said celebrated his 45th year as the absolute monarch of this country bordering yemen on the arabian seaOMAN
Jeopardy Words Level 43 Answers
From the latin render to yield it’s something you have to yield up to your landlordRENT
Zest or the sound of the strings of judy garland’s heartZING
A bride & groom tie it (4 letters)KNOT
Charles schulz’ problems flying these gave him the idea for a tree that eats themKITES
Resembling a tiny nail this spice bud is used to flavor fruit & meat dishesCLOVE
This capital’s elegant corniche highway runs along the eastern bank of the NileCAIRO
Jeopardy Words Level 44 Answers
Kung fu uses colored sashes rather than belts to indicate thisRANK
If you need this you can dial 911 or sometimes hit f1 on your keyboardHELP
In 1984 Ella Fitzgerald was inducted into the hall of fame that honors this genre of musicJAZZ
After meeting a girl with this name tony is killed by a shark; that’s the west side story of loveMARIA
Last name of to kill a mockingbird’s narrator it’s another birdFINCH
Look closely at velazquez’s the maids of honor to see the king & queen of this country in a mirrorSPAIN
Jeopardy Words Level 45 Answers
Like spiders caterpillars have spinning glands which produce this fiberSILK
Hey good buddy it’s ground-up bits of bait discarded into the water to attract game fishCHUM
The temptations topped the charts in 1972 when they sang that he was a rollin’ stonePAPA
In english it means truthful; in german it’s frenchmanFRANK
Hestia was the greek counterpart of this roman goddess of the hearthVESTA
Among this chief god’s names were bileygr meaning shifty-eyed & alfadur or all-fatherODIN
Jeopardy Words Level 46 Answers
Vitamin k helps your blood do this when you’re cutCLOT
When class ends remember to do reverence 1 or a series of these to your teacherBOWS
Unlike most other diving birds the grebe has lobed ones not webbed onesFEET
Febricide isn’t the killing of February; it’s the killing of this common flu symptom…perhaps by starving itFEVER
This tall hollow grass is used to make everything from window shades to water pipesBAMBOO
This prophet’s accomplishments include being vomited out of a great fishJONAH
Jeopardy Words Level 47 Answers
Sweet potatoes come from the americas & these often confused with them are native to both hemispheresYAMS
Hugo’s last name or an office’s head honchoBOSS
Cavities form when bacteria break down sugars forming this substance that dissolves enamelACID
In 2014 argentina lost to germany in the world cup finals of this sportSOCCER
While working for a carriage company harvey firestone became interested in tires made of thisRUBBER
When david beckham returned to the galaxy after being loaned to a team in this Italian city the fans said go home fraudMILAN
Jeopardy Words Level 48 Answers
Three kinds are spanish hong kong & swineFLUS
Louis xiv owned 413 of these; we don’t know how many had canopiesBEDS
A secretion from the gland of a male deer it’s used in making perfumeMUSK
Often caused by a lack of iron or certain b vitamins it’s the most common disorder of the red blood cellsANEMIA
Beaten egg whites lighten this sweet dessert often chocolate whose name is French for foamMOUSSE
By 1994 this company’s chips were the brains for about 85% of all desktop computersINTEL
Jeopardy Words Level 49 Answers
Sharp intense & shiny can all mean the opposite of this wordDULL
This Japanese drink is produced from steamed rice called kojiSAKE
To walk in shallow waterWADE
The most prized jersey worn by the overall leader is the maillot jaune which is this colorYELLOW
Italian for quick it can precede change-o in a magician’s vocabularyPRESTO
This province & its capital have the same nameQUEBEC
Jeopardy Words Level 50 Answers
Start your engines: rupaul’s ____ raceDRAG
Mr. Nolte or what he shouldn’t do when he shavesNICK
The ancient egyptians used them to hunt fish & birds though they were sacredCATS
Byron wrote that this season in england ends in july to recommence in augustWINTER
It’s the season that precedes awakening in the title of a rockin’ broadway musical about teensSPRING
The Khoisan languages of this continent are noted for their clicking soundsAFRICA
