Green Level 11 Solutions Hints [Detailed]

Green Game Level 11 Hints Solutions~Bart Bonte

Green Level 11 detailed hints and solutions with video Hints and a complete step-by-step walkthrough. Level 11 hints are provided below just scroll down to see image hints.

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Green Level 11: (Video solution below)

Step1: Fill left ‘1’ completely by clicking the bottom left button.

Step 2: Move A block to right by clicking the top button.

Step 3: Now, Bring one position down with right bottom button.

Step 4: now repeat all the steps again to fill the other ‘1’ green. After the right ‘1’ is completely green press the left button to solve the level.

or To pass this level follow these button order, Here L=Left, R=Right & T=Top button


Video Solution for this Level if you are unable to solve this level:

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My Review: Green consists of 50 levels with increasing difficulty. You have to turn level screen Green, but it is not as simple as you think, each level has its own logic. Another Great Game by Bart Bonte. I don’t know if this one is easier than previous color games or because I have played them all I understood the logic behind the puzzles faster.

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