Crazy Tricks 2 Answers [All Levels 150+ In One Page]

Crazy Tricks 2 Answers Solutions Level (1-150)

Crazy Tricks 2 game level 1-150 detailed hints are provided here, Just scroll down to find the answers. This game is developed by ed Dreams Studio and you can download it from Google Play Store. Crazy Tricks 2 is an addictive and amazing free tricky puzzle game with • Simple and highly addictive gameplay. There are many tricky puzzles to test and challenge your brain. The most obvious answer is always the last choice. Find the answers of puzzle me game on this page,

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Level 1 There are so many messages and I don’t want to reply, what should I do?Just tap the home button on the phone.
Level 2 The window is tilted, how to make it perfect?Just straighten the window by your finger.
Level 3 Paint the egg in the correct color.Mix the yellow and blue pigments and it turns green.
Level 4 The elevator buttons seem a bit strange.Move button 1 below button 2.
Level 5 The earphone cable is too messy, how to straighten it out!Move the scissors to the earphone cable.
Level 6 Find the darkest color.The color of the title is the darkest.
Level 7 How to reach 100%?Circle the progress bar clockwise with your finger and see what happens.
Level 8 How to get rid of that hair?Press and hold the chat message, then tap “DELETE” in the pop-up box.
Level 9 How to put the lead in the mechanical pencil perfectly?Tap the lead before you start.
Level 10 How to put the picture upright?Move the leaning tower to the center of the painting.
Level 11 How to tear a piece of paper perfectly?Move the ruler from the bookshelf to the paper.
Level 12 How to shoot successfully?Do you notice a wind blowing to the right? You can shoot in when there is wind.
Level 13 Do you have OCD?Use your finger to quickly slide on the white line until all white lines on the screen are erased.
Level 14 Find all the differences in these cakes.Move the table away and see what you will find.
Level 15 Can you complete this puzzle?The last piece of the puzzle is hidden in the white cloud on the right, find it!
Level 16 How many differences are there between the two pictures?It seems that only the numbers in the title are different.
Level 17 It looks so uncomfortable, how to make the number into an integer?Move the middle line of the last number nine to it’s bottom left, and the nine becomes zero.
Level 18 How to make all sunflowers face the same direction?Just move the clouds in the sky away and expose the sun.
Level 19 How to make all dominoes fall?Shake your phone quickly and all dominoes will fall.
Level 20 How to paint all her nails red?Move a grape to her nail.
Level 22 How to nail the nail into the board perfectly?Move the mushroom under the table to the nail and it will become stronger.
Level 23 How to make this looks better?Move the upper left and lower right parts out of the screen.
Level 24 How to move the small square into the matrix successfully?Tap the small square multiple times to stun it, then you can move it into the matrix.
Level 25 How to park the car perfectly?Move the parking space to the car.
Level 26 How to make the floor tiles look perfect?Move the wrong color floor tile to the correct position.
Level 27 My house number is 908. How to make the house number look correct?Turn your phone upside down, the house number is correct.
Level 28 How to make the power of these batteries the same?Move all the symbols on the battery off the screen.
Level 29 There are too many bubbles on the screen, how to clear them all?Move the cracked wood at the bottom left of the table to the phone to clear the bubbles!
Level 30 The toilet seat is crooked, how to make it look perfect?Slide the toilet seat clockwise to straighten it.
Level 31 What should you do if the proposal ring is frozen?Press and hold the ice to melt it.
Level 32 How to make your boyfriend happy?Move the watermelon at the bottom right to your boyfriend’s mouth.
Level 33 Help your boyfriend to cross the bridge.Tap the boy, then press the broken part of the bridge with your finger, then he can cross the bridge safely.
Level 34 Your girlfriend wants a balloon.Replace the broken balloon with the balloon in your girlfriend’s mind, then tap the pump to inflate the balloon.
Level 35 The bear is here, how to protect them?Use the fence on the left side of the door to block the bear.
Level 36 How to let them fall in love with each other?Tap every floating ‘Z’ to wake him up.
Level 37 How to find out your boyfriend’s case-dough?Move him up and down several times and see what happens.
Level 38 Their babies are missing, help find them!Move the girl to the boy, and soon they will have babies.
Level 39 How to propose to your girlfriend successfully?Turn your phone upside down and move the ring to her.
Level 40 How to make your girlfriend fly?Move she to the left side of the seesaw, then move the stone to the right side.
Level 41 It’s too cold in the tent, how to warm them up?Move the boy and girl out of the tent to enjoy the sunshine.
Level 42 How to rescue your long-haired girlfriend?Tap your girlfriend, her long hair will appear, then tap her hair to pull her down.