Jeopardy Words Level 51 Answers
Cranberry growers bring in millions of these insects to pollinate the flowersBEES
The last one of these makes the cup run overDROP
It can be part of your foot your shoe your stocking or your loaf of breadHEEL
Wearing this ornamental trim that consists of loose strands sewn to a band might earn you some benefitsFRINGE
Spoon dollar buffaloBILL
The name of this country the second largest in area derives from a huron-iroquois word meaning villageCANADA
Jeopardy Words Level 52 Answers
In names of types of attendants it precedes boy & hopBELL
Developed during the 1960s the scottish fold is named for these folded featuresEARS
Linguists have debunked the common belief that eskimos have dozens of words for this substanceSNOW
In 1935 kreuger’s cream ale was the first beer sold in theseCANS
In chinese cooking a hearty pork soup is called hot & thisSOUR
Lauren bacall len cariou penny fuller lee roy reams…APPLAUSE
Jeopardy Words Level 53 Answers
Osteoporosis is a disease where this connective tissue that forms the body’s supporting framework becomes porousBONE
A powerbar contains the oat type of this a 1980s cholesterol-fighting crazeBRAN
The tongue’s taste buds distinguish 4 basic tastes: salty bitter sweet & this oneSOUR
It’s the nickname of alabama coach paul bryant who won 15 bowl gamesBEAR
This adjective is used to describe cider that has been fermented making it alcoholicHARD
This mountain city whose name means bear still has a bear pitBERN
Jeopardy Words Level 54 Answers
Curling matches are divided into 10 innings which are more often known as this terminal termENDS
In isaiah 65: i am holier than ___THOU
In bulgaria the week before this 40-day period came to be called cheese week; during it you finish all your cheeseLENT
An italian with a fondness for il vino le donne e le canzone likes wine women & thisSONG
When i was younger so much younger than today i never needed anybody’s this in any wayHELP
This egyptian goddess horus’ mother was so popular that her cult spread to europeISIS
Jeopardy Words Level 55 Answers
On shipboard it’s opposite starboardPORT
According to edison there’s no substitute for hard thisWORK
Proverbially it’s what the mice do when the cat’s awayPLAY
If you have stygiophobia derived from the river styx you have a fear of this so act right!HELL
Michael crichton directed & wrote the screenplay for this medical thriller based on a robin cook novelCOMA
Legend says this emperor torched rome because he had a burning desire for a bigger palaceNERO
Jeopardy Words Level 56 Answers
Dial & zest are 4-letter brands of thisSOAP
This sitcom was set in the garage of the sunshine cab company in new york cityTAXI
I’m not sticking mine out to tell you the fingerboard covers this part of the guitarNECK
A curling tournament called a bonspiel consists in olympic competition of 10 of these similar to an inning in baseballENDS
8 crayola crayon colors were retired in 1990 including this grain you might serve for dinnerMAIZE
This company’s co-founder akio morita was once in an American express do you know me? adSONY
Jeopardy Words Level 57 Answers
The macrocystis genus of this seaweed can grow fronds up to 200 feet longKELP
Sharks were the first vertebrates with a fully functioning set of these also the title of a novel that features them in actionJAWS
The burden’s on you to come up with this latin term for burdenONUS
Matthew was a publican meaning he collected theseTAXES
The name daniel is from the hebrew for god is my this; deborah was one & so is TV’s judyJUDGE
Polo may have first been played around 2500 years ago in persia the old name for this countryIRAN
Jeopardy Words Level 58 Answers
Funnel sheet orb & scaffold are some of the types of these that spiders build to capture preyWEBS
4-letter adjective for the flavor produced by being aged in the most commonly used woodOAKY
I have maps showing me where to buy this canned meatSPAM
On the periodic table xe marks the spot for this elementXENON
For use as houseplants popular types of these include the bird’s-nest rabbit’s-foot & BostonFERNS
