Class Trivia Answers All Levels [300+ Levels]

Class Trivia game Answers Cheats All Levels

Class Trivia Answers and cheats to all levels, Questions are provided on this page, this game is developed by TwoDE Studios, and it is available on Google play store.

Class Trivia game tests your word knowledge and logic and reasoning skills, all while being highly addictive and fun! Enjoy countless hours of funnier the longest answer you can think of and increase your level. Choose your answer carefully, each answer affects a skill. Question and answer game that you can play as a family. Strengthen your character with long answers and defeat your opponent. Here you will find all the answers to Class Trivia on this page. Bookmark this page so that you can get help from this single page.

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Class Trivia Answers All Levels:

Level order may be changed for different versions. So, Use the search box on the table to quickly find the correct answer. If the Level question is “Name a character from Game of Thrones” Then you can Type ‘Character’ Or ‘Gameor any word from the question to know the answers. Try it!
Level (Search Above)Answer (Longest)
Complete the singer’s name Justin ….Justin Timberlake
Name a 2D Geometric ShapeRectangle
Name A Batman CharacterBrucewayne
Name a Batman Movie actorRobert Lowery
Name A Board You Can Write OnDryerase Board
Name a body part people like to TattooShoulder Shoulders
Name a body part that often achesStomach
Name a body part we protect during sportsShinbones
Name A Bone In The BodyCollarbone
Name a breakfast drinkChocolate Milk
Name a car brandLamborghini
Name a car manufacturerVolkswagen
Name a character from Game of ThronesDaenerys Targaryen
Name a chess pieceKnight Knights
Name a city that’s also a girl’s nameAlexandria
Name a colorTurquoise
Name a color in the rainbowTurquoise
Name A Common FlowerAcanthus
Name A Country Beginning With PPapua New Guinea
Name a Country Beginning With SSouth Sudan
Name a Country in AfricaDemocratic Republic Of The Congo
Name a country in AsiaUnitedarabemirates
Name a country in EuropeBosnia And Herzegovina
Name a country that speaks SpanishUnited States
Name a country with a lot of iceNew Zealand
Name a country with stars on its flagUnited States
Name a Covid 19 VaccineAstra Zeneca
Name a currencyBinancecoin
Name A Day In The WeekWednesday
Name a DinosaurAcrocanthosaurus
Name A Disney PrincessPocahontas
Name a famous American sit-com showTwoandahalfmen
Name A Famous PainterJacques David
Name A Farmyard AnimalGuineafowl
Name a fast food restaurantDunkin Donuts
Name a food that comes in the shape of RingOnionrings
Name a food that is recognizable by its smellSpaghetti
Name a FruitStrawberries
Name a fruit with one seedCherries
Name a funny actor in moviesAdam Sandler
Name a furniture we can sit onRocking Chair
Name a Greek GodHephaestus
Name a green fruitGooseberries
Name A HairstyleBeachwaves
Name a Harry Potter characterHarry Potter
Name a House In HogwartsGryffindor
Name A Household PetBearded Dragon
Name A Human OrganIntestines
Name a Justin Bieber songThat Should Be Me
Name a Main Character In ‘Friends’Rachel Green
Name a metric measuring unitMillimeters
Name a MonthSeptember
Name A Month With 31 DaysDecember
Name a most popular car colorTurquoise
Name a movie streaming serviceAmazon Prime Video
Name a musical genreProgressive Rock
Name a Natural DisasterVolcanic Eruption
Name A Person Who Has Walked On The MoonNeil Armstrong
Name a phone brandBlackberry
Name a phrase that starts with the word “HAPPY”Happy Anniversary
Name a place you should be quietMovie Theatre
Name a planet in our solar systemNeptune
Name a pokemonBulbasaur
Name A Popular U.S. Grocery StoreAhold Delhaize
Name a Precious GemDickinsonite
Name a room in a houseConservatory
Name a School SubjectReligious Education
Name a Social Media PlatformRavelryskyrock
Name a sport some mothers hope their child never playsKickboxing
Name a sport that uses a ballBeach Volleyball
Name a state that begins with MI…Minnesota
Name a state with a lot of mountainsCalifornia
Name A SuperheroCaptain America
Name a superhero member of the Justice LeagueWonder Woman
Name a top fashion brandAmerican Eagle
Name a Top Sportswear BrandAcademy Sports
Name a type of bearShort-Faced Bear
Name A Type Of BikeMotorbike
Name A Type Of FuelKerosene
Name a type of insuranceBlackjack Insurance
Name A Type Of SnakeBoaconstrictor
Name A Type Of ToothPremolars
Name A Type Of TransportRollerblading
Name a U.S STATE beginning with AArkansas
Name A U.S. Army RankLieutenant General
Name a U.S. President in last 20 yearsWilliam J. Clinton
Name a U.S. State beginning with MMassachusetts‎
Name a U.S. state beginning with NNew Hampshire
Name a U.S. StateMassachusetts
Name a water sportWakeboarding
Name a well-known fast food restaurantMcdonalds
Name a well-known film director in HollywoodQuentin Tarantino
Name a word starts with “Fire”Fire Works
Name a Zodiac SignSagittarius
Name an Academy Award winning actor after 2000sDenzel Washington
Name An AirlineSwiss International
Name an American Football positionQuarter Back
Name an animal that moves really slowAmerican Woodcock
Name an edible fishBarramundi
Name An ElementPraseodymium
Name an Elon Musk’s Company NameTesla Motors
Name an Emergency ServiceMountain Rescue
Name an infamous dictator in historyAttila The Hun
Name an NBA TeamCleveland Cavaliers
Name an NFL TeamArizona Cardinals
Name an OceanSouth Atlantic
Name an olympic sportWeightlifting
Name Justin ….Justin Timberlake
Name one of Marvel’s AvengersCaptain America
Name One Of The Four SeasonsSummer
Name one thing you always have in your pantryCanned Tomatoes
Name something COLDRefrigerator
Name something found in a parkPlaygrounds
Name something guests do at a wedding receptionTake Pictures
Name something hotWhite Chocolate Mocha
Name something in a bathroomToothpaste
Name Something People Are Afraid OfOther People
Name something people often fakeRelationship
Name Something People Put on SaladsRanchdressing
Name something that comes in a glass bottleCondiments
Name Something That FliesButterflies
Name Something That Friends Might SwapSignificant Others
Name Something that gets tangledHeadphone
Name Something That Makes You ItchChicken Pox
Name something that melts when it gets hotChocolate
Name something that people make reservations forRestaurant
Name something that starts with the word “King”Kingdom
Name something that’s filteredSocial Media Photos
Name something we readInstagram Posts
Name something which people often forget to switch offLightswitch
Name something which you keep on your office deskWater Bottle
Name Something You Associate With GoldfishSwimming
Name Something You BeatOpponent
Name something you can climbClimbing Wall
Name something you can find in a kitchenRefrigerator
Name something you cut with scissorsMoustache
Name something you do in front of a mirrorTry On Clothes
Name Something You Eat At ChristmasPumpkin Pie
Name Something You Eat WithCocktailstick
Name Something You Fill With AirBasketball
Name Something You Might Bring on a DateBreath Mints
Name something you might wear while drivingSafety Belt
Name Something You Take For A HeadachePainkillers
Name something you use to WritePaintbrush
Name Something You’d Find In A CaveDarkness
Things you find in a picnic basketSandwiches
Who won the case, Amber Heard or Johnny Depp?Johnny Depp

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    Name a body part that often aches

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