Hidden Secrets 2 puzzle 6 Answer and Hint

Hidden Secrets free 2 puzzle 6 Solution


Hidden Secret 2 Puzzle/Enigma 6, full puzzle breakdown, hints, and solution to this puzzle game. Here I have solved this level carefully with all hints and screenshots. Scroll to find answer. Game is available for Android devices.

This is another game by digital secrets after Hidden Secrets. This puzzle game is really Hard!! This is a progressively hard Android puzzle game which requires progressive skills that need to learn along the way. In this game, you have some puzzle on screen and decoding it you have to type correct answer. You can take hints If you want but that will cost you money. You can buy full game if you want to support the developer.

Download From Playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hiddensecrets2.free&hl=en

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Hidden Secrets 2 puzzle 6:

Puzzle: Image Puzzle

Hint: Try to edit image such that you can read something like this:

This is written in that textbox: Arrête! C’est ici l’empire de la Mort, If we translate it from french it reads “Stop! This is the Empire of the Mortal”.

This is written on the Catacombs of Paris (search it on google)

  • Now, Try to read 9 hidden numbers on the right pillar, See below image:

  • Numbers are: -1 11 -19 2 8 -3 -4 17 1
  • These 9 numbers will be use to shift 9 characters of catacombs
  • Like will be shifted by -1 character, we will get B, A will be by 11 characters we get L and so on…
  • Finally we get the answer

Answer: Blacklist

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Although, I Have carefully solved this level with all efforts but if you have any doubts, You can comment on post, I will try to help at the earliest.

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