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DOP 4 Draw One Part 4 Answers Hints

DOP 4 Game Answers or Draw One Part 4 Game Answers and walkthrough images guide. SayGames Ltd develops this game. It is available on Playstore and AppStore.

Solve puzzles by using your powers of logic and lateral thinking as you work your way through a huge series of cute drawings that all have something a little bit wrong with them — and it’s up to you to work it out! Use your finger to draw and outline the shapes of the parts that the drawings need, and then watch the game color and fill in the rest to complete the picture and take you on to the next challenge. You will find a vast range of riddles to draw. First, think about the missing part and then draw that part, It is very easy to start, but there are some hard levels. Challenge your attentiveness and develop drawing skills; for hard levels, I will help you out.

DOP 4 Answers Draw one part 4 answers:

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Our intention is to provide clues for solving the levels without revealing any spoilers, allowing you to make your own attempts to draw and successfully complete each level.
Level 1Draw the chair’s leg.
Level 2Draw the donut’s round hole.
Level 3Draw the pizza’s pastry triangle.
Level 4Draw the wire from the socket to the TV.
Level 5Draw the teddy bear’s right leg.
Level 6Draw the net under the basket.
Level 7Draw the left part of their brain.
Level 8Draw the hot dog’s ketchup and mustard.
Level 9Draw the image in the mirror.
Level 10Draw the vacuum’s hose.
Level 11Draw the string it’s hanging from.
Level 12Draw the board he’s on.
Level 13Draw the reindeer’s left antler.
Level 14Draw the missing cookie.
Level 15Draw the wound’s plaster.
Level 16Draw the fire that’s boosting.
Level 17Draw his jumps to collect the 3 coins.
Level 18Draw the avocado’s stone.
Level 19Draw the teeth’s braces line.
Level 20Draw the basketball on his finger.
Level 21Draw the shamrock’s fourth pedal.
Level 22Draw the weights on the bar.
Level 23Draw the dog’s route to the bone.
Level 24Draw the missing balloon.
Level 25Draw the missing string from his hand to the bow.
Level 26Draw the wardrobe’s right door.
Level 27Draw the paintbrush’s hairs.
Level 28Draw a protective helmet.
Level 29Draw the boxing sack hanging from the chains.
Level 30Draw the house’s door.
Level 31Draw the fireplace’s fire.
Level 32Draw a cut to divide it into six pieces.
Level 33Draw the washing machine’s round door.
Level 34Draw the rays from the UFO to the cow.
Level 35Draw the 3 kilos pin on the weighing machine.
Level 36Draw the pearl in the shell.
Level 37Draw the sack of presents he’s carrying.
Level 38Draw the mosquito’s sting.
Level 39Draw the digital watch’s face.
Level 40Draw the flag on the post.
Level 41Draw the shoe’s lower part, the sole.
Level 42Draw the remaining part of the ice cream.
Level 43Draw the skipping rope he’s holding.
Level 44Draw the ginger cookie’s left arm.
Level 45Draw the ball’s front hole.
Level 46Draw some toothbrush cream.
Level 47Draw his trousers.
Level 48Draw an O between them.
Level 49Draw an opening for his eyes.
Level 50Draw the lasso’s circle at the end of the rope.
Level 51Draw the paw’s line around it.
Level 52Draw the glass bowl for the candies.
Level 53Draw the athlete’s bench.
Level 54Draw the candle’s flame.
Level 55Draw the missing horizontal stick.
Level 56Draw the glove’s missing part.
Level 57Draw the golden gong disc.
Level 58Draw the missing mirror.
Level 59Draw the snowman’s lower part.
Level 60Draw a bone in its mouth.
Level 61Draw the missing round part.
Level 62Draw the bird’s lower beak.
Level 63Draw the coffee cup in the machine.
Level 64Draw the dark band on top.
Level 65Draw the prints of his moving legs.
Level 66Draw the arcade’s full screen.
Level 67Draw the box’s right part.
Level 68Draw a big hole on the door’s lower part.
Level 69Draw the car’s route to the parking space.
Level 70Draw the violin’s left sol key.
Level 71Draw the smile on the face.
