Calculator 2 Level 95 Solution

Calculator 2: The Game Level 95 Walkthrough/Hint

Calculator 2 The game Level 95 Solution, Hint with Detailed Answer. Showing each move and correct step generating the correct answer. I will Show you how to Solve this level. Just scroll below to find out. All part of the level is solved separately with answers indicated with them.

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I have solved Calculator 2 Level 95 with all steps of every part with the answer indicated with it, to help you. It challenges the Player to think about math and numbers in a way that the common math curriculum just doesn’t have space for. The art style/graphics are simple yet loveable.

Calculator 2 Level 95 Solution:

(12) +4 to 1, x4, +2 = 210

(12) x4, +4 to 4, +2 = 90

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