Jacob & this other twin son of rebekah even struggled against each other in their mother’s wombESAU
Jeopardy Words Level 59 Answers
Ecologically minded golfers can get these golf ball supports that are biodegradableTEES
This term for the outer covering on an ear of corn is from middle dutch for little houseHUSK
Stanley dixie suctionCUPS
1979: in space no one can hear you screamALIEN
2015: the hateful…EIGHT
With the lowest density of any planet it could float on water even withoux its life ringSATURN
Jeopardy Words Level 60 Answers
Some of these nocturnal birds have tufts of feathers on their heads called ears or hornsOWLS
Yu di an emperor named for this green semiprecious stone is the supreme deity of taoismJADE
The chicken of the sea website suggests making enchiladas with the albacore type of thisTUNA
Bates motel a 1987 tv movie was based on this 1960 Alfred Hitchcock classicPSYCHO
Some prefer melted cheese for this classic dipping dish; others prefer melted chocolateFONDUE
A gateau basque originating in this country is a simple flaky cake traditionally filled with a black cherry jamFRANCE
Jeopardy Words Level 61 Answers
A double bass is also known as this type of fiddle so don’t wave anything red in front of itBULL
Poetically e’er is ever & e’en is thisEVEN
It’s the name native tibetans have given to the abominable snowmanYETI
While these body parts should be off the table when eating it’s okay when leaning over to talk to someoneELBOWS
It’s a commemorative tablet or a thin film of bacteria-laden mucus on a toothPLAQUE
Moses isegawa’s 2000 novel abyssinian chronicles is set partly in kampala in this his native countryUGANDA
Jeopardy Words Level 62 Answers
In dithering shades of this are created by using different densities of black & white dotsGRAY
A wild swineBOAR
For most of the 20th century tennis racquets were made of this substanceWOOD
It’s the shape of the organ of corti in your ear & of some staircasesSPIRAL
Upright player baby grandPIANOS
The shining pathPERU
Jeopardy Words Level 63 Answers
It’s the word completing the title of the 1900 Mary Johnston novel to have and to…HOLD
This 6-letter word from the latin for white describes animals born with a severe pigment deficiencyALBINO
When Ron Ely played this role in the 1960s cheetah was his best friend and jane wasn’t around at allTARZAN
Katherine ____ porterANNE
Jeopardy Words Level 64 Answers
It comes before bag & counter & follows jellyBEAN
Hue or dyeTINT
In his play love for love William Congreve wrote o fie miss you must not kiss and do thisTELL
Nepeta Cataria is an herb better known to felines as thisCATNIP
Because sound travels 2.7 times faster in this gas than in air inhaling it makes your voice higherHELIUM
Verdi was paid 150000 francs to compose this opera for the khedive of egyptAIDA
Jeopardy Words Level 65 Answers
Jules perrot’s ballet pas de quatre requires this many ballerinasFOUR
Erosion of granite or granite-type rocks is the source of the quartz type of thisSAND
An operatic prima donna it comes from the latin for goddessDIVA
This sport was covered in the film slap shotHOCKEY
Shortly after birth arthur was given to this wizard for safekeepingMERLIN
Shyakpa is a meat & potato stew favored by the sherpas of this countryNEPAL
Jeopardy Words Level 66 Answers
This joint is formed by the articulation of the femur & the tibiaKNEE
Tibetans flavor their tea with butter made from the milk of these hairy oxenYAKS
Loyal fans do it for a team at the bottom of the standings; we all find it at the bottom of a plantROOT
This bulb used in cooking rarely produces seeds; most people break it into cloves & plant themGARLIC
This Italian type of ice cream is denser & firmer than the American typeGELATO
Forces of this Italian city-state destroyed many of the structures on the acropolis during a 1687 artillery barrageVENICE
Jeopardy Words Level 67 Answers
She’s a ____ marmaladeLADY
To raise a number to the third power or a common form for ice & sugarCUBE
In the 1930s due to crop damage western Australia’s government encouraged killing these large flightless birdsEMUS
It’s the type of fish that is smoked to make the bagel accompaniment loxSALMON
