Crostic Level 116 Answers [All Answers in Single Page]

Crostic Level 116 Answers

Crostic Level 116 Answers, Solution and Hints, a family word game created by Severex and available on the Google PlayStore. Crostic is a brain-training machine that offers crossword puzzles with hidden proverbs, fascinating quotes, witty historical facts, and more. The game has a classic figgerits style but with cute graphics and special effects. It has basic Classic mode and easier Relax mode with unique levels. The game has endless challenging and dazzling word puzzles to solve with friends for fun. It also has all kinds of difficulty levels, from easy to complex. The game’s interface is user-friendly and intuitive. There are 4 new daily goals with every new gameplay, and winning points are credited once you accomplish each daily goal. The more points you score, the further ahead you’ll be from other players on the leaderboard.

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<strong>Crostic</strong><strong> Level 116 Answer</strong>
“Argue or assert: CONTEND
French city bordering Switzerland: DELLE
___ Lecouvreur, heroine of a play by Scribe and Lxc3xa9gouvxc3xa9: ADRIENNE
Alternative version of genetic code: ALLELE
Notch the edge of: INDENT
Corrosive liquid inorganic acid: NITRIC
Agency of the U.N. for atomic energy: IAEA
Retail-ready goods inventory: WARE
Wingless insect parasites: LICE
Knife for making small incisions: LANCET
Designer and perfume Nina ____: RICCI”

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