Cross Logic Hard Level 20 Answer [Merchants’ story]

Cross Logic Hard Level 20 Solution

Cross Logic Hard level 20 Answer Story: Merchants’ story Hints are provided on this page, Scroll down to find out the answer. This game is developed by Gismart and it is available on the Google play Store. Mr. Logic answers or Cross Logic, a brain game that Boosts your brainpower, and has fun at the same time. Solve logical mysteries and complete the levels to win the game. If you get stuck, Here you will find answers to Mr. Logic on this page. Remember to visit To support our hard work when you get stuck at any level of this amazing game. Click the below button to search the required level if your answer is wrong:

Cross Logic [Merchants’ story] Answer:

Cross Logic Hard Level 20

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  • February 14, 2022 at 02:48

    How can Sheds be in great need of cloth and yet have some to sell?


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