The corns of this spice are red when picked & turn black when driedPEPPER
Aegean airlinesGREECE
Jeopardy Words Level 68 Answers
Harry caray: this cow & bill king: this toledoHOLY
It’s the sequence of events in a story sometimes there’s a sub one tooPLOT
A long story chronicling the history of a family like the forsytesSAGA
Fontainebleau a soft cow’s-milk type of this dairy product is often served with sugar for dessertCHEESE
1936 summer games (Jesse Owens’ success was a blow to Hitler)BERLIN
In 2001 this African country adopted a new tri-color flag to promote unity after a devastating 1994 genocideRWANDA
Jeopardy Words Level 69 Answers
The name of this type of poker is a verb that can mean to take or be dealt a cardDRAW
To draw to a close or to decrease like the visible side of the moon after it’s been fullWANE
It’s a feat or exploit usually praiseworthyDEED
The secret ingredient in joy of cooking’s mystery cake is this condensed red soupTOMATO
The only time the face of norm’s wife Vera was seen on this sitcom it was covered with pieCHEERS
Patrick newell played steed’s superior who had this code nameMOTHER
Jeopardy Words Level 70 Answers
In Latin this ancient city was known as iliumTROY
Middle school students in Florida save endangered miniature owls in this mystery by Carl HiaasenHOOT
In this game 15 winning numbers out of 15 marked yields $50000 for a $1 betKENO
It’s the foliage term for the additional sections of a tabletop used to extend its surfaceLEAVES
Canasta is played with 2 52-card decks & 4 of these cardsJOKERS
Gary beban 1967UCLA
Jeopardy Words Level 71 Answers
A medical aphorism primum non nocere is translated as first of all do no thisHARM
You could go from career start or college start to countryside acres or millionaire estates in this gameLIFE
For what is a man profited if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own ____SOUL
A salad nicoise may contain the ripe black type of these from niceOLIVES
During the course of a summer one single fern may produce millions of these tiny reproductive bodiesSPORES
This country includes the land once known as mesopotamiaIRAQ
Jeopardy Words Level 72 Answers
It’s the first name of snl vet macdonald or a cheers barflyNORM
Hawaii was the shooting location for this tv show featuring hurley sawyer & the restLOST
This form of arthritis that henry viii had often makes the big toe tenderGOUT
In 1984 his let’s go crazy said we are gathered here today to get through this thing called lifePRINCE
1960 light middleweight gold medalist in this sport skeeter mcclure later became a college professorBOXING
Like the u.s. sweden celebrated its flag day during this monthJUNE
Jeopardy Words Level 73 Answers
Arthur benny george royHILL
Stone flies belong to the order plecoptera which means pleated thisWING
It’s the faintest constellation in the zodiac; those whose sign it is were born between june 21 & july 22CANCER
Joseph aspdin a bricklayer invented the portland variety of this substanceCEMENT
Jurmala is a seaside resort near this capital of republic of latviaRIGA
Jeopardy Words Level 74 Answers
This 1973 song a no. 1 adult contemporary hit was featured on sesame streetSING
Gumbo derives its name from an african word for this vegetable used to thicken itOKRA
Greek gives us this word for a poetic foot of 2 syllables an unstressed followed by a stressedIAMB
Mr. dukeNORM
Butterflies are____FREE
The first word in 1 chronicles is this man first mentioned in genesis 2:19ADAM
Jeopardy Words Level 75 Answers
It’s the first 4-letter noun in the rhyme hey diddle diddleMOON
It should be a sailor’s favorite shade of blue as well as his favorite branch of the serviceNAVY
The object of this sport is to force the opponent to step outside a circle marked on the groundSUMO
This disease is marked by inflammation of the jointsGOUT
Many visitors to this taj mahal city have toured the 16th century fort built by akbarAGRA
Jeopardy Words Level 76 Answers
In 1904 thomas sullivan began the practice of putting tea in small ones of these; his were made of silkBAGS
The body is bent at the hips & the knees are pulled in toward the chest in this positionTUCK
