Hidden Secrets Free puzzle 27 Answer and Hint

Hidden Secrets free puzzle 27 Detailed Solution Android Game

Hidden Secret Puzzle/Enigma 27, full puzzle breakdown, hints, and solution to this puzzle game. Here I have solved this level carefully with all hints and screenshots. Scroll to find answer. Game is available for Android devices.

This puzzle game is really Hard!! This is a progressively hard Android puzzle game which requires progressive skills that need to learn along the way. In this game, you have some puzzle on screen and decoding it you have to type correct answer. This game is like Do Not Believe His Lies, If you are fan of secret message decoding and puzzles stuff, You must try this Puzzle game. You can take hints If you want but that will cost you money. You can buy full game if you want to support the developer.

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Hidden Secrets puzzle 27:

Puzzle: bikwzuhbbs

**j **n cb* b*f** **ah


Hint: Try playing with Color/contrast or curves of this puzzle’s screenshot. This is what I got-

There is hidden text:   591bc5ebdf5696c49068cf82251fb25aca8ec2ff0adcf5b5b0212effe8e8a38b  and also at bottom of screen it says 1**1 SHIFT LOOP EACH CHAR

The top hidden text is a Sha256 hash try to decrypt it through an online tool that tries several hash generators, I used Hash Toolkit. It will give you bwj uin cbz bkfnb sbah i.e. completed 2nd line of puzzle.

Then, the bottom hidden text says something like “1**1 loop shift”. Now that 1**1 has to do with the equation. So the equation is the Drake equation and it was developed in 1961. And so now you have the ciphered text (completed 2nd line) and the key (1961). So then you need to use the Shift Cipher (not Caesar or other shifts), plain Shift Cipher, because it has a loop option, and so you use “1,9,6,1” as the loop and then also select change of shift as ‘Each Character’ You will get answer.

Answer: and the way seems mazy

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Although, I Have carefully solved this level with all efforts but if you have any doubts, You can comment on post, I will try to help at the earliest.

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