Level 43 how to wake up your girlfriend?You can wake up her by openning the curtain with two fingers
Level 44 How to let your girlfriend see the water spray?Shake your phone several times, then tap the coke bottle to see what happens.
Level 45 How to let your girlfriend drink coke at the bottom of the glass?Move the bottom of the coke to your girlfriend.
Level 46 Find the hidden heart.Move two black swans together to form a heart.
Level 47 How to light the birthday candles successfully?Move the magnifying glass to the match, then use the match to light the candle.
Level 48 What should you do if your mouths are dirty after dinner?Use two fingers to separate the napkin paper and move them to the mouths of the boy and girl separately.
Level 49 Your girlfriend is here, how to hide your case-dough from being found?Use two fingers to cover the case-dough.
Level 50 What’s most like your girlfriend’s left eye?Iit’s her right eye.
Level 51 Your friend brought two donuts, how to divide them equally?Move your friend off the screen
Level 52 How to wake up your boyfriend?Press and hold his nose for a few seconds.
Level 53 How to open your boyfriend’s safe?Use your ‘key’ to open it.
Level 54 How to take a picture of your girlfriend to show her long legs?Slide a few times on her leg and see what happens.
Level 55 Your girlfriend’s lamp is broken, how to fix it?Tap both ends of the broken wire at the same time.
Level 56 How to balance the seesaw?Move both the boy and the girl off the seesaw, and it‘s balanced.
Level 57 Your girlfriend wants to eat ice cream.Move the “shit” onto the diamond to form an ice cream, then give it to her.
Level 58 Your girlfriend’s lamp is broken again, try another bulb!Move the pear to the lampshade.
Level 59 How to beat your girlfriend?Switch “YOU” and “GIRLFRIEND”.
Level 60 It’s raining, how to help them avoid the rain?Move the floor above their heads.
Level 61 Play a game with your best friend Mary, you must win!Use two fingers to tap the two spaces in the middle at the same time.
Level 62 Mary’s newly dyed hair looks better than yours!Move Mary’s wig away.
Level 63 Mary’s ring is missing. Help her find it!Tap to open the can and give it to the dog.
Level 64 Guess who gets carsick?Just shake your phone.
Level 65 Find a way to beat Mary.Move all the water guns on the ground to yours.
Level 66 How to beat Mary?Move the spinach on the ground to yourself.
Level 67 Repair Mary’s car.Move the word “Repair” to the car.
Level 68 How to unlock Mary’s phone?Tap her phone, and move your photo to the unlock interface of the phone.
Level 69 How to make Mary smile?Use your finger to slide on Mary ’s feet, tickling to make her laugh.
Level 70 You brought Mary home to play without the key, how do you get in?Move them aside and see what’s under the carpet?
Level 71 How to make a complete photo?Move the photo below to the puzzle.
Level 72 Today is Mary ’s birthday, choose a gift for her!Just tap the word “gift”.
Level 73 What if I want to go shopping but it rains?Move the sunny painting to the window.
Level 74 Find a way to win the game.Put the banana peel in the audience’s hand on Mary’s runway.
Level 75 There is a bad guy in Mary’s house, how should she call for help?Move the robber’s chat bubble to Mary, and move the word “help” to the chat bubble.
Level 76 Feed Mary fat, give her 4 cups of milk tea and 2 cakes.Switch the “4” and “2” in the title.
Level 77 Just after quarreling with Mary, find a way to calm down.Turn the phone screen over and let your photo with Mary fall down.
Level 78 There is a traffic jam in front of you, what’s going on?Move the car in front to the left and find Mary asleep, then tap Mary to wake her up.
Level 79 These cars are exactly the same, which one is Mary’s car?The car key is in Mary’s bag, Tap her bag several times to see what happens.
Level 80 How could you reach Mary’s house?Move the white and black clouds together, let the lightning break the big rock, and then tap the car.
Level 81 Please find out your photo with Mary.Move the printer to the left, tap the plug to plug in, the printer switch will turn red. Press the switch, the photo will come out.
Level 82 Please help Mary lose weight!Move the balloon in the photo to Mary.
Level 83 Help Mary!Switch the signs of the women’s toilet and the men’s toilet.
Level 84 Take a picture of Mary!Take a picture of the word “Mary” in the title.
Level 85 Mary wants you to help her get rid of her acneHold two fingers on both sides of the acne, squeeze it towards the center quickly, repeat twice.
Level 86 It’s too hot on the beachMove clouds to block the sun.
Level 87 Mary wants you to match her with Tom.Tilt the phone to the right and let Tom sit next to Mary.
Level 88 Mary said she saw the stars. Where are they?Give yourself the wine on the ground.
Level 89 Camping requires a fire.Move Mary’s wig away, the sunlight will refract through Mary’s head to the woodpile.
Level 90 You find Tom is a scumbag, find a way to break them up.Move the ice cream onto the ring.

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