Female moose whales & elephants are known by this bovine termCOWS
Nile rodgers & bernard edwards formed this le freak groupCHIC
The measure of a body’s inertia is technically known as thisMASS
It’s thought that galileo demonstrated his motion studies from a bell tower in this cityPISA
Jeopardy Words Level 77 Answers
A lapidary cuts & polishes theseGEMS
Mulligatawny minestrone & gazpacho are all types of thisSOUP
Strap once completed this word meaning to start a computerBOOT
Of all the colors we know this one has the most skeletal nameBONE
Herb alpert’s career was resurrected in 1979 with this no. 1 songRISE
The website for this university’s library system includes a page called living in new havenYALE
Jeopardy Words Level 78 Answers
Also a style of carpet this hairstyle consists of overlapping layersSHAG
Van halen in 1984 & kris kross in 1992 each had a no. 1 hit with this 1-word titleJUMP
If you’re walking your baby back home in london it won’t be in a stroller but in this 4-letter synonymPRAM
Ichthyosaurs swam by undulating; plesiosaurs mainly by moving theseFINS
Ricotta is often made from this liquid left over from making provolone cheeseWHEY
In philippians this apostle wrote i can do all things through christ which strengtheneth mePAUL
Jeopardy Words Level 79 Answers
A plant that forms a furry carpet on forest floors is known as the club type of this but isn’t a true oneMOSS
Sinatra as a swinger (what a stretch!): come blow your ____HORN
Found in egyptian tombs from 2000 b.c. these are the oldest known gambling implementsDICE
Tennyson: ’tis better to have loved and ____ than never to have loved at allLOST
This 1980 film about a high school for the performing arts inspired 2 tv seriesFAME
In 2016 nba free agency started on the first of this month but teams couldn’t sign players until the 7thJULY
Jeopardy Words Level 80 Answers
This element used to galvanize steel is also used in lozenges to treat a cold–go figure!ZINC
In medieval europe this poultry stuffing herb of the genus salvia was thought to stimulate the mindSAGE
Just as silver rods tarnish iron rods do thisRUST
A performing aquatic mammal or the performing land mammal of prayer for the dyingSEAL
When dana andrews used this term for women in laura he didn’t mean they’d been knightedDAME
The jasper county historical museum in the city of newton in this state installed a maytag washing machine exhibitIOWA
Jeopardy Words Level 81 Answers
In browning’s the pied piper of hamelin out of the houses these came tumbling great small lean brawny…RATS
There are 2 species of the bristlecone type of this tree: great basin & rocky mountainPINE
This term refers to tournaments in which both amateurs & professionals can competeOPEN
To get this fuel partially drain a bog remove the loosened surface then cut out the turfsPEAT
As a verb it means to insert strips of fat into meat; as a noun it’s rendered pork fat itselfLARD
Patricia field teamed up with this company to create barbie-inspired sportswearMATTEL
Jeopardy Words Level 82 Answers
The area of a parallelogram equals b times h short for this & heightBASE
The word geometry means to measure thisLAND
In checkers this piece can move forwards & backwardsKING
Warren beatty portrayed john reed author of ten days that shook the world in this 1981 epicREDS
Sir james dewar reportedly said minds are like parachutes. they only function when they are thisOPEN
Jadwiga queen of this country from 1384 to 1399 was also venerated as a saint therePOLAND
Jeopardy Words Level 83 Answers
He’s the friend matt leblanc plays on friendsJOEY
This term for a christmas carol is also the french word for christmasNOEL
Bad boys appeared on inner circle’s 1987 album one way long before it became the theme to this seriesCOPS
If you have to tell wood it’s been knotty it’s usually this wood used to panel rooms & make furniturePINE
With 12 each pinky higgins & walt dropo share the major-league record for the most consecutive number of theseHITS
The drew carey show: the stateOHIO
Jeopardy Words Level 84 Answers
A baseball drama: bang the ____ slowlyDRUM
The 2 lowest pairs of these are considered floatingRIBS