Level 72Draw the Eiffel tower.
Level 73Draw the watch’s face.
Level 74Draw the wedding gown’s skirt.
Level 75Draw the Batman image in the sky.
Level 76Draw the left deviation.
Level 77Draw the winning line.
Level 78Draw the laptop’s screen.
Level 79Draw the lower part of his body.
Level 80Draw the safety belts.
Level 81Draw the cock’s tail feathers.
Level 82Draw the missing water pipe.
Level 83Draw his safety helmet.
Level 84Draw the key’s opening.
Level 85Draw the field’s central line.
Level 86Draw the shirt’s missing tie.
Level 87Draw the yellow pom-pom on her right hand.
Level 88Draw the route from the blue point to the red one.
Level 89Draw the blanket on her bed.
Level 90Draw the fence’s lower horizontal piece of wood to fix it.
Level 91Draw the ice cream on the cone.
Level 92Draw the mouse’s route to the cheese.
Level 93Draw the flower’s petals.
Level 94Draw the bicycle’s missing wheel.
Level 95Draw the missing walls between the towers.
Level 96Draw the candle on the right.
Level 97Draw the antenna’s missing right part.
Level 98Draw the spinning wheel for the hamster.
Level 99Draw the tea cup in his right hand.
Level 100Draw a big round sun in the west.
Level 101Draw the lower beak of the animal.
Level 102Draw the glass pane that covers the mask.
Level 103Draw the strands of hair on the brush.
Level 104Draw the bowl made of glass.
Level 105Draw the seat belt used for safety.
Level 106Draw the necktie worn by the person.
Level 107Draw the tablets that the person is holding.
Level 108Draw the wire that connects to the phone.
Level 109Draw the opening in the birdhouse.
Level 110Draw the bone that the animal is holding in its mouth.
Level 111Draw the missing horn on the goat’s head.
Level 112Draw the upper part of the envelope that is visible.
Level 113Draw the paper displayed on the tablet.
Level 114Draw the circular shape of the music disk.
Level 115Draw a mask over the person’s eyes.
Level 116Draw the missing horn of the hippopotamus.
Level 117Draw the missing hand of the character.
Level 118Draw the missing plate that is not shown.
Level 119Draw the holy wreath used for decoration.
Level 120Draw the rest of the body in the upper box that is not shown.
Level 121Draw the missing fish in the aquarium.
Level 122Draw the sixth cut located on the top left side.
Level 123Draw the petals that are not displayed.
Level 124Draw the upper part of the Russian doll that is visible.
Level 125Draw the missing part of the antenna.
Level 126Draw the part of the clock that is not shown.
Level 127Draw the missing part of the guitar.
Level 128Draw the missing beehive that is not displayed.
Level 129Draw the missing lottery number on the ticket.
Level 130Draw the lower iron rail of the fence that is visible.
Level 131Draw the missing part of the phone that is not shown.
Level 132Draw the pod used to store peas.
Level 133Draw the footprints left in the snow.
Level 134Draw the missing string on the instrument.
Level 135Draw the upper part of the tool that is visible.
Level 136Draw the bat that the person is holding.
Level 137Draw the missing part of the heart that is not displayed.
Level 138Draw the missing string on the dress.
Level 139Draw the missing gong that is not shown.
Level 140Draw the upper red color of the rainbow that is visible.
Level 141Draw the screen located on the upper part of the device.
Level 142Draw a heart in the sky.
Level 143Draw the missing pink X that is not displayed.
Level 144Draw the bowl that contains the fish.
Level 145Draw the toilet flusher that is visible.
Level 146Draw the lower part of the rocking chair that is displayed.
Level 147Draw the glass part of the light bulb.
Level 148Draw a window on the pink wall of the house.
Level 149Draw the missing part of the spaghetti.
Level 150Draw the setting sun in the sky.
Level 151Draw the missing rubber item that is not displayed.
Level152Draw the water tank that is visible.
Level 153Draw the missing ball that is not shown.
Level 154Draw the missing parachute that is not displayed.
Level 155Draw the central line that goes across the field.
Level 156Draw the walking stick used by the person.