After after it’s a pleasurable feeling of successGLOW
The declaration of independence was drafted on paper made from this plant grown by washington; it’s now restrictedHEMP
A 1983 bryan adams album has this weapon in the title (it’s also in the title of cut 5)KNIFE
Brothers tim andrew & jon farriss formed half of this aussie sextetINXS
Jeopardy Words Level 85 Answers
Wing brazil betelNUTS
The angora & cashmere varieties of this natural fiber come from goats not sheepWOOL
It’s the term for the feel of the alcohol content of the wine; it may be light or fullBODY
Also called epidemic parotitis this disease causes painful swelling below & in front of the earsMUMPS
Ashes of this elephant p.t. barnum’s most famous are kept in a peter pan peanut butter jar at tufts universityJUMBO
The book of acts begins at the same point that this third gospel endsLUKE
Jeopardy Words Level 86 Answers
The humboldt current keeps the temperatures in this peruvian capital pleasantLIMA
First name of 3 of canada’s first 4 prime ministers; the next one to have it was mr. diefenbakerJOHN
Crow sand candyBARS
The name of this biblical tower means gate of godBABEL
3 types of this party drink are champagne fish house & planter’sPUNCH
In 1902 the egyptian museum moved from this pyramid city to nearby cairoGIZA
Jeopardy Words Level 87 Answers
This second greek letter is used to designate the second brightest starBETA
Doctors in china in the 3rd century b.c. tried to restore the patient’s harmony of yin & thisYANG
Kirk & crew feel the wrath of this title character in the second star trek movieKHAN
The genoise is a rich cake that originated in this italian cityGENOA
Venus drove a flying chariot pulled by these elegant white birdsSWANS
This colette novel about a 16-year-old girl was adapted into a play by anita loosGIGI
Jeopardy Words Level 88 Answers
Rejected by narcissus she faded away until all that was left was a voice a voiceECHO
In mythology she’s the wife of cronus & the mother of zeusRHEA
In 1948 french athlete Micheline Ostermeyer won olympic gold for throwing the discus & for putting thisSHOT
Children touting this toothpaste proclaimed look mom! no cavities!CREST
In titles of tv series this word has preceded heat court & galleryNIGHT
Gu was chosen as the official u.s. postal service abbreviation for this territoryGUAM
Jeopardy Words Level 89 Answers
Einstein’s famous equation e=mc squared showed that energy & this are nearly the same thingMASS
Speeding up sorting since the 1960s zip code gets its name from this improvement planZONE
In the u.s. it’s the number of zeros in a billionNINE
Out of pumpkin? Tyler Florence says you can substitute the butternut type of this in his pumpkin soupSQUASH
A july 7 festival honoring this supreme roman goddess featured a sham fight by maidservantsJUNO
Jeopardy Words Level 90 Answers
The 4 little women are meg jo amy & this oneBETH
Basic types of life insurance are whole life endowment & thisTERM
It’s pretty apparent this is the beneficiary of a willHEIR
Anna asks her sister do you want to build a snowman? in a song from this filmFROZEN
If you listen to your heart using a stethoscope you’ll hear the sound of these flaps opening & closingVALVES
In norse myth this god known for his trickery is the father of hel goddess of the underworldLOKI
Jeopardy Words Level 91 Answers
From the old french alier meaning to bind it’s a country that binds with another for a common purposeALLY
A fruit’s seeds become these in britain as if an orange had many philip pirripsPIPS
It’s a synonym for slap or a turned-up fold on a trouser legCUFF
Spice things up with this snack–tortilla chips covered with melted cheese & dare i say jalapenos!NACHOS
Bracelets shaped like these reptiles have coiled around arms since ancient timesSNAKES
After a fire destroyed this scandinavian capital in 1624 it was rebuilt & renamed christianiaOSLO
Jeopardy Words Level 92 Answers
Hold a lump of gallium in your hand & it will do this so you can assume m&m’s aren’t coated with itMELT
A droning or vibrating sound or an excited interest in a trend in society; also a type of sawBUZZ
College basketball’s dick vitale: dipsy-do this arooDUNK
The name of this fin on a shark’s back comes from the latin for backDORSAL
For a healthy breakfast add some granola to this fermented dairy product made by dannon & knudsenYOGURT
The huns tried to extend west into the area then called this & frankly were beaten there in 451GAUL
Jeopardy Words Level 93 Answers
Kelly services dropped this 4-letter word from its name in 1966GIRL
Chocolate garlic & onions are 3 of the main ingredients in this spicy mexican sauceMOLE
Andre previn teamed up with Alan Jay Lerner to write the songs for this musical about chanelCOCO
Brass & bronze have this element in commonCOPPER
If you wake up & smell this it could be kahlua or pashaCOFFEE
In 1943 jose ferrer was acclaimed for his performance in this role opposite paul robeson’s othelloIAGO
Jeopardy Words Level 94 Answers
Christine cavanaugh the voice of this pig carried a jeweled handbag shaped like a pig to the oscarsBABE
C4n is this italian greeting for nowCIAO
Iveco trucks has close ties to this italian auto giantFIAT
This delicacy is much less expensive when lumpfish eggs are used instead of sturgeon eggsCAVIAR
After feldspar it’s the most abundant mineral in the earth’s crustQUARTZ
After an anti- roman uprising in 40 b.c. this despot fled to rome where the senate elected him king of judeaHEROD
Jeopardy Words Level 95 Answers
The pudu of south America is the smallest of these antlered animalsDEER
There’s no beating around this archaic term for a wine shop or tavernBUSH
For a cuba libre you could overthrow castro or serve rum with this soft drinkCOKE
Organic chemistry is devoted to compounds that contain this element which forms diamondsCARBON
The tiny dustlike grains that carry the male genes in flowering plants are known as thisPOLLEN
This state chose march 26 as the day to honor prince jonah kuhio kalanianaoleHAWAII
Jeopardy Words Level 96 Answers
Pressure converts this fuel into graphiteCOAL
A roue or his garden implementRAKE
In numbers 20 after the Israelites complained moses smote one of these twice & water came outROCK
In a dream an angel warned him to flee to egypt with mary & the childJOSEPH
Fair and this geometric shape means honestlySQUARE
University of westminsterLONDON
Jeopardy Words Level 97 Answers
It often precedes west fire & flowerWILD
Take a nibble if you want 4 of these binary digits of computer codeBITS
Owen Churchill was inspired to create rubber these after seeing the attachments Tahitian swimmers used on their feetFINS
For daring to compare herself to Athena this gorgon maiden was changed into a monsterMEDUSA
In rain man Dustin Hoffman’s character has this disorderAUTISM
In a play within a play pyramus asks her to meet him at ninny’s tombTHISBE
Jeopardy Words Level 98 Answers
On its own it’s a mode of water transportation; at the end of a word it indicates a rank or conditionSHIP
Its antonyms include soft & easyHARD
As a verb this part of a flower means to stopSTEM
Like those of reptiles birds’ feet are covered with theseSCALES
Its name is simply japanese for thing for wearingKIMONO
In spain you might go shopping for una chaqueta (a jacket) made of cuero (this)LEATHER
Jeopardy Words Level 99 Answers
This is transferred in 3 ways; by conduction convection & radiationHEAT
John irving’s the fourth ____HAND
This bright green fruit is featured in pavlova a dessert from new zealandKIWI
It’s the japanese art of tree dwarfingBONSAI
In 1596 king sigismund iii moved the capital of poland from krakow to this cityWARSAW
1983: barbra disguises herself as a boy to get an educationYENTL
Jeopardy Words Level 100 Answers
It’s the latin for eggOVUM
It’s in dictionaries as the sound a small object makes dropping into water sometimes without a splashPLOP
A thin puff of smoke; there is a will o’ the oneWISP
Small parasitic worms & grains of sand are among the irritants which help these gems form in a shellPEARLS
The pascal variety of this vegetable with almost stringless stalks is common in u.s. storesCELERY
The university of this state at machias became the easternmost university in the u.s. in 1909MAINE

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