Level 157Draw the missing leg of the animal.
Level 158Draw the route to the fish that is displayed.
Level 159Draw the missing black eye that is not shown.
Level 160Draw the safety bar that is over the person’s chest.
Level 161Draw the glass pane of the window that is visible.
Level 162Draw the face of the watch that is displayed.
Level 163Draw the missing window that is not shown.
Level 164Draw the crystal ball that the person is holding.
Level 165Draw the missing chain that is not displayed.
Level 166Draw the outer triangle that is visible.
Level 167Draw the steering bars that the pilot uses to control the aircraft.
Level 168Draw the person’s hair as it appears in the picture.
Level 169Draw the route for the green car to park in the designated spot.
Level 170Draw the person’s afro hair.
Level 171Draw the bonnet of the vehicle that is visible.
Level 172Draw the missing lace that is not displayed.
Level 173Draw the missing balloon that is not shown.
Level 174Draw the line that represents the beating of the heart on the cardiograph.
Level 175Draw the dark bar that is located on top.
Level 176Draw the handle of the basket that is visible.
Level 177Draw the missing keyhole that is not shown.
Level 178Draw the phone that the person is holding.
Level 179Draw the missing candle that is not.
Level 180Draw the cable starting from the left reel, passing through all the reels, and ending at the destination.
Level 181Draw the part that is missing.
Level 182Draw the cue that is missing.
Level 183Draw a mouth that looks sad.
Level 184Draw a sock that looks stinky.
Level 185Draw the index pointing to 3 on the scales.
Level 186Draw the symbol of Batman on the sky.
Level 187Draw the braces on the teeth.
Level 188Draw the missing periscope for the submarine.
Level 189Draw her hair to match the picture.
Level 190Draw a horizontal stick underneath its arms.
Level 191Draw the medal that is missing.
Level 192Draw the route for him to follow in order to collect the coins.
Level 193Draw the Greek gyros that are missing.
Level 194Draw the missing shoe.
Level 195Draw a line between 3 and 4.
Level 196Draw the missing ear.
Level 197Draw the missing door for the train.
Level 198Draw a tipi for the Indian that is missing.
Level 199Draw a spiral under the clown doll.
Level 200Draw an axis to join the wheels.
Level 201Draw a long bone on his right hand.
Level 202Draw a net on the trampoline.
Level 203Draw a wire extending from the phone to his ear.
Level 204Draw the middle part of the accordion.
Level 205Draw a siren on top of the car.
Level 206Draw the upper part of the clapboard.
Level 207Draw the front part of the blue cape.
Level 208Draw a wire connecting the mobile to the charger.
Level 209Draw the opening of the mail box.
Level 210Draw the branch to which the swing is attached.
Level 211Draw the rest of the chocolate.
Level 212Draw the cauldron that is above the fire.
Level 213Draw the missing hand for the lamp.
Level 214Draw the teeth of the shark.
Level 215Draw the mask on his face.
Level 216Draw the right panel of the satellite.
Level 217Draw the stick that is between the hands.
Level 218Draw a backpack.
Level 219Draw the ball that is beneath her.
Level 220Draw his helmet.
Level 221Draw the nose ring that bulls have.
Level 222Draw its left arm.
Level 223Draw the second cherry.
Level 224Draw the back cover of the mobile.
Level 225Draw the chain that is wrapped around the saw.
Level 226Draw the left arm of the doll.
Level 227Draw a wheel for him to steer.
Level 228Draw the opening on the door.
Level 229Draw a part of the armor.
Level 230Draw the mustache on Dali’s face.
Level 231Draw the missing wool.
Level 232Draw his protective helmet.
Level 233Draw the chain that connects them.
Level 234Draw a temperature of 100°F.
Level 235Draw the opening of the whistle.
Level 236Draw the nut that is between the teeth.
Level 237Draw the upper part of the pram.
Level 238Draw the rotor of the chopper.
Level 239Draw the oar that he’s holding.
Level 240Draw the missing screen.
Level 241Draw the red part of the compass needle.
Level 242Draw the slot on the piggy bank.
Level 243Draw the pearl inside the oyster.
Level 244Draw a line to make it a percentage.
Level 245Draw Charlie Chaplin’s hat.
Level 246Draw the sliding part for him.
Level 247Draw the front part of its body.
Level 248Draw an O in the middle.
Level 249Draw a button on its right eye.
Level 250Draw the left S (f-hole) on the violin.
Level 251Draw the body of the mushroom.
Level 252Draw the feathers of the peacock.
Level 253Draw the handle of the mattock.
Level 254Draw the nails that he is sitting on.
Level 255Draw the vase in which they are located.
Level 256Draw the part that is intended for space.
Level 257Draw the string on the bow.
Level 258Draw the rest of the notice on the knob.
Level 259Draw the other red glove.
Level 260Draw his tongue.
Level 261Draw the leaves of the pineapple.
Level 262Draw the cast on his leg.
Level 263Draw the glove on his left hand.
Level 264Draw the sliding surface on the pillars.
Level 265Draw her left eyebrow.
Level 266Draw the leaves on the branches.
Level 267Draw the drum that he’s playing.
Level 268Draw the stick of the oar.
Level 269Draw her hair.
Level 270Draw the roof of the central tower.
Level 271Draw the dress that is on the hanger.
Level 272Draw the sun in the center.
Level 273Draw the headband of the earphones.
Level 274Draw the shield that he’s holding.
Level 275Draw the wooden plank to create a crash surface for her.
Level 276Draw the missing cable for the electric guitar.
Level 277Draw the photo that appears on the driving license.
Level 278Draw the spear that is part of the weapon.
Level 279Draw the disco ball located above his head.
Level 280Draw the painting that they are holding.
Level 281Draw the spur that is attached to the boot.
Level 282Draw the route for the yellow car to park in the free space.
Level 283Draw a big triangle to depict a volcano.
Level 284Draw the piano keys for the instrument.
Level 285Draw the rainbow above the house.
Level 286Draw the cassette that is in the player.
Level 287Draw the umbrella that is being held.
Level 288Draw the cover of the sewer opening.
Level 289Draw the handles for the lifting weights.
Level 290Draw the bathtub underneath the bubbles.
Level 291Draw the right side of the apple.
Level 292Draw the protective net that covers his face.
Level 293Draw the hairdryer device.
Level 294Draw the windscreen wiper that clears the window.
Level 295Draw the rays emanating from the UFO to capture the cow.
Level 296Draw the ballerina’s pointe shoes.
Level 297Draw the missing book that is absent from the shelf.
Level 298Draw the flower part of the broccoli vegetable.
Level 299Draw the corn that is located on the capricorn’s head.
Level 300Draw the door that is part of the changing cabinet.
Level 301Draw the yolk of the egg.
Level 302Draw the beak of the bird.
Level 303Draw the glass part of the hourglass.
Level 304Draw the cucumber that is resting on her left eye.
Level 305Draw the basket that is located on the trolley.
Level 306Draw the missing hose that is not there.
Level 307Draw the missing wire that is absent.
Level 308Draw the glass of lemonade.
Level 309Draw the full moon in the night sky.
Level 310Draw the hanging wire that is suspended from the ceiling.
Level 311Draw the upper part of the hamburger bun.
Level 312Draw the notice that she is holding.
Level 313Draw the glass face mask that is used by the diver.
Level 314Draw the rest of the rail that is missing.
Level 315Draw the hole that is located on the corner.
Level 316Draw the letter box that is used for mail delivery.
Level 317Draw its right task or job.
Level 318Draw the dog’s leash that is used for walking.
Level 319Draw the rest of the cape that is not shown.
Level 320Draw her mask that she is wearing.
Level 321Draw the rock that is used to hold the Excalibur sword.
Level 322Draw the keyboard that is part of the typewriter.
Level 323Draw the missing swing that is not there.
Level 324Draw the triangle part of the pastry that is visible.
Level 325Draw the missing globe that is absent.
Level 326Draw the missing belt that is not shown.
Level 327Draw the food that is in the bowl.
Level 328Draw the carrot that is being held.
Level 329Draw the strap that is attached to the weights.
Level 330Draw the towel that is wrapped around the boy’s neck.
Level 331Draw the bar that is located in the middle.
Level 332Draw the route for the avatar to collect the coins.
Level 333Draw the globe that he is holding.
Level 334Draw the house that is located underneath the red roof.
Level 335Draw the rest of the ribbon bow that is not shown.
Level 336Draw the plank that he is sitting on.
Level 337Draw the cover of the coffin that is used for burials.
Level 338Draw his skirt hoop that is part of his clothing.
Level 339Draw the missing microphone that is not present.
Level 340Draw the missing stairs that are not shown.
Level 341Draw the missing paper that is part of the candy wrapper.
Level 342Draw the missing wings that are not there.
Level 343Draw the missing daisies that are absent.
Level 344Draw the missing blinders that are not shown.
Level 345Draw the missing wheel that is not present.
Level 346Draw the branch that he is hanging on.
Level 347Draw the tent that he is under.
Level 348Draw the rest of his nightstick that is not shown.
Level 349Draw the decree that he is reading.
Level 350Draw the vertical diameter of the circle.
Level 351Draw the bottom part of the totem pole.
Level 352Draw the kettle as it sits on the fire.
Level 353Draw the rope that will be used for the tug of war.
Level 354Draw the missing string that connects the puppet’s limbs.
Level 355Draw Santa’s white beard as it flows down.
Level 356Draw the missing table that should be between them.
Level 357Draw the badger peeking out from the middle hole.
Level 358Draw the missing microscope with its lenses and knobs.
Level 359Draw the missing mortarboard that should be on the graduate’s head.
Level 360Draw the missing sleigh that should be pulled by reindeer.
Level 361Draw the front giant wheel with its spokes and tire.
Level 362Draw the paper base that the structure sits on.
Level 363Draw the rest of the candy stick, with its stripes and curves.
Level 364Draw the wire they’re sitting on, with its twists and turns.
Level 365Draw the upper part of the feeding bottle with the nipple and cap.
Level 366Draw the pumpkin overflowing with treats, with its orange hue and ridges.
Level 367Draw the missing hat that should be on the character’s head.
Level 368Draw the stone he’s pushing with his hands and feet.
Level 369Draw the Y part of the slingshot with its two bands.
Level 370Draw the feet of the centipede, with their segments and claws.
Level 371Draw the reel for the film with its spool and crank.
Level 372Draw the missing dish on the left, with its shape and contents.
Level 373Draw the missing stick that should be attached to the ribbon, with its length and width.
Level 374Draw the stool she’s sitting on, with its legs and seat.
Level 375Draw the missing bib that should be on the baby’s chest.
Level 376Draw its nose, with its shape and size.
Level 377Draw his binocular with the lenses and strap.
Level 378Draw the rabbit’s ears, with their fur and length.
Level 379Draw his bowtie, with its shape and pattern.
Level 380Draw the hair dryer, with its nozzle and cord.
Level 381Draw the missing string that should connect the two parts.
Level 382Draw the missing flame, with its flicker and glow.
Level 383Draw the missing petrol hose, with its length and nozzle.
Level 384Draw the missing music box with its crank and lid.
Level 385Draw a second pair of legs, with their joints and length.
Level 386Draw the missing police badge, with its shape and insignia.
Level 387Draw the missing nest, with its twigs and lining.
Level 388Draw the drum he’s playing, with its head and sticks.
Level 389Draw a line connecting the alarm sensors, with its direction and thickness.
Level 390Draw his exhaled air as it moves towards the flame.
Level 391Draw the sword he’s holding, with its hilt and blade.
Level 392Draw the paper covering of the lantern, with its texture and folds.
Level 393Draw the safety handrail, with its height and bars.
Level 394Draw the body of the traffic light, with its colors and shape.
Level 395Draw the missing anvil, with its weight and shape.
Level 396Draw the upper part of her hat, with its brim and decoration.
Level 397Draw the spiked ball on the chain, with its spikes and weight.
Level 398Draw the missing bucket, with its handle and contents.
Level 399Draw the missing pouch, with its drawstring and shape.
Level 400Draw a heart on its left cheek, with its size and color.

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